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Speak No Evil
Congrats on the shinies, BA and Mi10tic Fan!

NEWS: Like I said before, I won't be here for a few hours because I'll be running errands, going to a dance recital, and go eat out after that. With that I decided to summon some of legends. As I was waiting for the lab to empty out, I noticed a Kyogre egg, so with my natural spazzy instincts, I clicked on it and got it! The lab still wouldn't empty, but I summoned some stuff anyway. First was a Groudon and then after that a Palkia. Then I noticed that I had two Corruption Orbs (I was saving one for when I get a Bidofo, the other was from a random chest), so I figured "why not?" and corrupted the egg. All three will be dropped if they're not shiny!

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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats Trixie on the summons.

I used an Enigma Stone and got a Kyogre which I have two of. So it will be dropped if unshiny.

Also got the following lab rares:


But was late on an Unown.

Also, my Skarmory got Pokérus and I cured it at level 100. Unlocked two Pokérus achievements through that.

Going to start clikcing more now.


Okay I haven't posted in FOREVER. So I'd figure I'd make a post as well as give something away. That something would be a Shaymin egg that is ready to be hatched. http://gpxplus.net/info/gETMq

So anyway, I already have a Shaymin and I don't need it. Anyone who is interested say so and I will work out a good time for it to be dropped into the shelter at.

I'm sincerely sorry for my very long absence, I just lost interest in GPX but this summer hopefully I should have time to click more and break the 50k barrier. School has been crazy but things are starting to settle down and GPX activity and forum activity should increase as the days move on.

It's been so long, if someone wouldn't mind letting me know what's happened it would be appreciated. I know I personally managed to get a Regigigas from the event in May but that's it pretty much.

That's all for now I suppose.


Failed Shiny Breeder
Shiny charmanders are avoiding me
My count so far is 465
I swear if it gets to 500 someone is gunna be getting hurt

Plus side. summoned and hatched shaymin today, and got a few lab starters


extra toasty
Quick question... what's so important in getting "Lab Rares"? Like honestly, does it really matter?

News: I am loving Scylla, my shiny Lombre (I decided to evolve her today, but I don't want a shiny Ludicolo). I decided that I'm going to start a Greek Mythology Shiny Hunt list separate from my other one in my Journal. These will all be named after creatures/Gods/Titans/etc. from Greek Mythology :p Right now I really want to get ones to resemble the Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

That's all I came here to say :p



Fear the Deer
So, basically its over an hour until reset and I'm out of Shelter Grabs. I have, however, doubled my record of hatched Eggs, nearly all of which were fails for my Shining Hunts.

Got my Shining Sunflora and Rapidash to Lv.100 last night, and a Geodude for three badges this morning. Working on an Onix.

Unlocked Weatherman, Shrewd Bargainer, and Merchant. I kept forgetting to get Repo Man when I had an empty party.

Found a few items today, like a Rare Bone, and I've nearly got enough points for two Summoning items from the backroom. Hoping to get a Green Orb, Rainbow Wing, Magma Rock, Enigma Stone, or Gracidea, as I need each of those(Well, the Enigma Stone less) for Bringer of Legends. I'll settle for any, since I want Master Summoner(And I know exactly what I'll use the Legend Voucher for.


Well-Known Member
Thanks guys, it's really worth 1 year 2 months of waiting for my first shiny in GPX.

So anyway, for the new space at my Shine Recorder, I've added Eevee into the list. Shiny Umbreon is really tempting.

I've finally sent Porygon-Z Underground. It just came back a while ago and brought me a Dawn Stone. Sold... And now my little green pincer is at the underground... *goes off clicking so he can return to her party*

Currently clicking, hatching, stalking shelter for some shiny hunt eggs... Nothing else... (what do you expect when you're not allowed to use the computer after using it for more than 1 hour... that's the rules at this family... and now my little bro is going to face his yearly exams, and him being a computer freak as well, it's rather hard to go online now...)

EDIT: Decided not to click, my bro's currently downloading something and apparently, when I opened tabs at Opera, the downloading time increased into about 26 hours and I don't want our house to have a black out thanks to that o_0
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Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
o_O I never even knew I was on that stat. Though I checked my rank and now I'm 91 overall. Makes me happy, though I miss that days when I was up in the thirties. Right before I was pushed all the way down to the bottom of "Most Evolved in One Day" stat, haha. I'm excited for when I release all these Pokémon. Honestly, I can't wait to have 24+ boxes that are empty :3

EDIT: Goods, I was kind of wandering around on your profile (please don't think I'm a creep, I wander on at least three club member profiles each day, maybe more) and saw the first Pokémon you abandoned was abandoned exactly a year ago. Kind of an interesting little thing.
I wander around profiles too, and I read journals still as well. (does anyone else still do that ?). And congrats on winning the contest, hopefully Shiny Smoochum will show up soon. 6400 eggs are annoying.

And I am still on the Best pokemon trainer stat which is cool. I was expecting to be wiped off soon. I unlocked more achievements: Sinnoh Master gave me a Heatran, which I dropped successfully for one of my brothers, but then I used an Enigma stone I got from previous achievement and a Heatran popped up DX Got it anyway and got a Male so I will keep it. Then I got Ill be back achievement, consolation prize and Johto master and got a Rainbow Wing from that. I also unlocked Archaeologist and Sticky Situation. An eventful two days.

And it is the last day of the month so I can use up what is left of my internet downloads today!! FUN CLICKING!!

And congrats on Entei and Miloticfan on the shinies too.

And I also grabbed a Rayquaza before but it hatched non shiny so I will abandon it

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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Quick question... what's so important in getting "Lab Rares"? Like honestly, does it really matter?
I would like to collect the whole set of lab rares, simply because they are rare and it would be a nice achievement to have got all rare eggs from the lab. Also, I want to get a lab rare shiny.


**Clicked almost 5k yesterday and levelled really well. I now have 24 lab rares at level 100. 5 more are on their way.

**New update with a party image code is nice and I may use it sometime soon when I am on my phone and cannot copy/paste.

**Not going to be on much today.

**Zangoose got nothing in the underground.


I had an awesome GPX day yesterday!
According to my stats, I obtained 13 Pokémon yesterday. I hatched some Pokémon for my egg dex, some Nidoran M fails and I evolved Layla, my Easter Buneary!
She is in the PC currently, untill I am going to level her up.
I am 57 Nidoran M fails. I just adopted 3 more Nidoran M eggs, a Stantler egg and a Surskit egg.
After some time yesterday, I ran out of shelter grabs, so I stalked the lab and got some random eggs.
I hatched a Jolly Rattata, but since I will evolve one for my Pokédex, I kept it.
Makuhita in the walker reached level 100, so I took him back, got a Machop egg, hatched it and then I put Machop in the walker.

Oh and something else; I just missed a Bidofo egg ;_;


~ Esmerry

Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
Congrats to the two people who hatched Shinies. I would've said it sooner but I hate logging in with this username.

Once again really wishing for a name change here :< The person I PM'ed in February never got back to me...

Speaking of name changes, I'm considering another on GPX, to one of the usernames I'm already using in other places. You know, to make myself easier to find. I probably won't do it though.

I wander around profiles too, and I read journals still as well. (does anyone else still do that ?)
I occasionally read the journals of people on my Pal Pad. Mostly the first four. But the only reason I put up the reason I won't be around much for a while in my journal is because no one reads them any more. If someone bothers to check it, they deserve to know why I probably won't click back.

I've almost gotten 'so i herd'. Mudkip eggs are like novelties in the shelter now, but I've still managed to get a couple on top of the ones I'm breeding. I see more SS and DW than Mudkip now >.<

Managed to get a Soul Dew from the shop a couple days ago, and it summoned Latias. I'm glad to finally get the last summonable legend I wanted :3 I had hoped she would hatch Shiny, but naturally she didn't. I can't decide whether to keep her in my party to level 100 or box her until I finish 'so i herd'.

Randomly visited the shop (I've given up staying there until I get a summon item, so now I just visit when I feel like it, like I used to) and found a Silver Wing today. Lugia must be stalking me, because that's exactly what came out of a treasure chest on the day I summoned Latias. They also must hate me, because I barely caught the last one at five minutes, and this one took six to find >.< Only six summons to go now. Hopefully one will be a Groudon or Dialga to corrupt.

I'm stunned by how many novelties I have :3 All I'm missing are two breedables (Remorage and Squirtle Clone, and a friend is breeding the latter for me), two corruptions (Fake Groudon and Primal Dialga), and one fossil (Fossil Kabuto), not including the evolutions of what I do have. Hard to believe I used to have more legends than novelties.




Speak No Evil
I need the egg dex information for Squirtle Clone. I was checking my Egg Dex completion thing and I noticed I was missing two Novelty eggs, and I remembered that I picked up my Squirtle Clone hatched when I first got one. Just to let you guys know.

NEWS: My Aipom fail count is almost at 300! Getting kinda scared.


Sweet and Delicious
Thanks to everyone who clicked me while I was gone! ^.^ You guys rock! And congrats to Entei, BA, and MiloticFan on the new shinies!

Arrgh. I noticed that there was a CM day on Sunday when I borrowed my bf's phone to check my GPX+ eggies, so decided to buy 10 Fresh Waters to unlock the achievements. However, his phone wouldn't load the achievements tab (and I didn't get back home until several hours after the day was over), so I wasn't able to unlock the achievement, and ended up spending the points for nothing. x__X

Was further disappointed when none of the eggs I'd grabbed before leaving hatched shiny, and again when I ended up missing BA's Ray earlier today. I guess that was ok, though, since I summoned a Rayquaza earlier this morning, and bought another Green Orb an hour or so ago to use after the two legendary eggs in my party hatch.

Other news: Aaaaah I'm under 900k points again. x_x Probably going to mass-click today to bring my point total back up. Actually rather surprised that my overall rank didn't drop after 3 days of complete inactivity on the site.

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Only did clickbacks yesterday.

Lab Rares are levelling really well so far. Once I've done this set, I'll move onto the starters I've got. Once they reach level 100, I'll move onto Legendaries that I'm keeping.

After that back to egg hatching!

Maybe going to click a bit more today because my brother won't be using the computer for Pokéfarm like he usually does...


Failed Shiny Breeder
Clicked a little last night, was to drained to do ANYTHING
Apparently looking for lab shinx the other day got me two lab legies XD
If my Shiny charmander hunt goes over 500 i might throw it out the window >.>

News: Umm Daycare eggs keep popping out SC's lol. Ratio is 3 guys/3 girls so far x.x
Got a lunar wing from the back room. Going to use it once i finish the achievements that need 6 party spots are unlocked

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Beginning Trainer?
Hmm.. Maybe I should be more in somekind of hiatus?
Yesterday: (bred by me, 70th egg)
Today: (female, 66th egg)
Shiny Torterra = <3

Mostly did today maths and other schools stuff... so havent be online much. Also tomorrow morning my stepfather takes my laptop away so I can do more school stuff *yeah?* and after he comes back from work Ill go whit him to do some work on his house building process.
So Ill do clickback after when Im back at home..

@Vickyluvslife: Oh you also hunting Shiny Charmander? ^.^ Im in same boat whit you... 556eggs hatched.. And Im not going to given up! D:

And I was thinking to drop those extra Legendary/novelty/other Pokesmons after I have my shiny fail boxes full. More information later ^^
:Nothing else:
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Speak No Evil
Congrats on the shinies, Mephi! A shiny female starter? Now that's really rare!

I started to alternate places where I get my eggs. Instead of solely using the shelter until I run out of grabs, I occasionally go into the lab instead to get some of my eggs. I couldn't find anything interesting so I took a Snover egg. In conclusion, I'm happy I made that choice:

My 18th shiny! And so my "at least one shiny a month" streak is kept alive! And this soon?


Finally done with that shiny hunt! And hatched on the same day as my Snover? YAY!!! 2nd one I bred myself!!
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Well-Known Member
Wow, congrats trixie! :D I wish I was that lucky with shinies lawl. You just clicked my pokemon so I clicked yours back. xD

Not too much for me to report lately. I started my summer job today so my activity will go down a little in the daytime unless I get bored at work, but that just means my activity will have to go up at night~

I started a shiny hunt for Poliwag, but it's going pretty slowly since the majority of my slots are being used to work on evolving pokemon for my pokedex, and I keep finding Happiny eggs to stash for my Blissey box achievement.

Here's my current party~ By the way, I love the new little colored egg sprites

Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
I've felt a bit lazy today, so I just hatched an egg and was taking my time looking for another in the shelter, when the species count leapt to 131. In that refresh I saw a couple novelties and stuck around, hoping to find the ones I don't have. Refreshed, noticing a Dialga right as I did (I'd prefer to summon one myself anyway), didn't see anything good for a few more refreshes, and was about to grab a Ralts and go when this little beauty popped up, half hidden behind something:

First unclaimed Ditto I've ever seen, and I got it! So much better than the Shinx I was looking for in the first place! Lucky I noticed the mouth though... I might've passed it off as a Grimer otherwise.

Congratulations to everyone for the Shiny explosion. I'd say I'm sick of not getting any, but it's only been half a month since my last.

Anyway, I'm still trying to get a female Munchlax (ten or so males now, it's getting on my nerves) and switched my main focus to finishing Johto Master, since the shop is summon-dry every time I check it. I figure if I use a Poke Radar (or Dowsing MCHN now, apparently) every day and still don't have the last five summons needed by the time I finish Johto Master, I'll move onto some of the others. Happy Anniversary is months away for me -.- But at least now Kanto Master is within my reach.

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats to Mephi and Trixie on the double shinies.

Congrats to GG on the Ditto.

I have only been doing clickbacks. My current set of lab rares are approaching level 100 and will soon be swapped.

Daycare pair have produced 6 WV and 68 Vulpix eggs. I hatched 5 of the WV and got 3 males. Only need 1 more male until I begin the pure-breeding campaign.

Soon I will have a very big novelty/legend drop coming up.
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