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The GS ball. What happened?

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Mew Trainer
During the Jhoto serries the group bought the GS pokeball to Kurt. He said he would send news of it later. The pokemon makers never continued with the GS ball. What happened to it and what was its purpose?


Actually, no one knows. Kurt said he'd hang onto it for a while, Though they never went back to Azalea Town to find out. They might never go back. There may be a purpose, but might never be revealed for sometime. BTW, wouldn't this be in Anime discussion


Gmaster Charizardpal
Well, on the topic, while its bumped and not locked...I don't think the''ll ever go back for the GS ball. Thats so Johto...Wasn't it empty btw? I think Ash should take it and use it on a pokemon...he only seems to use pokeballs (and once safari balls.)
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