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Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
I don't think I saw anyone reply to this...?
They can, I bred mine with my Pokii a while ago and managed to get two or three Bidofo out of it.
Don't I count now? I may not be a GPX+ expert like most of you, but I'd like to think that my last two posts hadn't been completely ignored - as, apparently, they have.

Nothing of note has happened. I dreamed about getting a Shiny Shinx. Got a mysterious box out of one of my last eggs. Still evolving things for Johto Master.

Congrats to Zenzai on the Shiny.

I guess I'll stop posting here from now on then. Better to not answer at all than to have the help I offer completely ignored.


Nothing too special, but I am really curious about those mystery boxes.
Seems that when I was checking the backroom, none did appear.
But well, I won't give up. I still hope I will get one!

I did hatch some eggs for my egg dex (Slakoth, Buizel and some others!).
Just put back Baltoy in my party, because he is already level 18 and I want him to evolve.
I currently have 70 Nidoran M fails, and I got another Nidoran M egg from the shelter. I also got a Gastly egg and a Seedot egg from the shelter.

I really want to click and hatch some now, but congratulations on all the nice things (and I laughed when I saw BA's MissingNo. dress-up xD).

~ Esmerry
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extra toasty
@GG: Aw, it's okay. I did see your reply to my question, I just didn't feel I really had much to reply to it :3

@m19: For the glitch, I just kept throwing on a bunch of random crap. Surprisingly I like it, lol.


This morning I came on and hatched this:

:) I'm not sure what to name her yet, or what I'll be hunting next.

That's all, lol.



Local psychopath
Don't I count now? I may not be a GPX+ expert like most of you, but I'd like to think that my last two posts hadn't been completely ignored - as, apparently, they have.


I guess I'll stop posting here from now on then. Better to not answer at all than to have the help I offer completely ignored.
Ey- I was a bit eager to post, and so I sped-read a bit.
I'm autistic and not the best at taking in information all the time.
I did thought I saw someone reply, so I added the question mark.
Though, I wasn't sure, and didn't have much of an attention span to check.
No need to get all sensitive. >>


Well-Known Member
Congrats on the Shiny Beedrill BA

So I was pretty busy... still haven't finished a project, and I can't find information about it at all <_<

As usual, I was lurking around the place. Then when I was randomly typing a link to a user, a Silver Chest popped out. I got it, and it gave me a Rainbow Wing... I'm starting to think that Ho-Oh is stalking me ._.;

For the sake of Novice Summoner and Bringer of Legends, I used it and got it at my 2nd refresh. Now it bring my Bringer of Legends stat into 6/13. Wonder what's the one I missed from the Enigma Stone (At least I know that I've summoned a Palkia, Giratina, Latios, Rayquaza, Ho-Oh and one unknown legend) =/


Sweet and Delicious
Grats on the shiny Beedril, BA!
And thanks for the 'grats, guys. =)

@GG: Arr, don't leave! T__T I saw your answer to BA's question as well, which is why I didn't reply it. (>__< Though it still doesn't make sense to me for a zombie to be able to breed living children.)

News: Err, dropbox is full again. (1 summon and 2 stolen a day'll do that. <.<) Same drill, they'll be dropped about an hour or so after Monday night's reset. I still have the F I reserved for BA awhile ago.
Unreserved contents: 1 Lugia, 4 Rayquaza, 1 Shaymin, 1 Fake Groudon, 1 Cresselia, 2 Giratina, 5 Ho-oh, 3 Kyogre, 4 Female Bulba Clones, 2 Unown B.

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
News: Keep getting new eggs, sent my Luvdisc underground, updated my journal's "Thought of the month", edited the tasks, trying to get "Pudding Vat", and hatched a Chikorita, a Steel Burmy, a Slowpoke and a Bidoof...


Other: Updated my signature for GPX+.

~Silver Aura~

Hey guys sorry for the absence but yeah I needed a break and the fact I just got HG wasn't helping lol. Anyway yesterday I got the Enigma Stone for unlocking Newbie Summoner. (I think it was that one) But I don't really know the description or if it will be Latios or Latias so I'm just gonna hang on to it for now. Anyway I best get back to clicking so see ya soon.


New Member
Omg sorry that I haven't been active on GPX that much. School totally caught me off guard and I have finals this upcoming week. So after that I should be freeeee to click and whatnot. <3

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats BA on the Shiny Drill.

My Daycare pair prodced 4 Winter Vulpix eggs today and I got them all. My Mega Drop is going to feature a lot of spare Winter Vulpix's from this pure-bred quest. Speaking of which, the pure-bred WV campaign is going very well. It should be soon done.

I haven't clicked for a few days and probably won't until Wednesday because of exams. Sorry.

In a couple of weeks, my Mega Drop will be reayd with oads of novelties, a few legendaries and loads of evolved Pokémon.

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
News: I had two phail attempts of getting a Slime Slugma, just hatched my Plies Clone (Squitle Clone), got a Dracowymsy egg, and I also got a new achivement and am about to get another achivement. Also, changed nickname.

Proffesor Elm- 200 points



Speak No Evil
Congrats BA!

Since my last post:

* My Abomasnow was affected with Pokerus not long after the reset on Friday, and I transmitted it two more times to other Pokemon.
* All of the Pokemon in my party reached level 100 but I'm keeping my two shinies in until Abomasnow is naturally cured of it.
* Hatched many more shiny and rat fails
* And a few minutes ago I found a silver chest which had a Green Orb in it. I may use it since I like shiny Rayquaza.

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
Congrats B_A!

  • Released one of my Slugma Eggs.
  • Obtained a Turtwig Egg.
  • Obtained a Chimchar Egg.
  • Obtained a Slime Slugma Egg.
  • Bought a Soda Pop.
  • Brought back two of my Slime Slugmas from Daycare.
  • Brought back one of my Easter Bunearys from my PokeWalker.
    [*]Also got another Easter Buneary.​
  • Bought an Accessory.
  • Hatched my Torchic Egg.
    [*]Obtained Proffesor Birch achivement.​
    [*]About to obtain Proffesor Rowan achivement.​



Filled dropbox? :D..


Hatched a wynaut egg
Recieved a big pearl from Torchic underground
Found two Fossil eggs from Big Bidoof's release
Also a Lunatone egg ^_^
Not gonna click today or tomorrow just studying for tests =p




Sweet and Delicious
Arr, the lag in trying to post here! x_X

Added the Unown F (Got your message, BA~), three Latias (-_- since the person who originally asked me to reserve one for him ended up summoning one instead and neglected to tell me that he didn't need one anymore), and the shinyfail legends I hatched yesterday to the drop. Emptying the box and spillover at 12:55 a.m. server time tonight.

Other news: Haven't hatched a Pokemon holding an Unknown box for the past couple of days. =( Hoping that I'll start getting lucky again soon. Hatched more shiny fails, and edging ever closer to Corporate. Should have it in a couple of days, at my current click-rate.


Congratulations on your shiny, BA ^-^

Nothing really special..
~ Got a water stone from the underground (yay!)
~ Hatched a male Carnivine
~ Hatched a Nidoran Fail
~ Hatched a Clamperl, which got me a very nice Unknown item =D
~ Leveling up Baltoy
~ Got a Combee egg from my daycare pair

Yup. Nothing really special, but I will try to click now.

~ Esmerry

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
I haven't really done much since I last posted, but I probably need to do this so people remember I'm still here...

I hatched Ho-oh, but it wasn't a shiny so I released it. I also hatched a lot of shiny-fail Mudkips, which I plan on releasing soon. I'm also having a hard time finding Treecko eggs... I haven't hatched a single one for my hunt yet.

MEGA congrats on the shiny Beedrill BA! it's so... shiny *o*

I haven't found any of the Unknown Items yet. Meh. Unlocked some party achievements and that.

I'm debating wether or not to evolve my Shiny Ivysaur. Both the shinies are really pretty *o* grr.

I got a hatched WV and Valentcool from the Shelter which was kinda cool. I also hatched a female Squirtle Clone, which was very nice. DW are becoming very common in the shelter, I see about 10 everyday, and they stay there for a few refreshes too o_O

I got my first Unown too, but it was bred by Prof. Cypress. I missed a BC bred by her too, but meh.

The pokewalker thing in the top corner is pretty useful, I like it ^^




Well-Known Member
Did I miss something? No? Oh well, it's almost time for my yearlies anyway T^T

So I've just been hatching and picking up eggs. Nabbed a DW for the sake of it going away from my sight forever... I mean it ._.

Oh, I'm glad that they allow us to cancel shiny hunts. Too bad there's a catch on going through three weeks to let us choose our canceled one.

So next week probably checking out for a few seconds and then leave. Trying to get to the best rank in my class, you know.
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