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extra toasty
@MF: My last day was supposed to be Wednesday, but we had three snow days so they had to add three days on to the end of the year ><

News: Click, click, clicking :3 I'm doing tons of interactions, and have released over half of my Pokémon so far. All un-claimed Novs/Legends will be released at 5:15 p.m. server time if anyone wants to try for one.

I've used all of my Shelter grabs already, lol. I'm trying to hatch as many eggs before noon as possible so I can release them later today, and after noon I'll be focusing more on leveling Pokémon.

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Speak No Evil
Remember that Growlithe hunt I said that I started after canceling my Yanma one?

Yeah. I GOT IT!!! I woke, noticed all my eggs were ready to hatch, hatched them, and voila! This was my 2nd hunt completed using the Shine Recorder, my first obviously being Aipom. I started a shiny Rattata hunt on that recorder since I'm still working on Youngster Joey anyway and a lot of people got one (including one who hatched one from my breeding pair >.<). Here's to hoping my next shiny is either Vulpix or Gulpin!


extra toasty

Yay for random Lab shiny! And it's male too; I absolutely love Shiny Mothim <3

Still doing tons of clicks. Apparently I found a Sun Stone and a Fire Stone while clicking, but I never remember seeing any notification ;P I've found five or six items today I think. The Dowser thing really works good.

That's all. I really only came here to report on my newest shiny.


EDIT: Hey, if I wait five days, is my Burmy able to change forms? Or can they only be what they hatch as since there are different eggs for each?
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Beginning Trainer?
Huh I have seen so many shinies today.
Also I got 2 new today:
First I woke up and hatched some eggs which I took before went to sleep: 16th egg
And then about 40 eggs later this:
214th egg

@Joker: :D No proplem. Nice to see that you like it <3

I have playing mostly playing Divinity 2 and Soul Silver so Im not online much. Sometimes doing clickbacks and hatching eggs :3


So, I've been awake for... forty minutes and my day on GPX has been awesome and, at the same time, a bit bad.

First, I clicked on the shelter intent on staking out for the Squirtle Clone Palcks/BA dropped for me) and found a silver chest! That makes the only chest I've found with a summon. Woo! Lugia is pretty cool too. Now, hopefuly I can use the VS Seeker tor ack up enough points to purchase a Corruption Orb...

The bit of bad news is I missed the SC. But, I can try again later, as there are still two others to be dropped.

Congratulations on the shinies, guys! There've been a lot today... Maybe I'll get lucky and hatch a shiny Gulpin sometime soon.


Failed Shiny Breeder

Ohai thar Shiny Zer

:D I love bred shinies ^^; Not sure what i think of the VS thinger. I like it but eh, seem like a waste of points to me >.>
Just hit 500 for my shiny char hunt /sighs
Ive hatched 71 eggs so far today. Not sure if i can beat 100. Seeing as lab eggs take an hour to hatch AND i picked up a lab reli. We shall see


Well-Known Member
So... my and my parents had an agreement... 1 hour of computer during the final week. Not bad... at least it's enough for me to take care of stuff at GPX. Congrats on the shinies everybody

Finally bought the VS Seeker yesterday, entered Skywind at the Bronze division yesterday and he won.If I enter at Silver, I'll go broke. If I enter at Gold... Are you out of your mind? I didn't really catch the user's name, but the species, a shiny Missingno. Earned me 1,030 points. Not bad, maybe I should enter every day for the whole week and... you know what I mean.

Unlocked Expert Trainer after Skywind and Volcano (Charizard Clone) reached lv 100 and Upgrader after buying the VS Seeker... Hatched my whole batch of eggs, all not shiny. Adopted more eggs, you know the drill...

I just placed Shadey (Shadow Lugia) into the Seeker and it just came back. Brought my 1k more points. Still didn't catch who it battled... actually I placed Shadey because it's just 18 minutes before it started, while Skywind because I want to find out how it works. Now I placed a random one from my Prize Poke box


Wooh! Shinies, a lot of shinies! Congratulations on the shiny Growlithe, Mothim (that's a nice one!), Zergoose, Shieldon, Trapinch and Illumise!

I hatched some Pokémons yesterday and today.
I got a Rare Bone from the underground also!
Let's see, I hatched a female Girafarig, got my Nidoran M fail count at 78, a Sableye, a Pineco, a Sneasel, a Bonsly...
I also looked in the shelter if there was something I still needed for my egg dex. I need 21 more common eggs before I have all common eggs!
I got a Carvanha egg, a Trapinch egg and Phanpy egg. Oh and I got a Relicanth egg! I am really happy about that one, because I don't see it much.

That's it!
~ Esmerry


Hey everyone congrats on all the new shinnies there have been A LOT of them recently. I even have one myself! My first one since joining the site 14 months ago and my very very first shiny target! A shiny Cyndaquil!

It hatched today and I was freaking out and to think it only took about 175 eggs!

Unknown Item wasn't exactly what I was expected it seems interesting but.... I don't really like it that much I think Daycare exp is more beneficial and the battling isn't really that amazing but hey at least you can win some points from entering in it. That's all for now.


extra toasty
Lol so the only people I clicked today were ~50 people this morning that clicked me first, yet I've been able to hatch thirty-six eggs today without having to go to the online list of anything :p

So yeah, I hatched thirty-six eggs today, and that's it really. I only need four more Happiny eggs before I have a full box. Then I need about twelve or thirteen Oval Stones >.>

And just to start some discussion amongst everyone else, what does everyone think of the fifth generation Pokémon we know of so far? I really like some of them so far, and I can see me liking a lot of the ones to come in the next few months :)



Again, congratulations on the abundance of shinies!

I'm currently hatching my fossils so I can summon my Lugia. Which, ironically, I found a hatched one in the shelter today... I'm tring to save up points to get a Corruption Orb so I can get a Shadow Lugia.

I'm liking the new generation of Pokemon so far. My favorites, as seen in my signature, are Mijumaru and Meguroko. I'm also liking Mamepato, but I want to see its evolutions before passing judgement on training it for my team.


Speak No Evil
Dang, more shinies? A big congrats is in order for each of you!!

As for the 5th generation Pokemon, I really like the little chinchilla Pokemon, but that's only because I'm a sucker for anything cute. I also really like the electric zebra one. I can't wait until they reveal all the others!!

NEWS: CM day; I hatched a few eggs, leveled a few Pokemon to level 100, and won a few battles on the Vs Seeker. Last night I was finally able to complete Youngster Joey, but I really want a shiny Rattata so I'll continue to hatch them until I get one! Don't know what I'm gonna do with my spare Adamant rats.


Well-Known Member
Congrats on the shiny Tyrogue, Araleon. And also to your shiny Cyndaquil, Mew. You deserve it after 175 Cyndaquil eggs and 14 months without a shiny. I nearly gone through 14 months without one as well, yet my Feegon took only 25 eggs xD

5th Gen Pokemon looks good. My opinions:
- Fire Ape something is a little freaky to me though.
- Gear looks... simple.
- Mamepato looks cute and will be my main bird in the team... since it's the region bird xD.
- Chiramii is so cute, I want to squish it :3
- Munna... ain't really my type though, the flowers and its color freaks me out. I'm not a feminine type. You all know how much I hate pink right... besides, I'm not in a mood for more Psychic types.
- Shimama... *starts to think about a love triangle in her fic*
- Meguroko... I have nightmares with Totodile already, so probably this will help me soothe that trauma.

At GPX, I regularly checked my Seeker every hour. Lost 4 times overall, but I don't really like the time I lost twice in a row at the Silver division T^T. Hopefully this time I win my points back.

BTW Mew, our birthday is in 12 more days right?

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
Congrats on the shinies everyone! especially Vicky on the Zergoose.

5th Gen Looks good, especially the Professer
- Hihidaruma: It looks ok I guess, not really impressed though
- Gear: A huge fail version of Manetmite/ Magneton
- Mamepato: It is alright, but not very inpresive either, although I am excited to see what it's evos will be.
- Chiramii: ROADKILL!!! It is very cute but reminds me of roadkill.
- Munna: Absolutaly adorable. That is what I mean by impressive! cute, pink floating piggy! Who wouldn't love it?
- Shimama: I like the idea, but it looks really simple and boring. I hope it has a more impressive evo.
- Meguroko: My favourite of the lot behind Munna, an awesome crocodile thingy=love.

BA: I love waking up to 50+ people to repay. I just leave myself online, refreshing every so often and wait for clicks, since I cannot click very much in the afternoon, when my internet isn't free. Then I reapay the big bunch of people in the mornings before school.

Today I used my repel. Found three items, a Razor Fang or something, a Big Pearl and a Corruption Orb later. My fourth or fifth chest :) I also unlocked the Stone Badge and the Mineral Badge, and just need a dragonite for Kanto Master, which I shall evolve my Dragonair into after I get the bagde.

I have also won 6/11 VS Seeker Matches. Shucky won two of them, in Gold too.

I also found a Lab Dialga and got it only to find out straight after that it was one of my brothers failed summons, which he couldnt find. He also bought a repel but I seemed to have claimed it too quick... What a coincidence!

off topic: OMG Australia failed bad against Germany this morning, far out they got their asses kicked :(


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Failed Shiny Breeder

HAHAHAHA YES. Only took 637 eggs for this brat to hatch. Going to start my shinx hunt now

Also congratz to EVERYONE here for their lovely shiny luck :D Truly awesome. Hopefully shinx will like me more than charmander XD

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Well, first of al it has been a very long time since I've posted and I am extremely sorry. I have literally been swamped by exams and revision.

I haven't clicked on GPX+ for over a week now (at all) and that cinludes click backs which I have failed to find the time for.

My exams finish in a week and after that I should be on a little bit more.

I want to congratulate a lot of people on their shinies (too many to list) and it seems that Shiny Season is upon us!

In terms of the VS Seeker, I don't really like it. II have purchased it, but I am not willing to use it just yet. I don't like the idea of battling, because it was the sole reason I joined the site. Also, it is luck based and I can see myself losing a lot of points (which I don't really want to be doing). And so I will refrain from using it, for the time being anyway.

In terms of the fifth Generation, I do not like it and probably won't purchase it. End of. I like the originals, and I must say that they don't look like Pokémon anymore. That's ust my ten pence worth.

I hope to be posting more regularly soon and once again apologise for my absence.


Dang. I missed my summon... Oh well, I knew that I'd know for sure I missed it if I checked to see if I had unlocked Consolation Prize, and, sure enough, I had. But I got an Enigma Stone for it!

...what does an Enigma Stone do?

Other news: Both of my fossils are hatched, now I'm back on training Mickey, Storm, and Hestia (Minun, Staryu, Grumpig) and hatching Gulpin eggs.


extra toasty
^Enigma Stone summons any (though it's random as to which) summonable Legendary.

Okay, so today was my last day. I only had to go in and take one final, which I got an 86% on (for anyone that has a different grading system, an 86% is good ;P). So now I'm free until the very end of August, which is when I'll be a junior! Again, for those who have different names and such for things, it means I'll be in eleventh grade.

I reallllllly want to do an all-nighter and mass click, but I can't at all this week :/ Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and then either Thursday or Friday I'm leaving to go to Washington, D.C. (my friend got these passes so we can go into the White house :3) for the weekend. I might sometime next week... I'd at least like to break my record and get twenty thousand.

Oh, and btw, I've been progressing in my next record breaking quite well. About a week ago I put my MissingNo. into the Walker and haven't taken him out. So far there are ~66 thousand steps on it. Most are from the other day when I did a lot of interactions, but still, with it being summer I think I'll rack up on the steps easily enough. I'm actually tempted to leave him in there all or most of the summer since I don't need the Walker anymore (I could use it for badges, but muh, leveling Pokés aren't the hardest things ever).

Not that my big drop is over I'm finally able to tackle three Achievements that I really haven't ever attempted as of yet. They are Alphabet Soup, Box of Bliss, and Pokii's Rage.
Box of Bliss only needs the Oval Stones and then I'm finished with it. The other two can take an indefinite amount of time though >.>

Thanks btw to everyone that contributed to the Generation V topic though ^^ I think I'll like it more here if we have some off-topic discussions as well (just remember to have something on topic too). Don't hesitate to start up an off-topic discussion either - which btw Goods, I was surprisingly happy you casually threw in the World Cup reference (or at least I assume that's what it was) - now that most of us have a lot more free time.

Soooooo. What are you summer goals for GPX?
Mine would obviously be to click a bunch, but also to finish my Pokédex off with the Unowns and stuff. Maybe even get Feed a Country lolwut.



Fear the Deer
I will have to agree with SH in that the Shiny season is upon us. Why? This:

52 eggs later, and this little guy popped out. I actually hatched five of them at one time, and the last one came out a lighter shade of blue. My jaw dropped.

Started a Shining Gible Hunt. I have a lab pair of them, so I figured "Why not?"

Been hatching a bunch of eggs by basically views alone. I lack the ability to click, so thats the only way I can.

What are my summer goals for GPX? Well, I'd like to get all the Master achievements. I'd also like to complete my current three Shining Hunts. Other than those, I cannot think of anything else.

5th Gen Pokemon are interesting. My opinions since everybody is doing it!:
- Hihidaruma: It looks like it has brain damage. Seriously.
- Gear: Is there anything that can be said?
- Mamepato: Looks cute, and I'll use it if I can get one with Super Luck.
- Chiramii: I shall enjoy crushing it under my starter's feet. :p
- Munna: I am not the kind of person that likes pink, so I am not a fan of this. If it gets some awesome evolution, it may change my mind.
- Shimama: Ooh. An Electric horse. I may use it when I get Black.
- Meguroko: By far my favorite of this new batch. Ground/Dark has been the subject of several of my Fakemons.
- Tsutaaja: Least favorite of the starters. A bipedal snake that is not poison makes no sense to me.
- Pokabu: BACON! This is one of the reasons I am breaking my traditions(I always go water starter first).
- Mijumaru: Its a Sea Otter and a Water type. I wish they weren't so subtle about these kind of things.
- Zoroa: A little fox that becomes a big bipedal one? Awesome.
- Zoroaaku: The big bipedal fox described previously. I fell in love with it when I saw it, and I am going to use it.
- Reshiram: Finally a Fire Dragon. Too bad it looks stupid in my opinion.
- Zekrom: The other reason I am breaking my traditions(I always get the first version of the pairs first). Its typing is also the subject of several of my Fakemons.

Right, so I have other things to do while I'm here in Germany, so I'm off.
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