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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Manchee, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Sorry for being inactive guys.


    Anyway, I am in reach of finishing my Nick@Nite Project. Just a few more! 8D

    News: None
  2. Have you guys seen the mystery counter? It has a different message it says: Mystery Counter is presently at 52,741. What's going to happen?

    They might just be trying to get people interested in it again because it looks like not many people care about it anymore, but I dunna. It would be cool if we reached today just to see.
  3. Gardevoir Girl

    Gardevoir Girl is NOT a girl

    Aw - Starliteevee, I should've said no when you offered me that Suicune egg. I'm really sorry for making you feel like I was forcing you to give it up. I really didn't mean to make you feel that way, and I'm sure everyone else you dropped something for feels the same way I do. You really do seem like one of the kindest and most generous people in this club.

    News: Nothing's happened. The site's down for something, I hatched another non-Shiny Ralts, have been clicking as much as I can (which isn't much) to hatch my Cresselia, and really hope the mystery that's going to happen is a bunch of cheap summoning items in the shop - I now have enough points for one and I've been stalking the shop in case a Gracidea flower comes in.

    @ Song of Ice and Fire: Isn't that one of the normal messages?
  4. Nope, it normally says something along the lines of wonder what this is. If you go on the forums Zerxer made an update call whats this? whats this? and I think it has to do with the counter.
  5. ~Silver Aura~

    ~Silver Aura~ Back...ish

    That's sounds intresting I guess I'll go cheak it out.

    If you could have any Pokemon from GPX+, it could be novelty, shiny, legendary, anything, what would you want?

    A Celebi or a Mew a Shaymin any of the cute ultra rares( As I call them) really.

    News: Nothing much really.

    I might not be on tommorow for obvious reasons so I hope everyone has a good christmas.
  6. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    What is this I don't even

    The site was down for quite a while and I come back to that tiny link on the header. It says something about "exchange" when you click on it. You can't make a thread about it, so I really don't know what they're doing. Is this what Zerxer was talking about? I wonder.
  7. When I clicked on it, it said What the fu** is this? lol it's kind of funny, and I'll probably be up all night trying to figure it out.
  8. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    Has anyone noticed the "Secret Santa!" Option on all of your pokemon?

    I'm abandoning my Missing.no, as I have two, and I hope someone will look after it <3 I'll reply to everything else later, so don't worry, I haven't missed you deliberately, I'm just in a rush now.

    Song of Ice and Fire : Can you PLEASE stop one lining? You will get a strike for it soon you know.

    Oh and....
    Merry Christmas GPX+ Fanclub!
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2009
  9. Everything that I have been saying has been contributing to the discussion, and has been more than one sentence. I've read the rules and just because what I have to say isn't ten lines doesn't mean anything, and if I get a strike then so be it. Then I shall learn my lesson. I write my stuff in a paragraph, not like some people who use the enter button frequently so it makes it seem like more, but hey thanks for the warning
  10. leilukin

    leilukin Dragon Tamer

    I got a Rainbow Wing from the golden Treasure Chest. However, after I used it in the Lab and I have been refreshing the page, I got nothing. :(

    For the Secret Santa thing, I released one of my MissingNo..

    -Changed one of my Rotom into Spin form.

    Merry Christmas to fellow GPX+ Fan Club members!
  11. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    I too abandoned one of my MissingNo.'s for the exchange. Unfortunately Laura Branigan probably won't be getting any clicks until I hatch whatever egg I get. I'm not really that concerned about it since she's pretty much my party mascot and I'm striving to get her into the top 10 most interactions list! I forgot when we're supposed to get those eggs since I never really paid attention to the text before dropping my Pokemon!
  12. Gardevoir Girl

    Gardevoir Girl is NOT a girl

    I dropped my Regigigas into the Secret Santa. Hopefully someone will decide to drop a Shaymin or Suicune into it and I'll get that~

    Other news: Nothing yet, it hasn't been long enough since my last post. But I have a Ralts on the verge of hatching and I'll spend a few hours clicking to see if I can get my Cresselia more than half hatched by tomorrow.

    Everyone, good luck with the Secret Santa!
  13. Pokemaniac Erika

    Pokemaniac Erika All aboard!

    ^I was about to drop Gracia (shaymin), but Gracia is too precious for me. My first GPX+ legend...

    So, for the Secret Santa event, I abandoned threw away dropped gave away Raksasa (regigigas) because I don't really have any interest on it.
    I hope I won't get manaphy (manaphy's rarity is very rare, right? Since we only get it from header) or another regigigas.
    And I keep Raksasa's info page link because I'm pretty--no, very curious about who'll get it :x

    EDIT: Just checked Raksasa's info page.
    It still keep the original nickname and custom description, but it state me as the previous owner already.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2009
  14. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    Yall remember that Zerogoose egg that I got from the shelter? The second one? I threw that into the secret santa, I may do the same with another pokemon, we will see.

    News: Nothing, I am back from my hiatus though :>

    EDIT: I have no idea what rarity Zerogoose is, is it possible to get a legendary or novelty out of it?
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2009
  15. It seems everyone isn't keen on Missigno, I mean, everyone seems to be getting rid of them! I did too, I don't like 'em all that much really. I'm hoping on a Bidofo egg (And then a corruption orb) or a WV (hatched or not hatched) seeing as those ARE the best novelties to me. Although, Dracowymsy would be NICE.

    Anyway, I've just hatched two Failows, in between that I did Secret Santa, then I got another Tailow egg from the Daycare. I've now got three Tailow eggs, and Scept and Spiderman. Has anyone got a better name for my Treecko? Please? (He's "Scept")

    Oh well, aside from that, I'm in a p****d off mood right now. But none of you really need to know the details. Just that if you one-click me, I may have to only one click you back (I usually just click all your pokes.)
  16. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    @Proby, all the pokemon will be changed back into eggs iirc.

    News: Nothing as ususal, doing a bit of Shelter stalking for now. I am hoping for a Novelty egg in the shelter, or at least something good. DW or WV pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase


    5 Minutes later, I am shelter stalking and this little cutie shows up, I refreshed before I had the chance to click it, and guess what: The egg was still there after I clicked it =3
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2009
  17. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    i put in an easter buneary. c: hopefully i get some cute novelty that isnt another easter buneary. xD secret santa idea is very cute...and i guess they know about our forum meme. :p

    besides all that, clicking and stuff. dont wanna shelter stalk today. -_-
  18. EmpoleonRules

    EmpoleonRules Water FTW!

    The secret Santa thing is great, but I can't choose between sending in my Manaphy or another legend. I think I'll put my Regice even though it was my first legend...

    News: Hatched a non-shiny female mudkip and got another Kip Egg.
  19. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star



    WHAT. THE HECK. HOW------

    I'm sorry for my earlier rant. And thanks to all who gave me kind words. *nicens up*

    For the Secret Santa... I did Charmander >_< Now I'm really wishing I did Zergoose...

    Awww.... that's cute SL!
  20. SapphireRose

    SapphireRose Morning☼Sun


    I saw the Secret Santa thing. I was debating on giving up my Kyogre because I really don't care for it, but I found that my EBxB pair made an EB, so I might give that away in hopes of getting a WV. Which one should I give away?

    Also, if I click away from my Daycare page, while knowing what the eggs are, will they automatically be given away to the Shelter? I'm scared to do anything on the site now...

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