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The Great Eight Fate! (387)

People were saying that people like me would get used to the name Juan just like the change from Gonbe to Munchlax when his name was revealed in May. Well, it's January '06, and me and many others still call him Adan :)

Adan got a great voice, IMO. I was fearful that he would get some horrible voice that I wouldn't be able to tolerate. My fears were proven baseless, thankfully(though I did worry when I first heard the mayor's voice; they didn't show the mayor, so we only heard his voice, and I thought it was Adan's).

Adan used to be a Coordinator, eh? How very fitting for such an elegant character :D

Frankly, the butler's eyes frightened me ._. They were freakishly lifeless. Too bad, too, because the butler had a decent design otherwise.

Poor Snorunt. It got knocked out pretty quickly, which is a shame, because [SPOIL]it won't be a Snorunt for much longer, so we're only going to get to see it battle this way for a few more episodes[/SPOIL].

I heard the Hydro Beam thing too, but I thought I just misheard. Guess not 0_0

Ice Ball looked cool when Sealeo was using it, more impressive than the Walrein in the episode with Walrein and Quagsire. Perhaps it's because Adan was using it this time <3

I really liked Adan's personality. It was confident, but not to the point of arrogant. Just how I always invisioned him ;)

Overall rating:
8.8 out of 10
To me, this episode was worth watching just to see Adan :D. But it was a good episode overall, with a decent battle and anice intro to one of the best characters in the game.

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The Butler has eyes like that dog from One Piece. I wonder if that's a style that's moving through the animation teams.

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I thought this episode was good. Juan seems like a friendly gym leader. I really don't have much comments about this episode.


Juan is no Wallace I will say that. But he was pretty damn good in this episode.

The double battle was one to remember. As a matter of fact, this double battle was much better than the Mossdeep one IMO.


you amaze me.
This episode was pretty good, as said before, Juan is no Wallace. It's just too bad they had to change it up for some reason. Anyway I liked the part when Pikachu was surfing on Corphish, I thought that was funny and kinda of cute at the same time. I give it a 9.5/10.

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I didn't notice the Hydro Beam thing. Maybe my mind wandered off somewhere.

This episode was fine. I like how instead of having a set up episode before the gym battle, the gym battle started in the first episode and went straight through the second.

Juan's voice was o.k. I guess. I am kind of a little tired of hearing Sean Schemmel though. At least his voices don't all sound exactly the same.

There really wasn't anything wrong with Wallace.

Why hasn't anyone noticed the goofup in this episode? Right after Pikachu said his name twice before the final commercial break of part 1, Corphish (as useless as one in this battle anyway...:)) spoke like a Magikarp!

Pikachu: Pikachu! Pikachu!
Corphish: Magikarp!

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Damn it! I should've acted on that gut feeling of mine.

As such, you may torment, ridicule, and make fun of me any way you wish!


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I didn't notice anything in this episode. I missed the first run at 10:00 AM because I slept till 1:00 PM and caught the last half of this episode, still tired and unaware I didn't notice "Hydro Beam" or Corphish talking like a Magikarp.

Heh, I expected a more French accent for Adan but with a dub name like Juan I knew it wouldn't happen.

Cya in the next episode discussion.

Silver Ryu

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You know what I think Ash should have done? He should have had Snorunt freeze the water when they were both under. ;)

Both episodes were great, I love good battles like these.
Aww i havent seen a full english ep since the Ludicolo one why do they have to air during ygop tournies and when they air on sunday im not awake at 8:00 i saw like 10 mins of each ep i was too sleepy!

Baburu Zenigame

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I didn't like this episode much. Kind of boring if you ask me.
And I still think they shouldn't change Wallace with Juan. Wallace is the original and he should stay like this!
There were batter episodes...


The Phantom Thief

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Both episodes were great:

I really liked the Water Pokemon show at the beginning

Juan's voice was kind of what I imagined it to be. Juan's coordinator background was very suited for his character.

The Gym Battle was good. I liked the continuity from "Training Wrecks" in that Ash remembered that Ice Ball took longer each time its used.

Snorunt and Grovyle could've done more in this battle. Too bad for Snorunt that it only got to use Icy Wind and then get KO'ed by Sealeo. And that was Snorunt's only Gym Battle.

Milotic's voice was perfect and Milotic vs. Pikachu was awesome!

Overall, 8.5/10 for this episode
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I liked this episode because it showed how Lovedisc can be a good battler too! I thought Juan looked quite ugly though, but everything else (especially Milotic) was great!

Crystal Clair

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Interesting episode, I like Adan's performance (sorry, Juan is out of the question for me)
One thing. I keep going through the last part of the episode and Corphish doesn't say "Magikarp". How minutes exactly is it into the episode?


*swoons for Noland*
I've watched these two episodes (Eight Ain't Enough too), and I didn't hear Corphish say "Magikarp" or "'Karp" or anything like that. I also didn't even hear the infamous "Hydro Beam" either. When did these supposedly happen? I'll take any excuse to see Adan again.