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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Pichu hunt is in swing.

After a drought of Pichu eggs, they are now available and so from tomorrow I will try to hatch them properly. Currently done about 60 but without interacting really.

Congrats on all the shinies - BA's Spinda is cute.

Not much else to say apart from that I got a Shiny Dratini but I will post it when I hatch more shinies.


Local psychopath
Eh, I don't know if you guys are gonna be happy for me or really angry.
Ooh, Shiny Cloyster and Absol. Both some of the cooler shinies. =P
Congratulations on both.
Too bad Shellder didn't count for a "completed hunt", though, but eh.

This shiny is named after the Greek mythological creatures known as the Sirens. They would sing a song that would entrance sailors and make them go to the Sirens, wherein the Sirens would kill them :3
Hm... That shiny hunt was started a day after I posed my Shiny Spinda. =o
...Whatever that means. ...Nope, don't think it means anything. Nope, nothing.

...Anyway, congrats on it- cool name choice. Wouldn't particularly expect it on a Spinda though.
Sirens were usually depicted with bird traits- most often as Women with bird wings, making them look kinda like Angels.
...And on rare occurrences they were mermaids- rather rare though, but meh.
I'd probably expect the name on an Altaria or something (Flying-Type that learns Perish Song). =P

...That's not particularly a bad thing, though- not saying it's wrong or anything. =x
Though it seems like I am, looking back. Gaah, damn the lack of voicetones over the internet.
* Edits to attempt to make it seem less "changeitNOW" *
Also, GTS+ rule sig update:
Hate being the bearer of bad news, but it's a fairly important one for anyone doing view-sharing. >__< My sig feels so empty now.
Huh, that's a bit of a downer.
Doesn't specifically effect my own Signature, but I think it does affect a couple I am in.


Bidofo just got new PC sprites! They all have swords though- not their individual weapons.
Still obviously MUCH better than they were before. ...Which was just Bidoof sprites, anyway.
Actually, I REALLY like the new ones. A lot. A small error though is that their shield seems to be transparent.
I guess their shield was white or something, and accidentally got transparent along with the rest of the blank space?
Personally hoping Remorage and Octilerage follow suit. Now, they're the only novelty without unique PC sprites.

On a similar subject, four other PC sprites got updated.

Zombidofo's PC sprite changed, to reflect the new Bidofo PC sprites. Basically, it now just has weapons.
Also, both Pokii forms have new PC sprites. They're mostly the same, in most respects.
They're just slightly neater and have a bit more saturation (more vibrant / less grayed).
The outlines are mostly unchanged though, so it's less noticeable than the others.
Cherrim's Sunshine Form gets it's sprite from HeartGold and SoulSilver, rather than using the overcast sprite.

This means that you will NOT see the new sprites when looking in your PC.
You'll also still see the old sprites on pages like the Users Online Page, the Pokedex, and the Signature "Party Images".
The reason for those is due to the lack of changes in the icons image. Those all source their sprites from that full sheet.
The only way to see the new ones at the moment is by looking at the "Public PC" on someone's user Profile.
Note: NOT on the PC tab, on the User Profile tab only. The PC tab also sources it from the Icon Sheet.

Comparison Image:

The changes in Pokii are a little more noticeable when you see them next to each other. Kinda.
(Note: I filled in the transparency error on the Bidofo PC sprite on this image, for the sake of clarity.)

Recent Achievements:
Luv-HATE Relationship - Breed a Luvdisc and a Remorage, and hatch one of their offspring. (all three Pokémon must be in your possession) -
1500 Points
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Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny
Ive gotten a lot of achievements done with this Pichu hunt:
Novice Clicker
Expert Clicker
IT'S OVER 9000!
Selective Hoarder.

So I bought the Secret Key!

Still holding out for Pichu!

OMG- I just got 7250 interactions so I thought I'd go get the achievement (forgot what the reward was). I also unlocked Novice Hatcher (No reward) and Big spender (You know... Secret Key) which rewarded me with... Enigma stone!
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Local psychopath

".........Whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?" <Actual quote I really said when I saw it.

I don't know what to say, other than...

*Jumps up and down frantically like a teenage girl who just got a car for her birthday*

That will be all.

Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny

I would've preferred Mesprit but whatever. I need to get it hatched so I can have the extra space for the Pichu eggs. =]
Im over 100 eggs now. Congrats by the way, m190049.

WOW!!!!- Used my Enigma stone today, after a few minutes I was getting anxious 'til I saw the word Bizarre in a description, a legend only word! But I refreshed past it! But because I knew what I was looking for I found it again shortly. Cresselia is MINE!

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Local psychopath
Congrats by the way, m190049.
The thing is though- I got Uxie. So I was not supposed to get a second. But I did. Apparently several people did, says the forums.
Chances are, they will be taken back from members who got doubles. Unfortunately for me, I will lose my Regirock, most likely...



I didn't want to be stuck with a Regirock "Mystery Egg" in my dex. So, what I had to do was hatch it. Quickly. So that I have it's data.
IT IS 5:42 AM RIGHT NOW AND I AM VERY TIRED. I clicked massively- got 6887 clicks.
I just beat my all-time record in GPX+ history by 2790 clicks in only 5 and a half hours.

To show for it, I have my Lythos.
He will be missed when/if he goes.

If his icon is not above this line...
Then he was taken away. D;
R.I.P. Lythos. ...If he is not there.


I hatched the Shiny Pichu! =D
So, all in all, very very good night.

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Well-Known Member
Shinies everywhere. Congrats. And also to m19 on managing to hatch his Regirock... He will be missed if released :<

Anyway, The hunt is on when I'm at school... ouch. I just managed to hatch 4 eggs for the race. Hopefully Friday I can go on and adopt Pichu like crazy. I mean, like my Pearl save file. I hatched 3 boxes for a shiny Volt Tackle Pichu. And no, PCP hasn't been released back then.

What are your top 3 shiny pokemon?
First Milotic... Shoot me!
Second Flygon. Cause it looks good...
Third... Umbreon, or Lugia. Don't ask

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Well first off, Congrats to M49 for the Regi and Pikachu nn, to BA with his Spinda, Trixie to her Absol and Shelder, and to whoever I missed :)

I don't know if I posted this buuuuuuuuuut~

Named after Janus, the god of Doorways.


lol little bugger only took 15 eggs to get nn that's my 4th shiny that i've hatched and 3rd I own (my swinub somehow got in a drop box, don't ask ;; ). so yeah, I'm back to hunting Vulpix :) 125 eggs hatched.
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Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny
Just found a second corruption orb.
Congrats Mr. Joker on the Entei and Shiny, I'm on 119 eggs for my pichu hunt...
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Speak No Evil
Congrats m199049 and Joker!

I stayed up a little later than usual to continue my shiny Pichu hunt. I grabbed one last set of Pichus. Hatched them and the sequence looked like this: normal, normal, normal, normal, normal...

SHINY!!! And it was bred by me surprisingly enough! Now, onward to my regularly scheduled hunts!


Infernus Rex
Username: Varnani
Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Varnani
How active you are on GPX+: active, i visit GPX everyday
Anything else required in the rules: "I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line"

you guys are so lucky, i wish i could hatch the shiny pichu soon enough @0@



Speak No Evil
Username: Varnani
Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Varnani
How active you are on GPX+: active, i visit GPX everyday
Anything else required in the rules: "I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line"

you guys are so lucky, i wish i could hatch the shiny pichu soon enough @0@

Your application looks fine so...welcome!

This morning I started a shiny Miltank hunt because I couldn't think of anything else to hunt and figured it was gonna take a while due to the lack of Miltanks in the shelter. A little while ago I was lucky enough to find three. And to my surprise...

This popped out of the middle egg! That was my shortest recorded hunt!


Well-Known Member
I got my shiny Pichu on my 40th try!


Local psychopath
So I found out why I got Regirock. In the past, the technical ineligibility requirement was "having gotten an Event Egg in the past week". All of Wymsy's Events were given out in connecting days, so it was always fine. The site didn't really ACTUALLY know the group of eggs were part of "one event".

However, Bidoof's unique event is spread out over the month.
So, it made those who got Uxie eligible again.

Bidoof posted on the chat he's going to let us keep our doubles, though. =D
SO I GET TO KEEP LYTHOS! *Dances with his Rock Golem*

...That also means my staying up extra late was pointless. =3 Blah.

Anyway, congrats to all those who got their Shiny Pichu.
And congrats to Trixie on the Blue Cow. =P

SO, I got a brand new clicking record. A five-figured 10,212 interactions.
My new one is more than DOUBLE my old record. But still low compared to others.
Though it's pretty good for someone who is not at all a mass clicker. AT ALL.
...Heh, it has 212 in it. Scizor woo. =o

Also... WEATHER!?
Those were the one I could find through some URL changing.
I is intrigued.

Recent Achievements:
Expert Clicker - Get 7,250 interactions in one day. -
750 Points
Shiny Hunter - Collect 8 different shinies. - (no reward)
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Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny
I quite like the weather update, except because it's on the left it could be mistaken for a chest or something. It could do with being moved to the right.

This has probably been done before but, new topic:

What's the most interactions you've ever done in one day?

Here's mine:

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extra toasty
@m19: Yeah I know what the sirens were, but I did it more on the aspect of them making people crazy/whatever, and when I look at a Spinda I think of them that's what I think of ^^

So yesterday I found a Silver chest. I got a Green Orb, and waited until today to use it. Thing is, I had one slot in my party, and after I used the item I found a Groudon in the Lab, and was stupid enough to take it >.> I could release anything, so the summon was unsuccessful. Normally I'd be okay since I was able to corrupt the Groudon, though if I had gotten Rayquaza I would have gotten the final summon Achievement and gotten my Legendary Voucher or whatever ><

Other than that, I still haven't gotten my Pichu yet. Hopefully I do... I'd like to get whatever the prize is ^^

EDIT: Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that I made The Starter Pokémon Club, for those who like starter Pokés and would like to join. Plus, there are nifty little userbars I made too for it; click the one in my sig to go to the club if you want :)
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Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny
Congrats on the Groudon BA, shame about not being able to get the summoning achievement though.

Speaking of summoning; today I did the star-spangled-banner and O Canada achievements, for the latter I got ANOTHER Enigma stone after getting Cresselia from the one I got Yesterday. I also found a Black Chest yesterday and got a second Corruption Orb, today I found a silver chest and got a Rainbow Wing!

Ho-oh GET!

Latios GET!

Yeah 3 summons in 2 days :D

Wanted a corruptable though, but whatever, hopefully this wont take away my luck with getting Pichu. Karma and all that xD
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Sweet and Delicious
'Grats on the Regirock, m19! ^.^ Congrats also trixie on the shiny Mitank, and to everyone who's gotten a shiny Pichu so far!

After 836 eggs, I finally got one as well, this morning.

... >_< Little troll certainly did its best to make up for the 4 shinies I got that one day.

Finished another one of my Disgaea hunts on day one of the shiny Pichu hunt, though, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Just, was disheartening when the hundreds started to pile up with no Pichu.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that I've metioned this before, but I'll be going on a trip from Sunday (this'll probably be my last post before then) until Sept 17th, with only sporadic internet connection until I return. Also - and this has no relevance to anything else whatsoever - I finally got my driving license. :3 Yayyay~

Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny

Yay, 10k Interactions! It's my new personal record.

I might as well go for the achievement.


Morning, I got the Master clicker achievement last night, when I woke up this morning I hatched my Ho-oh and Latios and headed to the shelter where I immediately found Kyogre! I didn't notice it at first as I was looking for something else and then when I saw it I'd thought I'd definitely missed it. But I didn't! Next refresh a found a Fossil Kabuto!

Wow, if only I had this luck on the Pichu hunt...
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Fear the Deer
Wow. Its been a while since I last posted.

Had extreme luck today, just nothing GPX+ related(See Avatar and Sig). I did manage to hatch 76 Pichu in the past three days. I couldn't start hatching them until two days after the contest started because I had school related stuff. Not much else.

Oh, and we actually managed to clean out the Egg Shelter today. And the lab at the same time.

Congrats on all things that have happened as of late.
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