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The Guild of the Wall

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Ground-Type Champion
Hey everybody, just thought I'd do one of these to inject at least a little bit of life into the guild.
PM me your answers to this one. Everyone who participates and get all 5 answers correct will receive a prize.
What is the prize? You'll have to win to find out!
I'll give everyone a week, how 'bout.
Also, just out of curiosity, what is everyone's reason for not posting in the guild? Please don't get me wrong, I am not asking this question in an accusatory way (after all, I haven't been posting either). I simply just wish to know why people have not been.
I'll start: I haven't been posting simply because I've been busy doing other stuff. I still play Pokémon from time to time, but most of the time I'm working or reading or making YouTube videos or whatever. So, that's my reason, what is everyone else's? Just so I can get a handle on the inactivity.
I just haven't been posting on Serebii a lot lately since I'm always on Discord. I come by to check on things often though. Plus I participate in the small tours held and I have to post there as well as League Battles. I did however start breeding random mons again and was going to post them here, but couldn't really figure out how I would go about doing so.


Pokegyms Owner
I'm on here almost everyday at the least, but I don't post because of Discord honestly xD Most of us are there, and its easier to converse there.

DX 2401PT

I'm not posting here because nothing is going on here, pretty much.


Pokémon Breeder
This was sent to me by another guild. Who is interested?

The second portion of the Guardian Circuit is just about to begin! This section is very similar to a massive guild war!

What i need from each of you!

A team of players (Max 5) who you are willing to participate in the tournament, (if you dont have 5 there will be accommodations made once the main thread goes up) I will need this list numbered from 1-5 and it will serve as your rotation for the tournament.

Tournament rules:
OU, Bo3
3 players from each team will play each week.
Each round will last a week
All battlers will be rotated through your line up

The tournament will be lasting through the summer.

I need a response by July 8th at 10pm pacific, thread will go up on July 9th.

Not open for further replies.