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Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
YAY! My luck continues. I found both a dusk stone and a big mushroom. I sold the big mushroom and bought a Xmas Tree. I definitely found the Big Mushroom at the right time.

I then found straight after a Easter Buneary egg. Hopefully it will hatch male this time. Also I will be abandoning my Remorage on Christmas day. I will post the drop time then.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
True Trixie

Uh..... I come here to ask a question, where the frack is the social group?

News: Nothing as usual, Charmander egg is close to hatching =3


extra toasty
^Whoops, Serebii was lagging and I forgot to post ><

But I deleted the Social Group, I figured it's a lot easier to just post the times here than having to invite new members every time someone joins and then them needing to go and post in a whole serarate place for when they drop something ^^;

News: Eh, I gave click backs, and I stalked the Shelter for a bit (I only ended up getting a female Feebas), but the site started getting annoying, so I got off, and I won't be on to click for the rest of the night.



<- Best PKMN Ever
Wow. Over 2000 interactions today.

Found a Magmarizer while clickling on myown egg.
Hatched several eggs, including Anorith, Nincada, Igglybuff, and Pinsir.
Evolved Porygon into Porygon2, Metapod into Butterfree, Scyther into Scizor, and Flaaffy into Ampharos.
Got Rhyhorn, Rattata, Psyduck, Tentacool and Snover (on accident) eggs from the Lab.
I set a new interaction record. :)


Water FTW!
Well, I am kinda late, but I missed a Latios Egg in the lab. (or at least I think it was one) I read the description but I took to long to recognize it so it was taken by someone else. :/

News: I found a Magmarizer and sold it.


Speak No Evil
Okay, this is a bit on short notice, but my laptop's adapter stopped working completely so I'm gonna have to get a new one. I don[t know how long it'll take, but whatever it is, I cannot click or anything! I put up my whole party so you won't have to worry about visiting my party because I more than likely won't be able to return it. Once again, I'm sorry, and I know I am very upset that I won't be able to click, but there's nothing I can do.

Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
Guess who successfully grabbed their own summon?

My Itemfinder is on a roll today. Two treasure chests, two little men, and an Electirizer. I would've rather had a Lugia (to corrupt) or a Shaymin, but no summon items were available when I went to sell the Lunar Wing. So I just used it. It took so long to appear I was afraid I'd lost it to someone else.

It doesn't quite make up for wasting that Gracidea months ago, but at least it's a start.

Other news: None really. I take back everything I said about the Itemfinder being a waste of points.

BTW, if anyone's breeding Bidofo I'd love to try for one. I need to use my Corruption Orb on something.

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
^^^ Wow Congrats GG ^^^

My luck with my item finder hasn't finished for today either. I just then found a little man and got it successfully this time :D

I really hope it is shiny like Shiwin's but I wouldn't count on that.

EDIT: WOW I just realized that I didn't only find a little man, big mushroom and dusk stone with my item finder. I just checked and I have found a Shiny Stone, Leaf Stone, Deep Sea Scale, Protector and Magmorizer as well! I am loving my item finder right now. 8 items in one day. WOW!
Last edited:
I don't know how long my luck will last but I found my first treasure chest today and successfully got my Lugia. Pretty happy about that.

~Silver Aura~

Gosh I need to get myself an Itemfinder lol. Well done on finding Cresellia GG I still yet have to successfully nab my first summon got the Adament orb and Lustious orb in the past but I can never seem to nab them but now that we get five minutes to find them it might make things easier.....Though I got to find a chest first lol.

News: Winter Vulpix hatched Female and Electrike hatched male. :)
Wow, well done on all the new stuff guys! Shines, missing.nos, shiny missing.nos, Cressilias, WV, Itemfinder Luck, all of it. Well done : D

Well, sadly, my own item Finder doesn't seem to be working. But I did alto of clicking just now, and I just managed to buy the Present from the shop. We'll have to go without the Candy. I only have 42 points left oO Still, saving up for a shiny stone now for WV, as she just hatched female and I called her Crystal. I'll breed her with Zero the Zergoose when I get my Candy :3


Oh, and remember guys, no one lining, kay? I've seen some on the last few pages and I don't want it to get into a habit. Got that? Gooood.

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
@Starlit: I will take care of you Regice.
...You stuffed it in a PC box without even leveling it up :\

I came here to ask a question: Even though we can buy orbs from the shop's Backroom, can we still sell them for the initial 50,000?

And yes, Winter Vulpix is tied with cutest novelty with Buneary.
But that's just my opinion.

And I want to take a quick survey/make a topic:

If you could have any Pokemon from GPX+, it could be novelty, shiny, legendary, anything, what would you want?

As said before, I'm curious to see what naswers will come from this.
If you could have any Pokemon from GPX+, it could be novelty, shiny, legendary, anything, what would you want?

shiny winter ninetales or regular shiny ninetails. they're very pretty, well...at least shiny ninetales is. i havent seen the shiny winter ninetails yet.
can we still sell them for the initial 50,000?
Well, apparently, they are now only worth 10,000 when you sell them. Which now makes it impossible to get a Lucky egg, Amulet coin and Destiny knot :O

NEWS: Hatched more Candy and found an up-grade. Sold it and now I have a healthy amount of money for a Shiny Stone :3 I decided I would rather have a Winter ninetales then a Candy Cane dress up item. Speaking of WV, I'm going to breed mine with my long lost Zergoose when she reaches lv 13, then just get my supply of Candies from the shelter, because I think we have more chance of finding a shiny there. Damn, I can't post my part again, can I? Oh, and mass clickng is a great stress reliever I found.

If you could have any Pokemon from GPX+, it could be novelty, shiny, legendary, anything, what would you want?
A shiny mareep. Because their cute :3 But I guess I will find one in the end. My friend, Hella, took like 290 eggs before she found her shiny Sentret, but in the end she did.


Speak No Evil
Congrats on all your finds everybody! But I come to notice that no one said anything about me leaving! They were even some that removed me from their Pal Pads!!! It's just a break for God's sake!

But, I did realize my mistake and I will do some clicking today! I'll put my party back in and click Pal Pad people, you guys, sme users who added me, and the norm. Hopefully my new adapter will come laer today or tomorrow.
Ah good. There was an annoying "504 Gateway time-out" but it's gone now.

If you could have any Pokemon from GPX+, it could be novelty, shiny, legendary, anything, what would you want?
Shiny Celebi
Shiny Dialga
Shiny Primal Dialga (OMG-these are SO epic)
A Bidofo and a Corruption orb (Zimbidoofs FTW.)

Anyway, I've been pretty rubbish with click backs recently. I'm only going to do that now, no Spriting, No Facebook and NO RPing!

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
But I come to notice that no one said anything about me leaving!
Goodbye For Now trixie and enjoy your break. Sorry for being an ignorant jerkass before and not reading over your post, blame goes to me entirely.

Oh, well thanks for answering my question SL. I guess I won't bother grabbing a chest now if I see one since I can't really do anything with it anywa ^_^;

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Current Part:

@Starlit: Regice gets priority when I whoop a Pokémon into my party when I have space. Sorry but my projects take slight priority. When I calm down my projects a bit, Regice will remain in my party.

**Been rather inactive today due to exam revision
**Scyther NEEDS to hatch male
**Got some eggs for my pure-bred project
**SS needs to hatch male

No finds today


extra toasty
We can only sell stuff from chests for ten thousand?! D: I will never get a Silph Scope now >.>

News: No school for me until the fourth of January, so I should be able to click around a lot more. I've put my Bidofo and Persian breeding pair in the Daycare again, though I won't be announcing every single time I drop their eggs.


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