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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

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extra toasty
I'm not sure what I think about the Shiny Recorder thing. It's cool and all, I'm just not overly excited like I was with some of the others.
It's weird though that I actually suggested this the other day, but deleted it because I thought it was stupid :p

I am, however, extremely excited about the extra PC boxes :3 Now I can push my drop back and get more Pokés to release! :D

I'm still waiting on one more Nugget to be able to get Gold Digger >< Once I get that and sell all of them I'll be able to get the rest of the PC boxes I need :)
So far today I've hatched a semi-good amount of eggs. Most were random ones I saw in the Shelter and thought to get them just in case they were shiny ^^;;



Speak No Evil
The Shine Recorder is nice, but I wish it were, like many other members do, retroactive, but hey, it gave me motivation to continue my Yanma hunt that I started almost a year ago (boy, how time flies. Before you know it, it would be a year since the original club made by Flurried Rains started!). And of course, I just had to buy all the PC boxes. Now I can organize stuff better and I even made a special box for my shinies! Seven more and I have a whole box!

NEWS: Clicked quite a lot today, over 11K, with a short break to jump in the pool. I also hatched quite a few eggs, alternating between the shelter and the lab for the most part, with the latter being more annoying because of the one-hour wait for some of them. Reptar and Koun no Megami reached level 100 so I boxed them and replaced them with Springsteen and Avada Kedavra (Manectric and Hypno respectively). We may even have Critical Mass day tomorrow!

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
I'm not too excited about the Shine Recorder either, although I still reluctantly bought it anyways. I want all of the account upgrades.

But the new PC boxes are alright.. But now I have to waste money in buying them. Although thanks to that I am now Number 9 on the "Best Pokemon Owners" with 724 pokemon. Im behind Trixie at number 3, and BA at number 4. It moved my ranking to 91. But when I get the rest of the Boxes and fill them all up with shiny fails of some sorts, I will have another big release.

Also I unlocked a handful of achievements:
Kimono Girl
Purple Drank
Forbidden Love
Hot Pocket Love
Master Feeder --> Finally
Big Spender
Pokemon Trainer
Nurse Joy
Box of Bliss
Fog Badge
Bills Grandfather
Cold Hearted
Newbie Summoner
Novice Summoner




Well-Known Member
Yay, Mephi's back!

Oh, wait guys, I took the date wrong, it's still 3 weeks before the exams! And dad said that when I'm in high school I can get a laptop for myself. At least I have to wait for another year here... It'll go by fast though.

So 10 more PC boxes huh? At least there's more boxes for the hoarders. And a Shine Recorder huh? Man, I shouldn't have wasted my points on evolution items... It's really hard to keep track on my hunts tbh... Alright, focus

So since it's Saturday, I finally have time to click. Decided to go for the 9000 Walker steps, about time I started that. And my event Ho-Oh is doing the honors (besides, I want to level it up too). Hopefully I can control myself from taking it out for Marathon Runner ^^;

Currently mass clicking for that Shine Recorder. I think I'll get it by the end of the next day's reset, or maybe a little later :3


Fear the Deer
I must say that I have had the shortest Shining Hunt I've ever had:

1. That's how many eggs I hatched to get this little guy. I'd have posted earlier, but I had some real life stuff to do. Now if only this Riolu egg hatches yellow...

In other news, just been clicking away. Got the Cascade Badge. Also bred another Crystal Onix Egg. Other than that, not much.


extra toasty
Although thanks to that I am now Number 9 on the "Best Pokemon Owners" with 724 pokemon. Im behind Trixie at number 3, and BA at number 4. It moved my ranking to 91. But when I get the rest of the Boxes and fill them all up with shiny fails of some sorts, I will have another big release.
o_O I never even knew I was on that stat. Though I checked my rank and now I'm 91 overall. Makes me happy, though I miss that days when I was up in the thirties. Right before I was pushed all the way down to the bottom of "Most Evolved in One Day" stat, haha. I'm excited for when I release all these Pokémon. Honestly, I can't wait to have 24+ boxes that are empty :3

EDIT: Goods, I was kind of wandering around on your profile (please don't think I'm a creep, I wander on at least three club member profiles each day, maybe more) and saw the first Pokémon you abandoned was abandoned exactly a year ago. Kind of an interesting little thing.

I don't usually give congrats on shinies hatched in the club, but shiny Ponyta is one of my favorites, so congrats :)

Ugh. Mystery Counter still isn't at critical mass >< I reallllly hope it gets there. I want to see the flood of people that get Shrewd Bargainer right after reset :p

Uh... not much else, haha. Just hatched about ten more eggs since last time. If it does end up being a critical mass day tomorrow I'll get ~2,000 interactions done before going to bed. If it's not I'll do some, but not too many.

Oh, I've been reading the Percy Jackson books, so my online time isn't as much. I'm only on book three, which I got today, but it will be receiving more attention than my interactions :p

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Failed Shiny Breeder
:O yay

Snagged and corrupted a groudon from the lab. Made my day :D
Starting up my old shiny char hunt. At like. 430+ eggs so far. Joy.
Hopefully shiny shinx will not be as mean DX



Did anybody else notice the new backgrounds in the shelter? (Or I am just really late with this xD)

Some news!
~ Hatched Shroomish, female.
~ Hatched Growlithe #2, male..
~ .. So I got another Growlithe egg from the shelter.
~ Also got an Aerodactyl egg from the shelter
~ I completely forgot to unlock Open-Hearted, so I did yesterday.
~ Also, my breeding pair (Ditto x Easter Buneary) produced an EB egg ^-^ I took it nad siwtched my daycare couple to Tauros x Miltank.
~ ^ They produced 2 eggs, both Tauros and I deciced to donate them to the shelter. I will take a Miltank egg when they produce one.


~ Esmerry

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Well, on my sixth attempt I got a female Squirtle Clone. So now I have a breeding pair.

Now I am breeding Charmander and Charmander Clone to get a female. Currently produced 1 normal egg and 1 clone egg - so a good start.

Lab rares progressing nicely. I may only level one of each lab rare to 100, then abandon the rest. Soon will be back to hatching eggs, although I have some legends to raise too.

Congrats to Entei on the Shinyta.


Dragon Tamer
Currently I am busy with my school projects, so I am inactive on both SPPF and GPX+. Maybe when my holiday, which is in early June, finally starts, I will increase my activeness again.

I unlocked both Newbie Summoner and Consolation Prize achievement, so I received an Enigma Stone as reward for the latter.

Luckily, when I got some free time to use it, the Lab was empty. Eventually, I got this after using the Enigma Stone in the Lab:

Palkia egg.
This means I just need one more legendary Dragon-type Pokemon to unlock the Mythical Beasts achievement.

I am not too excited of the Shine Recorder as well, although my shiny Shroomish hunt is still going on (215 Failmish hatched). Though, I have bought it anyway. My current progress to Upgrader is 8/10.

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats Leilukin on the Palkia.

Charmander Clone x Charmander pair produced a Clone in their first egg batch. The clone hatched female! So I swapped them out.

Now got a Winter Vulpix pair in there because I want to get a pure-breeding WV Pair. So this may take a while. Currently trying to breed four males from this pair.

Maybe click a bit later.

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
I've just managed to buy the Shiny Whateverthingy, so I've started 3 shiny hunts of my own. (Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip) I've even given it a fancy name.

Also, I found my first fossil in the underground (Dome Fossil), and hatched my other fossil egg (Skull Fossil). Only 8 more fossils to find... And congrats to everybody on the shinies and rares and whatnot.


Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats Surfer on the fossil.

I myself have 7 that I need to ressurrect sometime soon.

Winter Vulpix pair produced 5 Vulpix eggs and 1 Winter Egg in 4 hours. Good start.

Probably not going to do any clicking today. Sorry. Probably not tomorrow either unless CM.


Speak No Evil
And by the looks of things, It's gonna be a CM day tomorrow. Bad news for me: I'm gonna be gone for a good part of tomorrow because I'll be running errands, then going to a dance recital, then going eat out, not to mention I need time to sleep! I was planning on trying to get Master Summoner and mass-click the whole day through, but whatever, there's next time.

NEWS: Clicked quite a lot today. The lab was empty a couple of hours ago so I decided to use my Enigma Stone. Now the only legend I needed in order to get Bringer of Legends was Latias, like I kept saying, and what do you know, it summons Latias! Now I summon at least one of each summonable legend! Too bad the prize is completely unrelated to summoning (I was hoping for another Enigma Stone for the heck of it).


Well-Known Member
About time we have another CM day. At least, now people can get Shrewd Bargainer (I'll go with the accessories, some dress ups I've made are kinda lame <_<)

At least now I have a new keyboard (the 2nd keyboard change for this computer). Clicking was so hard with my last one. My problem? It sometimes causes me to press a single button multiple times. And when I'm clicking, usually after I reached the last Pokemon the tabs kept on shifting. And I ended up have to click on the blank page multiple times just so that it'll switch to it... With my new keyboard, I think I can get Master Clicker (as soon as the holidays are here...)

BTW I'm currently working on Fashion Expert. Trying to dress up 10 random Pokemon every day... And I'm still working on the 9000 Walker steps... 5k to go :3

Still, I'm starting to think I'm getting to forget things... like yesterday, I should've deposited Porygon-Z into the underground but I forgot about it...

I bought the Shine Recorder right before the last reset. I just need 2 more account upgrades to go to unlock Upgrade.


Well I joined on the older group. So re-joining this one! Wow I got a Shiny Ralts almost a week ago!

Username: luke39
Party Link: http://my.gpxpl.us/luke39
How active you are on GPX+: At least 1 a day.
Anything else required in the rules: "I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line"

GPX+ Rules. Also anyone who wants to start a Shiny Stunky race with me is welcome to!


extra toasty

I won the shiny competition! :D I am actually watching Chelsea Lately right now, and I looked away for a second and got so scared by this. But yay! Oh, and btw, if you complete a shint hunt when you have it set with the Shine Recorder a pop-up comes up and says "Congratulations on completing your shiny hunt!"

I'm so happy! <3

Oh, welcome luke39.



Well-Known Member


I nearly got a heart attack! Finally a shiny Pokemon, and he's the right gender! And it took only 25 eggs... Man, I should've entered the contest with Trapinch, but whatever. I'm so happy I can faint 8D

Other than that... Unlocked Merchant and Shrewd Bargainer... Nothing else happened (what can you expect in 2 hours anyway?)

EDIT: I just saw his breeder's profile, and noticed that he/she's looking for a shiny Trapinch too... I feel bad about him/her
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Congratulations to BA on winning the competition with your shiny Lotad 8D!
And congratulations to Mi10ticFan on your shiny Trapinch!

I am actually happy there is critical mass. I bought 10 items and so, I got the achievement.
Actually I wanted to buy a Shiny Recorder today too, but I guess I'll be waiting untill I am going for Big Spender.
Some other news;
~ Hatched Easter Buneary (female, yay!).
~ Hatched another Growlithe, sadly, male.
~ Got a Mawile egg from the shelter
~ Hatched Miltank for the achievement and obtained the achievement.
~ Swable came back from the underground with a Pearl
~ Currently checking the shelter. Maybe I'll pick up another Growlithe egg (for a female one) or a Seviper egg (for the achievement)


~ Esmerry

Edit: My Manaphy just got Pokérus! Yaay!
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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats to BA on Shiny Lotad
Congrats to MiloticFan on the Shiny Trapinch


**CM, so I will click today.

**No PC Boxes on sale

**Stalking lab for rares. Just got #62 Zangoose. Number 62 in my lab rare shiny hunt.

**Will look to click at least 5k through studying and stalking the lab.

**Got a few more level 100 lab rares yesterday and I continue now.
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