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The Guardian's Challenge! (945)


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The Guardian's Challenge!

Ash has enrolled in the Pokémon School on Melemele Island. When there, his classmates have a special surprise welcome party for him but during the middle of the party, the Melemele Guardian, Tapu Koko appears and sets a challenge to Ash. Will Ash be able to master the challenge and earn his Z-Ring?

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So, for some reason the Z-Crystal that Ash got from Tapu Koko was destroyed after he used the Z-Move - Gigavolt Havoc (the Z-Ring is still with him).


The impact after that Z-move though. And it was just Ash's first time! Imagine the much more OP Z-Moves in the future


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Another enjoyable episode, didn't realise till the end that TRio hadn't appeared.


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Omfg Rockruff is so freaking cute I can't stand it <3!!!

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- At least Ash isn't gettign rekt in battle and instead getting rekt by people who happened to specialize in certain events.
- Togedemaru vs Pikachu I found was hilarious. The Lightning Rod was gold.
- Lol Kaki's salty as hell that Ash just got the z-ring without working for it.
- Ash vs Tapu Koko was extremely lopsided. Can't really blame Ash on this one though, seeing as how it is region-beginning Pikachu vs a legendary. At least it showed that Ash stood no chance to begin with by making Ash surprised at it's speed and endurance.
- I really wanted to see Kukui whoop Ash, but I guess I will save that for later. Seems like Kukui is well-knows for battling, seeing as how Oak immediately knew what Kukui was talking about when he said "the fifth challenge is me".
- Kukui is probably going to become my 2nd fave after Kaki. He seemed so chill with Ash. He also has a fitness room. Need to keep those six-pack.
- Kukui also has the best gags. "The 'cross chop' of friendship will be felt critically." This is so much better than the Oak's one, although the Oak's one is not bad.

Overall, an excellent start to this series. If this keeps up, I will like this. It probably won't be as good later down the road, but as long as it doesn't fall too far behind I will be satisfied.
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These two episodes were good. These leave me begging for more. I think they are balancing Ash's character out between goofy and badass. Especially like how Ash learns Gigavolt Havoc on the first try, while shattering the z crystal in the process. This shows that they haven't reset Pikachu's strength (yet).


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These first 2 episodes alone, are stronger than BW's first two episodes in terms of Ash's character, I agree I think they've got a nice balance between him being goofy but also knowing what he's doing.

I think the characters introduced are great too, the balance between them is going well so far. Though I think Mallow is definitely the main girl this generation.


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- I hadn't laughed this much with Pokemon, ever. e.g Pikachu holding Ash's hat, only a split second but really funny. That's a nice change of pace from XYZ's serious tone.
- These characters are very relatable. I need subs for the Lillie, Kukui and Kiawe speeches.
- Ash recognizing old Pokemon? acknowledging his reserves? Great.
- Is this the closest he has been to a Legendary in the main series?
- Bewear is a psycho. Loved it.
- I also really liked that Ash got his *** kicked on the side-events but not on his thing that is battles. Well, he did too but hold his own much better.

I realize I'm reviewing both episodes but I didn't feel like posting twice and actually going back to remember what happened in which episode.
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They used in some battle scenes speed lines and a fixed background, I really wonder if they will have an animation similiar to XY...

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Already love this series. Ash has his original personality which lacked slightly in XY and still has badass moments, as seen with the Z Move. I like the six character relationship and, so far, they are all growing on me equally. Sun and Moon has potential so I'm gonna stick with it.


They used in some battle scenes speed lines and a fixed background, I really wonder if they will have an animation similiar to XY...

Apparently, Yosmichi Kameda started working on Pokemon with this series. He worked on the OP. Yosmichi Kameda is probably on eof the best animators out there.


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Great series so far! It really met my expectations.
Very friendly pace, unlike XYZ with its serious tone.

Hopefully they keep this level. Btw, Gigavolt Havoc looks sick af.


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IMO, first two episodes are way better than first two BW episodes.Ash didn't even regress like many people thought( acting goofy=/= incompetent). Great start, also Pikachu with GH is OP af.


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Remember when people laughed me off for saying that different animation style doesn't equal to lack of continuity? Well, this happened.

On a related note, my first reaction to this episode was "Alola already? hadn't he just arrived to Pallet Town?" then the flashback happened... hilarious way to handle context and continuity.

If I have to complain about something would be subbing the Z-Moves, and Delia going back so soon.


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These episodes were great. Z-Moves are absolutely sick. And overkill. Kiawe is a complete badass, and Inferno Overdrive looked so cool.

I actually find all the characters enjoyable so far. Lana and Lillie ARE SO CUTE.

Tapu Koku. Man, that thing is strong. Did it use its ability? Or what happened when everything turned yellow-ish? I like how it tanks things by folding its wings (?) together as a shield. The way they animated Gigavolt Havoc was so cool, with it shifting between Ash and Pikachu for the punch. Not sure how Ash figured out how to use the Z-Move.


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Not sure how Ash figured out how to use the Z-Move.
If i understood correctly, Ash was copying Tapu Koku's movements while using the Z-Move, that's why he didn't know the name.

Also, i think that even Tapu Koku was a bit surprised by the power of Gigavolt Havoc, which is why it went inside its shield or whatever u call it.