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The Haruka Region


So yeah, why not. At the moment, I'll only have a few maps and some badges for now. I haven't come up with a plot line, and at the moment, I'm not looking for suggestions. I will be using the FRLG tiles, i like them over any other tileset.

First Town

Route One


The typing goes as:

For now, it's all I have. Should be alble to update regularly.
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your pretty good at making the maps, i usually mess up with the trees and they end up uneven. I've recently started getting into map making, so I'll certainly keep looking here. Are you going to have fakemon as well, or just maps?


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Just wondering how you are making these maps, if you are using a rom like I do, may I suggest chaging the back of the cliff tiles on Route 1 (i'll post a pic of the tiles soon).

Your starting town also seems very small and compressed, try making it a bit bigger and adding a little more space inbetween the houses.


Yeah, Tom, I believe we do use the same source. Maybe. I use Amap. The town was designed to be squished. I'm trying to set a new standard or definition to beginning towns. I really don't feel they should be so large.

Thanks Rob. I was one of the map designers for Pokemon Acanthite. Eventually more things, such as fakemon and a storyline will conjure.

Spherical Ice

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Yeah, some tile errors in the maps, including tree shading and the mountain's ledges. The second map is very unplayable and doesn't look nice aesthetically, either, and there are some tile errors on the mountain with the entrance to the cave. The first town lacks any kind of features, needs proper borders, is too straight and really boring. :/

The badges aren't really in the Pokémon style either, but you don't want to take crit from a stupid twelve year old so why am I posting? I'm clearly an ignorant arse, right?


The badges aren't really in the Pokémon style either, but you don't want to take crit from a stupid twelve year old so why am I posting? I'm clearly an ignorant arse, right?

Stupid reply is stupid.

Crit is crit. Either way you look at it. And I do know, they aren't Pokemon-like, they are just moreso fillers for the moment. I may not agree with you at times, but I do not think that of you. Shaing errors on the trees? Could you elaborate? I'm currently waiting on tiles for the back ends of the mountains, so, patcience my friend. The cave is unaccessible due to it being a "Diglett Tunnel", leading to the elite four.

Thanks Rob.

Spherical Ice

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http://i53.*******.com/2mc9ap3.png Change these tiles to the tiles without the shadows.

As for the tops of the mountains, use the tile used for the "bottom" of the water.


Oh, okay. That's what you meant. And for the bottom of the water? I know the tile, just didn't know it could be used it this instance.