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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

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Arceus thrasher

Awake in my slumber~
I don't see why not:

Username: Arceus thrasher
Party Link: Here
How active you are on GPX+: Since joining last year, I have only 1 interaction, so I'm not that active! D:
Anything else required in the rules: To avoid one-lining, I suppose I have to add the obligatory, "I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line" part here.


Speak No Evil
*sigh* I get back from my trip and I notice that the site's down. Does anyone know how long it's been down?

@sandman1264: You have to fill out the registration form before you can join, so if you wanna join, just fill it out (that almost sounded like a palindrome)

@AT: You're accepted. I love me some sarcasm.

Arceus thrasher

Awake in my slumber~
Thanks. :>

I'm guessing it went down anywhere between 2am - 6am Aussie time (12pm - 4pm server time); that's when I was asleep, after all. XP

Probably Jeff mucking around with server settings?

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
Ohhh welcome Arceus Thrasher!!

Yeah, sites down which is a bummer.

So Achievements I unlocked: Just one XD I think it was Great Success.
But also I unlocked others from the older achivements, like Master Clicker on Friday!! Thankyou first day of the holidays. But staying up late means big sleep ins, so I dont have much time to click in the mornings, and I am waaaayyy over the Usage Limit. I also got Johto Master and something else which I can't remember right now......

I am eager for the site to come now back up as I am waiting to find out if my adblocking status is removed (after 4 days now I think).


Oh and look at my banner in my sig~
lielukin made it for me, her requst shop is called Galaxy Request shop of something, she makes super good banners :)

Arceus thrasher

Awake in my slumber~
Thanks. Nice to see more Aussies too. :D

As for this month's achievements: I've yet to unlock any of those. As of late, I've been focusing on the Pokémon breeder achievement. Since I want them all, I don't really want to have to breed 6000 eggs to get it. x__x; But yeah - I can plod along with a few...

Anyways: Reason for downtime here.

I lost everything from my computer tweaking guide as well, so it looks like I'll be spending a couple of hours re-writing it after work. .__.


Fear the Deer
Well this is a minor inconvenience. I can understand that they had server issues and had to reset to the backup, but now I have re-hatch my Shining Stunky and re-evolve my Shining Bulbasaur. Of course, I lost my Shaymin Egg because of it, so I am a bit mad.

Anywho, yes. I shall complete my Shining Stunky hunt after 44 eggs, though I completed it earlier so I know what not to abandon. Adopted a Slime Slugma and Wynaut(I started a hunt after Bulbasaur hatched. I was at a loss so I figured "Why not? *bricked*) in their stead. I haven't really been focusing on GPX+ as of late. Watching a Charity Marathon is taking up my time.

Okay, just completed the hunt again. :p
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Beginning Trainer?
Oh hello there, AT. And welcome.

- 3more shinies, 2 was my shiny hunting-list, 1 was a random (needed one in Boulder Badge Plus):
- Didint lost anything big because of this downtime, of course some points and clicks and shiny fails. Actually it was good for me: I accidentally put my 11lvl Magby in Platium instead Training.
- 2 chests: Red Chest
-> Red Orb
and Blue Chest
-> Soul Dew

- New Miscellaneous Item?:
Edit: seems to be that those can find from everywhere: from Underground, Site and eggs
Edit2: and also seems to be that there is 3 differend items.

And again I thing there was samething else to say but I forgot...
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Well not the best start to holidays for me. But big plus for me is that I got a Summer Swinub and now am breeding it. I have 2 new shiny hunts. Shiny Stunky & Shiny Lotad. I almost have "So I Herd" achievement.

I got a Bicycle, and then O Cananda with an Enigma Stone. I used it and didn't end up getting it but I think it was a Palkia? Also I was just wondering with the front members list, will I be added or people who have signéd up but haven't been put on there go up on it?
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Fellow Espeon Lover!
Hello. I'd love to join this club:

Username: Espeonatic
Party Link: Here.
How active you are on GPX+: I try to be on every day, unless something unexpected pops up.
Anything else required in the rules: I'll follow all rules, won't one-line, a.k.a. "I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line"


Well-Known Member
Congrats for all of the new shinys, rares and what-not. As I was just refreshing, I found BA's profile and then AT's. It's a small GPX+ world out there.

I unlocked O Canada, Star Spangled Banner, and Royal Fulsh. I got an Enigma Stone, but missed the legend. ;( At least tommorow I'll get Consolation Prize. I hatched my Shaymin yesterday. I found a Lv. 100 Altaria in the Safari Zone. Anyone here release it? Because thanks to whoever did.



Well-Known Member
Congrats on the shinies everybody I missed :)

So I finally had the whole party hatched, then placed them into the fails box. With an empty party, I used my change to unlock "O Canada", "Star-Spangled Banner", "Royal Flush", "Dog Whisperer" and "Delicious Chocolate"... Hey, I have big interests with eggs alright?

O Canada rewarded me with Enigma stone while Star-Spangled Banner rewarded me with 50 points... The others rewarded me with 500 points. I better get on with more, free points :D

I used my Enigma Stone and it summoned me Shaymin... dropped if not shiny. Bringer of Legends now at 7/13... still wondering about mysterious enigma stone fail

Legends I have summoned:
- Palkia
- Giratina
- Latios
- Rayquaza
- Ho-Oh
- Shaymin
- unknown legend (which could be Lugia, Latias, Groudon, Kyogre, Dialga, Cresselia or Heatran)

...just thought on making the list here so that I won't lost track of it ^^; live with it, my journal only has, like, 54 more characters left

EDIT: Wow, I just realized that I missed Cresselia in the list... whoops

And just realized about Mephi's post about more unknown items... again, mysterious items are mysterious.
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Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
A mostly uneventful day for me. I used flash block to get rid of flash ads and my restrictions were lifted so I got the X2 bonus. I hatched around 63 eggs, one away from my best, 64. But i would have beaten that by around 9 or 10 or more if the EXP Calculation thingy didn't break for over an hour.

The Lab was almost empty, I counted around 7-8 pokemon species left so I used one of my Enigma Stones. Then the 504's hit me for the whole 5mins and never saw it. When it came back up I accidentally refreshed over an unown :( However that was made up by the fact that I found Kyogre egg and got it, and I got one of Trixie's Summer Swinub eggs :) Thanks Trixie!

And absolutely no shiny for me today. It has been almost a month since my last shiny and I am hoping I don't get in a shiny drought :( I hatched 55-60 swine eggs too and 4-8 Smoochum's. To make matters worse a person on my Pal Pad bred themselves a random shiny Smoochum :( I got one of the pair eggs and mine was the fail one D; 50% failed me again. I bred someone a Shiny Swine a while back... I hate chance.

I have also almost hatched 2000 eggs, just 100 away. Also I remember the other acheivement I unlocked, it was the Forest Badge.



Arceus thrasher

Awake in my slumber~
Hm... Wonder what those new Unknown items are. A Music Box from the Mystery Dungeon games, only it summons Arceus instead? (I hope so. XP)

Meh - still hunting shiny fossils down here. I swear it's like playing the pokies: points go in; nothing comes out. D<


Well-Known Member
At, your not doing so well against BB, as he hatches many Bidoof eggs a day. And there's only four shiny Remorage. But good luck!

I did get an Unknown Item today from hatching my Finneon. Wonder what's in it? And I found out I really need a Ditto, since I found out that when you breed Mew and Ditto you get new Pokemon, and I do have a Mew. I used my Enigma Stone yesterday, but got nothing from it because I missed the legend. But today I got Consolation Prize, and I got an Enimga Stone. Summoned a Latios, and my Winter Vulpix found a Lustrous Orb from the Underground, and I summoned a Palkia. only 4000 points away from the Seceret Key. I know, it's sad I don't have it yet. And AT, I like the idea of a Music Box. Could anyone ask Pokii what Godsend gives out?



Beginning Trainer?
1. For now there is hatched 14 Shiny Remorages and 10 of them are now Octillerages But yeah. Good luck, AT. Seems to be that you need some luck in your shiny hunt against BB ^^
2. Normal members cant breed MewXDitto (because Mew is "no eggs"-group and wont laid any eggs) to get legendary/unown/novelty eggs... Only Professor Cypress and Administrators can breed anyway as they want (like BB breed 2 dittos to get ditto eggs in shelter)

What new?
- My Shiny Fossil Cranidos hunt is going on and I have hatched 40 eggs for now. But I really hope that Ill get someday a Shiny Fossil -.-
- Lot of shiny fails
- I wanna kick my 2 Wartortle Clones in Daycare. Yeah, they laid nicely eggs, almost every hour. But proplem is that they dont laid any clones -.- So my Shiny Squirtle Clone hunt goes slowly. I was thinking to change them to 2 Crystal Steelix, 2 Winter Ninetales or 2 Summer Swinub to shiny hunt them..

Well Im tired now so Ill go now to get some sleep..
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extra toasty
So I'm back ;P

I've actually been back for a few days, I just didn't feel like coming back to GPX+ quite yet >< But now I have resumed clicking people back :)

I don't have much to say, the only recent notable things I could mention are that I've hatched lots of fails, summoned a Shaymin, and unlocked a few Achievements (one of which was Box of Bliss, so those will eventually be released).

Oh, I also wanted to know if anyone is breeding/releasing any Summer Nubs, because I really want a Summer Mamo. I hate the first two evolutions tbh, but Mamo is awesome :3

One last thing - how do you get a genderless Pineco? Do you just have to breed two Pokii and hope for the best? I never really payed attention before >.>



Fellow Espeon Lover!
Buraddo_Aipom: I'm not accepted here yet, but I know the answer, so I figured I'd post.

To get a Genderless Pineco, all you have to do is hatch a Pineco egg that came from a Pokii breeding pair. You could either adopt Pineco eggs from the shelter and hope that one hatches genderless, or you could breed a Pokii, if you have one, and adopt one of their Pineco eggs.


Speak No Evil
Welcome, Espeonatic! And congrats on all the recent shinies and also congrats to Goods for getting one of my Summer Swinubs!

Me, I was able to unlock Kanto Legend, got a few battle achievements, hatched some more eggs, and got this a few minutes ago:

77th egg, 39th according to the recorder!! All I need is Bulbasaur and I'll have the entire shiny Kanto starter group!! Now I just have to figure out what to put in my recorder next!


Well done Trixie. That's really good. Also Welcome Espionatic, and welcome back Buraddo Aipom. Oh one really good thing that has happened to me. Tyranisaur dropped heaps of stuff and I ended up getting a hatched Crystal Onix and Fake Groudon. It was really cool. Also my shiny hunts of Stunky and Lotad have only started not so long ago and are getting alot higher now that it's holidays for me so I'm clicking alot more.

Also Buraddo with the front page with the people in the group, are other people like me and Espiontic going to be added. I was just wondering.


Sweet and Delicious
Welcome, new members! Wow, AT's here, too, now. Awesome. =D

^.^ Yay, BA's back.

Congrats to trixie on the pretty blue shiny Squirtle, and to Mephi on the new shinies!

News: Oh, hey, shiny Feebas!

Number 451 according to the recorder. Unfortunately, this one's also a female, so I'm not done with Feebas eggs yet. x__X Over 1000 eggs in, no way I'm stopping until I get my shiny male, now! (yay, stubbornness. <.< )

Random: Vaguely curious about the new unknown items, but more curious about the new event system, which'll hopefully be rolled out before I head off to Japan. ^.^;;
Also, planning on returning to Summer Swinub breeding once Daycare's nice enough to pop a male Shellderboy. x_x
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