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The Grass Route! (180)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I like how we got a cool Filler for once.

I'm glad Ash lost and learned a lesson, he was getting to overconfident. I really liked the Grass Pokemon competition and Skiploom too.

Overall, with the battling it was a 4/10


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This was a fairly good ep, especially for a Johto ep, but I have one problem....Bulbasaur is the focus of the ep instead of Chikorita! All Chikorita got was one practice battle, Bulbasaur on the other hand gets the entire tournament.

Why the hell were the writers still focusing on Bulbasaur in mid-Johto? This is what really screwed over the development of Ash's Johto Pokemon.

In most of these Johto fillers, Ash is either just using Pikachu or Bulbasaur. Where the hell are the Johto starters and Noctowl? It's no wonder why it feels like the Johto team barely existed. Holy crap.

Who cares if Bulbasaur was the focus instead of Chikorita? A pokemon is a pokemon wherever its in Kanto, Johto or anywhere else. Bulbasaur was one of Ash's first pokemon so he had a much stronger relationship with Bulbasaur than he does with Chikorita, I'm reckoning. So what if the Johto team hardly got a mention in this episode, its not like it had didn't have any pokemon at all. Kanto pokemon, Johto pokemon, it makes no difference to me. A pokemon is a pokemon, a region is a region and the anime should not be compared with the games. In the anime canon, Johto could be filled with wild Bulbasaur for all we know and they could be more common in Johto than Chikorita.


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I like how we got a cool Filler for once.

I'm glad Ash lost and learned a lesson, he was getting to overconfident. I really liked the Grass Pokemon competition and Skiploom too.

Overall, with the battling it was a 4/10


It's my thoughts exactly. I loved the Grass Pokemon competition and I found Skiploom to be adorable. Glad to see Ash learned something.


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This episode was ok... Seeing Skiploom for the 1st time was cool. Ash definitely learned a very valuable lesson in this episode. Ephram definitely deserved to win the tournament and I'm glad he did.


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Ahh, this episode aired not too long ago...at least for me...It was nice to see a competition that revolved around Grass type pokemon...A few pointers...

Skiploom (Ephram's Skippy) was very cute in this episode, and they sure were working hard. Ash's practice battle with them was good, but he was being rather reckless and got carried away. Skiplooms attacks were pretty good too. Tackle, leech seed, double team, I thought leech seed couldn't work on other grass types??

Anyways, here's another place where Ash really got far too confident in his own abilities...Very arrogant and cocky was he in this episode, and it was resting upon his past accomplishments in the Indigo Plateu and the Orange League.

I'm glad Misty at least proposed the question if he was going to train, because Ash underestimated the competition. Skippy came back at Bulbasaur and beat it with a powerful Solarbeam, and beat Ash's strongest grass type.
The Grass Pokemon tourney was a great idea! I'm a fan of Grass types, so that makes it extra nice to see this one. Meowth dressed up as a Sunflora was great, it's really awesome when Meowth dresses up to look like another Pokemon species. 10/10 for an awesome episode. Also good that Ash lost, he needs to not win sometimes, to learn from it. But he and Bulbasaur did a good job.


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I enjoyed this episode because of the tournament and seeing some more of Ash's last Kanto Pokémon he still had in his party at that time + was also nice to see Chikorita at the beginning. They basically gave both of Ash's grass Pokémon some screening time.


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I really liked this episode, Skiploom was very adorable. Having a Grass Type Tournament was nice I suppose. Meowth dressing up and imitating Sunflora was hilarious. I didn't really like Ash's cockiness too much. Lastly, I knew he wasn't going to win, because he wouldn't have any use for all those leaf stones. So it was good that Ephram won.
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It was good to see Victreebel battle good. But, I didn't like that it lost. I hate that they were only using Victreebel for comical reasons. And Ash was too cocky in this episode.
The episode was OK but I didn't like how cocky Ash was. Now don't get me wrong, I know Ash is a bit of a braggart and likes to toot his own horn, but I've never seen him that unconcerned or that unwilling to even "pretend" to train. This seemed like such an aberration from his character. Plus even with the Solar Beam, Bulbasaur would be at such a high level how could it be wiped out from that one and only attack.

One interesting thing to note - Ephram is one of the few Pokemon trainers to have both his parents.


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This was a disappointing episode. the idea of a Grass tournament was was good, but I didn't like how the writers made Ash so cocky in this episode. I hate it when the writers make Ash acting cocky just for the sake of a COTD. As expected the COTD Ephram ended up winning the tournament and Ash ended up losing the tournament. *Sigh*.....poor Bulbasaur.
Oh well, at least Ash's Chikorita defeated Ephram's Skiploom in a match before the tournament.
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This episode was good but not awesome to me. Nice to see that Kojiro actually enters the competition with his Utsubot. But I think neither Satoshi nor Kojiro needed the leaf stone so there is no point for either of them to win in my opinion. Worth mentioning that Nyarth dressed as a Kimawari and used Hikkaku as well as Midare Hikkaki because it was quite funny.


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I loved Ash's cockyness. But it was humiliating his highly trained Bulbasaur lost to...... a Skiploom


So Ash's Bulbasaur lost to a freaking Skiploom of all things. Trololol. I felt more bad for Bulbasaur because of Ash's ego trip here.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow I liked the grass pokemon tournament that took place here, although I didn't think Ash and Bulbasaur should've lost given their experience. I did like Skiploom however and Meowth's Sunflora disguise was funny.