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Okay something really freaky just happened, I got something that I'd never even seen in before except for in other peoples parties. I can't believe I actually found it because I was just looking around the site because I haven't clicked very much. I checked the lab when new eggs arrived and I found this:

I can't believe I actually found one 0_0

On a different note congratulations to those who found a shiny =D still desperately trying to find my own shiny, a Cyndaquil I'm somewhere around 200 eggs, not as bad as some other but getting tired of waiting xD


Fear the Deer
Well, since I'm leaving for three weeks it'd probably be best if I posted one last time before I go.

Shining hunts have been longer than previous ones(7, 10, and 1 respectively, though the 10 was of the same species as 7 just opposite gender). Not really complaining since I've yet to break fifty(Which is minuscule compared to some I've seen)

Not really much has happened, aside from a Blissey and a Chansey came back with nothing from the underground(And I thought they were supposed to bring joy >_>). Bought an Armour and Skull Fossil on a whim and used them. Neither hatched shining so I sent them to the shelter. Also got my fifth MissingNo. from the little man and got nothing from the achievement(You'd think they'd give you something to make up for being stalked >_<). Finally cleared my party and got Repo Man and some points. After getting that, I put my Filler Party in place(Though I won't be needing it since the events will happen probably after I'm inactive for two weeks) and I'm finished with GPX+ related things for the next few weeks.

Congrats on the Shinings/Dittos/Shelter Finds/and so on.I guess I'll have to look over the next three week's posts when I get back and congratulate everyone on stuff.


Sweet and Delicious
o_O Needless to say, I am intrigued. Pokemon can hatch holding items now?
Edit: Better link: http://forums.gtsplus.net/index.php?showtopic=37456

Congrats to mewmaster on the Ditto! Mmm, purple squishy~

@Entei: Have fun on your trip! =D

News: Getting impatient for a shiny again (I think it's the Shine Recorder that's doing it. Making me impatient, I mean, since it makes it way too easy to check the number of eggs I've hatched on all three hunts I've registered so far). Shiny legendary por favor?
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Local psychopath

So, last Friday, my computer got a fatal virus. Blue Screen whenever I tried to turn it on, be it Safe Mode or regular. Had to get my hard drive wiped, or such of that a matter.
They were able to save all of my favorites, pictures, and things though.
Which was cool, I guess. Also got Windows 7 with it. It's pretty neat.

So, I'm back, from my few-day hiatus. Still actively... Doing... Very little, really.

Annoyed I missed a Critical Mass, especially since I was specifically actively waiting for one.

So, I see there's been a few new things.
Shiny Recorder, colored Egg Icons, and such.
Pretty cool updates.

Um... Uh... Oh, chests.
I usually report on all the ones I get, but I honestly don't remember when I got what in which order.
Although, since I've returned and a little while beforehand, I've gotten a Lunar Wing, another Soul Dew, a Griseous Orb, and a Rainbow Wing.
I'll use some of them eventually. =3
Latios is still the last summon I need before I have them all. Hope one of the two Soul Dews give me one.

Oh, I've been reading the Percy Jackson books, so my online time isn't as much.
I love you.

o_O Needless to say, I am intrigued. Pokemon can hatch holding items now?
Interesting indeed.
I'm reminded of when the fossils appeared, and had no apparent use for a while.
People just blatantly sold them, seeing them useless.

Also, another interesting tidbit... Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet
I noticed "Summoned by:" on summoned Pokemon pages has returned.
Well, sorta. It doesn't say the actual user. Just "Current Owner", or, "Someone else". ...All suspicious, in italics like that.

Recent Achievements:
Playing Hard to Get - Obtain a female Togepi, Combee, Munchlax and Riolu (or any of their evolutions). - 1250 points
Getting kinda creepy... - Obtain five or more Missingno. from the Old Man (must all be in your possession to count). - (no reward)
Merchant - Sell 50 items to the shop - (no reward)


extra toasty
I'm liking the possibility of getting the boxes from hatching and egg :3 I like it even more that I'm breeding Novelty Pokémon for my drop, so I'll definitely be taking eggs from my Daycare anyway :)

Speaking of breeding, I was wondering; are Zombidofo able to breed? They are in an egg group, but I'm not sure if that definitely means that can breed ><

Currently I have my Office Bromance couple in the Daycare, this way I can maybe get lucky and take a Bidofo egg or get some Zergoose. And if I get a Bidoof it's fine with me since they're easy to hatch and I'd like a shiny one :p

News: Latias hatched. I got the Marathon Achievement after taking my Fossil Anorith out, then I evolved him once I got the achievement. I'm trying to focus on getting all of the Fossils right now (I only need to evolve them really, and hatch the two in my Party) as well as getting 'so i herd' ;P
After those two I'll go for Box of Bliss. Not sure what else. Pokii's Rage will be after I finish my big drop and such.



m19 said:
I love you.
Lol. I love you too?
Those books are amazing. I read the second and third in the past week, and thank the gods I have the fourth already and don't have to wait until the weekend to go buy it.

Also, it seems the image code problems were fixed, because now Scylla (my shiny Lombre) is showing up in my signature again <3
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Speak No Evil
Mysterious box is mysterious (sorry. Had to say that.)

I hope one of the three Rattata eggs I got a few minutes ago magically brings me this "Unknown Item" box! Some are saying that it has to do with those plates that associate with Arceus, but it's a speculation and I really don't count on that happening. If it does, then great!

NEWS: If some of you haven't figured out, I hatched two shinies yesterday, Snover and Aipom! Now breeding Rattatas for Youngster Joey (I can't even count how many eggs I hatched since I got my last Adamant one -_-). I also clicked nearly 10K times today and I'm nearing 1 million interactions!!


Well-Known Member
Congrats on the shinies/Ditto/whatnot :)

So I haven't posted for 3 days. Big deal, my bro's currently going through his yearly exams and the computer had to shut down early so he won't be playing it...

At least we can toggle which Pokemon we don't want to involve at the party options. I've been itching to use "Move all to PC" option but don't want Chelinka to get moved as well...

Due to impatience (and hatred towards no time for clicking), I decided to take Gust out of the Underground... Hey, I have quite a few that didn't bring me anything alright

Well Gust evolved into a Flygon just recently... Time to dress him up and edit the signature and replace Artica with Gust, FINALLY!

*ahem* Going to adopt more eggs for my shiny hunts. I'll be clicking 2 weeks later after my yearly exams... I need to study ridiculously hard now, so see you all later


Sorry for not posting, nothing too special has happened!

It looks like my Item Finder is really doing good! I did found a Dubious Disc yesterday, and just, when I was about to dress-up a Pokémon, I found a shiny stone.
It's all very much welcome!
Yesterday I cured Manaphy from Pokérus, so I was able to get the Nurse Joy achievement.
Today Manapahy reached level 100, so I switched it for Layla, the Easter Lopunny.
I will be really busy so I haven't been clicking too much.
But my Nidoran M Fail count is 63 now.

Congratulations on the shiny Bulbasaur, shiny (female!) Turtwig, shiny Aipom, shiny Snover, Ditto's.. and everything else.

Also, that Unknown item is interesting!

~ Esmerry
Heyy all :) Grats on all the new shiny Ponyta, Bulba, Turtwig, Aipom and Snover, and other cool stuff :)

Sorry for not posting in so long >> Haven't had much spare time. Not much happened GPX+ wise. Got some novelties from the shelter, did some achievements, summoned some pokes, meh. The Little Man visited me twice in 2 days :L The shiny recorder is pretty nifty. Shame it doesn't show previous hatches.

The mystery boxes sound cool. I have no idea what they are for though.




Speak No Evil
Well yesterday was rather interesting.

First off in an unrelated note, I went see "Shrek Forever After". It was pretty good!

Then that night I was getting my Rattata out of the Underground after it found something and it got Pokerus!

Then I hatched two Adamant rats back to back, including one from my breeding pair!

And just now when I hatched my eggs, one of the Pokes I hatched was carrying one of those mysterious boxes. From what I read the users thought it was Arceus plates because they counted seventeen and then come to find out there are 24 of them! Now I'm even more confused!

Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
Speaking of breeding, I was wondering; are Zombidofo able to breed? They are in an egg group, but I'm not sure if that definitely means that can breed ><
They can, I bred mine with my Pokii a while ago and managed to get two or three Bidofo out of it.

Unknown boxes are mysterious indeed. I was oblivious for most of the day, until I went to check the shop for summon items and found two different boxes there. I caught a screenshot but deleted it when I found the thread. Still yet to get any out of an egg, but I did see another in the backroom after and missed it.

Period of inactivity looming. I've found a way to make my art suck less that's a lot cheaper than the inking pens and tablets I've tried in the past, so I'm motivated to draw again for the first time in months.

21/25 summons~



Well-Known Member
Mysterious items are mysterious...

So I'll still be clicking today and tomorrow... Just for the sake of boredom. Released my boxes of fails because looking at them just makes me go "why can't I get anything else good?"

So as usual, just been grabbing eggs, no unknown items attained... Oh, and I finally unlocked Fashion Expert. Now which one should I unlock next...

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Well, I won't be getting the Unknown Items Boxes because I am not hatching eggs, but they sound interesting.


**Got a couple more level 100 lab rares.

**Now got 5 starter lab rares in my party. Still have quite a few to get to level 100. Once my exams finish I will go back to hatching eggs.

**I have been doing clickbacks the last few days. Manage to get 500-800 interactions out of it and only takes 5 minutes to do them. I won't be able to do them today because I have an evening cricket match to go and watch.
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I wonder what the Unknown Item Boxes have in them...

After Des (my Camerupt) reaches level 100, I'm beginning a Percy Jackson and the Olympians team.

Actually, I've techincally already started, but whatever, haha.

Percy: Vaporeon - Current status: Eevee egg.
Annabeth: Gardevoir - Current status: None.
Grover: Girafarig - Current status: None.
Thalia: Pokii! - Current status: Pokii egg. (I originally thought of this as a joke, but then realized I have a Pokii egg. So I'm doing it.)
Nico: Duskull - Current status: Duskull in PC.
Tyson: Snorlax - Current status: Munchlax in PC.


Sweet and Delicious
@SH: I got most of my unknown boxes from the backroom, so you can definitely get them without hatching eggs.

And yay, shiny green Bulba!

First completed shine recorder hunt. :3 45 eggs by recorder, 131 eggs by dex.
Wasn't entirely random, though. BigBidoof posted a short list of shiny eggs currently in the Shelter (in the chat), and Bulbasaur was on it. So I cleared out party space as soon as I could, and luckily ended up grabbing the right egg. <3)

Still looking for that shiny BulbaClone, though.

*prods Unknown Items in Inventory, and wonders when the admins will finally unveil their use*


Speak No Evil
Ooh, congrats, zenzai!

Today went pretty fine for me. I clicked a lot and hatched a lot of eggs per usual. I tried to open up that chat and it caused Firefox to crash, but I decided not to mess with it again.

And I got the worst news GPX wise when I discovered that my Rattata pairing produced a shiny one and I didn't get it! I'm still peeved and upset by that (yep, this coming from a user who hatched two shinies Tuesday, but it woulda been the third one I bred myself). I may start shiny hunting for a yellow rodent, just to make myself feel better.

Speaking of those vermin, my Pokerus-affected Rattata's almost at level 100, and I think that's the quickest period of time that one of my Pokes when from level 1 to level 100 without the Walker, but I think I remember my Cranidos reaching it pretty fast since it was Critical Mass day and it only took it 6,000 EXP points to gain a level.

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
My school handed out Apple Mac laptops earlier this week, and clicking is way faster! I dont need to use Opera as firefox opens 150 tabs no problem now. So today I got around 8000 clicks and unlocked Expert Clicker! :D

Also I used my Enigma Stone and got a Shaymin, and earlier this week too I got a random Dialga, to be dropped along with the Soon to hatch Shaymin. I also found my third (or fourth ?_?) Chest, and got a Ho-oh, so I got that, to be dropped as well if non shiny.

Congrats on the shiny starters Zenzai, Mephi, and Trixie and BA on their shinies too. Praying for mine soon... I around 200 Illumise and 115 smoochum, total-- 315 x_x

Also Zenzai, you said tht BigBidoof posted a list of shinies in the shelter, Does he do that often... I want to keep a look out for a Smochum or a Illumise.




extra toasty
No critical mass... :/

And for those of you that didn't see my thread on the forums, I found a glitch in my MissingNo. (ironically). It seems that each time I go to Dress it up, the new dress-up saves over top of the old one.

I don't get it, but I love having a lot more than ten things on it :3

News: Did over 8,000 interactions yesterday, which gave me a whole lot of points. Apparently I also found a Leaf Stone while clicking, which happens a lot; I hardly ever know when I find an item anymore >< But it's still nice :3 Three of the Pokémon I hatched yesterday had items with them, so I currently have five. My Metagross brought me a Dome Fossil from the Underground as well.

And Scylla is almost at level 100, and Giratina is about to hatch.




Sweet and Delicious
@BA: XD I love that dress-up, too. Kinda hope they don't fix that glitch for your Missingno. :p

@Goods: He... rarely does it at all. I've been lurking the chat a lot for the past few weeks, and that's the first time I saw him (or any of the admins) do that. =X

News: Yay, managed to buy an Enigma Stone from the backroom! (I love the randomness of those.) Waiting until the online numbers go up tomorrow before using it, though. Also, only found one Unknown Item today. Hoping for more tomorrow.


Local psychopath
Speaking of breeding, I was wondering; are Zombidofo able to breed? They are in an egg group, but I'm not sure if that definitely means that can breed ><
I don't think I saw anyone reply to this...?

Anyway, yes, Zombidofo can breed. They breed like a standard Bidofo.
Zombidofo usually produce Bidoof eggs, but can produce Bidofo as well.
Though, no, they cannot produce natural Zombidofo eggs.

I always found something weird with Zombidofo being able to breed, but the Fossils unable.
...It just seems like there's some sort of inconsistency there.

No critical mass... :/

And for those of you that didn't see my thread on the forums, I found a glitch in my MissingNo. (ironically). It seems that each time I go to Dress it up, the new dress-up saves over top of the old one.

I don't get it, but I love having a lot more than ten things on it :3
I noticed this same glitch, while doing some dressups. All dessups just seemed to go over the other.
If I wanted a dressup to be clean, I had to go back to my Poketch and click undress.

I was thinking of fun ways I could possibly abuse that, though I think you topped anything I could've done.
...I was just thinking of giving a Pokemon outrageous amounts of sparkles or a very long cape. =x

Uh... So what did I do.
Er... I got a couple more chests.


Still hoarding both of them. =X

Hatched quite a few eggs in the past few days, though I haven't gotten any Unknown Items yet. Still hoping for one.

...I don't think I've really been doing much else that interesting.
Shiny Hunting gets boring. :3
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