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The Heroes of Fire, Ice, and Lightning (Dream 1)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FlamingRuby, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    The Heroes of Fire, Ice, and Lightning (Interlude 1)

    Rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images

    The Heroes of Fire, Ice and Lightning

    Thunder rumbled in the distance as sheets of rain began falling on the streets of Pallet Town. But inside one particular house, the three residents--a black haired boy, an orange haired girl, and a brown haired boy with tan skin--were on the edge of their seats as a frantic battle raged on the TV screen. The heroes of the movie they were watching--a boy with a sword and his companion, an older boy wearing green and gold knuckles--were defending a black haired girl in an ornate blue and silver robe from a seemingly never ending horde of masked ninjas bent on kidnapping her.

    "Come on!" the black haired boy cheers as the hero fends off three more ninjas.

    "Show those Black Moon guys who's boss!" the girl agrees as the hero's companion punches another ninja.

    "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but what if the real villain that wants to kidnap Princess Mizuki is hiding in this hall, and these ninjas are just a distraction?" the brown haired boy suggests.

    "Oh?" the girl asks as the scene shifts from the dramatic battle to another location on the palace grounds, where the emperor of the land is meeting with the envoy of a neighboring kingdom, whose son wishes to take Princess Mizuki's hand in marriage.

    "If you've seen kung fu movies like this before, Misty, 9 times out of 10, the never ending horde of lackeys is an excuse for the main bad guy to get the girl--or whoever, and sometimes whatever, it is the hero has to protect." the boy explains with a yawn--all the pseudo-political babble between the two rulers is boring him.

    "Well, if Emperor So-and-So and King What's-His-Name would stop jabbering, we would see if Brock's right." Misty sighed.

    "Who knew kung fu movies were so talky?" the black haired boy sighs in agreement.

    "Pack a lunch, Ash--we're probably going to be here a while..." Misty replies. "Though to be fair, this is the most interesting thing on TV at the moment..."

    Ash notices Brock is sprawled on the couch, asleep. "Wake Brock up when it gets interesting again." he instructs Misty as he departs into the kitchen to make a snack.

    "Got it." Misty replies as Brock continues to sleep....

    Dream 1: The Song Echoing From the Red Earth

    A majestic temple-like structure rises from a forest, making a boy identical in appearance to Brock wearing a red tunic with black trim with a cape to match gasp in awe as he emerges from the forest and sees the red, white, and gold building. A confident smile forms on his face--this is where he needs to deliver the bow inside the large black case he is carrying.

    The apprentice sweeping the temple courtyard recognizes the boy. "Sanchi! Is that Master Jiang's bow you're carrying?"

    "Indeed it is." Sanchi replies. "Please inform Master Jiang that I wish to personally present it to him."

    "Right away!" With that, the apprentice hurries off inside the temple.

    Sanchi, meanwhile, makes his way towards the temple's west gate, where a target range is located for those apprentices being trained in bow martial arts. He contemplates what the master of the Red Flame sect of the Entei style has promised him in return for the bow he has spent the last week working on. Gold? A champion's robe, reserved for only the best students? Or was it something even more valuable than those?

    He is snapped from his thoughts by the footsteps of someone approaching--a black haired boy in a regal red, white, and gold robe with a flame pattern and a few more apprentices. "Welcome, Sanchi, and thank you once again for offering me your services in making a new ceremonial bow for me."

    "The pleasure's all mine." Sanchi replies. "I hope it is to your specifications."

    Master Jiang opens the case and examines the bow inside. "Very well made--not a crack or loose part anywhere." he smiles as he takes out the bow. "Light as a feather, too."

    "I have included a set of my favorite Bright Flame Arrows at no extra charge." Sanchi adds as he offers a quiver filled with 20 red tipped arrows with matching swirl-like fletching to Master Jiang. Master Jiang accepts the quiver with a smile, nocks one of the arrows, and fires at one of the targets. Sanchi watches intently as Master Jiang takes a few more shots, with every arrow landing very close to the target's bull's-eye.

    "Well? Do you like it?" a female apprentice asks.

    "The draw is very smooth and the bow is quiet, as a good bow should be." Master Jiang replies before addressing Sanchi. "Your work never ceases to amaze me...as thanks for a well made bow, I have something just as well made to give you in return."

    Sanchi balks as an apprentice hands him a wooden flute with an elegant Gyarados knotwork design to him. "Thanks...although it has been two weeks since I last played a flute." His last flute had accidentally fallen from his pocket and cracked while he was moving boxes of arrows, rendering it unplayable.

    "This flute I have enchanted with Entei's power to give to one who has done a great deed for us--and giving us such a well made ceremonial bow counts as a great deed." Master Jiang explains. "It is named Akaihono--'red flame'. If you have any skill in chi martial arts, you will be able to play many legendary skills on it--even the famed Song of the White Dragon."

    Sanchi bows before Master Jiang again. "It is always an honor to lend my services to you--I promise to remember all of you every time I play Akaihono."

    "Master, does that flute really have chi infused in it?" a female apprentice asks as she ties a red tassel onto the flute for good luck.

    "Why don't we have Sanchi play Akaihono here and find out?" Master Jiang suggests.

    "I accept your challenge." With that, Sanchi nervously lifts Akaihono to his lips and blows a few airy notes into the spring breeze. After composing his nerves, he starts playing the dance "Sakura Petals in the Wind", making a small fireball form in the air and go flying to the pavement, where it fizzles out.

    "See? You have a little skill in channeling your chi." Master Jiang assures Sanchi. "I'm sure if you practice enough, you could do the same thing with your voice."

    Sanchi nods. "With all the worrying rumors about the Kokuen sect flying as if late, it may be best if I hone this newly discovered skill." He bows again to Master Jiang as he turns to leave. "I promise...."

    "I promise..." Brock sleepily mumbled as Misty gently nudged him awake. "I promise..."

    "You promise what?" Misty asked, jolting him back to reality.

    Brock looks around--he's still on the couch in the living room, and the martial arts movie the three of them have been watching has now cut to a commercial. "I had an interesting dream..."

    "What was it about?" Ash asks as he returns with a sandwich.

    "I dreamt I was a bowmaker--or whatever the proper term is for somebody that makes bows and arrows--in a land not unlike where 'The Twin Dragon Warriors' takes place." Brock explained. "I had traveled to a temple where one of the good sects called home to give their master a bow I made. In return, he gave me a flute."

    "Did you play it?" Ash is interested--he knows Brock is good with a whistle, but not the Pokeflute.

    "What kind of flute was it?" Misty asks.

    "It was sideblown, and it had a cool looking knotwork design that looked like a Gyarados." Brock makes a form in the air so his audience can see how big the flute in his dream was. "When I played it, I inadvertently conjured a fireball--but thankfully I didn't burn the temple down." he chuckles. "The dojomaster told me that I had talent to perform the equivalent of magic in this world through the flute, and that with some practice, I could even sing the equivalent of spells. I made a promise to the dojomaster to hone this talent...and Misty woke me up about then."

    "Whoa..." Ash is impressed.

    "Let me know if your dreamsona has any more adventures tonight!" Misty smiles as the TV announces We now return to 'Martial Arts Matinee'...

    To Be Continued...
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
  2. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    I love it so far. The description in the dream is really good, and I love the dialogue. The chemistry between Ash, Misty and Brock is really good. Having them just hanging out watching a movie is pretty cool, and the little details like getting in-depth in what's going on the movie really spice up the writing. I also like how the importance seems to be on Brock for now, as he's always been one of the least-fleshed-out characters in the anime.

    Great start. I don't have much else to say except that I'm excited to see where this goes next. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next chapter.

    AGGRON GUY expert breeder

    hold it. to long make it shorter. i did not even read it. give it a exeting title and also where arethe pictures?
  4. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Ash and Misty are going to have dreamsonas of their own--Misty's will be introduced in the next dream.

    I chose to start with Brock because his dreamsona is the "fire" mentioned in the title.
  5. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    This isn't even long for fanfiction, it's a decent sized chapter. 'exeiting'? really? And there are no pictures in many fanfictions, only a few people do that, and it's not very often.

    Wow that's cool. Can't wait to see more of the chemistry between Ash, Misty and Brock, like I mentioned you did a great job with that, I'm excited to see 'Ice' (assuming that'll be Misty!).
  6. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Besides, I want to create the pictures in your mind.

    Stay tuned to find out what Misty's first dream in this world is like.
  7. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Misty groans as the hero of the movie arrives at a pavilion somewhere in the palace garden, where Princess Mizuki is waiting for him. "I have come, as we agreed."

    "Just when I thought we'd go back to the fighting, too..." Ash agrees as the two of them kiss and mutter sweet nothings to each other.

    Misty just yawns. "Wake me when something exciting happens, okay?". With that, she falls asleep, using Ash's blanket as a pillow...

    Dream 2: The Icy Sword Goddess

    In a forest somewhere in the dream world, a girl wearing a long blue robe that looks similar to a ninja's garb and a hood with a veil that covers most of her face looks down on a sprawling bandit camp. A few wisps of orange hair peeking from the hood is the only clue the girl is identical in appearance to Misty.

    After a few tense seconds, she moves a bit closer to the camp, where she can overhear some of the bandits talking:

    "What a heist!"

    "If the commoners of Falan are this easy to steal from, imagine the riches the nobility have!"

    "I don't know...there's a saying in Falan--'Woe to those that lie, cheat, steal and kill; they will feel the icy goddess' chill.'"

    "They say this icy goddess has eyes and ears all across the land, so she will always catch her prey no matter where evil lurks."

    "Why should we have to worry about a so-called goddess? Our champion Ikan would be more than a match for her!"

    The bandits laugh at this, but the laughter is cut short when a sparkling silver arrow lands at the entryway to their tent, creating a pale blue mist at the point of impact.

    Gasps race through the camp as the mist dissipates, revealing from the girl from earlier:

    "It's her!"

    "The Icy Sword Goddess!"

    "The warning was true!"

    "Arceus have mercy on us all!"

    "What's all this conniving about?" a large, well built bandit asks as he peeks from his tent to see what is going on. "You guys scared of a girl?"

    "But, Ikan, she's no ordinary girl!" a bandit protests. "She's the legendary Icy Sword Goddess!"

    "Goddess? If she can stand up to my Astral Mace, then I'll believe she's a goddess." Ikan assures the other bandits as he takes a gold, black and silver mace that is at least the size of his arm, if not bigger, and walks out to meet the girl.

    The girl just draws her sword--a beautiful silver blade whose blue inlays glitter in the moonlight--and braces herself for Ikan's attack, in a move known as "Gyarados' Enduring Heart", Sparks fly as the two weapons meet, but the girl eventually manages to shove the mace away, leaving a small wound in Ikan's stomach.

    Seconds before she can jump away, the mace pins her to the ground! "Gotcha now, goddess!" Ikan snarls.

    The girl kicks Ikan in the stomach, allowing her to get up and heal some of the spike wounds that have torn her outfit with a healing chi move. Just then, she sees Ikan charging at her, and backflips over him, but the mace still grazes her arm.

    After healing her new wound, the girl tries to jump again, and manages to pin Ikan to the ground in a shower if icy crystals. The bandits gasp in awe--they know the girl just used her signature move, "Snow that Breaks the Sky"

    Ikan lying helplessly on the ground allows her to switch tactics from a sword to her other weapon--a cyan colored bow that resembled Articuno's wings. She decides to wait a moment to see if Ikan will get up before nocking another silver arrow.

    A few tense seconds pass, but Ikan eases himself to his feet to find the girl aiming the sparkling silver arrow at him. "Don't think an arrow can save ya against a mace!" he warns.

    Just as Ikan charges at her again, the girl fires her shot, silencing Ikan's war cry as the arrow freezes his throat.

    One bandit brushes away a tear as he watches what is likely a losing battle for Ikan unfold. "Such skill, grace, and power! Just watching this girl fight is making my eyes all misty..."



    "Misty?" Ash nudges Misty again as she grapples with the blanket. "You okay?"

    "Hmm...wha?" Misty is finally jolted back to reality as she realizes she was only fighting the blanket Ash was using before, not a bandit brute. "Hero and Mizuki still kissing?" she asks.

    "Fraid so..." Brock sighs. "You haven't missed much."

    "I had a cool dream too..." Misty begins. "I dreamt I was in the same world as your dream, Brock...but I was some kinda female Robin Hood type, and I was raiding a bandit camp..."

    "Cool!" Ash is excited. "What kinds of treasure did you find?"

    "Before I could get to the treasure, this big ol' brute of a bandit challenged me, and we fought!" Misty goes on. "He put up a good fight, but I matched him step for step! After we grappled for a while, I froze him with an ice arrow; but just before he could get up and attack me again, you woke me up, and then I realized I was fighting with the blanket."

    "Wow!" Ash is impressed. "If I dream about this world myself, I wanna meet your dreamsona!"
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
  8. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "Okay, the movie's over, the hero got the girl in the end, what shall we watch next?" Brock asks as the end credits to the movie roll.

    "Ooh, 'Wait, Wait, Daisy!'s coming on The Comedy Network here in a minute!" Misty cries as she grabs the remote and changes the channel, where the happy, bubbly opening theme to the show is beginning to play.

    Ash sighs--the comedy chronicling the ongoing exploits of a well meaning girlfriend--the titular Daisy--trying to help her boyfriend get into college and the hijinks that ensue could be mildly entertaining at times, but today he was in no mood for whatever hare-brained scheme Daisy was cooking up today.

    Brock, meanwhile, is explaining the show's premise to a small pink humanoid creature. "This show is about a down on his luck boy named Kenzo who decides to go to school in hopes the education can help him find a good job to support his family. Only problem is, he doesn't really have too many scholarship worthy talents to help pay for school. His girlfriend--the Daisy in the title--gets word of this, and decides to help Kenzo raise enough money to pay for his schooling. So she dreams up these outlandish ways to make money--that often backfire on poor Kenzo." The creature giggles at this. "The show's title comes from what Kenzo says when Daisy rushes off to plan whatever crazy scheme she dreamed up for each episode."

    Misty smiles when she sees the title of that day's episode: 'The Plate's Hot, Daisy!' "Yes! Today's the waiter episode!"

    "The episode where Daisy recruits Kenzo as a waiter in a fancy restaurant, never mind he doesn't know how to even pronounce 90% of the menu?" Brock wonders--he knows the episode in question is one of Misty's favorites.

    "That's the one." Misty replies.

    "Good--I had to miss the second half the first time it aired, so I never saw what happened after Kenzo lip synced 'La donna e mobile'" Brock smiles, glad to finally see the second half of the rerun that he missed the first time around.

    "You'll learn why the episode is called that in the second half." Misty assures him as the episode begins.

    Ash welcomes a yellow mouse creature on his lap as he spreads a blanket over him. "You guys enjoy your show, I'm gonna doze a little..." With that, he falls asleep, one hand gently stroking the mouse creature all the while...

    Dream 3: Little Thunderbolt of the South

    In another dojo somewhere in the dream world, a man in an ornate gold and purple robe looks out on a crowd of boys and girls in yellow martial artist's garb, many of them with purple and gold knuckles on their hands. "Children of Raikou...today marks the day you finish your training here." he begins. "As you go out into the world, remember that Raikou never relies on brute force--he is strong, but he has his wits. He is powerful, and yet he is gentle. He is proud of who he is, yet never brags of it, and would gladly sacrifice his own life if it meant saving others."

    He then addresses the crowd of students. "Today, you will receive a weapon befitting your style of fighting that commemorates your graduation from the dojo--wield it with pride, and never forget the lessons you learned here."

    One by one, the children come up to the man, who announces their name, their hometown, any titles they have, if any, and what they received. "To Akori of Falan, I present a Heavenly Thundering Bow." Applause goes up from the other students as a girl with dull brown hair accepts a white bow with cloud-like gold inlays from the man.

    "To Shiga of Kuye, the Orange Phoenix, I present the Spear of Divinity." More applause goes up as a red haired boy accepts a light spear with a glittering gold tip.

    This continues for a while as a boy identical to Ash watches his fellow classmates receive their weapons:

    "To Nari of Jiyun, I present a Burning Mace."

    "To Hiro of Kaimuji, the Golden Thunder, I present the Lawful Flail of Braviary."

    "To Riko of Sekichi, I present an Icy Dagger."

    He snaps to attention as a girl next to him nudges him. "Go on, it's your turn!"

    The boy quickly gets up and makes his way to the platform where the man is standing. "To Arashi of Masara, the Little Thunderbolt of the South, I present the Sparkling Thunder Sword." the man announces as he gives the boy a sword inside a purple and gold sheath.

    "Thank you, Master." the boy whispers as he accepts the sword. "I promise I will wield this sword respectfully." After setting the sword at his side and exchanging one last bow with his teacher, he returns to his seat.


    Later that day, Arashi climbs a hill overlooking Masara--his secret training location. Once sure no one has followed him to his secret place, he draws his new blade. He is bemused at the white blade, and smiles when he notices the guard of the beautiful weapon looks like a Raikou about to roar.

    After admiring his new blade for a moment, he proceeds to try a few moves with it. He first charges at an old stump on the hill and slashes at it. "Cutting Oak in Two!"

    Sure enough, the force of Arashi's attack cuts the stump completely in two. Next, he charges some earth energy in the blade, then unleashes it in a spin attack, leaving a trail of cherry blossoms behind him. "Sakura Scattered in the Breeze!"

    He suddenly trips on a rock as he completes his spin, sending him falling into the pile of pink petals his attack created. After initially grimacing at the pain of his hard fall, he giggles with embarrassment to no one in particular...

    "Hee hee....stop it, Pikachu..." Ash sleepily tells the mouse creature, who is licking his hand in an attempt to wake him up.

    "You're awake..." Brock smiles as Pikachu romps over to the table on Ash's end of the couch.

    "'Wait, Wait, Daisy!' is over, now it's your turn to pick a show." Misty adds as she gives Ash the remote.

    "I had an interesting dream myself..." Ash muses as he flips through the channels. " I dreamt I was a student in a dojo, and I received a sword as a gift from the dojomaster..."

    "In the same world as our other dreams?" Misty asks.

    "Yeah." Ash replies. "I then went up to a hill I apparently used as a training location, and practiced with my new blade--the two moves I remember clearly were called 'Cutting Oak in Two' and 'Sakura Scattered in the Breeze'."

    Brock thinks a moment. "We've all had dreams set in the same world...I wonder if there's a way for our dreamsonas to meet each other."

    "If my dreamsona meets yours, I want an autograph!" Ash smiles and playfully nudges Misty.

    Misty, meanwhile, has a thoughtful look on her face. "Maybe, if all three of us slept in the same room, our dreamsonas would meet?"

    "Or slept nearby." Brock suggests. "Ash's room is across the hall from Misty's room."

    "Worth a shot." Ash smiles as he arrives on a basketball game on a sports channel--one of the few sports all three of them like.

  9. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    Still really like it. I love how you include little details about what show's on TV too, your attention to detail is wonderful.

    Can't wait for more. Really enjoyed Ash's dream. Misty's segment was short, but interesting nonetheless!
  10. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Once the three dreamsonas meet, the adventure will really begin
  11. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "Well, this is it..." Ash smiles as he climbs in bed. "Our first experiment to see if our dreamsonas can meet."

    "And if they can, which of the three will meet tonight." Brock adds from the bathroom.

    "If my dreamsona meets yours, I'll give you an autograph, okay?" Misty assures Ash as she passes by her room in a pale blue nightgown.

    "Pika?" Pikachu asks as Ash covers him with a small green blanket with gold thunderbolts.

    "Well, we were watching a movie on TV today, and we each fell asleep during the boring parts and had interesting dreams." Ash explains. "So we're going to see if our dream counterparts can meet." Pikachu nods to show he understands and yawns as Ash climbs into his own bed.

    "Night, Ash..." Brock calls as he too passes by Ash's room.

    "Night...." Ash replies as he too falls asleep...

    Dream 4: Akaihono's Song

    "Let's see...the closest town from here is Nisambi...." Arashi muses to himself as he walks across the hills. "If I keep going from here, I should get there by sundown."

    A flute playing a peaceful melody in the distance snaps him from his thoughts. "A flute? Who would be playing a flute all the way out here?" With that, he dashes across the hills and into the forest just outside of Nisambi.

    He finally discovers Sanchi is playing the song some minutes later, with a crowd of Pidgeys, Taillows, Parchirisus, Chespins, Bunearies, Pikachus, and Fennekins listening intently.

    When the song ends, he applauds, alerting Sanchi he has an audience! "Peace, master bowman--I heard you playing and followed the song out here." Arashi explains, ever aware of the arrow aimed at his heart.

    Sanchi lowers his bow. "So you come in peace? Very well then--I will apologize as well, for I thought you were a bandit or predator of the wood."

    Arashi, meanwhile, is admiring Sanchi's flute. "Where did you get such a beautiful instrument, if I may ask?"

    "It was a gift from one of the masters of the Entei style, as thanks for making him a ceremonial bow." Sanchi replies as he gets up from the rock he was seated on and the crowd of Pokemon romp off. "I am a bow maker by trade, but I often come out here to meditate at noon, while everyone else is resting from their work."

    "I see..." Arashi muses. "Does your flute have a name? My master once said that instruments that can play chi martial arts are often named."

    "Yes--her name is Akaihono--'red flame'." Sanchi replies as the two of them depart the forest and down the hill leading to town. "Granted, I am not very good with chi arts just yet, but I know enough spells to defend the shop if the need arises." He then spots Arashi's sword. "That sword was a gift, yes?"

    Arashi nods. "A gift from my master as a sign I have come of age."

    "Judging from the design of the guard, you studied the Raikou style?" Sanchi guesses. Arashi nods. "Any weapon user is welcome to help out at the shop, if you need any work."

    "I do know how to make fletching for arrows..." Arashi adds.

    Sanchi smiles. "Maybe you can help my apprentices..."

    "I would be honored to meet them." Arashi replies....

    "I would be honored to meet them..." Ash sleepily murmurs, never mind that the morning sunlight is streaming in his room.

    "Pikachu?" Pikachu's interested cry snaps him awake.

    "Mornin', Pikachu..." Ash smiles and hugs his companion. "I met Brock's dreamsona in my dream last night..."

    "And we were having such a nice conversation, too..." Brock agrees as he walks by to put his pajamas in the washing machine. "I'll get breakfast going while you're getting dressed."

    "Cheer up, you two can keep the chit chat going when we go to bed tonight." Misty assures Ash as she too gets dressed....
  12. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    I wonder what our dreamsonas are going to find on the road to town..." Ash wonders as he climbs into bed that night.

    "Well, remember that town is not far from where we met." Brock reminds Ash as he walks by. "So I doubt we will run into something terribly exciting."

    "But also remember that this is a dream, and anything can happen." Misty cautions as she too passes by the room on her way to the bathroom.

    "I know..." Ash smiles as he falls asleep...

    Dream 5: Thunder Rolls, Fire Burns

    "So, what are your apprentices like?" Arashi wonders as he and Sanchi continue on their way to Nisambi.

    "Well, there's Takuya, who can be a bit bossy sometimes." Sanchi explains. "But he does care for the others, and thinks of me as a second father."

    "Just like me and my master..." Arashi sighs dreamily.

    "Then there's Miu, the energetic one--she is always on the go." Sanchi smiles.

    But before he can describe his third apprentice, two young men in black tunics standing before the bridge to Nisambi get Arashi's attention."Kokuen grunts? Here?" He draws his blade in preparation for an attack.

    "Why are you two standing there?" Sanchi asks the Kokuen grunts, in hopes he can get them to allow them to pass safely.

    "Bosses' orders--we have to collect a toll from all that pass here." one boy replies. "So are you gonna pay or not?"

    "Odd--Aiiro City has not asked for any new tolls." Sanchi replies. "So I will not pay any toll unless the order is direct from the Pokemon League."

    "Let us pass here!" Arashi demands, brandishing his sword.

    "Ah, the young brat wants to fight, does he?" the other grunt smirks. "We'll give both of you a beatdown for daring to challenge the Kokuen sect!"

    With that, the two grunts charge, unaware that Arashi has braced himself for an attack, and Sanchi has readied an arrow. The first grunt receives a gash in the elbow, and the burning red arrow lands in the second grunt's side.

    Undeterred, the first grunt began charging lightning energy into an uninjured finger. "Fang of the Unseen Raikou!" he calls as he jabs the charged finger into Arashi's stomach, making Arashi stumble backwards in surprise and in pain.

    The second grunt, meanwhile, delivers a hard spin kick to Sanchi, making him drop both his bow and the arrow he was going to shoot. "Storm of Thirteen Swannas!"

    "Are you okay?" Arashi asks before delivering a slash to the first grunt's torso.

    "I think so..." Sanchi groans as he rubs his left wrist in pain."I think I can use Akaihono to play a spell that will give me enough time to retrieve my bow."

    He slides Akaihono into his palm and whispers "Akaihono's First Note", making the elegant instrument glow red. He then plays an excerpt from a sacred song, sending a fireball flying into the second grunt's chest.

    "Is that one of the spellsongs you know?" Arashi asks as Sanchi pockets Akaihono and retrieves his bow.

    "Yes, the first one I--!" This is as far as Sanchi gets before he is knocked to the ground by the second grunt, the bow still in his hands. Thankfully, Akaihono is not damaged.

    Arashi runs to help his friend, but he is punched in the stomach by the other grunt. Not one to be deterred easily, he charges some energy into his palm, then calls "Cloud that Devours Rain!" sending thunderbolts flying from his hands and into his opponent's torso.

    "Oh, you wanna play rough, huh?" the first grunt growls, still in pain from Arashi's attack."Try this on for size!" With that, he barrels into Arashi with a hard kick that sends him flaying backwards several inches "Demon Stance!"

    Arashi winces again as the other grunt sends Sanchi flying backwards as well, more out of pain than sympathy. "We have to do something to hold these guys back." he weakly groans.

    "Do you know any defensive moves?" Sanchi asks."Sometimes the best offense is a good defense."

    A thought occurs to Arashi, so he charges a yellow aura and projects it around himself and Sanchi. "Holding Back the Oncoming Storm."

    Sanchi musters a weak smile. "It's a start..."

    "It's one of my weaker shield moves, so it won't last very long." Arashi warns. "So if you know a healing song, now's the time to play it.

    Sanchi nods and retrieves Akaihono. "Okay...here is 'Song that Heals the World'." With that, he plays a relaxed melody that surrounds both of them in a red aura, healing a little of the damage they received."It isn't much, but it should give us one last burst of strength to finish the fight."

    Arashi nods, then runs to slash the first grunt's leg. The second grunt's war cry is silenced by a throat wound from Sanchi's arrow some seconds later. "And don't come back!" he calls as the grunts muster their remaining strength to flee.

    "You're pretty good in battle..." Arashi grins as he sheathes his blade.

    "And you are a fine warrior yourself." Sanchi agrees. "Hopefully the remainder of our journey will be without danger...

    "Well, good afternoon, sleepyhead!" Misty giggles as Ash finally wakes up. "You and Brock must've been really tired to sleep until noon!" She shows Ash the clock, which reads noon.

    "I slept until noon?" Brock yawns. "I don't remember being that tired last night..."

    "Maybe that battle in our dreams last night had something to do with it?" Ash wonders as he climbs from bed...

  13. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "Okay..." Ash sighs as he climbs into bed. "I hope our dreamsonas don't cause us to sleep until noon again..."

    "Me neither..." Brock agrees as he walks past the room. "Better Misty sleep til noon than me..."

    "I heard that!" Misty snaps back, making Brock rear back in surprise and Pikachu laugh. Even Ash is laughing as he falls asleep...

    Dream 6: Sanchi the Storyteller

    "Takuya, Miu, Yumi, I'm back!" Sanchi calls as he and Arashi arrive at one particular shop with a sign depicting a bow with a nocked arrow.

    "Welcome back, Master." a brown haired boy in a red robe replies as he checks the fletching on an arrow. "Did you deliver Master Jiang's bow?"

    "I did, and had a run in with the Kokuen sect on the way back..." Sanchi replies as he hangs his bow and quiver at the entrance to his quarters, grimacing at the memory of the battle from earlier.

    "Who's your friend, Master?" a brown haired girl in a green robe asks as Sanchi lights the stove to start lunch.

    "I am Arashi of the Southern Raikou style." Arashi smiles. "Although my primary weapon is a sword, I do know how to make arrows."

    "It's beautiful..." Yumi admires the hilt of Arashi's blade.

    "Does your blade have a name, Lord Arashi?" Takuya asks.

    "Of course it does--it's named the Sparkling Thunder Sword." Arashi explains. "But I will not draw it here--not unless evil strikes." Takuya nods to show he understands.

    Miu, meanwhile, tugs on Sanchi's robe. "While we wait for lunch, will you tell one of your stories, Master?"

    Sanchi smiles and motions for everyone to gather around him. "Let's see here..."

    After thinking for a moment, he begins "A long time ago, where Mt. Baiyin is today, there lived a bucket maker--we will call him Satoru. He was a hard worker, and his buckets were very strong and stable. He had a friend that lived nearby, and the two of them would get together to play chess and swap stories every night when their work for the day was complete."

    "Kinda like what you do with us..." Yumi smiles.

    Satoru was also known for his skill at chess, and had only lost a few games out of thousands of games played." Sanchi continues. "In fact, he could think many moves ahead while his opponent was still thinking of their next move."

    "Wow!" Even Arashi is impressed. "If Satoru were real, he could probably defeat my master at chess--and my master is just as famed for his chess skills."

    "One day, a great wind blew up, and Satoru spotted a Mismagius at his front door." Sanchi continues, acknowledging Arashi's observation with a nod. "He recognized the Pokemon as Reinosha, a Mismagius said to be able to read minds. He tried to retrieve his sword, but Reinosha telepathically embedded it deep into the wall of the house, where he couldn't get it out."

    "Oh no!"Miu gasps.

    "She reminded him that a weapon wouldn't harm a Ghost Pokemon like her." Sanchi intones, making Yumi swallow hard in fear.

    "So what could he do?" Even Takuya is worried for Satoru.

    "Suddenly, Satoru remembered his bow, but it and its arrows are tucked in a corner." Sanchi replies. "He also remembered that if you sang a song--any song at all-- Reinosha couldn't read your mind. "So he started singing the longest song he could think of...."

    Inspired, Arashi jumps in and sings "99 bottles of wine on the wall, 99 bottles of wine on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 98 bottles of wine on the wall..."

    Sanchi tries oh-so-hard not to laugh at Arashi's enthusiastic performance. "He kept tiptoeing to the corner as he sang, retrieving his bow and igniting an arrow all the while." he continues over Arashi singing. "But before he could shoot the firey arrow, Reinosha disappeared!"

    Everyone gasps, and Arashi's performance abruptly stops at 92 bottles of wine on the wall. "Now, Satoru thought Reinosha was scared of his bow." Sanchi continues after an awkward silence. "but then, Reinosha appeared behind him, and turned the flaming arrow at him!"

    "D-d-did Satoru die?" Yumi stammers.

    "Just before she could kill Satoru, an ember from the fireplace stunned her, making her drop the bow and the arrow." Sanchi assures everyone.

    Everyone heaves a relieved sigh as Sanchi concludes "Reinosha fled in terror, and Satoru was saved. He realized Arceus created the ember that scared Reinosha away, and always gave thanks to Arceus for protecting him."

    "I've never heard that one before..." Yumi smiles as she applauds. "Where do you learn all of your stories, Master?"

    "I listen to people on the road and in the inns when I'm traveling to make deliveries." Sanchi replies. "Granted, I am no shijin..."

    "With your skill on Akaihono, you could become a shijin, if you wanted to!" Arashi interjects, to some laughter....

    "Ash..." Brock peeks in Ash's room, where Ash is giggling in his sleep. "Why were you singing '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall' at two in the morning?"

    "Huh?" Ash wakes up, confused. "Long road trip dream, I guess?"

    Brock's stern look spurs him to confess. "Your dreamsona apparently has your storyteller traits..."

    "...and Brock's dreamsona apparently knows 'Reinosha and the Bucket Maker'" Misty adds. Every time Brock tells that story when company's over, Ash has to jump in with '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall' for the bucket maker's song...

    Brock's stern look turns into a smile. "Actually, when I tell that one onstage, I will trade off between '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" and 'There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea' for the songs..."

    Misty raises an eyebrow. "I've never heard you tell it with 'There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea' before..."

    Ash smiles as he gets up. "He even plays guitar, too!"

    "Well, like any good kids or campfire song, you only need three chords to play it..." Brock explains, making everyone laugh again.

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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Interlude 1: Finding Kori

    "Whatcha thinking about so hard?" Brock asks as he joins Ash in the living room, where Ash is seated on the couch, deep in thought.

    "Our dreamsonas...what are we going to do to meet Misty's dreamsona?" Ash muses. "So far it's been just you and me..."

    "Well, my dreamsona could send your dreamsona off somewhere, and you could meet that way--ambush by bad guys optional." Brock suggests. "Or Misty could sleep with you..."

    "I am NOT sharing a bed with Ash again!" Misty snaps from another room. "Not after he hogged the covers all night!"

    "Okay, or she could sleep on the floor..." Brock tries again.

    "I need to clean the floor..." Ash muses as he reaches for the remote. "Plus, who said it had to be me in danger? What if it was you or one of your dreamsona's apprentices?"

    "My dreamsona can defend his apprentices very well, thank you." Brock muses. "The best possible way Misty's dreamsona could appear is if I were horribly outnumbered..."

    "Or what if we met by dumb luck?" Ash suggests. "Like I did with you?"

    Brock raises an eyebrow--he hasn't thought about that route. "We could just be walking along and she finds us..."

    "I just want to meet her..." Ash sighs before turning on the TV, where a baseball game is about to begin on a sports channel. "Or we could end up helping her, instead of her helping us..."

    "How so?" Brock is piqued in Ash's proposal.

    "Like she needs to get an item somewhere..." Ash suggests. "Something rare and valuable that the bad guys in our dreams would want..."

    "You mean like a jewel, or magical artifact?" Brock suggests.

    "Yeah!" Ash cries. "Or better, a important person or message? And why stop with just escort missions? She could be out for revenge or to avenge a friend or family member, even..."

    "However we meet, we'll likely meet with a bang." Brock smiles before he settles in to enjoy the game with Ash.

    Misty peeks in the room and sighs. "You guys and your sports..."
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    Please organize your chapters with titles so readers can distinguish between an add on or part of the song. I will review this chapter once I am finished reading the description
  16. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    If you're confused by what's in the real world and what's in the dream world--the story itself (which takes place in a very long dream sequence) is in italics (the titles are also in italics so you can tell when we've switched to the dream world), and anything in the real world is in normal text.
  17. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "Once again, you never fail to amaze me with your storytelling skills." Misty raves as she and the boys return to the house. Brock had had another successful gig telling stories and playing music at the Pallette, and Misty and Ash had come along for support.

    "Thank you..." Brock smiles as he puts his instruments and props away. "Did you guys have any favorites, or notice any that didn't get that good of a reaction?"

    "'The Brave Mother and Daughter' is a keeper." Misty begins.

    "'Taillow and the Water of Life' was pretty interesting...." Ash adds. "Where in Houen did you learn that one, again?"

    "Remember when we were on our way to Dewford Town?" Brock reminds Ash. "Mr. Briney told us that one as we sailed."

    "Oh, yeah..." Ash grins when the lightbulb goes off in his mind. "I was too busy watching the sea to listen."

    "You guys can refine Brock's setlist, I'm going on to bed." Misty yawns before disappearing to her room and changing into her night clothes. Once settled for the night, she drifts to sleep....

    Dream 7: The Shijin's Prophecy

    On a road not far from Nisambi, Kori walks along, ever alert for someone in need or Kokuen Sect grunts. Just then, the hypnotic sound of a moji gets her attention. She follows it to an entryway of a garden, where a crowd has gathered to watch the young shijin clad in a royal blue, green, and silver robe work her art. She's good--her fingers fly across the moji's strings like a Taillow on the wind. she thinks.

    When the song ends, the crowd roars with aplause, and coins go flying into the moji case as many in the crowd choose to leave. Kori, meanwhile, approaches the young shijin with a gold coin. "Well played, young miss--take this as a sign of my appreciation."

    The shijin's eyes widen when she recognizes who is offering her the gold piece. "The Icy Sword Goddess herself enjoyed my song? I am very honored!" she replies, bowing low to Kori in respect.

    "What sorts of things have you heard from Nisambi?" Kori asks--shijins, being tellers of tales and singers of songs, would often wander from place to place as she did, giving her information of the whereabouts of the many evil sects and bands in the world.

    "Kokuen members are on the move, demanding unreasonable tolls and robbing many." the shijin replies over a soft strum from her moji before she sings."But the bowyer and a swordsman of Raikou fought back,
    and bravely scattered their numbers
    The flame of a bow
    and the thunder of a blade, struck fear into Kokuen!
    But you have a part to play in this tale, O Goddess,
    You and these brave men will save this land
    And Kokuen will rue the day they heard Lugia's prophecy,
    As they perish by your hand!
    Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice and lightning,
    lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash.
    Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail,
    and thus the earth shall turn to ash."

    "Really?" Kori is surprised. "Is the bowyer open for business now?"

    The shijin nods, admiring the sparkling silver arrows in Kori's quiver. "Yes--he'll be more than happy to fix your bow or make more of those fine arrows you have. He's also not too shabby on the flute either--sometimes when I come to Nisambi and the sun is hot, he will join me for a few tunes."

    "I hear he can also channel chi with his voice--is this true?" Kori wonders--those that can sing chi martial arts are relatively rare.

    "I have not seen him do it with my own eyes, but the people of Nisambi say he can." the shijin replies. "If you run into trouble in Nisambi, he may just come to your aid."

    Kori turns to leave. "I'll ask him myself if he can really sing chi martial arts, if I see him..."

    "If you do, tell him that Lan Quzi sends her regards." the shijin calls after her...

    "Misty?" Ash peeks in the room, where Misty is still mumbling in her sleep. "Wake up!"

    "Huh?" Misty sits up and looks around, silently assuring herself she is in her room still. Once her thoughts are composed, she tells Ash "I think our three personas are going to meet very soon, and have a grand adventure."

    "Oh?" Brock peeks in the room, interested in what transpired in Misty's dream.

    "While on the road to wherever you guys are, I met the equivalent of a minstrel in the dream world." Misty explains. "She sang to me, and one part of her song was the Lugia prophecy of Shamouti Island--you still remember that, don't you?"

    "Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice and lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash." Ash repeats. "Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail,
    and thus the earth shall turn to ash."

    "But what does that have to do with our personas in our dreams?" Brock is confused.

    "If we ignore the last two lines about Lugia and look at the first two lines, it makes sense." Misty assures the boys.

    "Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice and lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash." Brock muses. A thoughtful look forms on his face. "I see...my persona is fire, your persona is ice, and Ash's persona is lightning..."

    Misty nods, beckoning Brock to continue. "The world upon which our personas clash is not so much the dream world per se, but the world of the bad guys in the dream world."

    "But what about Lugia?" Ash is curious.

    "Perhaps when we get to the final showdown--whenever that is--we combine our power and summon Lugia to destroy the bad guys, or something." Brock muses."But let's see what happens tomorrow night, when our personas might meet."

    Ash nudges Misty as she gets out of bed. "I still want an autograph from your persona..."

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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Dream 8: The Three Heroes Meet

    The town of Nisambi is bustling with activity as Kori arrives. For a moment, she savors the calls of the merchants, the chatter of conversation, the songs and stories of shijin, and Pokemon calls. All is well in Nisambi, just as it should be, she thinks.

    Not being one to visit the tavern, she decides to rest under a tree. But she has just gotten comfortable when one of the merchants whispers to get her attention. "Oi, Sword Goddess--I've got a tip for ya..."

    "Really? Let's hear it." Kori replies.

    "I'm sure you've heard the worrying rumors about the Kokuen sect." the man explains. "The reason why they're causin' all this trouble is because they're tinkering with evil magic--hoping to summon some hideous monster of some kind."

    "And what sort of heroes can stop them?" Kori is interested now.

    "You know the prophecy of Lugia, right?" the man asks.

    "Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice and lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash." Kori begins.

    "Bingo! You just named the three heroes that will stop the Kokuen sect." the merchant smiles. "You could be ice, and the bowyer--who some say can sing chi like a song--is said to be fire. Dunno who lightning could be, though." He lets that hang as he tends to a customer.

    Kori ponders what the merchant has said as she gets up from her spot under the tree when screams fill the air. She dashes to get a closer look, but the crowd is too large and the scene too chaotic for her to see what is going on.

    Meanwhile, Sanchi and Arashi have also heard the ruckus and hurry out to see what has happened--a variety of small oni are stealing items and setting fire to stalls and carts. "Oni..." Arashi growls, and draws his blade.

    "Wait..." Sanchi cautions. "The last thing we want is innocent bloodshed. I have a better idea."

    He then charges a ball of fire in his hands, then sings "Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul..." sending the fireball flying into the gaggle of oni and creating a barrier of fire around them. Panicked, the oni try and escape, but they are all engulfed in the circle of flames.

    Arashi is stunned at this. "The rumors were true, Sanchi! You can really sing chi!"

    Sanchi just smiles weakly. "Although I am not a master of the art yet, I can still sing some pretty strong spells such as Holy Flame Mandala."

    "Wow!" Arashi is impressed.

    The relieved crowd cheers as they disperse, allowing Kori to join the boys. "So the rumors of you singing chi were true, Master Sanchi..."

    Sanchi gasps when he sees who spoke. "The Icy Sword Goddess? Here?" He bows before Kori. "How may I be of service, my lady?"

    "I came mainly because part of a shijin's song intrigued me." Kori explains. "Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice and lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash."

    Sanchi ponders the lines for a moment. "I know not the meaning of the song, but let us find a safe place to discuss our next move."

    "An excellent idea." Kori replies.

    Just then, Arashi appears with a piece of paper in his hands, stars in his eyes. "May I have the honor of your autograph, O Icy Sword Goddess?"

    Kori just giggles. "Later, after our discussion has ended..."

    Misty is first to wake up the next morning. "Well...the three of us finally met."

    "Maybe now we're going on an epic adventure?" Ash is excited as he climbs from his bed.

    "Possibly, but what that entails, I don't know yet." Brock assures Ash. "Whatever it is, we'll find out tonight."

  19. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Dream 9: Journey to Falan

    Kori watches as the boys settle in to Sanchi's private quarters. "Everyone's here, good."

    "All of us know about the Kokuen sect's activities, and the rumors that they plan to summon a great demon into this world." Sanchi begins. "We also know that the key to stopping this from occurring lies in the sacred prophecy of Lugia."

    "My question is, what if the prophecy means not just three heroes with fire, ice, and lightning powers, but some kind of artifact or divine martial art?" Arashi suggests.

    "That is a very real possibility." Kori assures him before unrolling a map of the world. "We would not get very far if we searched here, however...so I propose we begin our quest by traveling to my hometown of Falan, and its great library."

    "We could also travel to Fusube and see the great Master Wataru." Arashi suggests. "My master says that many make the long and perilous journey there to partake of his wisdom in all matters."

    He swears he sees a smile through Kori's veil. "I know of Master Wataru, and his wisdom really is as great as your master claims." she smiles. "If our search in Falan's library comes up short, we will seek him out."

    "Falan is five days journey from here...' Arashi notes.

    "Yes, because you have to travel through the mountains to get there." Sanchi adds before getting up from the table."However, if conditions are good you can get there in three days."

    "Master?" The group is surprised by Yumi standing in the doorway. "Are you leaving on another journey again?"

    "Yes, and a very long one, at that." Sanchi replies. "We're going to Falan in hopes its library will have some information on how to stop the Kokuen sect and monster attacks..."

    "I saw your chi song!" Takuya cries as he joins Yumi in the doorway. "That was so cool!"

    "Well, I hope by the time I return, it will be even stronger." Sanchi smiles. "In the meantime, I want you to tend the shop and practice your bow making."

    "We will!" Yumi replies as Sanchi begins packing supplies--food, camping supplies, his own bow and a variety of arrows, and Akaihono.

    The party departs Nisambi early the next morning, and for a while, the walk is quiet. Then, the quiet grates on Kori's nerves. "Surely there's something we could talk about, or you could tell me a tale from this area, or sing a song--or something!"

    "Well, there was a song I heard on the road once about a maid trying to marry a soldier, and he says he can't marry her because he lacks some clothing or another." Sanchi suggests. "So after buying him a complete outfit, only then does he tell her he already has a wife!"

    Arashi bursts out laughing. "The poor maid!"

    Kori giggles as well. "By all means, please sing it!"

    "Well, I am no shijin, but here goes..." After clearing his throat and humming a note to make sure he is in tune, Sanchi sings "Oh soldier, soldier, will you marry me now?
    With a hey, and a ho, and the sound of a drum...
    Oh no, fair maid, I cannot marry you
    For I have no stockings to put on

    So she went to the shop, as quick as she could run,
    With a hey, and a ho, and the sound of a drum...
    And she bought him a pair of the very very best
    Saying 'Here, my good man, put these on..."

    Arashi and Kori listen as the soldier claims to need sandals, bracers,a yukata (and an obi to tie on it), and a hat before telling the maid he is already married. The laughter as the soldier reveals the truth echoes down the road...

    Ash giggles as he climbs out of bed. "Our dreamsonas are finally off on an adventure!"

    "I didn't know that song about the soldier and the maiden would be popular in the dream world, too." Misty agrees as she joins Ash in the hallway

    "To be fair, I HAVE been playing it a lot..." Brock notes. "But I never imagined it would be a hit in the dream world as well."

    "It doesn't help that Pikachu and Azurill constantly ask you to play it every time you get the guitar out." Ash adds as he goes to brush his teeth...
  20. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "Oh, those tacos were delicious!" Ash smiles, savoring the memory of the night's dinner as he climbs in bed.

    "I don't know, they say you have weird dreams if you eat spicy food too close to bedtime..." Misty cautions. "How the jalepeños will affect our dreamsonas, I don't know..."

    "Relax..." Brock assures Misty. "I know Ash can't handle too much heat, so I didn't make his very spicy."

    "Okay...but don't come running to me when that habeñero salsa you ate affects the dream world." Misty sighs.

    "I may enjoy the occasional habeñero every now and again, but I'm not eating a Gastly chile even if my life depended on it." Brock mutters. "Let's get to bed." The others agree, and soon fall asleep...

    Dream 10: The Girl Who Dreams of Adventure

    The sounds of Akaihono playing a peaceful melody drift over the hills as the group walks along the road--Kori leads the way, Sanchi is not far behind, playing Akaihono all the while, and Arashi walks by his side.

    Just then, Kori spots a young girl with neatly braided lavender hair reading a book beneath a tree. "Good day, young lady!" she calls to her.

    The girl looks up from her book and smiles. "Well met, O Icy Sword Goddess! Where are you and your companions bound?"

    "We are traveling to my hometown of Falan." Kori replies.

    "Falan--Father says a great library stands there, filled with books of all kinds." the girl sighs. "Oh, Arceus forgive me for forgetting my manners! My name is Chiyuki--I live in the village up ahead." With that, she points out a small town off in the distance. "It may not look like much, but you'll at least find a place to rest and buy supplies for your journey."

    She sighs as she admires Akaihono. "I wish I could learn to wield a weapon or sing chi like the heroes in my stories..." she muses, referring to her book.

    "Learning to wield a weapon or sing chi is not as easy as it is in stories." Arashi cautions. "It takes months, if not years, of hard work and training to fight well."

    Sanchi nods in agreement. "This is why I try and play my flute every day, so my chi arts grow stronger. Even the simplest children's song is enough to hone my skills."

    A howl in the distance gets his attention. "Mightyenas!"

    Arashi draws his blade as Chiyuki watches a pack of Mightyenas come bounding up the hill. "Get ready!"

    Kori nocks an arrow and kneels in the grass as the Mightyenas approach. But before they can attack Chiyuki, she fires. "Sitting Cross-legged on the Temple Steps!"

    "Raikou Leaping to Attack!" Arashi jumps at a Mightyena lunging to attack Chiyuki, delivering a hard slash to its stomach, killing it.

    "Moltres Rising from the Ashes..." Sanchi commands before singing Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... conjuring a wave of fire that catches the Mightyenas off guard, burning many of them. One Mightyena is angered at Sanchi's spell, and scratches his left arm as retaliation.

    Kori notices Sanchi rubbing his arm in pain. "Crystals Falling From the Sky!" she calls as she fires another arrow, which then splits into many icicle shards, which then fly into more of the Mightyenas.

    Meanwhile, Sanchi musters enough strength to retrieve his own bow and ready an arrow of his own. "Embers Falling from Entei's Mane!" The burning arrow is enough to burn the Mightyena charging at Chiyuki, buying Arashi time to kill it with a well timed slash.

    Suddenly, Arashi his knocked to the ground by a Mightyena pouncing on him, sending his sword flying several inches into the grass. He throws off the angry Mightyena in an attempt to retrieve his weapon, but before he can, more Mightyenas surround him.

    Then he hears Sanchi sing a different song: Karuto, iichiida shou... He then feels warm as a purple aura surrounds him, Kori, and Sanchi. After taking a few steps backwards, he runs and grabs his sword in a matter of seconds--so quickly, in fact, all Kori and Chiyuki can see is a blur!

    The Mightyenas bite and swipe at Arashi, Kori, and Sanchi all the while, but all their desprate attacks miss--the threesome are moving too fast for them, thanks to Sanchi's song.

    Kori takes advantage of her newfound speed to attack! "Cry of the Moon!"

    The Mightyenas are caught off guard by the attack, sending three of them flying from the spin slash. The pack leader, seeing how the pack is no match for the three adventurers, leads the remainder of the pack into the forest to safety.

    "It worked! They're running away!" Chiyuki smiles as the Mightyena retreat. "I know not where you're going or how you trained your arts, but I think you're just like an adventurer in my tales. And after seeing you guys protect me, i want to learn to use a weapon more than ever!"

    "Surely the village has a weaponmaster?" Kori asks as she gathers up her bow and sheathes her sword.

    "There is--Father feels that it isn't 'proper for a girl to wield a weapon, but he needs SOMEONE to watch the house while he is away." Chiyuki explains. "So I will be that someone!"

    "Who knows?" Sanchi smiles as the trio turn to leave. "Maybe you'll have a story written about you one day."

    Chiyuki giggles, giddy at the thought. "At any rate, thanks for your help, and Arceus' blessings on your journey!" She waves goodbye as the trio departs, Sanchi playing Akaihono once again...

    "Well, good afternoon, everyone." Misty yawns as she wakes up. "I don't know if it was the jalepeños in last night's dinner or what, but I dreamt we were protecting a girl from wild Mightyenas...."

    She notices Brock humming an oddly peaceful melody in his sleep. "Hey...it's past noon!"

    "It is?" Brock wakes up with a jump and notices the clock reads 12:30. "I don't know what it was we were dreaming about, but it had to be good for us to sleep till noon!"

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