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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Manchee, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Already opposed to that rule, for reasons already formerly stated via PM. =3


    I'm a weirdo too. I just use Firefox. Actually, Firefox is actually the only "modern" browser I have.
    I used to have Safari (was downloaded with a QuickTime update), though not anymore.
    I have IE, but the IE I have is the majorly outdated default one that came with my laptop years ago.

    I don't have Opera, or Chrome. I have been considering downloading both, though.
    Each for a couple of different purposes...
  2. Furizaa

    Furizaa Well-Known Member

    Well this is fun. :[ I just downloaded Opera to see what all the fuss is about, followed Ride the Lightning's mass clicking guide on the forums, and now GPX is taking a break. D:

    @zenzai: I wouldn't mind if you saved me one of those female clone 'saurs please~ :3
  3. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Yeah, that was kinda upsetting when the site went down. My Wailmer was almost ready to hatch! When the site got back on and I actually hatched it though, I never expect this:


    My second shiny in two days! I guess I can think of it as a reward for getting Master Clicker. Too bad it was abandoned by its original owner.
  4. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Purple Whale. =3
    Reminds me of Zenzai's Kyogre hunt. ...For some reason.

    Wek. I want a shiny. D:

    I recently noticed that on the Pokedex, under all of Rotom's forms, it says:

    Egg Dex
    Obtained: 0 times
    First: Never
    Last: Never

    ...Wouldn't it be fun if you could get eggs for all of their forms?
    The Deoxys forms have separate eggs... And the images would be kinda colorful, I guess. =3

    Anyone else notice that there haven't been any May Achievements yet?
    I wonder when/if they are coming out? Hopefully within the week.
    Last edited: May 18, 2010
  5. Mr. E Goods

    Mr. E Goods Gone for good

    Oh No! You broke me.... DX
    Really? Obviously I have different views and don't agree with this. I had already gotten Hoenn Master and half way through all the others so I had decided that I would evolve all of them and 5 day Pokemon all at once too, as it would be fun to get a shiny and to get on the most evolved list. I mean it still takes a lot of effort to hatch all of those (I hatched quite a lot and only just finished a couple of weeks ago, and still haven't finished leveling things for Sinnoh Master etc.). It took me like since the mid hols five or six weeks of hatching those annoying eggs, and now I'm not allowed to evolve them?!

    I understand your point of view though, that it isn't as difficult as evolving Pokemon by levels, but there isn't anything wrong with this method as it still takes effort and patience, especially if you clicking is limited and leveling like 200 Pokemon to evolve will take months, like myself (which is another reason why I chose this method, leveling is too difficult for me unless it is on the holidays.) And this rule will never stop all of the other thousands of members on GPX+ from doing this method ( Considering this and that I'm the only one in the club who is using this method/trying for the Stats, I see this rule as kind of pointless) And if you are making this rule then shouldn't you do other rules too, like you can't use Magikarps to get on the "most hatched in a day list" or to stock up on them, or claim random pokes from the Safari to get most "released in a day". Because that takes much less effort too. It just seems to me that this rule is a little personal, like created just because you are moving down the top 10.

    But you are the boss and if the club referendum thing makes the rule stay then I will release them all and go for Caterpie or Weedle's (With a shiny hunt too to make it less boring). I just put so much effort into it, it is really devastating ); (And please don't take any of this the wrong way, I'm not actually tying to be mean or pushy, although I read over this and it sounds like it :] )

    News: Found a Unown while l;looking for the elusive Illumise which is extinct from the Shelter now it seems.
    And hatched like 52 Smoochum fails so far and like 120 Illumise fails in total since I started the hunt months ago.

    And Congrats to Sl on the Shiny Bulbs, GG on the Shiny Eevee and Trixie on the shiny Onix and Walmer. This club is shiny addicted.

    And Thank you to mephi and zenzai and Trixe who always click my party multiple time, even though I am unable to do the same back except on weekends my time.

    Party: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Last edited: May 18, 2010
  6. Esmerry

    Esmerry DREW COME BACK

    Wow! Alot of shinies! Congratulations on the shiny Wailmer, Onix, Eevee, Bulbasaur and the others!
    Also, Zenzai, congratulations on your Mew and congratulations to everybody else who got something nice or special.

    I wanted to say that my activity will be reduced. Sorry D:
    I still did some things: My Solrock is level 93! My Nido M fail count is at 44 and I have hatched a Wooper, Aipom and Nidoran M.
    I also got a Nidoran M egg from my daycare pair today and I got a Weedle egg from the shelter.
    It's the last one I need to level up to level 100 before I can get the gym badge.
    Currently I am just leveling up some Pokémons and hatching some eggs.

    Oh and Trixie, I use Firefox too.

    ~ Esmerry
  7. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    I'm sorry >.< I know you mean well and worked hard to hatch them, but the Co-Owners (minus m19, haha) agree with basically all of this. You're still allowed to evolve them though, just not all at once. The lowest on the Most Evolved list is 119, so if you want to go ahead and evolve 118, feel free to :) The rules isn't that you can't ever evolve them, just that you can't evolve so many that you get onto the Most Evolved. ;)

    The difficulty of leveling all of those Pokémon though is what I think was intended by the mods though for the Most Evolved stat though, that's why I felt the "Five Day" method was unfair :/

    I know it won't stop all the other people, but same goes for the rule we have to click full parties as best we can, and to not make a list of what each egg is. Even if there were only five people going to use the Five Day method in this club, that's five less people now, so I see that as somewhat of a success.

    Well like I said a few posts ago, everyone is allowed to post their views on the current rules and also add stuff they think should be added, so if you think we need a rule to "protect" the Most Hatched and Most Released, then everyone can say if they agree or not. If a lot of people do I'll be more than happy to add it :)

    Honestly, I could care less about moving down on the list as long as the people passing me did it fairly and not by what I see as "cheating." Same goes for if I was on top of the Most Interactions list, I'm fine if someone would pass me as long as they really worked to get there. ^^

    Don't worry, I didn't. I just want to say thank you though for being such a good sport about it instead of completely flipping out and/or leaving the club.

    *wipes forehead*

    That was a lot of replying :P

    Awesome shiny Wailmer trixie! :D It's pretty funny you said you got it after it was abandoned and my friend Sapph also got a shiny Wailmer after finding an abandoned egg :)

    News: None ;P

  8. Mephi

    Mephi Beginning Trainer?

    Have to say that in past 7-8days I have seen many shinies, in here and other places. So congrats who got one/two/many :3

    Also I got a heart attack this morning: After long hunting I got it!
    [​IMG] (416th egg, most of them are from Lab) And Im so happy to get it as a Lab shiny AND ALSO get good nature: Lonely. I think lonely-nature fits well on Cubone :3
    And she was in Underground and found[​IMG] a Helix Fossil <3

    And I have been thinking that Ill hunt other one as a side-hunt.

    @m19: If tomorrow isint CM-day I would like to buy that Red Orb. Ill send PM too when I see you being online :3
    Last edited: May 18, 2010
  9. Furizaa

    Furizaa Well-Known Member

    So today is definitely a good clicking day for me. It's not even much for mass clicking standards, but I got over 7k clicks today, which is the most I've ever done by far. So yeah, Opera works. =D I got Expert Clicker too, which is pretty nice. I would try to go for master clicker, but I have a friend coming over soon so I don't think I'll have time to go for it...

    Also, I managed to evolve a few of my pokemon today, so I'm happy. Completing more of my pokedexes FTW. I just need to wait till 11 PM tonight so I can get Politoed and get Johto Master once and for all~
  10. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Wait are you serious there? HEEELLL to the no. Well, initially, the Admins added this stuff because they could. They had the ability to be able to make it so things like the rankings existed, and so they did. They thought "it would be interesting". After positive feed back, they looked into adding codes to make more possible. And no offense, but if you think the Admins "intended for the challenge and difficulty" of things like that, you don't know enough about the Admins on this site. =3 The Admins themselves do background things like this all the time. Heck, they sometimes use their Admin abilities to do even worse, doing things normal users can't.
    A few random examples be:

    Most Pokémon Summoned
    1. Big Bidoof - 101 Pokémon summoned
    2. Commander Wymsy - 98 Pokémon summoned

    Most Pokérus Infections
    1. Big Bidoof - 39 infections

    Most Antidotes Used
    1. Big Bidoof - 39 antidotes used

    Richest Users
    1. Commander Wymsy - 4,099,268 points

    They generated a WHOLE LOT of that stuff. And after those, there are many more things they did at that.
    For example, I remember, a while after the achievements came out, he temporarily tweaked some of his stats.
    He basically made it so he would be able to unlock a few achievements quickly.
    At the moment, Bidofo is the 4th best user overall, largely due to some the stuff he's done.
    Remember when he barely even did anything with the game? He didn't even have a single Journal entry.

    I really have to say, seeing this specific line kind of hit a nerve. A huge one. This sounds quite a bit rude here (I tried as much as I could to make this sound nicer. I always sound like a complete and total ass when I debate.)... Though, honestly, the first thought that came to my head was,
    "Who are you to limit us and say what we can and can't do with our accounts on a game you don't even remotely own?" (...AGAIN, NO OFFENSE. .__.;; )
    You claim that the Admins wouldn't want us to get on the status this way. They generally don't remotely care, often getting along and befriending many of the more social higher ranked members (Remember Admiral Cereus' horrendous mini-modding?), and they do many similar, if not worse things, all the time. If they didn't want methods like this to be done, they wouldn't allow it. They would set limits. It's not even remotely impossible. Heck, they have set limits on many things, like with the hoarding updates they had. Showing there, honestly, really is little basis for your rule...

    For the sake of driving the point in, for the other members, I'm going to add a quote of the original PM I made earlier.
    Really... Mass-collecting and taking the effort to do all this stuff isn't an unintended or a method of cheating in any way. It's exactly how it was meant to be. People who want the #1 spot are meant to do it via any strategy they want to commit themselves and put the effort towards doing.
  11. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    (For the sake of making not so many really long posts, I'm going to try to keep this reply short. Sorry if my replies aren't the most elaborate things ever ><)

    What I said before didn't really include the mods since absolutely nothing can be done with them to make things "fair" ><;; I know they do tons of stuff just because they can :p I meant that I don't think when they added the Most Evolved I doubt their first thought was "Hey, we'll add this to see how many people will fill all their boxes with Aipom, Yanma, etc just to get one it." :3

    To the whole "Who am I to limit you guys," it felt unfair to me, and since I was the owner I thought I would make it a rules to not be allowed to do that. Sorry :x The same thing that struck a nerve for you when reading the line of mine that I posted struck a nerve in me when I saw how many people were stocking up on these Pokémon. Hence the quick action to PM you guys (the Co-Owners, I mean) and fully figure out what I wanted to do with it.

    Again (well maybe not "again," I'm not sure if I said this already), I know the mass-clicking requires effort, and that's basically the only hard-working stat I appreciate in people. And I know they're meant to be there "via strategy," but I wanted to keep this "strategy" stuff fair in the club. Like zenzai pointed out to me when I discussed this with her, everyone here basically murdered Jigga for having so many Legends/Novelties, and no one really said "Hey, it's his strategy," since we were focused on it being unfair to others since he took the opportunity from someone else to get those Legends/Novs.

    News: Clicking and such, but slowly. I got all my clickbacks done to people that got me during the day, as well as my Pal Pad and the people that added me, so I'm happy. American Idol is on tonight, so I will click a lot more during that since I get bored while watching it, lol.


  12. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Well, of course, I'm sure they didn't just think that right away.
    Though I'm sure they didn't go "I bet nobody is going to evolve easy-to-evolve Pokemon in mass numbers!!!" either.

    I can see why you don't like it, though making an entire rule for it is, to say the least, a tad bit extreme, don't you think? =/

    You have every right to say that you don't really like the method, and if people agree with you, then, hooray. And those people won't do it.

    Though outright limiting your members and saying they are not allowed to do it under threat of suspension, notably while anyone else not affiliated with the club can do it with no consequences whatsoever, just because you don't particularly like the method, is very largely a breach of rights, in many many many respects.

    People have the right of choice.

    (This is going to sound horrendously dumb comparing the things I am about to say to such a debate such as this, but...)

    Not allowing them to use the method would be like if the Governor of a state (or such) suddenly made it so "Within the boundaries of this state (though you are perfectly free to do this in any other state), big businesses are forbidden from opening up stores in places located near smaller, privately-owned business, because this can lead to the closing of such stores and I personally find it unfair". Well, as little as he likes it, those businesses have the right to open stores wherever they like, and that's why, in many areas, laws such as that are considered a breach in rights and are, in themselves, unlawful.

    In real life, people have fought entire wars and millions of humans have died over the right to freedoms like those.

    (...Told you it was going to sound dumb.)
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  13. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    @Furizaa: Ok, they're held for you. Just PM me (on GPX+, since I don't check serebii often) when you'd like a try at them. =)
    (pokeball status is usually accurate for me)

    Thanks for the 'grats, guys! ^.^ And glad to see that the shiny luck's still around. Congrats to Mephi (and I agree, Lonely is the perfect nature for a Cubone!), and trixie on their respective shinies!

    @m19: Yeah, shiny Wailmers/Wailord remind of my shiny Kyogre hunt as well. Speaking of which, doesn't seem like tomorrow'll be a CM day, so I'll try to PM you when you're online about selling it after reset. >__< Thanks for waiting this long.

    Arr. Long debate-y posts are long.
    I agree with m19 that we should keep our speculations about the admins intent when making the user stat rankings out of this. That's just what they are: speculations (on both sides of the debate), and I really don't see how they're relevant, anyway. I mean, the mods/admins have stated on GTS more than once that they don't approve of trading on GPX+, but the trading/gifting of both pokes and items is still an established and accepted practice among most of the users (myself included) on the site.

    That said, I agree with BA that waiting five days to evolve something is much easier (and/or cheaper) than leveling pokes and using evolution items. I also agree that it does feel unfair when a user who put in less receives a greater prize (in this case, higher ranking). But E. Goods does have a legitimate point that I didn't consider (>__< bad zenzai!) when responding to BA's PM, which is that just hatching that many eggs (not to mention leveling them for evolving) is already a huge task for many users, particularly those who have limited computer/GPX+ time and/or really slow connections. Effort is relative, and I feel like we should relax the 5-day evolution rule to take this into account.

    Just grabbing already hatched Aipom, Feebas, Mime Jr., etc, from the Safari Zone and stuffing them into boxes until you've got enough to evolve is still definite loophole exploitation in my book, though, and something I don't approve of. -__-

    Edit: @m19: This club is a small social group. It's not a country, and not a democracy (neither is GPX+/GTS, for that matter). While the club presumably isn't a dictatorship or oligarchy or what-have-you either, I think you'll understand when I say that the comparisons you're drawing to real-life governments/situations are fundamentally flawed. BA's been the person solely in charge of revising the rules and forms and lists up to this point (and no one's really complained about it that I know of), so this new rule really isn't breaking precedent in that sense. I like the debate about the new rule. I think debate like this is good, and that the rule needs to be amended if the majority of members are to continue to enjoy being a part of this group. However, I do not agree that BA overstepped his bounds in instituting the rule in the first place (which is what you're clearly implying).

    News: Bought and used a Blue Orb from the shop after reset, and hatched the resulting unshiny Kyogre. >__< That makes 8 wasted Blue Orbs so far (out of 10 total Kyogre hatched. One was the first Kyogre egg I got, which was from the Shelter, and the other was a summon I stole a couple of months ago), and probably many more to go. Hatched more shiny fails, and that's about it.
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  14. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Dang, if I woulda known that this was gonna lead to some big debate about evolving things, I wouldn't have whined about Palcks being knocked down another spot on that list and made that rant!

    Anyway, for the five-day evolve thing, I now think that this new rule should be relaxed a little bit. I mean, saying that if they do this they'll be suspended is a bit of an overreaction, don't you think? And if someone like Mr. E Goods is actually taking a bunch of their eggs and hatching them, then waiting five days or leveling them up instead of picking them out of the Safari Zone, then I think that's fine. At least he's putting an effort into it instead of taking the easy way out and snatching another person's abandoned hatched Yanma, Aipom, or Nosepass or whatever. In other words, I kinda agree with what zenzai says. If someone puts a big effort into hatching and leveling, then that's fine(in fact, I think E. Goods picked up one or two of my Aipom eggs), but if someone just snatches other's hatched Pokemon for their own gain, then that's just wrong.

    NEWS: Around late afternoon I got rather bored of clicking, but I will get back to things in a little bit. My Umbreon reached level 100 so I boxed him, hatched more shiny fails, and I still can't find a Metal Coat!

    And at last, I saw a user with a shiny Azelf, so hooray, that stat's not so empty!
  15. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Thanks for changing you minds guys -_-

    Sooooo. Fine. I've decided this;
    Goods. You can evolve your five day Pokémon. But do it soon please.
    After that, the rule is staying. That's my final decision on this matter.

    News: 155 on my non-shiny Aipom count >< I hate that for both shinies I've bred out of my time on GPX+ I didn't pick the right one. Lol I actually think long shiny hunts are fun. Though hopefully it doesn't become like the hunt for Comet that trixie had :x

    I forgot to say this earlier, but the new condensed header looks so pretty :)
    Though with the new update for the Shelter, the only difference I notice is the more variety of species in the Safari Zone. Other than that I haven't noticed how it works "twice as good" >< Anyone notice some form of improvement?

  16. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    You all sure know how to make a debate...

    Since I got Opera, my eggs hatch real quickly! I ran out of shelter grabs in 3 hours! Since I have 15k points right now, do you think I should buy a Shelter Pass?

    Oh well, with my inability to access the shelter, I started to adopt random eggs from the lab. Mostly for the egg dex. 27 more eggs for Common and 40 more eggs for Uncommon... At least it's building up :)

    Congrats on the shiny Cubone, Mephi.
  17. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    ^An extra Shelter pass sounds like it'd be really useful for you! I don't know if I'd advise you to buy it now (just in case a summoning item shows up that you want/need, or something), but soon, definitely.

    @BA: >__< Sorry. Hearing E. Goods' side of the story made me change my stance on the issue somewhat.

    And while I haven't found another shiny yet, I did find something fantastic in the Lab:
    =D It's an A. With this, my uncommon eggdex is complete!
    Would be fantastic if it hatched shiny, too, but that's probably too much to ask, isn't it. ^.^;;
  18. Mr. E Goods

    Mr. E Goods Gone for good


    Thank you BA... And thanks to m19, zenzai and Trixie for unserstanding. I will evolve everything on Saturday or Sunday when I catually have time to evolve the massive amounts. Right now I am absolutely flat out with assessments which I couldn't be bothered starting, now they are all due next week DX Writing Letters about Mary is extremely boring...

    News: Stupid Unown egg hatched 'I'. The last Unown egg I got from the Lab was 'I' as well. Waiting for Spoink to evolve.
    And congrats to zenzai on yet ANOTHER Unown find! Wow you are one excellent Lab Lurker.

    party: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Debating is really fun (when you win of course), we should have it more often.
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  19. Furizaa

    Furizaa Well-Known Member

    @zenzai: thanks a bunch, I might ask you for it tomorrow when I'm a little less sleepy xD

    It looks like since I was gone they added a few new stat categories... Points Spent and Items Sold. I wish they kept my stats from when I bought my Lucky Egg a while ago D;

    Oh well. I got Johto Master, and it gave me a Rainbow Wing which I'll summon once I evolve/free up a slot in my party.

    Just for kicks, here's my current party. xD

  20. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    O.O The new achievements are out. And you wouldn't guess what I got as a reward for one of them.
    A legendary voucher! Holy freaking crap. I'm stunned right now. I don't remember seeing the legendary voucher showing up on the list of rewards for the achievements I unlocked, so I can't pinpoint which one it was for sure, but I asked people on the irc chat, and the small consensus seems to be Master Summoner. Kingofjazz just cross-checked my achievement list with hers, and apparently the only achievement it could be is Master Summoner. So yeah, if you want to keep that Blue Orb after all m190049, please do. =)

    Um, yeah. Crazy.

    >__< On the down side, I apparently need to summon a Giratina (I think, at least? I'm only missing one for Bringer of Legends, and I think that's it) and hunt for the Old Man again, since I kept one of the Missingno eggs I grabbed from the Shelter instead of switching it out with another one from the Old Man.
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
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