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The Guild - An Original Fantasy RP

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by TheSequelReturns, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ The Guild ~

    ~ The History

    Long ago, in the age of myths and legends, the world was cursed by eternal night.

    Each of the races have their own tales of this era. A hundred different heroes with a thousand different stories, each grander than the last.

    The tales have been retold so many times, that no one knows where the legends and history diverge, or if there is any difference at all.

    The one thing that all the stories agree on is that the night was brought to an end by the dawning of magic. It was the mastery of this power that allowed the races to defeat the dark rulers that had plagued the world.

    With the curse of eternal night broken, the first light of day shone on a world divided. War, conflict, the desire for power and conquest spreading violence throughout the lands and carving deep seated wounds, some of which have yet to heal.

    And yet, today the races are at peace. A peace that has held for hundreds of years in fact. Many things led to this, but perhaps none so decisive as the Guild system. Why should a soldier fight for spoils when he can be rewarded for slaying monsters? What would it profit a thief to rob from the nobles when hunting for rare items in the wilds can put a roof over their head and give them a good reputation to boot? And when an outlaw does decide to eschew the system and embrace a life of crime, the Guild will be there to put a bounty on their head.

    These quests the Guild offered turned skills that had once been useful only on the fields of war, the dark criminal underbelly, or the tribal life of a barbarian, and made them useful to everyone.

    Four hundred years later, the world is a very different place.

    Today, the world is still divided into several races, each with their own rulers, cultures, and territories. But at the center of it all, in the heartlands of the continent, stands the great castle Bastion. Towering high over the largest city in the land, Bastion is the seat of power for all who dwell on the continent. It is a meeting place for kings, queens, and nobles of all kinds, a place for disputes to be settled and edicts issued. All of this is presided over by the People’s Champion, the one who has ascended to the highest rank in the Guild and proved their commitment to the people of the land.

    ~ The Story


    All of the glory and grandeur of Bastion and the city of Grand Capital that grew up around it feel like a world away for the country-side of Valm.

    Out here, the Guild is not merely a part of life, but essential to survival.

    Villages need protection from monsters, bandits, and other threats. Doctors need rare herbs for medicine. Wild game needs hunting. Merchants need escorting. Maps need making. Dungeons need clearing. There is no end to the variety of tasks that find their way to the quest board of the local Guild and no shortage of work to go around.

    Being on the outskirts of human, titan, and geist territory, Valm is home to many races and its local Guild hall in the central town of Estvalm brings all sorts of adventurers and travelers.

    Beyond Valm’s borders lie dangerous wildlands. These places are ripe with monsters, rare items, and other goodies that call to the most daring of adventurers. And Valm’s distance from any of the larger territories makes the local Guild hall the only thing standing between many of the smaller villages and destruction.

    But this isn’t just any Guild, it’s your’s.

    You are one of the adventurers who calls the Guild at Estvalm your home base.

    For the last few months, things have been business as usual. An endless supply of quests that need doing and a shortage of adventurers to do them.

    But recently, ill tidings have been drifting in with the merchants, farmers, and travelers. Deadlier monsters have been appearing more frequently. Some townspeople and even adventurers have disappeared, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. And, perhaps most ominously of all, the People’s Champion has been calling some of the most skilled adventurers back to the Guild HQ at Bastion, leaving the smaller Guild halls understaffed.

    Amidst all of this stands one single, unsettling, fact. The nights are growing darker and colder than before. And something ominous is in the air, hinting at dangers yet unknown.

    No matter the news on the horizon though, a Guild member’s job is never done. And now more than ever, completing quests is something that can't be ignored.

    ~ The World


    The world at large is known as Caelocia, though each race sees it in their own way. Humans see it as just one of many realms. Undine see it as just another layer in an endless “sea” and that if they could swim down through the soil or up through the air they would find more beyond. Titans see it as a masterful work, crafted by a divine being. Fairies see it as a garden to upkeep, drakes as a challenge to overcome, tengu as a riddle to be solved, geists as the first of many tests.

    Whatever the case may be, the world at large is comprised of a single large landmass, nearly split down the middle by an encroaching arm of the sea. A great mountain rests at the end of this long bay at the base of which rests the mighty fortress Bastion and the huge city of Grand Capital.

    To the south and east of Bastion lies vast plains and small forests where human and titan cities can be found in abundance. Farther south, at the bottom of the continent, lies a long chain of icy mountains. The bases of these mountains are home to dense, dark woodlands, and cold, clear rivers and lakes. Valm is located in these southern reaches.

    West of Bastion lies a large area of rocky lowlands, canyons, and deserts that are difficult to traverse without preparation. Deep in these harsh lands lie the ancestral home of the drakes.

    North of Bastion, on the east side of the continent lies the largest, most heavily forested part of the land. Rolling hills and verdant meadows give way to rich woodlands and lakes before ending at the northern coast. Many races make their homes here, not the least of which are fairies of all three kinds.

    Opposite this, on the western side of the long bay lies a region of temperate highlands that might be better inhabited if they weren’t so rainy. Frequent storms, uneven terrain, and cold winters make this land difficult to settle, though some, like the tengu, simply can’t be deterred from the region’s natural beauty.

    ~ The Guild

    Dotted throughout the land are Guild halls. Most of which are located in or near a city, though in rural areas the Guild hall may be located in a central location to facilitate travel.

    Guild halls are a central facet in the daily lives of almost everyone. Craftsmen rely on them to acquire rare materials. Farms rely on them for defense from monsters and bandits. Explorers rely on them to scout the land and recover treasures. Villages need them to survive, cities need them to function smoothly, and kingdoms need them to keep the peace.

    Given the importance of the Guilds to everyday life, the Guild system prides itself on making sure quests and bounties are completed in a timely manner, and that their roster of Guild members are capable of the jobs at hand.

    Every Guild Hall holds to the same two-part ranking system. The first is that it organises guild members into “Jobs”, which are like specializations that showcase, at a glance, what skills the member has. The other is rank. The Guild ranks from lowest to highest go like this: Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum rank is the highest, but additional accolades can be awarded to a Platinum rank member in the form of crystals that are slotted into the medallion to designate mastery (Ruby for combat, Emerald for support, Sapphire for casting, etc). “Decorated” Guild Members, as these individuals have come to be called, are accomplished and respected above all others.

    When someone submits a quest or bounty to the guild, the Guild staff and at least one Platinum-rank member review the details of the mission, the reward being offered, and the challenges that may be present and assign a rank-limit and on occasion recommended job classes to the request before posting it on the Quest Board. All a Guild member has to do to accept the task is take the posted mission note to the Guild counter and formally accept the quest.

    Members are forbidden from accepting quests rated as being above their rank, though they may accompany another member who is able to accept it. The highest ranked member of any party is considered responsible for anything that may happen during the quest and punishments for failing the quest can include fees, a cap on the level of quest you may accept, or even expulsion from the guild if the circumstances are grave enough.

    All Guild members are issued a medallion made of the appropriate material for their rank as proof of their membership. These medallions are etched with the member’s name and are inscribed with very specific and closely guarded magic that makes forging one all but impossible. This medallion is proof of their status in the Guild and losing one is seen as disgraceful. The medallion does have its perks though. Guild members can use their medallions to incur a variety of benefits from discounts at inns to special treatment at vendors, provided they can prove its for official Guild business.

    ~ The Magic

    Magic in this world is fueled by natural energy called mana. Mana is primarily produced by plantlife and places where plants are plentiful also have high concentrations of mana making magic easier and more effective. There are two other sources of mana however. Artificial constructs of wood or stone or other non-living materials can be enchanted to collect, store, or channel mana and can then be used as mana sources themselves. In addition, blood carries slight tinges of mana and places where much blood has been shed also have high concentrations of mana.

    The art of using mana to accomplish a task is referred to as “casting”. Any being that is capable of casting will, at some point in their life, become aware of the mana flowing around them. From there, how the mana is channeled, what spells are attempted and perfected, and the role of magic for the caster varies from person to person, race to race, and city to city.

    The two most common forms of casting are “spellcasting”, which is done by speaking aloud a set of words to help focus the mind and channel the mana. The other is “conducting” which involves using a magical object such as a wand, stave, totem, or tome, to focus and direct the mana. Other diverse methods also exist.

    Magic is not without its limits however. Any novice caster could move a stone. A skilled caster might move a boulder. But it would take a caster of mythical proportions to bend a mountain to their will. Mana is a force of nature, like fire or electricity, and though it can be channeled, directed, contained, or harnessed, it can not be commanded and going against the laws of nature always carries risk. The greater the task attempted, the greater the price of failure. Additionally, channeling mana takes a toll on ones body similarly to swinging a sword around. The more effort you put into controlling and directing mana, the more energy you expend and casters who get too carried away can blackout from overexertion.

    The true test of a caster’s prowess is not against natural materials, which have no will of their own and laws they must obey, but against other casters. When two casters meet in combat they are each trying to override the other’s control of mana. Whether this takes the form of countering their magical attacks with your own, disrupting their attacks before they land, or even attempting to wrest thier control of the base mana flows around them to keep them from casting at all, these mental combat techniques are just as rigorous and defined as any physical martial art.

    Magic can be used for many purposes, but is limited by the caster’s prowess, natural ability, learned skills, and location. There are schools of healing, combat arts, elementalism, mundane tasks, job-specific-skills, and on and on and on. Most beings in the world are capable of casting at least one or two spells if only simple ones for daily use.

    ~ The Inhabitants

    Fairy (Spriggan, Pixie, Sprite)

    Average Height: 5’0’’ (Spriggan), 3’5’’ (Sprite), 3’0’’ (Pixie)
    Average Lifespan: 30-40 years

    Fairy folk are short lived, but burn brightly. A fairy of seven years is considered an adult. They have the strongest connection to nature, and magic, of all the races. They typically live in secluded areas rich in plants and wildlife and tend to feel uncomfortable in cities. All fairies possess a single pair of insect-like wings on their back and are all capable of flight. As such, their clothing is typically backless or has some kind of slit to allow their wings to function. Fairy folk are divided into three distinct sub-races, each with their own traits. Fairy cities consist of small, separate, one-room houses that are little more than a place to sleep. These houses are built in perfect harmony with the land around them and though pixies grow and nurture plant life and animal life alike, their efforts don’t resemble what other races would call “farming” at all.

    When most races hear the word “Fairy”, they tend to think of pixies. Pixies are short and cheerful, but slow to trust strangers. They favor open areas, hills, grasslands, meadows, and other bright, sunny lands. They have a natural affinity for flowers and fruits of all sorts and are well known as excellent beekeepers. Though it is odd (though not unheard of) to see a pixie trained in combat arts, all pixies are skilled casters. Their wings are wide and rounded, like a bee’s. Pixie’s have a certain child-like quality to them that endears them to other races, especially Humans and Undine with whom they share a certain level of appearance. Pixie’s have large eyes, even when compared to other Fairies, and are particularly fast and nimble. Their lightweight body and efficient wings allow them to stay aloft almost indefinitely.

    Spriggans are taller than most fairy folk and are the kind most likely to wander the land. Their height lets them fit in better in mixed-race cities as well. They live primarily in thick wooded areas and have excellent night vision and hearing. Spriggans have a natural affinity for herbs, trees, berries, fungi, and other woodland plants and frequently employ potions, poisons, tonics, and other apothecary skills. Their wings are long and thin, like a dragonfly’s, and though they are the most acrobatic flyers of the three fairy kinds their heavier weight limits their flight time. Spriggans have a reputation as risk takers. Seeking to make the most of their short lives, spriggans are adventurous to a fault and are well known for being “trouble magnets” in inexperienced Guild parties. Like all fairies however, spriggans are lithe but fragile. And misfortune hits them harder than it would other races.

    Sprites are a reclusive and secretive bunch. They rarely leave the snowy mountains where they live, but will gladly welcome any who brave the cold to visit. Unlike the other fairies who could pass as young humans, sprites have bluish or purplish skin and are immediately recognisable. Their cities consist of cabins that surround natural hot springs were fungi and hardy vegetables grow in abundance. Sprites are naturally easy going, but their casting skills are unparalleled. Their wings are bright and vibrant and scaled like a butterfly’s and no two sprites have the same color patterns on their wings. Their skin is actually cold to the touch and they run a body temperature much colder than other races. Likewise, this makes them uncomfortably hot in places other races might find to be quite tolerable. Sprites have a habit of using magic for everything, no matter how mundane the task, and when cut off from mana they are particularly helpless. They are widely sought out for their unique healing arts, and travelers lost in the mountains often tell tales of how they were saved from certain doom by the kindness of a passing sprite.


    Average Height: 5’8’’
    Average Lifespan: 60-70 years

    Humans were the first race to build cities in the open expanse of the plains, where no natural resources were apparent, as opposed to hollowing out the natural landscape. Their kind originally settled the grasslands and plains and no race has built structures as masterful or grand as the humans, except perhaps for the titans. Though it was the undine who originally created the Guild system, it was the humans who turned it into what it is today. It is perhaps for this reason that the home of the ruling monarch, the great castle Bastion is surrounded by a human-founded city. Human cities are primarily made of wood or stone buildings and many have paved roads.

    Due to their ancestral homelands being in the center of the continent, humans are the most welcoming of all the races and you can find people of all races in their cities. Humans are industrial, creative, and master a wide variety of skills. They are the most adept shepards and herdsmen of the races and are the only race to raise horses. The casting ability of humans varies wildly as well, with some humans being totally incapable of using magic. Many human settlements rely heavily on farming and trade to survive and being cutoff from either for a season may well lead to a town’s demise.

    Though their industriousness is widely recognised by the other races, humans are often seen to be as stubborn as the drakes and their determination to settle lands other races would consider unsuitable is widely regarded as a sort of folly unique to humankind. Humans are known to master a single craft, even to the detriment of all others, and this diverse array of specialized talents make human cities a chaotic and bustling place that teems with opportunity and chances to learn new crafts or purchase strange curios.

    Undine (Various)

    Average Height: 5’3’’
    Average Lifespan: 100-120 years

    The undine are unique among the races for having cites all across the continent. Anywhere you can find a large enough body of water, fresh or salt, you will find an undine city or two. This widespread habitation probably contributed to them developing the guild system. Undine have a large amount of physical variation, with certain traits being distinctive to certain regions or even specific cities. Undine have long, colorful hair, rubbery skin in a variety of tones, patches of scales on their forearms, shins, feet, and back, and some have fins there as well. Their hands and feet are webbed, the feet more so, and they have two sets of eyelids, including one transparent set they use to see underwater.

    All undine are capable of breathing air or water. They are more comfortable in the water than on land, and staying dry for too long can cause a variety of health problems. Undine cities are sculpted from natural resources with an attempt to blend into the landscape as much as possible. Sometimes, an entire undine settlement can appear, from the surface, as little more than a coral reef or kelp bed. All undine are skilled fishermen, hunters, and jewelers and craft everything from unprocessed natural materials. They decorate their hair with shells, string necklaces of pearls, weave clothing from kelp, scales, and sharkskin, and craft tools and weapons from animal and monster parts. Despite the vast differences in culture, craft styles, and appearances, undine make no distinction between different groups of their own kind.

    Undine culture is centered around their environment. But unlike the fairies who nurture their surroundings or the humans who bend nature to their will, the undine seek to master nature. They see themselves at the top of their ecosystem, undisputed masters of the water, and have no qualms about taking what they need from the plants and animals around them. They also do not farm, collecting everything they need from the wild whenever it is needed. They often proudly display a trophy from a dangerous monster, a rare shell, or a hard to catch prey animal as a status symbol.

    Drake (Highborn & Lowborn)

    Average Height: 6’2’’
    Average Lifespan: 90-100 years

    No race casts as large a shadow as the drakes. Their kind are masters of war, peerless blacksmiths, and deeply motivated by honor, status, and glory. In ages past, they would wage war across the continent pillaging the other races for resources and seeking glory through battle. It was only the reformation of the guild system that allowed the drakes to know peace. Today, they seek glory and status not on the battlefield but by competing in the guild rankings, slaying powerful monsters, and completing challenging quests. These accomplishments are so important to their society, that many drakes do not even acknowledge a clan or family surname and instead use their first name followed by their most impressive titles.

    Drakes are large and strong. Their bodies are covered in rough, leathery skin and hard scales. A pair of horns juts from the top of their head, with each individual having a unique horn shape and size. Their hands and feet are clawed and they never wear shoes. Their faces have a snout, like lizards, and their mouth is full of sharp fangs. All drakes have lizard-like tails as well. They carve their cities out of mountains, creating fortresses of solid-stone and towers of metal beneath which lie miles of tunnel systems.

    Drakes are comprised of two castes, the Highborn and the Lowborn. The Highborn are comparable to what humans or undine would call “nobility” but in drake society it carries a special weight. Highborn drakes are born randomly into the population, with no apparent bearing on family history, bloodlines, or parentage and only Highborn drakes are eligible to hold seats of power. All Highborn are, upon birth, adopted into a noble house and raised as a part of that family. Highborn drakes have a large set of draconic wings on their back, while Lowborn have no wings. Highborn also have larger horns, a slightly larger build, and a stronger affinity to magic.

    Geist (Normal & Elemental)

    Average Height: 4’5’’
    Average Lifespan: Indefinite

    Geists are beings born not merely of flesh and bone but of arcane power. Though the origins of their race are lost to time, it is widely agreed, even by the geists themselves, that they were created as soldiers in a war long since faded from history. Today, their race occupies places of power. Ancient battlefields, sacred sites, ruined temples, and the like are places you may find a geist village. Geists are apparently incapable of dying from old age, though they can be killed by other means. It is also rumored that geists who become too stagnant and inactive will simply fade away. They reproduce slowly, with birth rates much lower than the other races, but their long lives give them a sense of perspective unique among the races and they take life slowly and at their own pace.

    Geists are short and lithe, with thin frames and spindly limbs that are built for speed. Their skin is often dark in color, shades of grey, purple, or green being the most common. Their eyes are a solid color and glow faintly in low-light. They have long, pointed ears, and their long, wiry hair is often braided into intricate patterns. Geists have a natural ability to blend into their surroundings, becoming harder to spot the longer they sit still, and are notorious for being hired as spies, assassins, or thieves. How much of this ability is actual physical changes or magical alterations in perception is unclear. Many geists are highly skilled musicians and it's not uncommon to see geists employed as bards, actors, or performers in the larger cities. Geist villages are simple affairs, built primarily from stucco, tile, or stone work, materials that last as long as their builders.

    All geists are born with a strong affinity for magic, but some geists are more in-tune than others. Geists with a strong enough connection to magic are forced to carry a totem (an ancient relic, magical talisman, or divine object of some sort) to ground their magical abilities lest they cast without meaning to. Referred to as “elementals”, these geists take on traits that reflect the sort of magic their totem embodies and become physically aligned with that particular flavor of magic. Destroying an elemental’s totem can cause a feedback effect that can injure or even kill the geist in question, depending on how strong the magical bond was and so elementals must protect their totems at all costs.


    Average Height: 8’0’’
    Average Lifespan: 200-250 years

    An old and mighty race, the titans claim to be the first race to settle these lands. Their cities are ancient, layer upon layer of huge structures each built upon the last until their labyrinthine cites stand tall like mountains or sink into vast depths below the surface. With their long life, well respected demeanors, and well-established history, titans carry a measure of respect that the younger races can’t quite measure up to. Proud, but slow to anger, titans are often content to keep to themselves and it is rare for a titan to make a living in the city of another race. This may be partially due to any city not designed to accommodate their large size being difficult for them to move around in.

    Titans are huge in stature, not just tall but bulky. Possessing mighty strength, they can perform feats that would be impossible for any other race. Conversely, they have the weakest casting ability of any race. They make up for this by tattooing protective runes on their bodies to make the most of their limited magical ability. Titans, like undine or geists, slowly absorb aspects of their environment and their appearance can vary depending on the climate they live in. Their skin tones are generally in shades of red, yellow, or blue, and their hair is short and rough, more like quills than hair. Many, though not all, have one or more large teeth that visibly stick out even with their mouth closed.

    Titans, despite their appearance, are renowned for their written works from plays to histories to works of philosophy. Their minds are as strong as their muscles and they make excellent leaders, tacticians, architects, and even bankers. Each titan city is ruled by its own Philosopher King or Queen, who rules until their death, with the next ruler being chosen by public consensus. Despite this, the titans respect the ruler in Bastion the same as any of their own rulers, even when that ruler is not of the titan race. Current history holds that Bastion was originally inhabited by the titans, but was abandoned at some point.

    Tengu (Kurasu, Dharma, Garuda)

    Average Height: 4’5’’
    Average Lifespan: 40-50 years

    Tengu are a stocky, tribal race that make their homes in some of the most inhospitable, unreachable areas in the continent. Tengu are covered in feathers, like a bird. Soft, downy feathers on their face or torso, vibrant plumage along their arms, heads, and back, and long flight feathers on their wing-like arms. Their wing-like arms end in clawed, scaly hands, and their feet are likewise. They can fly, though must use their arms to do so.

    A communal folk, tengu don’t build cities. Instead, they build huge towers within which are housing for hundreds of their kind. They share everything with their tribe and don’t have a concept of amassing personal wealth. However, that loyalty does not cross tribe lines. The tengu are separated into three main tribes, each with their own customs and they are almost never seen living together. Even in mixed-race cities, the tengu tribes are notorious for squabbling amongst themselves, divided evenly along tribal lines. Though their appearances and philosophies are quite different, tengu are actually on fairly equal terms with each other in regards to natural ability and the differences between tribes is simply a result of them living as divided tribes for centuries on-end.

    The Kurasu tribe are dark feathered and have long, white beaks. They practice the combat arts and take pride in their prowess and self-discipline. They are the most likely to join a guild for the status and adventure it brings and as such many well-respected tengu in the guild system are of the Kurasu tribe. They believe that achievement in this life directly translates to reward in the next. Perhaps because of this, Kurasu tend to be overly ambitious and are more likely to die attempting a challenge too great for them than to back down and admit defeat.

    The Dharma tribe are vibrantly feathered and have curved, pointed beaks. They are thinkers more than doers, valuing a philosophy of mind over matter. In the guild system, they are known mostly for scholarly work, making maps, exploring ruins, and the like. They believe in karma, and believe that all actions taken will be rewarded in kind. This tends to make them deliberate and slow in their day to day lives and some of the more temperamental races may find dealing with a Dharma more trouble than it's worth. It is commonly joked that if you ask a Dharma for an opinion, you’ll get two.

    The Garuda tribe is white feathered and have short, rounded beaks. They often have a few colored feathers on their wings or in a crest on their head. They eschew physical discipline for mastering the arcane and are vastly more skilled in casting than their other tengu brethren. They can often be found in an organised party, doing their best to support those around them. Their philosophy is that all are expected to do good works and that failing to do so is a grievous error. This makes them particularly trustworthy and an oath given by a Garuda is considered as good as a formal contract. However, it also makes them gullible and susceptible to trickery. Perhaps it is for this reason that Garuda seem particularly willing to travel in groups, even with other races, when on the road.

    ~ The Rules

    All standard rules apply.

    The rating will technically be between PG-13 and R, but that’s mostly to avoid clamping down too hard on language and violence while also allowing darker themes should players wish to include them. Do not abuse this however. Don’t get carried away. Don’t get needlessly graphic. And there won’t be any issues.

    There is no character limit, though please do not take on more than you can handle.

    Reservations will be accepted just to give others an idea of how the roster is shaping up, but there is no limit on race/job/etc nor on the amount of open slots, though I reserve the right to close the sign-ups if I feel that the roster of players has gotten large enough.

    ~ Important Info and Sign-Ups

    Quick notes on the sign-ups.

    I’m leaving some aspects of the world building intentionally vague. This is to allow players the freedom to work within their sign-up. Feel free to invent cities and towns, customs, historical events, NPCs, what have you so long as it doesn’t directly contradict something I’ve included in the descriptions of the races or the world’s basic geography both of which are listed in the sections above. In addition, any locations important to your character that are large enough to add to the map (the global map or the local area maps) will be added.

    That said, I have available a series of world-building snippets on each location on the World Map should anyone want a short bit of info on each of the currently labeled regions, areas, or landmarks on the World Map. These snippets are written as if from an undine scholar's travel guide and I will post them in a reply if requested. I'd list them all in the post, but then the post would be gigantic.

    For Guild Rank, use the (low-to-high) Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, rankings listed in the Guild section. Job title and weapons can be anything you want it to be. Skills include magic and should somewhat reflect your job title and Guild rank but otherwise there are no restrictions other than the obvious of making an all-powerful character.

    Additionally, there is a discord sever for any accepted players already set-up and running and I'll see to a Cafe thread if you all want one. Sign-ups below, be sure to grab the correct one for your chosen race.

    - Fairy -
    Name: (Typical Fairy names are whimsical or flowery)
    Age: (Due to their shorter lifespan, a fairy has reached maturity at around seven standard years.)
    Sub-Race: (Pixie, Spriggan, Sprite)


    Guild Rank:

    - Human -
    Name: (Typical human names are about what you’d expect)


    Guild Rank:

    - Undine -
    Name: (Typical Undine names are melodic and lack harsh sounds)
    Region: (The region of the world that you hail from and what makes Undine in that region unique. This is optional. Anything you note about your home region will be considered as fact going forward.)


    Guild Rank:

    - Drake -
    Name: (Typical Drake names are grandiose or intimidating. Drakes also do not have set last names and often replace them with titles.)
    Caste: (Highborn or Lowborn)

    History: (Note that Highborn are automatically granted the privileges of a noble, while a Lowborn is barred from the nobility. Depending on the circumstances of your character's history, this may not be relevant.)

    Guild Rank:

    - Geist -
    Name: (Geist names are as quirky and varied as their bearers, with some being known only by a single nickname.)
    Age: (If playing a Geist of over 400 years of age, I may need to PM you additional world history info depending on your history section.)
    Type: (Normal or Elemental)


    Guild Rank:
    Weapons: (If playing an Elemental, your totem goes here)

    - Titan -
    Name: (Typical Titan names are long and complex. The average Titan has no less than five names and as many as a dozen, each expressing a deeper meaning.)
    Age: (Titans are not considered to be fully privileged adults until over the age of 30)
    City: (The specific “mountain-city” your Titan hails from. Any details you give about this city will be considered fact moving forward. This is optional.)


    Guild Rank:

    - Tengu -
    Name: (Typical Tengu names are short and direct, often consisting of a string of quick syllables.)
    Age: (Much like faries, their shorter lifespan means Tengu of age twelve or over are considered adults)
    Tribe: (Kurasu, Dharma, Garuda)


    Guild Rank:
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2020
  2. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    My very rough WIP


    Name: Bjorne Alrurus Halelren Anarnas Garan'thus Kjarr .
    Age: 130
    Gender: Male
    City: Granite Falls, a Titan mountain city that is located in the Southern Mountian range just below the Deepwoods and Orphan’s Puddle. The ancient City earned it’s name from the frequet tremors that plague the region due to deep tectonic plate movement. Due to this, large boulders of granite crash down the mountainside often without warning onto unsuspecting travelers.

    Appearance: Bjorne is up there in height with most Titans at 8’ 4” and very broad and bulky. Unlike other Titans, his skin is a dark brown with his hair-like quills a forest green. His beard is kept short with a rough cut. Deep set eyes peer out with a brilliant green and prominent irises.

    He has a very wild appearance with his fur/leather clothing. All his clothing is made from the hides of forest animals he’s hunted. On his upper body, Bjorne wears a sleeveless open front leather vest, allowing his arms maximum movement for swinging his ax. The vest neckline and sleeve openings are lined with wolf hair. His legs are covered with leather breeches tanned from deer hides and moccasins on his feet to help muffle his footsteps in the forest. While traveling or in colder weather, he wears a cloak taken from the hide of a large female grizzly bear with the hood comprised of the bear’s head. It is not unusual for newcomers to Valm to mistake Bjorne for a bear wandering the Frogsong Forest.

    On any exposed skin, scars are visible. The most notable scar are four claw marks starting high on his left cheek and running down to the underside of his jaw and neck. A set of monster bite marks are hidden under his vest on his right shoulder. Varies claw marks from wildlife and werewolf encounters decorate his back, front, and sides. Magical rune tattoos also decorate his body as well.

    Personality: Bjrone is a simple Titan, content with living a quiet life or as quiet as life in the guild can get. The imposing stature of Bjorne is sometimes at odds with his gentle and quiet nature. Soft-spoken, he is not quick to anger and actually takes quite a bit to evoke a strong reaction from him. He generally doesn’t spend his time socializing in the Guildhall, prefering to keep his own company, unless there is business to be discussed. He is also kind and caring, enjoying the company of children and fairies more easily.

    Strange for a Titan, Bjorne lives close to mother nature, tending to plants and animals. It is not unusual for him to nurse injured wildlife back to health if it has a good chance for survival. However, he’ll dish out a mercy kill to end an animal’s suffering and let nature resume its course.

    He has a deep respect for all forms of life and understands that any race, creature, or monster acts only according to their nature to survive, even if they are odds with other species. Conflicts will occur where one’s nature and instincts differ from another. That’s why when he hunts or kills in self-defence, Bjorne recites a short druidic prayer of peace for the life departing. However, that doesn’t mean Bjorne won’t defend himself or others around him in order to survive and live. He walks a fine line of changing the environment to suit one’s needs and respecting the natural order of the land, so that both can co-exist and sustain each other.

    Bjorne is calm and peaceful-minded. He prefers to keep to himself and not get involved in village hubris or go looking for fights. However, if trouble were to occur when he is present, he usually more than willing to step in and help someone out. (mention platnium rank)

    Bjorne is very stoic with facial expressions. Often times people might mistake him for being a simpleton since he does not always openly acknowledge events around him immediately. However He is always watching and listening, when someone doesn’t think he is paying attention. He is not a chatty person, rather he speaks as necessary and often with the wisdom charactistic of long-lived Titans.

    Bjorne does not smile as most do, to bare the white of one’s teeth is a sign of aggressive in the animal world. Rather, he’ll curl the corners of his lips upward slightly and express his merriment with his eyes. He also cares deeply for children and is quite protective of them. He has a rare deep laugh.

    Lastly, Bjorne has a deep well of patience.


    Guild Rank: Platnium - Emerald crystal (Woodcraft)
    Job: Forester, Axe-wielder
    Weapons: Double headed Axe, two smaller throwing hatchets, hunting knife, and small bow for hunting
    Skills: hunting, tracking, woodcutting, herb lore, hatchet throwing, super strength, animal whisper, survivalist, basic first aid

    Magic: Intricate rune patterns circle around his eyes to allow night vision, his earlobes and down his nose to grant him night vision and enhanced smell and hearing. Large tattoos run down his arms and legs silencing any sound created from his movements. Another rune on his palm creates a spark of fire or fire orb for light.


    Name: Windrush 'Windy' The Windless, formerly known as Terror of the Skies
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Caste: Highborn

    , long spiral horns,

    Personality: Proud, arrogant, ill-tempered, drunkard, stubborn, lazy (more to come)

    History: A former Gladiator Champion for three years running at the Argona mesa. While defending his title, Windrush is beaten to the ground badly by a challenger. During the match, his wing also sustains injury. Unfortunately, even after the wing heals up after words, Windrush finds he cannot sustain flight. A terrible disgrace for a Highborn Drake. His fellow Gladiatiors mock Windrush by calling him Windrush The Windless. Rather than face the humiliation day after day, the Highborn Drake leaves the Sandsea to join a Guild.

    However, despite his skill, Windrush hardly applies himself to his work, only talking enough jobs to keep him clothed, fed, and plenty of alcohol to drown himself in. His pissy attitude and unprofessionalism have kept him from advancing in Guild rank and even gotten kicked out of a few guild halls. He currently rents a room at the Valm Guild Hall and takes care of vermin control at the Dust End mine. (more to come)

    Guild Rank: Stone
    Job: Vermin Slayer
    Weapons: bladed staff called the Stormblade, a strong whirl wind is created when he spins the staff, lightning shoots out of the blade upon impact,

    Skills: drinking, being a lump on the floor, getting into fights, has a fire ball spell that he calls to his hands.
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    I had originally promised to myself I wouldn't join a third RP...and then this shows up a little after Rescue Team DX is announced.

    So screw it, count me in.

    But first off, just to confirm things...is a dark elemental okay? Otherwise I'll just make it like a fire elemental. And secondly...are "hybrid" races allowed? And by that, I mean if the races can interbreed, would it be like Pokémon whers the offspring is the species of the mother? Or are there no hybrids at all?
  4. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    This is so many levels of awesome. Reserving a Undine pls.

    Name: Araerearara. (Goes by Ara to non-Undine folks who have difficulties pronouncing his name)
    Age: 37. By Undine standards, this make him an early 20's guy.
    Gender: Male
    Region: Ara hails from the Undine settlement formerly known to reside in the Siblings bay, along the west coast of the continent. The settlement was a relatively small one, housing less than a hundred undine. The settlements fall came from when they were invaded by a rivaling Undine settlement seeking to expand their territory and cities, and instead of offering a peaceful solution, considering the Undine are relatively fair towards their own, the other settlement plowed through Aras home, driving away any stragglers, and killing their leaders and fighters. Ara escaped to land after this, and harbors distrust towards his own kind. Nowdays, the Siblings Bay is no more than a ghost town, littered with treassures for those who knows where to look.

    Appearance: Ara is tall considering his species, standing at 5'8" tall. He has a slim and very fit physique due to training after joining the guild. His skin-color resembles that of a normal humans, but with blue undertones, making him look cold and pale. His skin is also "decorated" with the shimmer of his scales. While you generally see the scales everywhere on hos body depending on the light, they are the most Visible on his legs, torso and back, arms and neck. His hair is light cyan in color, and while it is norm for Undine tribes to keep their hair long, Ara cut his hair to a medium short, messy cut, to distance himself from his tribe. He has bright Golden eyes, and slightly sharp teeth, giving him more of a shark grin than anything else. He has dark cyan eyebrows that curve sharply over his eyes, making them look more serious than his current mood might suggest. Ara also has fins. A pair on each leg, on each calf. The fins frills have a bright orange color. He has matching fins on his forearms. These fins helps him swim better when uncovered.

    For clothing, Ara wears a standard Undine armor with a few twists. While most Undine are considered warriors and vanguards, Ara modeled his armor to fit a lighter more nimble lifestyle. He wears a long-sleeved leather crop top, revealing his toned abdomen, and a pair of low fit pants made from Barrakuda scales, gleaming in the colors of the rainbow despite their neutral black colors. Over his undershirt, he wears a single shoulderpad made of Crayfish, which stretches down into a light gauntlet made from stainless steel. He wears thigh-high boots which are covered by a trilobite-shaped leg armor. On his other, gauntless-less arm, he wears a clawed glove made from the same steel as his gauntlet. Around his waist, Ara wears two leather belts crossing each other. One holds a holster for his dagger, while the other one holds several small pouches for his items and gadgets. He normally wears his Kusarigama as a belt as well, but keeps it so its easy to untangle in case of combat. His cropped shirt is also hooded, having a wide hood for Ara to wear when in public, as he dislikes showing off his undine heritage in public. Around hi neck, Ara wears a chipped shark tooth imbued with gold, making it look like a golden lightning strike struck through it.

    Personality: Ara is a lost soul. He hasnt felt at home anywhere for several years since his tribe was attacked and destroyed, and he has searched for a place to call home ever since. He is a wary person that doesn't open up to just anybody, but he's not an impossible nut to crack. He is very expressive, and while he tries to keep his feeling at bay, it's mostly pretty easy to tell what he's feeling in certain situations. Despite that though, he's not one to let his feelings decide his path. He is very practically-oriented, and knows his way around people. To others, he might seem feeble and naive, but he is actually very cunning and manipulative.

    Ara has always been looking out for himself. Calculating and selfish, he has no issue with selling out his own kind for the sake of himself or the case he believes in at the time. He has a very well-developed sense of self-preservation, and coupled with the cacophony of demonic voices in his head telling him to do good, he's a valued ally for anyone looking for that morally grey character willing to go that extra step.

    Despite his initial ruthlessness,if you get to know Ara outside of work, you'll see he's quite the conflicted character. Selfish to a pulp, his only reason to stick around is to find a place he can surely call his own. His distrust to his fellow Undines has left him wary of their intentions, and therefore their habitats. His selfishness often comes in the way of the way of his work, which is why he likes tagging along higher-ranking members of the guild for their work rather than starting his own jobs.

    Ara is a survivalist, and throughout his years, he has developed contacts and friends in the right areas to help him further his goal. He genuinly care for the people actively helping him to reach said goals, and while he tends to use and manipulate others into his bidding, he does harbor a sincere sense of justice, which is why he turned to the guild rather than to a life of crime.. ish. Ara is somewhat of a kleptomaniac, and if he sees something valuable, he will try to snag it. Be it quest items, random items lying around in areas of his missions etc. He has a knack for anything sparkly, and his deft hands makes sure he can snag almost anything without other people noticing.

    Despite it all, Ara is very humble in stature. Keeping a low profile while sticking to the background, whenever he does something noteworthy, he dismiss it as a result of his training., He hates being the center of anyones attention, and because of that, he tends to stick behind. Romantically, the Undine has never had any stigmas regarding sexuality, as their species is large enough and covers enough ground for the Undine people to fall in love and mate with whoever they feel like. As such, Ara is gay. This is not something he has ever really thought about though. Due to the Undines acceptance, he always treated it as any other obvious detail of his life. It's a non-event to him, and he arches an eyebrow to anyone who would think otherwise, and feel good their predjudice doesnt affect him.

    History: Ara's life started out as pretty ordinary and uninteretsing actually, He inherited his fathers deft movements and aptitude for physical endeavors. As such, Ara was enlisted to a child labor force from an early age, doung what he could for their relatively small undine settlement. He was ok with this, as he understood the value of hard work, and making a name for yourself form an early age. As the undine species were very competetive by nature, this was also something that came naturally to him. He eould always trive to be the best he could, trying to one-up the likes of his father, and other adults of the tribe. Despite that, however, he was always treated like a child, which was something Ara hated, despite actually being one...

    Being Undine meant you were born with a natural affinity for Water-based magic, and the elder of the tribe wasted no effort in teaching Ara and several otgher children of the tribe the ways. Ara was always a natural when it came to water magic, which is something he used to relish in. He enjoyed being better than the others, and would volunteer helping them along as he bettered his own powers. He developed somewhat of a superiority complex because of this.

    During his early teens, Ara would work for his family as a fisherman alongside his mother, and would prove to be quite the talented hunter and fisherman. Knowing that there was a world outside the undine walls, Ara had always been told that no, you cannot go out there, you need to stay in with the rest o us or else they'll kill you. You know, the regular fantasy "dont go out there ull die" schtick. Ara at first bought into this, and devoted himself to his tribe, which, to be fair, was the only life and state of living he knew about and would ever know had things gone that way in the longer run. He's an experienced diver, and know his way around a breef, knowing where to hunt, lookg for treasure, or to hide for the larger predators.

    Aras life would change however, when a rivalling tribe would attack the settlement. Being a bigger tribe, seeking to expand their territory, it was easy for them to wipe out the Siblings Bay military, killing everyone along their path. Ara doesn't know how he escaped this fate. He was young at the time, and didn't know where to go. However, escaping, he was caught up in an underwater current, swiping him far away from his settlement, thus ensuring his safety. To this day, he doesn't know if anoybody else survived the attack, nor does he care anymore. Undines are not to be trusted, after all.

    After his weirs escape, Ara found himselvon uncharted territory. Aka, the land. The great earth. Knowing he couldn't waste too much time before he needed water again, he tried finding his way to the biggest settlement, and managed to find a tavern once he got there. It was all so new and scary to him. Here he was, a young Undine on land wihout anyone looking after him. He had tried warning people about the expanding tribe, but nobody had seemed to care. Nobody but a group of well-trained-looking warriors. The warroirs had sat him down and asked him what the problem was. Ara had explained that the neighbouring trbe had attacked his tribe and wiped everyone out, and that they needed to be stopped. The warriors asked him if he had anything he could give them in return, to which Ara had just started crying while shaking his head. The warriors, perhaos feeling sorry for him, had asked him that if he would join their guild, they would wipe out his attackers. Not knowing any better at the time, Ara accepted.

    Several years later, Ara is an up and coming new face in the guild system. The warriors had held good on their promise to wipte out the settlement, and had done so with miraculous ease. In return, Ara had joined their guild, and dedicated his life to... being a mercenary? It took him some time to figure out what being a guild member actually meant. Despite that, Ara thrived. He was young and nimble, prefect for a scouting role. He was hesitant at first, but after being guided and trained, he learned how to scout with little to no disturbance. He rather enjoyed it, as while he was taken in by the land-dwellers, he didn't feel at home. He was te only Undine in the guild at the time, and while he knew Undines werent to be trusted, he still felt somewhat out of place.

    However, he would eventually spark a brief romance with a man several years older than him named Wallace. Wallace was an experienced warrior, and had taught Ara to fight with the swift Kusarigama, of which Ara excelled the fighting style with relative ease. Having become somewhat of an older brother-esque figure to him, Wallace and ara would eventually develop romantic feelings for each other. Their feelings were mutually sparked by the wish of getting stronger while having someone to cheer for you. For Ara, this means just having someone looking out for him. Perhaps he was naive, perhaps he was too hasty. Nevertheless, he was happy with Wallace.

    Suddenly, life wasn't too bad for Ara. He had a good job going on, he had a loving boyfriend, and for the first time since his tribes fall, he felt happy. It was because of this that he decided to stick with the guilds system. While he would never start missions on his own, he often joined higher ranking members on their jobs, taking on the role as scout or infiltrator. This is how he climbed the ranks to where he was today. He's an esteemed member of the guid, with few people knowing his true origin, but despite all that, he is a very good scout, and the guild is better off with him on their side.

    Guild Rank: Bronze. Ara only accompanies other higher ranking members on missions rather than starting missions on his own. He's very skilled at what he does, which is how he has risen in the guild ranks, despite never taking on a mission of his own.
    Job: Scout. Ara is the best at what he does. His stealth and ability to go around unnoticed makes him an excellent scout, always the first to enter new, potentially hostile areas, he looks for traps, hidden enemies and other potential factors before reporting back to whoever is leading the operation.

    Weapons: Kusarigama. Ara wields two knives held together by a long, barbed chain. The chain is long enough for Ara to utilize powerful and accurate long-ranged throws of said knives, and gives him the ability to quickly call the knives back by yanking the chain. His gauntlets make him immune to the barbs of the chain. He also often use the chain to strangle people if he's sneaking up on them, ensuring that he take them out without them making any sounds. The knives in question are crafted from the tooth of the elusive Megalodon species of shark, and have a jagged "blade", causing tremendous internal bleeding.

    Stealth: Ara utilize his acrobatic skills and knowhow to move around practically unheard, making him a valuable tam member when it comes to infiltration or scouting.

    Agility: As mentioned, Ara is very acrobatic and swift in his movements. His fighting style resolves around fast jabs rather than powerful, slow hits. This also makes him very evasive.

    Mobility: Again pulling his acrobatic prowess into consideration, Ara is quick on his feet and can use his acrobatic skills to reach levels others might not. He's aware of his surroundings and use them to his advantage if necessary.

    Tracking: Covering his tracks has also made Ara very skilled at discovering others. He's good at pathfinding, tracking and generally stalking others. While he is experienced, he's less efficient in forested areas.

    Trap disarming: It takes one to know one. Ara is skilled at disarming traps, mostly due to his experience with them in his home settlement. Knowing from an early start that traps were crucial in the right situation, he eagerly decided to learn everything e knew in order to disarm them.

    Throwing projectiles: Ara's main weapon of choise is a Kusarigama: Two knives held together by a long, barbed chain. His arm-gear prevents him from taking damage form them, and he is scarily accurate in throwing them. Enemies should be aware that once a knife is hurled at them by Ara, several more will come in rapid succession.

    Jewlery making: Ara is a Undine, after all. Before his new lifestyle as a Guild member, he used his undine skills that he inherited from his grandmother to create ornate, sturdy and beautiful Undine jewlery, using everything from gemstones to seashells, Ara knows his handiwork.

    Water Magic: Ara can also channel his ancestral relation to the element of water in order to bend water to his will. He can form it into hard construct such as light weaponry or other domestic objects, and can control the flow of water hydrokinetically. He can also inherit the mystical powers of water in order to heal others of their external or internal injuries.
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    Gonna reserve a Spriggan, if I may! Might make a second character too, but undecided as to what she'll be.

    Edit: doneso!


    Tumble Dawndancer
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Sub-Race: Spriggan

    Even for his species, Tumble is short - to a point he could almost pass for a particularly tall pixie if it weren't for his distinctive wings. He stands at a diminutive 4'3'', and doesn't strike a very imposing figure besides. He's scrawny, boyish, and bruises easily - as evidenced by the many instances of cuts and bruises littered throughout his body. A cursory glance might pin him as lithe at first, owing to his thin frame and long wings - but in all honesty, he's not a particularly graceful sight at flight. He's more akin to a dragonfly than a butterfly; here one moment, violently jerking to the side the next.

    Tumble's eyes are golden and quite expressive; whatever he's feeling at any given moment, you can read from them with a glance. His facial features are round, but his ears pointy, jutting out from among a soft mop of blonde hair. There's a slight greenish tint to his hair colour, as is common for members of his community. Some say it's due to the moss they use for their beds, but it's more likely to denote their connection with the nature. Tumble wears his hair at jaw-length, with one, long braid brushed to the side. His bangs tend to grow faster than he'd like, and often obstruct his vision.

    When it comes to clothes, Tumble is not picky. His parents used to dress him in browns and greens as was customary, and the habit has kind of stuck. He will take what given however, and is fully content in just a simple tunic, vest or what-have-you, as long as his wings are given room. Having grown up further north than many other fairies, he can withstand the cold better than the rest of his kin - and carries clothing appropriate for such conditions. His favourite is a fur-lined overcoat made for him by the village tailor's daughter. Dew, her name was. He'll never forget.

    Personality: Suffice to say, Tumble was not born with his current name. He earned it - for a reason. Disorganized and clumsy, Tumble has a habit of unwittingly leaving chaos in his wake. He's innovative and ambitious, with big ideas and bigger yet dreams, but when it comes to execution, he can't seem to quite deliver what he promised. Whether it's the fact that he really isn't the sharpest tool in the shed or the fact that he has neither the patience nor the discipline to stick to the plan for long, he always ends up coming short. Pun unintended.

    Impatience most certainly plays a part. He's a young member of a shortlived species, and most of his worries and anxieties tend to spring from that fact. Fully aware of the short lifespan of his species, Tumble is always in a hurry to prove himself in the here and now, and lacks the ability to plan too far ahead. It's scary to think about your future when you know you don't have much of it left. Who cares if he might find success at thirty if he works towards it slowly? By then, he's got a foot and a wing in the grave!

    With that said, the incident that drove Tumble to the Guild in the first place has calmed him down somewhat. He knows he has to try and work in a team, and cannot afford to let the people around him down - again. If he does, it's not just him who suffers: it's his whole village, his parents most of all. As such, he does his best to learn, adapt, and listen. It does help that he's curious, and quite devoted to the things that do interest him.

    Though Tumble has a tendency to complain and fret, he does most of it when by himself. Around others, he tries to be as respectable and tolerable as he can, fully aware that he can be a bit too talkative, a bit too curious and a bit too... animated for most people if he doesn't try to reel himself back. But you try to do that when there's so much to do, say and see, and so little time to do it! Geez.

    History: Tumble was born in a small spriggan community in the northern corners of Autumnia, by the bank of the River of Spirits. His birth name name was Timber, to denote his profession-to-be. He hailed from a long line of carpenters, responsible for building and repairing all manner of buildings for the community. Tumble was to take on the mantle and carry on the proud family business once he came of age - but it did not take many a year for his parents to realize that he possessed neither natural talent for the craft, nor the drive to learn it. He was clumsy, had no dexterity to speak of, and his stamina as questionable at best.

    His parents were trouble by the fact; it was an age old tradition for parents to pass on their craft to their children, so as to ensure that despite fairies' short lives, there would always be an expert on every field in the village. There was no helping it, though. Fairies did not have the luxury of time on their side, and so they hastily made the decision to focus their mentoring efforts on Tumble's sister instead. Tumble was sent to be an apprentice to the local fisher; perhaps he'd find his calling there.

    He did not. He was a poor fisher, and poorer yet baker. He couldn't make it as a tailor, and he was too puny to be a guard. All he seemed potent at was creating messes - and eventually, the people around him started to call him Tumble. Like tumbleweed, rolling from one place to another aimlessly. Like tumble, because he sure did keep tumbling over nothing. It was generally agreed that he didn't really have to help around - as long as he stayed out of the way. Tumble had no objections. He spent his youth playing and exploring the forest around their home, immensely fascinated by all that he saw.

    One day, as he was returning from his latest trek, he noticed a commotion in the village. Apparently, one of the elder spriggans had collapsed, and seemed to be running a high fever. The village healers were keeping him stable, but seemed unable to cure him - if they could not control the fever first and foremost, pouring mana into him to heal him might prove dangerous. Tumble overheard the talk, and promptly swirled back into the forest.

    When he later returned, he did so with a potion in tow. He said it would help with the fever - and though he was met with surprised, suspicious stares and even a few chuckles, he stubbornly poured the concoction down the old spriggans throat. The next day, the elder's fever had subsided, and the healers had been able to tend to him. Amazed, the elders asked Tumble what he'd given the old man, and where he'd gotten it from. Tumble shrugged and said he'd made it. When asked how did he know which ingredients to use and what proportions to go by, he offered another shrug. "I dunno," he said in earnest, "Just had a hunch."

    His hunch turned out to be something akin to magic. When the village apothecary asked Tumble to take him to the forest and show him what else he knew, it quickly became clear that Tumble possessed knowledge no one else in the village did. Recipes to cure ailments, ease illnesses, improve stamina, cure sleeplessness... the list was long and impressive, and soon every villager was at his door asking him to concoct something specific for them. He was quickly made an apothecary apprentice, and received the name Panacea to fit his new occupation.

    For the first time in his life, Tumble received recognition - and it was intoxicating to him. He wanted more. And so, day after another, he wandered deeper into the forest to find an ever wider range of plants and berries to use in his formulae. Blinded by his own success, he didn't even realize he kept edging ever closer to forbidden territory, where monsters roamed free and fairies were nothing but a quick snack.

    By the time he realized his mistake, it was all too late. A feline monster spotted the lone fairy digging around its territory, and with a mighty bellow, lunged at him. Tumble had never flown as fast in his entire life. He dashed through the thicket back towards the village, not once turning to look back.

    That was his second mistake, the consequences of which weight on him to this day. By flying directly to his village, he inadvertently led the monster there as well - and the consequences were immediate. Though most everyone managed to escape with their lives thanks to their capability to fly, their village itself was not quite as fortunate. The monster trampled everything from tavern to town hall, and by the time it finally grew bored of a chase with no results, everyone's homes lay in shambles.

    Everyone's ire turned to Tumble. He was stripped of his Panacea name, and his punishment discussed at length. Some wanted him isolated from the rest of the village,some called for exile - the angriest had worse suggestions yet. Tumble's parents pleaded with the elders, reminding them of how many people their son had helped with his apothecary skills. Surely it had to carry some merit.

    In the end, the village did not need to make a decision - Tumble did so himself. He promised he'd make up for his mistake. He'd join the Guild and do missions. He'd earn so much money that he could buy more than enough resources, tools and help to rebuild their village twice, if they so wished. It was clear the elders did not believe in his success - but they chose to send him forth to do what he'd promised regardless. Perhaps it was their way of ensuring he wasn't in the way of reconstruction. Tumble didn't care. He'd meant every word.

    It was then, as he walked through the forest one last time, that he noticed something was... different about it. To an average observed, nothing was probably amiss - but Tumble felt the forest weep, like an injured animal trying to nurse its wounds. It didn't take long for him to understand why. In his eagerness to be recognized and praised for his talents, he and the other fairies had taken more from the forest than it was ready to give. They'd claimed many a berry, herb, leaf and root more than they truly needed, all for their selfish need to make their life better.

    Before leaving the forest, Tumble made it a promise; never again would he let nature be trampled for man's selfish desires - least of all with his aid. From now on, he would take only what he needed, and nothing more. The knowledge he had was his and his alone, and he would make sure it stayed that way.

    Guild Rank: Wood
    Job: Errand Boy
    Weapons: Tumble's only weapons are a simple slingshot and dagger carved of stone.

    Child of Nature

    Tumble is mediocre in many things, and failure is far from foreign to him. But if there is one thing he knows, it's nature. He's always had a special connection with it, even more so than many other spriggans. Whether it's a form of magic, sensitivity to mana, or some sort of sixth sense, Tumble finds himself able to understand and communicate with plants and, to a lesser extent, wildlife in multiple ways. This makes him an ideal survivalist, able to navigate through wilderness with relative ease.

    For example, without ever having seen a plant before, he is able to tell what its nutritional properties are and whether it could be used for some sort of a concoction. By touching a plant, he can gather information about events that happened around it in the past; almost as if he's tapping into nature's own 'memory'. And while he can't talk to animals as one would to people, he can read their intent and understand their instincts with a glance. This does not mean he can control them or that they naturally like him, however. Unfortunate, as life would be much easier if every other cat wasn't out to get him.

    Needless to say, his powers are more potent where mana flows most freely. In a forest, he can even control vegetation to a degree - in a city void of greenery, the best he can hope for is to try and gleam information from a potted plant on someone's window. It should also be noted that his power does not extend to monsters that are more detached from nature's natural order.​


    Partly thanks to his aforementioned connection with nature, Tumble makes for a great apothecary. He is skilled at making most anything from potions to poisons, provided he has access to the necessary materials. Some have asked why he doesn't just sell potions for a living, but Tumble refuses to create such things in excess so as to not harm nature. He also keeps his recipes strictly a secret.​


    As is the case with all fairies, Tumble is capable of flight. Due to his small size compared to the rest of his spriggan kin, he is also able to fly longer and higher than his peers. His flying is unpredictable and fast, usually done in jerking motions - which also makes him a difficult target to hit.​
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  6. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Waifu Material Staff Member Moderator

    Hngggh... I’ll bite. This is super up my alley.

    I think I’ll take a reserve on a Dharma Tengu :3c
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I’ll be the human xD
  8. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    I’ll throw in a reserve but am I allowed to use a race another is using or do I have to use a different one?
  9. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Multiples of the same race are allowed.
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  10. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    A few quick replies as I'm posting from my phone.

    All reserves are noted. I'll make a list later today.

    @TheCharredDragon: No hybrids or half-breeds. Each race is distinct enough from the others to make that troublesome.

    Also, it depends on what you mean by "dark". Light and Dark are less magic elements and more primal forces in this world. Tapping into them goes above and beyond mere mana control.

    Solsabre is correct, there is no limit on character aspects.
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  11. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    I thought so. Just wanted to be sure.

    As for "darkness" my first thought was shadows but I just realized it's kind of what geists usually do anyway so if I go with the elemental, it'll just be fire.
  12. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    I would love to reserve a normal geist, very intriguing RP you have here Sequel
  13. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Waifu Material Staff Member Moderator

    wip for now

    Name: Talie
    Age: Ten (Late Teens/Early Adult)
    Gender: Female
    Tribe: Dharma


    Guild Rank: Silver
    Job: Cartographer
  14. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Welcome all, your reserves have been noted.

    If anyone has any questions or needs any advice on building a character, let me know. I'm happy to help.

    As of the current count of the reserves, we have:

    One male titan
    One male drake (highborn)
    One male and one female undine
    One male fairy (spriggan)
    One female tengu (dharma)
    One male tengu (garuda)
    One human of undetermined gender
    Three geists (two normal, one elemental)

    And at least one reserve with no decided race yet.

    I like the level of variety we've got going on already.
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  15. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Is there room for one more? I’d like to take a female undine, please.
  16. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Certainly. Reservation noted.
  17. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    Aaaaand the first one I finish has nothing to do with the geist. Why am I not surprised?

    Anyways, hopefully she's fine. I hope I didn't make her too young to get Silver rank but I'm willing to lower the rank if that's the case.

    Also hope the magic is fine because I just realized I couldn't tell if mana is used to "control" nature or "make" elemental attacks. Or it could be both I just realized but oh well. And whether her healing magic is too much or not.

    I'll get the geist SU up soon. Hopefully. And maybe a pixie too if I can make up my mind on the geist's backstory.

    Grace Clemens
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Standing at a below average height of five foot three, Grace holds herself in a manner befitting her name, with a confidence and elegance many women envy...despite how she looks. Her brownish-black hair is short and often looking like she only just got out of bed, having several wisps of platinum blonde strands in it. Her skin is pale and is smooth for the most part, except for where she has a few scars, the most noticeable of which is one that is a diagonal line running from her right forehead to her left cheek, right over her nose and in between her amber eyes, which almost seem to be glowing sometimes. Meanwhile, her hands and feet are calloused from her work and having a tendency to run around barefoot, leaving her with a lean build fit to outrun many regular humans.

    As for clothing, she has similar tastes to her father and prefers blacks. Though she has plenty of other clothes, as well as in other colors thanks to her father's slight wealth, more fitting for certain occasions and gatherings, her most common attire is the one she wears for both her work as a Guild member and as a crafter of tools for channeling and storing mana. She wears a plain grey shirt with leather brown pants reaching her ankles, held up with a belt that holds several pouches containing various herbs and potions, all of which are etched with runes so that they're slightly more sturdy than normal cloth. On her feet, when she isn't outright barefoot, are equally sturdy and brown leather boots, matching the gloves she wears just as often. "Covering" all that is a black cloak with a hood and gold markings and lining that are runes, etched into it so that it'll provide insulation from both heat and cold.

    As for "accessories", she always carries her staff with her, which is a simple wooden one made of oak with blue runes all over it that have quite a bit of mana stored in them that she taps into for emergencies. And her signature, a pair of goggles that she uses mainly for protecting her eyes but also because she loves wearing them, often just keeping them on her forehead or around her neck if she doesn't need to wear them or shouldn't.

    Personality: Grace is known for two things among guild members: magic and drinks. Or otherwise known as the embodiment of the words, "Work hard, party harder."

    In general, she is a relaxed and somewhat carefree woman. The easiest place to find her is in a tavern or the mess hall, drinking her favorite ales and beers and stuffing her face with her favored foods, with manners unbefitting of her name. She's almost like a slob as she enjoys herself with food, drink and plenty of dares and flirting, all in the name of a good time. In the case of the former, she's broken more than a few furniture doing some and in the case of the latter, it's more because she appreciates the body and its beauty, whatever their race.

    Insults towards her are taken in stride, whether it be the more light or childish ones to the more...adult ones that would break most other's spirits. Unless it's all in good fun, like teasing, in which case she's more than happy to respond and rib back against the one who flung it at her. And she's also more than happy for more carnal fun, as long as it's clear for both parties that it's just a one-night stand. In short, she's the life of the party...which has gotten her into some trouble but nothing too serious she couldn't take the consequences for. Like having to do certain types of missions for a few months.

    Despite her seeming want of only just wanting something to eat and drink, she's actually quite particular about it and likes to think of herself as a bit of a connoisseur in food and alcohol. She won't accept any sort of alcohol she think is bad quality, even more so with food. In fact, she's quite a good cook and actually has her own distillery in her house. Self-made, of course, and she's more than willing to share her own recipes for both her meals and drinks, that she is more than capable of keeping down and herself sober.

    Her meticulousness extends to her work as well. Although she is more than fine with adapting to circumstance, taking delays and obstacles the same way as insults and sometimes even enjoys when a plan goes wrong, she is dedicated to her work. Studying magic, both offensive and healing, since she was young, she's very knowledgeable on it, as well as several other fields like knowledge of plants, animals, monsters, history and rocks. But she is absolutely fascinated by magic, always excited and willing to hear more about it and other methods of using it from others. She always likes making advancements in the art of magic, particularly storing mana to help with healers in case they ever find themselves low on mana from themselves and their surroundings.

    Speaking of healing, as anyone who's known her for long, as well as being lively, she is actually equally gentle and empathetic. Though she flirts whenever there's a party, she always makes sure it's a legitimate compliment and is respectful of others' boundaries, apologizing if she offended them. When dealing with others in general, she can sometimes comes off as motherly as she loves to help others and lend a hand if needed, most often shown whenever she's dealing with patients. However, to the surprise of most, she doesn't mind giving "tough love" or as she prefers it, "slapping sense" into others if she thinks that will help them better than any kindness can do.

    And her fierceness is most seen whenever someone is in danger...or she's pissed off. The former happens plenty of times from her work as a Guild member, always making sure her teammates, client or the one she's supposed to rescue are safe, giving it her all like a raging snowstorm. The latter happens rarely considering how she takes most things in stride. The only sure fire way to piss her off are three things: one, messing with someone who can't fight back (which usually means children, patients and elderly). Two, insulting her parents and friends. She's completely fine with anything thrown at her. She's not fine if it's aimed at someone she cares for. And anyone who's seen the few times she's pissed knows not to mess with her.

    And three is abusing magic. She knows magic can be powerful and as such, she believes the forces of nature that can be controlled through it should be respected, that one should restrain themselves from using it needlessly and to never, ever, use it for selfish reasons. Because just like ale, if one goes beyond their limits too far for too long, it won't be good. She knows the difference between enjoying oneself and overindulgence.

    History: Born in the sleepy little village of Dust End, Grace's mother was a cleric native to the place while her father was a scholar from Grand Capital who had moved to Dust End to live with her mother, as well as taking on her family name. Both of her parents were well-versed in magic with her father in the control of the elements and her mother in the healing arts, so early on, Grace was already surrounded by magic, and she absolutely loved it.

    She grew up learning and using magic, getting in trouble plenty of times for practicing it with her "wands". But she quickly learned of her "magic code of honor" from her parents, who encouraged her talent, but disciplined her to not abuse it, that like with a sword, the use of magic needs to be respected otherwise it could be easily used to hurt others if not careful.

    She also came to admire them for that, and watching them do their part in the village, her father helped teach children in the village on various subjects, as well as reading and writing while her mother always helping with other healers as well as tending to Guild members, and she would always do whatever she could to help them with their work. It was during one such time with her mother, her healing a Guild member, that she soon ended up fascinated with the Guild as they told her of the many adventures they had and the people they helped.

    Considering her nature, her parents weren't surprised she wanted to be part of the Guild to learn more and help people. Of course, they were understandably worried, but they did their best to get her prepared for it, teaching all they knew as well as helping her make her staff. So when she was sixteen, she went straight for Estvalm with her parents to become a Guild member. When that was finished, they returned to Dust End while she went on to rise through the ranks.

    And rise she did. She worked hard, taking on many requests and plenty of times healing others without charge. Being smart, she also joined with older, higher ranking members on their missions whenever she could convince them so that she could get more experience with more dangerous situations. She also would further her craft in creating weapons specifically for casters, asking advice from other magic users as well as doing her own experiments...which she made sure to do outside the city after the first instance of accidentally freezing several houses. Slowly but surely, she created her own unique way of casting in the form of chanting in synch with her movements.

    It was during this time she came to learn to cook and about alcohol. She would come to talk with traders and cooks and learn more from plenty of the other Guild members. And just like with her magic, she would refine her skills and experience in this until she ended up with a reputation as being an expert in food and drink. That one was quite unexpected, even to her, but she came to enjoy this as much as healing and helping others.

    Before long, she became one of the youngest humans in Estvalm to gain a Silver rank for her constant work, consistent results and helping both higher and lower ranking members with their missions and requests. That was an achievement she's particularly proud of. And her parents are as well. Though she mostly stays in Estvalm now, she makes frequent visits to her parents in Dust End and they to her over the years, so she's still as close as ever with them.

    But times have been getting darker, colder and deadlier, and she and her parents can't help but be worried. Alas, as a high ranking member, her job is busy and her parents aren't sure what this could mean, so they all go about their lives as usual. But Grace is extra careful and watchful now.

    Guild Rank: Silver
    Job: Combat healer, channeler crafter, caterer/organizer
    Her main job is to be a healer whenever someone or a team are a mission or request that is likely to see combat as she can also defend herself.
    Her other specialization is creating custom weapons, or as she likes to call them, "channelers", that are typically able to be used as a way to channel mana as well as have some stored in it and be used as a melee weapon.
    And lastly, with her knowledge on foods and drinks, she's often asked to help organize and acquire things for the menus for gatherings, usually ones by higher class humans but plenty of other races and types of celebrations as well.
    Channeling staff - essentially a bo staff in all but name. This is Grace's main and only weapon. As mentioned, it is made of wood with runes all over it, meant to signify it has plenty of mana stored in it and its status as a "wand". She uses it as a melee weapon, as well as channeling mana for her magic, whether from the environment or herself. She only uses the mana stored in it for emergencies, like being in an area with not enough mana for her to heal someone or to do an attack against an enemy.
    Skills: Grace is skilled in magic, both healing and combat.

    In the case of the former, she can quick heals with single words but only with her hands and close proximity. She can do a wide range heal in an area of effect of about a twelve foot radius but this needs time to be done as she chants the necessary incantations for it. She can also heal more serious wounds and though it takes about a "sentence" or two to do it compared to her quick heals, it's much faster than her AoE healing.

    In the case of the latter, she has two ways of doing it. Your regular old spellcasting and her own unique way she calls "The Way of the Tundra", which really is just a fancy way of "conducting". With her spellcasting, she can control several elements, mostly water, fire and electricity.

    Her main way of fighting and using magic, however, is through the Way of the Tundra, what she likes to call her "style" of fighting. For all intents and purposes, it is essentially "water bending" but instead of just using water itself, she usually freezes it, turning it into ice or snow by chanting and "dancing", directing the flow with her movements and her staff. As it's magic, it needs mana to actually use the "ice" part while the movements themselves can still be used like any martial art. So, in theory, she can use other "elements" as well, but ice and water are what she's most attuned to and had the most practice with. As such, she is fine with fighting without her magic and usually can go toe-to-toe with similarly sized opponents, if not outright take on several at once, especially combined with her magic.

    As mentioned, she's knowledgeable on several things, most of all magic, healing, foods and drinks. She knows how to deal with injuries without magic as well as sicknesses, knowing plenty of herbal and natural remedies. She's also a good cook and ale maker, thus she can pick out good and fresh produce, meats and more in a market.

    Her way of organizing is politely called "organized chaos" as though everything in her room and anything she handles always has a place, half the time only really she can make sense of it. Otherwise, she is a good planner, meticulous in knowing all the details in anything she's supposed to be doing, and is usually good in calming others down considering she has to do so when dealing with patients.
  18. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    I’ll do a human and will fill this out here and there tbh

    Name: Hank Peters
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male


    Guild Rank:
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    So... this character was originally made for an Avatar The Last Airbender RPG that never started. It seems now I finally found a place where I can use him as intended! Let me know if I need to change anything.

    Name: Tikaani Aput (Friends call him Tiki)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tikaani stands tall at 6'3". He is physically fit and quite strong, with a toned muscular physique that he is quite proud of, that he obtained from years of training, and generally being active. He has a brown skin tone, and big brown eyes. His face is round, free of blemishes, and rather boyish. His facial features are marked by large expressive eyes, a small nose, and a usually smiling mouth. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He has short messy black hair, with sideswept bangs that cover his forehead, and go to his eyebrows. He knows his hair is a mess, but doesn't really care to do anything about it, claiming it adds character to his look. Except for the top of his head, and eyebrows, the rest of his upper body is void of any hair.

    Like most of the members of his tribe, Tikaani wears shades of blue and white in his clothes, colors associated with water and snow. His clothes are usually made from materials one can easily obtain in the South Pole. While at home in the in the Tundra, Tikaani is generally bundled up for the cold. He wears a thick, hooded, blue coat lined with white fur and usually dresses in layers. He wears a pair of white breeches as his bottoms, and tall blue boots as his footwear. He also wears blue with white fur lined mittens on his hands.

    When he is not in the snow, Tikaani ditches the coat, and wears clothing that he finds much more comfortable. He wears a blue tunic with a low neckline. The tunic had sleeves at one point, but Tikaani intentionally cut them off, and now there is only fraying at the shoulder area. He wears a white sash tied around his waist. He also abandons the mittens, but does wear a pair of blue bracers around both wrists that go up to his elbows.

    He sometimes ditches the tunic, and just goes without a shirt altogether. Usually when meditating under a waterfall, or when practicing his magic.

    Personality: Tikaani is extroverted, bubbly, chatty, and boisterous. He is a very social person. He likes making friends and being surrounded by people. He is not picky about who he gets to know either, preferring to find some good in everyone. He is an outgoing, handshaking, touching kind of guy. He openly expresses affection through hugs, holding hands, as well as stroking and grabbing shoulders. He makes friends easily, and will happily chat up strangers if they interest him somehow. He enjoys social situations, and believes that everyone else would too. He's likely to convince people who he perceives as being lonely to come along with things like 'come on, you'll enjoy it!' or 'you don't know what you're missing!' Especially when he wants somebody to go sledding with. While he does need to spend time alone once in a while, he gets bored if he does it too long. He values all his relationships, and will happily stick with anyone he considers a friend.

    Tikaani is a cheerful, upbeat person. He can often be found with a smile on his face, even during stressful situations. He often makes jokes, when the situation is tense to lift people's spirits. He may tease others in a 'playful' way, and expect them not to 'take it so seriously.' He does feel bad if somebody does actually get their feelings hurt by what he says. Sometimes his attempts at humor are read as him not taking the situation seriously. While he does joke around a lot, he is capable of getting things done. He just doesn't feel the need to be so dour about it. He often suggests that others not be so serious. He always gets a giggle when he tells someone to 'chill out' considering he comes from a cold place, and can freeze water. In fact, he likes to make Water/Ice puns when he can get away with it.

    Tikaani loves being a spellcaster, and enjoys showing off his skills for others in order to get praise. He has high self-esteem and is prone to bragging. He does it in a 'look at this awesome thing I can do!' way, rather than an 'I'm better than you.' way. He enjoys getting attention from others, and If nobody is paying attention to him, he will barge into a conversation or say something in order to attract some attention. He gets very uncomfortable if he feels left out.

    He likes to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past. This means Tikaani is not the best when it comes to organization, or planning. Due to his lack of planning ahead, it makes him impulsive, and he tends to jump into things without a second thought. He gets bored when he is not sufficiently stimulated, and will complain about being bored. He is also not the most tidy person. He does clean up his mess after the fact if it's pointed out to him, but he has trouble avoiding making a mess in the first place. He normally has trouble focusing, however he is soothed by the sounds of rainfall, a rushing waterfall, or the sound of running water in general. Meditating under a waterfall helps him think, and he'll often intentionally leave a faucet running if he's having trouble sleeping.

    Emotionally, Tikaani is very easygoing. He is always up for a good time, and loves adventure and trying new things. He is willing to try anything once. He has a very long fuse, and you really have to do a lot to anger him. His anger can be explosive when something does set him off enough. After the fact though, he'll be profusely apologising about it, then expecting everything to all be water under the bridge after that. Even when he does get angry, he is quick to 'forgive and forget.' Aside from anger, he expresses his other emotions rather freely. He cries when he is sad, and visibly expresses his joy when he is happy. He is sensitive to the emotions of others, and will be the first to cheer someone up if he thinks their upset, as well as defend others from bullies.

    At the end of the day, Tikaani is a kind and loyal friend who just likes to have fun.

    History: Tikaani was born very far north of Bastion. He lives in a village located in the Windswept Tundra, along with the rest of his tribe. Tikaani's father was a warrior, and died in battle when his son was very young. Thus, the boy has little to no memories of him. All he knows about his father are the things his mother told him. For the majority of his life, it was only Tikaani and his mother, and Tikanni was responsible for a lot of household things while his mother worked as a healer in the village. Primariy fishing, and cooking meals. He would go out on boat rides with his uncle on his mother's side to catch fish. His uncle also taught him how to navigate and steer a boat, because he believed people from his Tribe should be able to navigate the seas. His mother however was the one that taught him to cook. The boy really liked to eat, and she felt it best that he learn to make his own meals sometimes. His cheerful and upbeat persona made Tikaani popular with his peers. He found it very easy to make friends with people. In between his chores, he made time to play with the other younger children in the village, whom he thought of as siblings. He particularly enjoyed going sledding with them.

    While he was happy at home, Tikaani has always wanted to leave his small settlement in the Tundra, see the rest of the world, and potentially have an cool adventure. Mainly because he got bored with the day-to-day routine at home. Tikaani finally found some excitement in his life when he learned he could use magic at the age 12. He found out while he was watching his mother cast, and imitating her movements for fun. Obviously, he didn't have much control of it at that time, and the end result was Tikaani getting wet. After that, he trained with masters in the tribe, as well as his own mother to hone his skill. Surprisingly, Tikaani took to casting rather quickly. Even though his teachers didn't particularly like that he didn't seem to be taking his studies seriously. His boundless joy and enthusiasm overwhelmed a lot of the people who tried to teach him. He got bored with studying and often just wanted to play. The one who actually knew how to hold his interest were his mother. He learned a lot during his lessons and became a skilled caster.

    When he turned 18, Tikaani decided that he learned all he could in his small village. He wanted to leave the Windswept Tundra, see the rest of the world. He did after all know how to sail and could cast water magic like no one's business. His mother was hesitant to let her only child go off into the world all by himself. Especially considering the death of her husband. She had to be convinced to let him go by her brother, who stated that he was an was an adult now, and was capable of taking care of himself. So, reluctantly, and with a tearful good-bye on the day he was to leave, she let her son go off and see the world. Tikaani promised his mother he would return someday.

    He's traveled around for a brief time. He never stayed in the same place for too long. At some point during his travels, he eventually wound up in Valm, and ran out of food and resources. Since he's in the continent, he decided to do some work for The Guild while he's here. If only to make some sort of an income, and possibly meet new people. What's the point of exploring the world if you don't take the time two meet the people occupying it, right?

    Guild Rank: Wood

    Elementalist (Water) Adventurer (If were being honest here, Tikaani doesn’t have any one job he sticks to. As he is still new, he is still trying to

    His primary weapon is a sword made by the people in his village. It is made by attaching a curved blade sharpened tooth of a whale to the end of a long, wooden handle. His weapon was previously used by his father.

    Tikaani’s special skill is his affinity for water magic. He can channel mana through water to manipulate the water in all its forms (including ice) he can also heal wounds and sicknesses by channeling mana using water as a catalyst. He channels his mana using body movement rather than with words or a focus object.

    He can also sail a boat, hunt, fish, cook, as well as fight hand to hand.
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  20. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Name: Layla (originally Nura)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Type: Normal

    Appearance: Slender and athletic, Layla's build betrays her past at a glance, if not every murky detail. Tall for a geist at 4'8", her body is toned from years of training and practice in her martial arts. Her ash-grey skin is marked with scars from her more difficult guild missions, her eyes are an icy shade of blue, and her snow white hair is kept cleanly at shoulder length. Thin lips always curve slightly downward and the little finger on her left hand is missing. Layla's clothes are made for practicality above all, a tight-fitting sleeveless shirt and trousers made from light cloth in a dark grey close to black. Beneath her shirt, a terrible scar just above her stomach speaks of a close brush with death in her past, but she never allows anyone to see this hint of vulnerability. When journeying in the field, she keeps her supplies in a simple leather pack slung across one shoulder, easily put down should danger loom. She keeps a wooden focus at her belt, using it to store additional mana for urgent situations.

    Personality: Having been raised as an assassin since she was but a child, Layla bears the mental scars of such a life as much as the physical ones. Where once she held certainty of purpose and felt that her every action was justified in the name of the Sun itself, now her only motivation is self-preservation. As she can trust no one, she projects a facade and lives a life of lies, burying her own past as belonging to a stranger and pretending that she inherited the skills she once used to serve a tyrant. While she will interact with people and communicate as necessary to avoid suspicion, no one can be trusted with the truth of her life and so she grapples with her own contradictions in secret. Her name, her story, everything is a fiction designed to protect her from the consequences of the past, for feeling betrayed by everything she knew left Layla feeling that she could only care about herself. Her work in the guild is motivated singly by the fear of destitution and death, not for any higher purpose or wish to help others, and she feels deeply cynical about the world. Surely everyone must be the same, she thinks. Surely everything they do is only motivated by fear for themselves in one way or another.

    And yet she looks to her past and sees a single shining moment that tears that philosophy to pieces and whether for inability or lack of desire, she cannot understand it. The day a healer took her dying body from the street and breathed life back into her despite intense personal risk. If fear was the motive for everything as the tyrant had taught, what could Layla make of this man who had to know that to save her was to risk himself and his family? Alongside this experience which could well tear her philosophy apart if she allowed herself to consider it further, she feels the nagging wish for companionship, unwanted as it may be.

    In conversation, Layla is often terse and inaccessible, answering questions directed at her and offering insight where she perceives it to be needed, but not wasting her time with small talk or attempting to bond with others. As such, she comes across as aloof and unreachable, not that it stops some from trying to pry her secrets from her lips with civil conversation.

    Layla was born in the city of Alshams within the Sandsea to parents who were staunch opponents of the Tyrant, the despotic ruler whose title has long since eclipsed their true name. As with many rebels, the two eventually became victim to the Tyrant's paranoid and bloodlust, slaughtered by one of the assassins who served their ruler with utter devotion. The baby, rather than sharing her parents' fate, was taken as was the custom, stripped of name and family and raised to serve the Tyrant as a member of the Order of the Eclipse. For as the Tyrant proclaimed to the newly dubbed Nura, though all the peoples of the world rightly venerated the Light that had come with the end of eternal night, the Light would ever need agents who would serve it in the most ruthless ways amidst the darkest night.

    "Work in the dark to serve the light," the Tyrant said. And Nura obeyed with the fervour of the indoctrinated, though she was little more than a child. At seventeen she made her first kill and was initiated fully with the severing of a finger, proof of the sacrifice she made to serve the light. Any who would be agents of the darkness were to be rooted out and destroyed, their bodies left broken to spread fear and dissuade others from following in their footsteps. The Order of the Eclipse was utterly ruthless, purging all opposition to the Tyrant, ghosts in the night whose existence was a rumour to most. Many beyond Alshams were convinced there was some terrible monster afoot, which drew the attention of the Guild. Monster hunters came to search for the mysterious nightmare that could shatter bones like glass, but their hunt was fruitless enough to send many afield in search of prey whose presence was more readily evident. It did not serve the Tyrant to have such scrutiny upon Alshams, for even cloaked in the veil of fervent faith in the Light, a revelation of their true form of rule would undoubtedly bring the might of Bastion down like a hammer. As such for a time the killings were scaled back, just long enough for most of the monster hunters to believe their quarry had moved elsewhere and depart to follow a trail of lies.

    But a few ardent types remained, those who had the resources to sustain themselves without bounties for a time and the earnest belief that there was more to the story than they could coax out of the tight-lipped people of Alshams. The Tyrant cautiously began dispatching the Order of the Eclipse once more, for rebel sentiment had grown within the relief brought by the Guild's presence. Nura was sent to slay a family who had been actively attempting to reveal the truth to one of the Guild's agents, and to take their infant child as she had been taken. Only twenty-two at the time, she infiltrated their house, slaying the mother and father in their sleep. But as she came to the infant, for just a moment, there was a feeling within. How could the stealing of infants like this be in service to the Light? How could a benevolent loving power wish for such a thing? The feeling passed as quickly as it came, but it was time enough.

    The monster hunter had been laying in wait and now she struck, her blade finding not some daemon, but a mortal assassin. It impaled Nura and though she snapped the hunter's neck with her answering blow, the damage was already done. Pulling the sword from herself, she attempted to return to the palace, but she collapsed in the street, her blood staining the stones. The darkness closed in around her and the last she saw was white robes fluttering before her eyes. When she awoke, she lay in an unfamiliar bed and her wound had been bandaged. Before she could rise, the goliath man who had saved her entered the room, dressed in white robes. He introduced himself as Isah and explained that he had found her in the street and as a healer, he couldn't simply stand by and allow her to die. She remained with Isah and his family for a time, for though he had healed her wound right away with magic, he insisted that she rest. His wife Asha would bring Nura meals and as they talked, it became clear that the woman was afraid. Not of the darkness, but of the Tyrant. Perhaps they believed that Nura was an enemy of the state rather than one of its greatest servants to confide such treasonous beliefs, but they struck Nura to the core. She had been convinced all her life that the people she killed were the very stuff of evil and yet she knew without doubt that if she were to go back to the palace now, she or another member of the Eclipse would be sent out to slay Isah and Asha without mercy.

    Her world breaking around her, Nura fled in the night. If she was found in their house, the kindly couple would be killed, and the same part of her that had hesitated to take the baby told her that she could not allow that. The palace and the Tyrant held only pain and lies for her, so she left Alshams entirely, killing a guard who tried to stop her as she climbed the walls. In the desert she found passage on a caravan with gold from the guard's purse and travelled far from the Tyrant's reach. As she wandered the lands, she did what she could to survive, everything except reveal her true self, which she hid behind the lie of Layla. By circumstance she came into contact with the Guild in Estvalm and came to work under them, turning hands that had once killed the defenceless into ones that slew the monstrous in the wild. She rose in the ranks due to her talent for killing monsters and outlaws, and two years after she fled Alshams she heard tell that the Tyrant had been overthrown with the aid of the Guild, for her tyranny had finally been exposed. Alshams was free, the Order of the Eclipse killed to a man defending their beloved ruler, and yet she heard whispers that the Guild had put out a bounty for a member unaccounted for by the Tyrant's meticulous records. A woman named Nura who had simply disappeared.

    And so Nura simply died. She became someone else, a hunted woman who had taken a liking to Layla and taught her the skills of an assassin. A woman who died fighting a monster in the wilderness to allow her protege to escape. Layla was free to rise further within the Guild, living, surviving, even thriving while the ruthless agents of justice and vengeance scoured the land fruitlessly.

    Guild Rank: Gold
    Job: Slayer
    Weapons: Due to her fighting style, Layla uses her bare hands and feet as her weapons.
    Skills: Layla's magical skill consists of a single ability, that being to enhance physical strikes with the power to break and shatter objects on contact. Even the lightest tap of her finger can be made to tear skin, break bones and reduce stone walls to rubble with enough mana empowering her blows. Even if she wishes to avoid crippling or killing her foes, she can break their weapons and armor to pacify them. However, the ability has two significant weaknesses, firstly that she must make physical contact to use it, rendering it useless against an agile enemy who can avoid her every attack; and secondly that it is very mana intensive to repeatedly shatter objects. While not an issue in the assassinations she once used it for, the multiple combatants she faces in some guild missions have left her utterly drained and exhausted by the end. As a result of her assassin training, Layla has an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of each race to understand and exploit their particular weak spots. She is also trained in infiltration, seduction and deception, though she tries to avoid revealing her knowledge in these fields to maintain her false history.

    Also going to reserve a male dharma tengu.

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