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The Great Eight Fate! (387)

Did anyone notice that Juan's fangirls looked kinda odd? Their eyes looked different for Pokemon characters, and their designs looked like they were from some other anime.

I dunno, something about those girls looked out of place.


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I think Juan has turned out to be my favorite of the Hoenn gym leaders. He can be a bit pompous, but he really is a terrific battler and his moves have turned out to be pretty unpredictable. I'm halfway through my tape of part two now, so I don't know how it ends apart from Ash getting the badge yet.

I did love Juan being impressed with Chimecho and telling James that he can see it's been raised with love. :D :D :D It was also interesting to hear Juan not believe right away that Team Rocket is bad, and how calm and cool he was when Team Rocket was trying to steal his pokemon. If only Ash could be that levelheaded. :p I loved the "ta-da" sound effect when we first see James in his costume too. LOL :D

Overall, 9/10, rated just slightly lower because I'm not that into gym episodes and some parts dragged a bit.


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I'm late, but here's my review:

Juan's pretty cool. His voice wasn't overly exaggerated or given an accent as might have been expected, but unfortunately I found his voice to be somewhat boring. It's okay, though (BTW, Sean Schemmel's really having fun with 4Kids' VA roles, isn't he?).

Meh, don't have much else to say that I can remember was definately in this episode... I'll check out the second episode thread for the rest of my review.

This episode can take a 7/10.


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I only got to watch this episode today...so here goes...

--First off, I too thought Ardan (I like Ardan way better than Juan, BTW, so I call him that.) had a nice voice...but I was expecting it to have a little Irish/English lilt, but predicted lilt or not, it was still very nicely done.

Second of all, I found the battle a real nail-biter, but the cutest part was Pikachu riding Corphish.

Stay tuned for the rest of my review (aka my review of the other episode) tomorow


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I liked this episode, but the Luvdisc thing was truly awful! Oh well, it's not like Grovyle hasn't made up for it.

Aikou Bupiggu

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I wanted his voice to sound French-like, I thought he was meant to be Frnch for some reason and thought his name was mant to be pronounced Je-ean ((Ean as in Sean))

The battle was sort of boring, Snorunt fainted in a matter of seconds, and Adan culd keep using Hyper Beam Consistantly, but the follo up episode wasn't all tht jazz either.

Little rantage.



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A excellent episode the gym battle episodes are always fun to watch. Well when I first saw this episode i was surprised to see Juan leading the gym, I was expecting Wallace (I didn't know about the Sootopolis Gym switching from Emerald yet.). Certainly interesting rules for the Sootopolis Gym, Ash was expecting another one on one type battle probably but nice to see he was able to adapt like usual. It was nice to see Snorunt in it's first official gym battle to bad it got knocked out, can't wait to see the end again tomorrow.
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i just watched this esiode a few minutes ago and i am loving it so far


Great episode. the appeal of Juan was very beautiful.

The gym battle was fine, too bad that Snorunt lost in his first gym.



Juan beautiful? He's male by the way, I think handsome is the word. So Sootopolis has an opening on it's side for boats? Clever. I thought Ash and Co. would dive under the city like in the games :S

So we meet Juan and his gang of performing Water type Pokemon at a show. He did seem like a performer with his clothes. His gym looked like mansion, too classy for a gym battle.

I'm glad they added some new rules; a double battle and 3 one on one battles. 9/10


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This episode was cool. The double battle with Pikachu and Snorunt vs Seaking and Sealeo was great. Seaking and Sealeo were both very strong. Snorunt really didn't do well in its 1st gym battle. It was a good thing Corphish replaced and helped to defeat Seaking and Sealeo.

James getting sidetracked about Chimecho was pretty cool and comical too. I liked the Gym being a double battle. Snorunt's first Gym Battle too, IIRC. Pretty great episode!


Huh, I didn't remember Juan being such a good battler. Still, it was a pretty impressive showing on his part though the result is rather disappointing I suppose.
Pretty interesting how the rules of this battle end up being. Starting off with a double battle followed by three (?) 1 on 1 battles. :)
This makes (so far) three characters that James is good at imitating.
1.) Professor Oak
2.) Norman
3.) Juan
Juan looks like he is a pretty cool gym leader, having lots of knowledge from his extensive Pokemon career.
I also liked how Sootopolis City looks in the anime and I also like James's imitation XD

Mega Altaria

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Juan seemed to perform nicely in the Gym Battle but at least Ash won the Double Battle (the 2nd half Single Battle just started with Grovyle vs Luvdisc). TR appeared quite early for me but I was glad that they got blasted off by Milotic's Twister. I also liked James's Juan disguise, too.