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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Manchee, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Draknir

    Draknir Fear the Deer

    I've decided to change my Shining Hunt to Riolu, so basically I've been hatching Riolu as of late. Most have been male, but I have obtained three females. I kept one and abandoned two(Both picked up by GG :p). But that's not really why I'm posting.

    So I had just hatched a random Slakoth egg I got after a lack of Riolu Eggs. I went to the shelter and got a Riolu and then decided to go to the Safari Zone. Something caught my eye. A Sunkern. Then it struck me: its the wrong colors! I spaz clicked it.
    I got a Sun Stone, evolved it, and aptly named it "Shelter Flower". I feel bad for the original Owner though. It was the first egg they hatched, and I think they accidentally abandoned it.

    I've gotten various lab rares, such as Beldum, Porygon, and Lapras, but I've yet to hatch any of them yet. As a result, my party only consists of two Riolu.

    Now I'm off to click. I've got something new to get to Lv.100 now!
  2. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    @zenzai: Thanks =) I actually have a Green Orb that I'll be using to fail, would you like to work out a time to try to get it?

    Er- no more EXP for Daycare Pokémon >< I don't like that, even though I'm not actually leveling things up atm.

    News: I keep hatching a bunch of non-shiny Aipom. I got a few Happiny eggs over the past few days and have been storing them for when I go for Box of Bliss after my drop and such. Speaking of my drop, I set all of the boxes I'm releasing to public, and a few people have already PMed my for some of the Novelties/Legends ^^ After I drop them all is when I'll most likely summon the Rayquaza with my Green Orb for someone else to get if zenzai doesn't want first dibs :p

  3. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    @BA: Wow, you're planning on releasing a lot of stuff! And I'd love a chance at that Rayquaza. <3 I've used up my two Legends/Novs limit for the day (Old Man, Palkia summon-steal), though, so maybe sometime after reset?
    (Speaking of which, never found out who got the Heatran I lost on purpose. >__< )

    Congrats on the shiny Sunkern pick-up, Entei! Sunflora's shiny color palette is rather nice, too~

    Random: Was looking over my Pokedex last night, and the only Unown I haven't procured more than once so far is Y. Huh. Also did the math, and I've hatched nearly 100 legendary eggs so far (not counting Manaphy. If you do count Manaphy, The count's over 110.)

    Edit: Just a reminder that everything not reserved will be dropped at 1:00 a.m. server time sharp. =)
    Last edited: May 27, 2010
  4. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Congrats on getting that shiny, Entei!

    NEWS: Not a lot, but I evolved Pupitar into Tyranitar, so it looks more like Reptar again! I'm not really paying attention to the site right now because I'm watching the American Idol finale. Didn't BA create a topic about the current season in the Entertainment section? I remember last year when the topic was active and there were a lot of us talking about the finale!
  5. Rosemary

    Rosemary Sparkling Star

    @ Zenzai : Thanks so much , I'll pm you by GPPx for a drop time :)

    It seems the user that asked me for the Latios forgot about it,but since I already have one,anyone wants it?

    Unlocked Deceitful Metapod

    Today seems to be a good night for me,after missing lots of Zergoose egg in the shelter I entered the Safari zone just to find a Zergoose !

    and I thought that I just now needed a Bidofo, I randomly entered the egg shelter for a stunky egg and there was a Bidoof egg I moved the mouse and instead of " Bidoof egg " it said " Mistery egg" I quickly clicked on it and noticed it was a bidofo egg !

    I got really happy

    but now while stalking the safari Zone noticed the Pokemon Zenzai Dropped appeared and I got Fake Groundon and a Shaymin with :


    that really surprised me =)
    Thanks so much Zenzai !:)

    In other news my Latios returned from the underground with a Magma Rock andfd its good because I needed a Groudon.
    Last edited: May 27, 2010
  6. Shiny Hunting

    Shiny Hunting Cool Girl Trainer

    @Rosemary: Magma Rock summons Heatran, not Groudon.

    Congrats to Entei on the shiny and Rosemary on the legend grabs.

    *Got 5k interactions yesterday - won't be on much today.
    *3 fail clones all hatched male
    *Lab rares progressing nicely, could have a few more 100s by the end of the day.
  7. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    Congrats on all the good stuff :)

    No more exp at the daycare? Good enough for me. Because I really need to stop putting Pokemon into the daycare for leveling and get more breedable lv 100s that has never touched the daycare (you've all read my journal, haven't you?) :3

    So... tomorrow I'm not sure I'll be clicking... Group project at a friend's house. Maybe I have a computer, yes, but I do want to go visit a friend's house for projects once in a while. Not even sure what time will I go home... and the next 2 weeks I'll focus on my studies, seeing the yearly exams is coming...

    See you all in 2 weeks *waves*
  8. Gardevoir Girl

    Gardevoir Girl is NOT a girl

    Sorry about that, I ended up catching an Enigma Stone not long after I posted and had to release it in case the stone summoned another Cresselia. It ended up summoning Shaymin (which makes up for passing right over a Gracidea by accident two days ago, since I really want Shiny Shaymin).

    Sorry about that too ^.^;; I've been taking any female Riolu I see in hopes of finding a Docile female. They'll be released again with my Shiny fails later.

    News: not much. Still haven't found a summon item today. Spent a while in the lab yesterday and saw an Unown on the first refresh, but by the time I remembered why the description set off alarm bells in my mind, it was too late to even try and grab it. A few minutes later the words 'mysterious power' and 'part of a pair' came up in the same description and I barely stopped myself long enough to notice it was Latios, not Latias, so passed over that too. Unfortunately leaving those two for someone else didn't leave me free to find a Ditto <_< I'm probably the only one here who hasn't seen an unclaimed one yet.

    Rare item streak in the Underground :3 Rayquaza brought back a Helix Fossil yesterday, right before the Enigma Stone came along, so I revived it after summoning Shaymin. Then today one of my Ralts brought back a Corruption Orb. I'm hoping it'll be a Soul Dew tomorrow.

    And that's basically all.
  9. Esmerry

    Esmerry DREW COME BACK

    Congratulations on the shiny!

    Before now; Going for Blaine's badge.
    So, my Growlithe egg was ready to hatch. I hatched it, but the Growlithe was male and I was hoping for a female, since I already have a level 100 Growlithe. So I abandoned it!
    Now: Hatching Eevee number 1 for the Kimono Girl achievement.
    Yeah, I got an Eevee egg from the shelter when Growlithe hatched. I go back to the shelter and see a Beldum egg, but I missed it >_< Also, I still haven't found a Porygon. Does anybody in the club even breed one?
    I got another Growlithe egg after my Swablu hatched (female). Hopefully this one will be female. If not, then I'll abandon it.
    Other news; Anorith found a Moon Stone in the underground, I am at 51 Nido M Fails (I am thinking of having more then 1 Nido M egg in my party.. not sure yet) and I got a Spiritomb egg from the shelter.

    ~ Esmerry
  10. Vickyluvslife

    Vickyluvslife Failed Shiny Breeder

    Jeez it's been a long time since i was here o_O

    Sorry for disappearing ^^ Life gets busy and i forget about things x.x

    Also to stay on topic. 2 random lab ledgies
  11. Shiny Hunting

    Shiny Hunting Cool Girl Trainer

    A few of my lab rares are at level 98/99 so I boxed them to reach level 100 another day.

    Got 4th Daycare Squirtle Clone *cross fingers for female*

    Got through clickbacks - nearly 500 or so clicks.

    Probably not going to be very active over next couple of days. More active on sunday.

    Also, random fact - I have found 53 items in underground, but none have been summoning items. I think maybe 6 or 7 fossils which I haven't resurrected yet.
  12. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    NEWS: Not a whole lot besides clicking and hatching and stuff. I was able to get so i herd and got another Enigma Stone for it. I plan on using it later on and hope to get a Latias so I can in turn get Bringer of Legends. Other than that, not much, and I switch out my Swampert pairing to my Aipoms again. Pretty soon though I plan on breeding a couple of Rattatas to finish up Youngster Joey.
  13. Vickyluvslife

    Vickyluvslife Failed Shiny Breeder

    The prize for youngerster Joey isnt worth it.

    You end up getting a little fin fossil x.x

    Plus note. Since i last posted here ages ago. Only missing one breedable nov, have a ditto, and got more shinies XD
    Last edited: May 27, 2010
  14. Mephi

    Mephi Beginning Trainer?

    My stepfather (yeah, I still life whit my parents but that is going to change soon. Need to move in other town because school) took my laptop away for a few days just becauce he dont want see me spending many hours in front of it...
    Needed to do some work before I got it back. x.x

    But anyway I try need to be little bit more off so he wont take my laptop again...

    So nothing else havent happened. Just taking low mature eggs from shelter and doing clickbacks.
  15. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    @Mephi: Your stepfather sounds rather strict. As SH will undoubtedly agree, it's good to have you back. Oh! And I asked BigBidoof, and it turns out that he did drop that shiny Pichu you got by accident. :p

    @Rosemary: Glad someone from the club ended up getting something. ^.^ (And 'grats on the Shaymin you grabbed getting Pokerus! It was released straight from my PC, so must've gotten infected while in the Safari Zone. Wonder what the odds of that are?)

    @Vicky: Out of curiosity, which nov are you missing?

    News: Died with envy when I saw that someone hatched a shiny Fake Groudon last night. x__X Guessing that the Fake Groudon egg in my party won't be copying that. Also finally found another chest! (yay!) It had a Soul Dew, which I used immediately to summon a Latias.

    Edit: Just a reminder that I'll be gone until Tuesday. (so if you want to use the Green Orb before then, BA, please feel free to. =) )
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  16. Vickyluvslife

    Vickyluvslife Failed Shiny Breeder

    Iii am missing Shelderboy D:

    And lolol AT saw that last night and i swear started crying. Poor thing. Lucky person that hatched it though.
  17. Shiny Hunting

    Shiny Hunting Cool Girl Trainer

    Thank the lord that Mephi is back!

    Congrats to Zenzai on a load more legends too!



    So yeah, more PC Boxes and the Shine Recorder pleased me, especially with a post on the first page which I was very happy with.

    Also, daycare pair have produced 103 squirtle eggs and 5 clones. All 5 have hatched male, so I still hunt for the female.

    Maybe click a bit more today, not sure yet. We'll see how it goes.
  18. Furizaa

    Furizaa Well-Known Member

    Ack, sorry, I hadn't checked in on SPPF for a couple of days. :X As of right now it doesn't look like you're online GPX so I'll PM you about dropping them later. Thanks a bunch~ :3

    I just picked up this new Shine Recorder, I wonder what it's benefits are... In any case, it's making me want to start a shiny hunt again. It's too bad that I missed the start of the club's Shiny Contest. :[

    Not much to report on lately. I finally got pudding vat the other day and I've been working on evolutions all this time to fill up my pokedex and get achievements like Pierce the Heavens, Kimono Girl, and Pokemonarchy.

    Also, I'm breeding Easter Bunearies right now if anybody wants one. Please let me know soon because I'm planning on taking them out of the daycare soon. I might breed Winter Vulpixes next, I haven't quite decided yet.

    Current Party~
  19. Esmerry

    Esmerry DREW COME BACK

    It's good to see you back, Mephi!

    Yay for the updates! 10 more extra PC boxes? Really, really nice.
    And the Shine Recorder? I haven't bought one yet, because I want to get Big Spender and the achievement about having 0 points.
    But it really sounds nice, so I'll probably buy it later.
    Speaking about shinies, I hatched a Nidoran M fail.
    I also got 2 new eggs from the shelter. The only little problem was; when I picked up the first egg, I didn't have any room in my party, so I put Athena in a box untill an egg hatches :D

    Oh and it looks like none of the Buneary eggs I donate to the shelter seem to be picked up.


    ~ Esmerry
  20. Togekiss•Torchic

    Togekiss•Torchic Aaaaaaah~♫

    I haven't posted in awhile with the fact that most of my time was spent recovering from food poisoning... didn't think when i was eating anyways

    Found a treasure chest a few days ago it was a griseous orb
    Summoned it today i got it =D
    Found another draco egg..there becoming so common morecommonthanditto
    I also got a rotom egg kinda close to hatching

    So far i've been clicking away

    Party ^_^

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