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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

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Sweet and Delicious
Congrats on all of the recent shinies, guys!
And sorry for my lack of activity here. The lack of anything exciting happening in my corner of GPX+ has left me feeling a little demotivated over the past few days. I've been sticking to my routine of summoning one or more (except on CM days, since the backroom's closed then) and stealing two legends a day, so my Reserved box's full again. Dropping it an hour after reset tomorrow. Too lazy to list the contents, though the Cypress Articuno that failed to hatch shiny will be included in the drop.

Other news: Used a Dowsing MCHN a couple of days ago, and it actually worked. Found two chests, a few items, and a little man (that I shooed away) with it. :3 The one I bought today doesn't seem to be doing much, though.

On 5th gen pokemon:
Munna: We already have a psychic, dream-eating tapir in Drowzee. Wondered if they were related, at first, but Munna looks too cute and flowery for that. But cute=good (in my book, for Pokemon, at least), so no complaints.
Hihidaruma: Daruma are creepy. Hihidaruma is creepy. ...end of comment.
Starters: Withholding judgment until their evos are released. >__< I started Diamond not knowing anything about the then-new fourth-gen pokes, and was really disappointed by what the starter I picked evolved into.
Meguroko: Ugly. >__<
Chiramii: Looks like it'd make a great plushie.
Gear: Kind of disappointed in that one.
Legends: First thing that came to mind with Reshiram was Saluki crossed with a chicken. Nothing really came to mind with Zekrom. Pretty neutral on both, overall.

Don't have much to say about the others, so I'll end there.


Username: Manaphee
Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/LikeitsMaddie
How active you are on GPX+: Pretty active...
Anything else required in the rules: I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line.


Speak No Evil
Username: Manaphee
Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/LikeitsMaddie
How active you are on GPX+: Pretty active...
Anything else required in the rules: I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line.

Accepted! Welcome to the club!

Haven't been posting as often as I used to! I've just been clicking a lot lately, hit over 10K interactions three days in a row!

Did anyone check out the new things added to the Vs. Seeker? I like seeing who I beat or who beat me and exactly how those victories and losses happened! I tried the Platinum level of battling just now and now I'm just waiting to see what happens!

Other than that, today I was able to evolve my shiny Piloswine into a Mamoswine, and that's so far the only thing of note that happened to me today.


Local psychopath
I blame a combination of Finals, E3, and smaller miscellaneous distractions.
Mostly the second two. I tend to ignore everything school related when home.
Mid-year, every day I did half of my homework on the bus, 1st period, and in homeroom.

SO ANYWAY, I did a BUNCH of crap since I disappeared. I mean really. A lot. I can't say it all here.
In fact, I refuse. Summaries are always nice though.

I've gotten several random Summoning Items since before. That's something.
So many that I don't remember them all. Yay? Though it included two more Soul Dews.
Well, anyway, at one point, I had two Rainbow Wings. For Achievements, I used one of them.
I also used a Griceous Orb. I then decided I might as well use waste my second Rainbow Wing.
I needed to get a fail for Consolation Prize anyway, right? Bad news though.
Accidentally, I used my Silver Wing without noticing until later. Kind of ticked, really.
Not a BIG DEAL since either way, I was going to drop it, but I wanted to corrupt it..
So, anyway, when it came to me using some Sumons agian, I got another Ho-oh.
I then used one of my Soul Dews. Got ANOTHER latias. 6 for 6. Ugh.
I decided to use one more Soul Dew, decided to try our and use a Repel, but...
It said nothing new. In other words, a 7th Latias. I look for it KINDA, but not really hard.
Ended up missing it in my not-really-trying search. Not that it mattered much.
I think that's all that happened to me with Summons.


Oh, on the Ciritical Mass a few days ago, I finally did what I was planning to do.
Blew my entire GPX+ life savings for the sake of ranking. WOOHOO!~
All in all, I managed to specifically get these four.
Items bought: 22,966 (#3)
Points spent: 3,488,400 (#3)
Items sold: 23,096 (#3)
Total owned: 23,886 (#3)
My Overall Rank also burst up to #25, the highest it's ever been.
I found it surpsrsingly high, considering it's recently been falling.
I believe I saw it at around #96 a little before I did what I did.

What else...
Oh yeah, also, I kind of took a semi-break from avidly shiny hunting to work on achievements a bit more.
It's been going okay, I guess.

Anything else notable?
Well, probably, though nothing instantaneously jumps to mind.
So, if there was something, It probably wasn't TOO important.

And now for REPLIES!

OMG random lab-born shiny!

I was just grabbing lab eggs after running low on shelter grabs and I decided to grab a Swinub for the heck of it. I was kinda bummed that it was only laid around a few minutes before I picked it up but whatever. Not the most exciting shiny, but I should look on the bright side, I have 20 shinies now!
Jealouslyyy. *Stares at his Shiny Hunts*
Oh well, congratulations on getting it! =P

Yay for random Lab shiny! And it's male too; I absolutely love Shiny Mothim <3
Oooh, congrats~
One of my friends got a Shiny Mothim a while ago.
Ever since I saw it, I wanted one of those as well.
Not a current Shiny Hunt, but it was one I was considering before.

For some reason, I only have two shiny hunts, even though there are more I want.
Not sure why really. Something in my head is just telling me to keep it as two.
I think it's because internally I feel it keeps me more "focused" to stay smaller.
Bah. I'm so weird.
And just to start some discussion amongst everyone else, what does everyone think of the fifth generation Pokémon we know of so far? I really like some of them so far, and I can see me liking a lot of the ones to come in the next few months :)

Lists, like everyone else!~

Chiraamii - It's cute, I guess. Though, while I first thought it was going to be that regional "Early Normal-Type", like Ratatta, Sentret, Zigzagoon, and Bidoof, it looks like it might not be. Don't know if anyone else here noticed, but in the screenshot we got that had it's pokedex entry, it was number 78. The Early Normal-Type is always a pretty low dex number. Like, 19 or less, at maximum. I think Chiraamii is probably more similar to something like Meowth(#52), or Buneary(#67). Huh.
Gear - Haah. I don't know why but for some reason I love this thing. Probably my love of Steel-Types... Also it's getting of the Plus and Minus abilities is pretty cool. I wonder if it evolves...?
Hihidaruma - Everyone I talked to seems to find this one strange. But I disagree. I find it cool. It's a pretty interesting implementation of Japanese Culture, anyway. It is a baboon, (In Japanese, ヒヒ hihi.) mixed with a Daruma Doll. Anyone that perhaps plays Animal Crossing might know of that item, known in the game as the Dharma, which is another name for it.
Mamepato - *shrug* I seem to have the least opinion on this of all of them. It's not bad, I guess. Though I kind of want to see it's evolutions, first.
Meguroko - I like this quite a bit, for whatever reason. I think it's those eyes. I tend to like unique eyes. I think. I dunno. I remember someone here said it reminds them of Hippopotas. Same for me, I guess. And well, I kinda like Hippopotas, so that might be what explains that.
Munna - I find this interesting for one specific reason. Supposedly, this Pokemon was delayed from the first generation. I'm sure lots of you have heard about how Shellos was delayed from the third gen to the fourth. Well who would've thought they would have taken something from that far back! Here's a quote from a Lass in Red/Green/Blue/Yellow: "The POKEMON here are so chunky! There should be a pink one with a floral pattern!" Certainly interesting, no?
Shimama - IS IT WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES OR BLACK WITH WHITE STRIPES? Well, nice to see they implemented a Zebra. Can't say I expected Electric Type, honestly, though it's nice. Not quite all ecstatic but not quite bland either.

So now I'm free until the very end of August, which is when I'll be a junior! Again, for those who have different names and such for things, it means I'll be in eleventh grade.
Hey, you're in the same grade as me. =P
Didn't know that. Cool.

I think I'll like it more here if we have some off-topic discussions as well (just remember to have something on topic too). Don't hesitate to start up an off-topic discussion either - which btw Goods, I was surprisingly happy you casually threw in the World Cup reference (or at least I assume that's what it was) - now that most of us have a lot more free time.
I have to say I always loved when people did stuff like that too.
Like when people mentioned that they saw a movie or something.

Recent Achievements:
Bill's Grandfather - Have a Water, Leaf, Fire, Moon and Thunder Stone in your inventory. -

Consolation Prize - Fail to adopt a Pokémon you summoned to the Lab. -

Big Spender - Spend at least 25,000 points on items in one day.-

Glitch City - Have all forms of MissingNo. in your party, as well as at least 128 of any one item. - 1500 points
Shrewd Bargainer - Buy at least 10 items during a sale (must be unlocked on the day of the sale). - 500 points
Dog Whisperer - Have a Growlithe, Houndour, Poochyena, Absol and Riolu in your party (or any of their evolutions). - 500 points
Pierce the Heavens - Have a Beedrill, Nidoking, Rapidash, Seaking, Dunsparce and Rhyperior in your party. - 500 points
Purple Drank - Have 6 purple (as classified by the Pokédex) Pokémon in your party. - 500 pints
Got Milk? - Have 6 Miltank in your party. - 500 points
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Well-Known Member
Congrats on all the shinies whatever is on the list. Man, it is definitely a shiny season...

So tomorrow's the last day... yes freedom 8D. Picked up random eggs for my shiny hunt... wondering about my 2 Porygon eggs... I just thought about it, thinking about Porygon's shiny form, and thought I might as well hunt for one. Another one for the extremely long list of shiny hunts :3

Other than that, won another battle and lost to another... But still, I love it <3

...I don't remember when's the last time I updated the countdown clock at my journal though and yay for strikethroughs


Some news!
~ Hatched a male Wailmer.
~ Hatched a male Aron.
~ Also hatched a Taillow.
Those are all for my Egg (and Poké) Dex.

I also hatched a Combee Fail, and a Nidoran M fail. 82 Nidoran M fails and counting!
I entered Layla (Easter Lopunny) two more times in the Vs. Seeker. She lost both of times (Bronze & Silver competition), but at least she got some experience from it.
I got some more eggs for my egg dex (Larvitar, Remoraid, Riolu, and I hope the last one if female!).
Oh and I just got a Beldum egg from the shelter, which I am really happy about, because I missed them a few times before.

~ Esmerry

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer

Site wide shiny hunt for a Swinub!

I am back from Hiatus for this now. I want the new novelty!

So, yeh I am going to be hatchign Swinum eggs from nw onwards.

Just thought I'd mention it.


Well-Known Member
Like with what Shiny Hunting said, the site wide hunt looks fun. But I do feel bad for trixie... just a few days early. I need to hatch my new Rayquaza egg fast. I wanna see this new novelty they have!



Well-Known Member
Not joining the site wide hunt... and boy, am I unlucky not to join... cause I thought that probably this morning I could find myself a Swinub egg to join... in the morning, my computer was broken...

So I'm finally able to log in... found out that my Underground Poke came back, brought me an Old Amber. Put Deoxys into the Underground... Hatched a fail Eevee, resurrected a Fossil Aerodactyl...

And now I have to use the party image instead of the individual ones because of this silly computer loading so slow <_<


Water FTW!
Wow I haven't posted in over a Month. How time flies. Sorry for that

Well anyways, I am really excited on the site wide shiny competition and I am putting my Charmander Hunt on hold for it. I have also taken out Emperor out of my Party to make room for more Swinub. Hopefully I get a shiny soon. Now, to go mass clicking!


Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
I am on eggs #11-16 for my shiny swinub hunt. Unfortunately I won't be active much today and maybe not tomorrow, depending on my revision progress.

I am hoping to hatch the shiny and maybe hatch 100 odd eggs by Friday. I will finish school on monday and my parents might not let me use the computer as much because I have no more work to do on it. So, we'll see...

Congrats to Mephi on her Shiny Lopunny and another shiny... I cannot remember what it was now...

Also, I used CM to buy 12 PC Boxes for 54,,000 credits. This resulted in...

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New Member
So sorry about not posting for the last few weeks, I was at orchestra camp and we played for like 8 hours a day.

No news really, I wasn't back in time for the contest.

I have a few jokes for everyone as they hatch massive amounts of swinubs:

After beethoven is buried in his tomb a man walks by and hears a scratching noise coming from his tomb. He goes inside and open the coffin. Inside, beethoven is scratching out massive amounts of music. The man goes, "What are you doing?!" And Beethoven goes, "Shhh. I'm decomposing."

A man is last chair viola of his local orchestra. One day, he finds a magic lamp and he rubs it and out comes a genie. The genie says, "I will grant you three wishes." He thinks for a while and then says, "I wish a was a better viola player." The genie says, "Next day when you wake up you will be a better viola player." The next day when he wakes up he is first chair viola. Then he wishes to be a incredible viola player and he becomes last chair of the best symphony in the world. He uses his third wish to be the best viola player in the world. When he wakes up he finds himself back in this local orchestra as last chair 2nd violin.

Still need help with hatching my three legends so if I made you laugh come visit my party.



extra toasty

I missed singing up because of my vacation to Washington, D.C. :/

Eh. I guess it's not the most terrible thing ever. I would've liked to be able to have a shot at the Novelty that comes as the prize, but as long as it's breedable I'm good.

So yeah. I'm back from my vacation. It was really fun, and it was nice to get away from things for a while. Plus I got to see the President get out of his helicopter :3 Thanks to anyone that clicked me while I was away, I was able to hatch all my Pokémon when I got back late last night. No shinies or anything from then though.

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Speak No Evil
I found my shiny Swinub a few minutes before reset. I also broke my egg hatching record, hatching 95 eggs, roughly 92 being Swinubs. I decided to experiment with my party yesterday by just putting eggs instead of the half and half thing I usually do.

As I said before, I already had one prior to the contest, but I was a bit happy-go-lucky and canceled my Rattata hunt as soon as I read up on the thing, and at least I'll be getting a new novelty for it. I'm gonna keep it as a Piloswine, btw.

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
New Server announced - hopefully it will increase speed by a country mile....

Hatched 64 Swinunbs and have eggs 65-70 as I go to sleep. Will hatch them tomorroww. Last exams tomorrow and then after that my activity might be reduced because my parents won't want me on the computer as much due to having no work to do, but I will try my best.

I really want this shiny swinub. I need the novelty.................

Got about 5k interactions in today whilst revising. Tomorrow won't get many because I will be revising for my exams which are in the afternoon.

Congrats to Trixie on the shiny Swinub and Event win!


Dragon Tamer
Oh my, I have missed to sign up for the shiny Swinub hunt either, but whatever.

Since my latest update here, I had hatched my Palkia and boxed it into my PC. Today, when I just visited the site, I found a Leaf Stone. I decide to keep it for the Bill's Grandfather achievement.


I wonder how the new novelty will look like! But I didn't enter the competition. Like BA said: As long as it's breedable.
But congratulations Trixie on your shiny Swinub!

Nothing too special, but some news:
~ Got a Sun Stone from the underground
~ Hatched a Pinsir, which I put in training in the Vs. Seeker, and later in the underground
~ Got a Stunky egg from the shelter
~ Sometimes checking if the lab isn't empty, because I want to use my Enigma Stone
~ 84 Nidoran M Fails and 13 Combee fails!

Also, Layla the Easter Lopunny gained 11 levels when training in the Vs. Seeker!

~ Esmerry

Edit: Layla reached level 100 ^-^
Oh and; lol, I just checked my daycare offspring, and I saw 2 female Combee's already XD At least 2 more people happy with one.
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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Onto my 109th Swinub egg now. This is getting beyond a joke. I want the novelty!

So I have started clicking more and have now finished my exams.

I want to click over the enxt few days, but will only do so if I am allowed to.

Congrats to Mephi on the Shiny Charmander and Finneon which I know she has been searching for over a very long period of time.


Sweet and Delicious
Site Update: The Backroom limit has been increased to two fossils/COs/summons per day. (yay!)

Wow, looks like club activity's been low again. Several days since I last checked in, and still on the same page.

Congrats to Trixie on the shiny piggie! :3
I got one, too, at 229. Less than I was expecting to have to hatch, actually.
Feebas fail-count stands at 908 (If you ignore all of the ones I hatched before the shiny female, it's at just shy of 600). ...I'm totally breaking quadruple digits on this one aren't I? >_<

Yeah, the new novelty's breedable. Almost certain it is, at least. Will probably swap out my Ivy Clones for whatever it is once the vouchers come out.

Other news: More shiny fails. ...hoorayhooray.


Beginning Trainer?
I also like that Backroom limit has been increased. I was thinking when they are going to chance it after seeing so many fossils in Backroom.

So what new? These are new:
#739 (longest hunt so far) and #658

Found Gold Chest and Lunar Wing in that one day.
And Im so close to get "Feed a Country"-achievement.
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