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The Gym Leader Face-Off


Born This Way
hurt Roxanne. Janine Rocks!

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Hurt Surge.
Uh... That round is over...

Anywho since I didn't hurt before I am going to hurt Roxanne...

Janine: 7 HP
Roxanne: 5 HP


Care to Battle?
Hurt Roxanne.

Isn't she dead now?


Coal Trainer
Hurt Janine again.

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
I hurt Roxanne so now she is dead! Now Janine goes to the finals while Roxanne goes out!



In this round vote for the two you like the most... The first two to ten votes each both go to the finals...

I vote for Pryce and Claire...
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Coal Trainer
I vote for Clair and Koga.

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Claire ~ 3

Koga ~ 2

Pryce ~ 1

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
CLAIRE and KOGA ftw.