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The HGSS Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by .VALO., Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. .VALO.

    .VALO. Well-Known Member

    ~The Rules~​

    * Don't attempt to trade here
    * Don't spam
    * Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, four good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail.

    - Was wondering if a mod would make this official? Edit the title if that's the case. Not sure if I'm allowed to make this thread or not tbh but I couldn't find one so I guess I'll start...

    I started my game (in Japanese with a minor English patch for item names and battles -_-) and chose Cyndaquil as my starter. Followed through with the usual routine and made my way to Violet City to clear Sprout Tower and obtain my first Gym badge. Caught a Hoothoot on the way and decided I'd be using only Cyndaquil and Hoothoot for now, saw the annoying girl with the Marill and obtained the Vs Recorder, trained both Hoothoot and Cyndaquil in the Sprout Tower and obtained HM70 Flash, got them to level 12 and made my way to the Violet Gym after a quick visit to the Pokémon center. Smashed the two Gym trainers and spent a while going back and forth with Falkner and his Roosting Pidgeotto. Eventually Cyndaquil managed to burn the bird with Ember and it wasn't long before I took him down to a red slice of HP and the burn damage dealt the final blow. I obtained a Zephyr badge and TM51 Roost as proof of my victory and reward. Healed up at the center, got my Pal Pad and FC, saved the game and powered off for now.
  2. smartie

    smartie Well-Known Member

    FINALLY! I pmed Serebii and Erik Destler about this. I really hope this one or a next one will become the official one.

    I also started my game(HG) and started with Totodile. I just beat Falkner and got the egg. I'm about to get a lil Ratata for Rock Smash(I think that is the HM I got from some guy)

    My team is:
    Totodile, lv. 15.
    He is a great fighter an my favourite of this team!
    Butterfree, lv. 10.
    He is so cute! I can't wait till it learns some better attacks.
    Pidgey, lv. 13.

    It's a great game!
  3. alteredegoX

    alteredegoX Sophi so silleh~

    HG: Currently in GoldenRod to now I have a second DS with me to transfer over my Pikachu coloured Pichu and my event Arceus :D Just did the bug catching contest, didn't place with my Beedrill though. My Teddiursa was getting too badly damaged from being poisoned so I had to give in and end the contest :(

    About to go and battle Whitney in a moment anyway.
  4. Riano Ostergarro

    Riano Ostergarro Hi I'm Brüno!

    HG: Currently in GoldenRod as well. I just battled Whitney and my team is shaping up to be very good. :)

    Togetic Level 22
    Croconaw Level 22
    Jumpluff Level 27
    Sudowoodo Level 21
  5. alteredegoX

    alteredegoX Sophi so silleh~

    I'm not so far on my SS though, only just gotten to just before Faulkner (his hotness keeps me standing infront of him for hours!) but my team isn't bad so far

    Quilava Lv 17
    Furret Lv 14
    Gligar Lv 16 (i traded an egg over)

    Bayleef Lv 23
    Teddirusa Lv 21
    Pichu lv 30 (the pikachu coloured)
    Arceus lv 100 (only temporary there)

    I've also just received an e-mail from my japanese friend that he can send me another of the Pichu's for my HG ^_^ I'm even happier now.

    EDIT: the cut scene when doing the Arceus event...it looks soo amazing! I never thought something that looked that good would be in any DS game, guess I was wrong :D
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2009
  6. Pachirissu!!

    Pachirissu!! I gots me a Pikachu.

    Well, I just began playing my SS again and so far I've got a Quilava level 27, Flaaffy level 25, Butterfree level 22 which I'm training atm, and a Pidgeotto level 19, also being trained. I'm at Ecruteak City, and just released the dogs. Gonna train my Butterfree at the Ghost Gym now, since it has Confusion and is Super Effective on about everything there. When it hits 25 I'll train my Pidgeotto some more and resume my journey, on to Olivine City. I also got HM04 from the hiker east of Ecruteak. And I found out what the orange dressed man in the Pokémart did, lol. Got about 20 berries from him, and some other item.
  7. I'm quite far behind, I've been playing other games too D:
    I'm playing the Japanese version of Heart Gold until Soul Silver comes out in English (still a long time...) I chose Cyndaquil as my starter. I'm just outside Violet City, training my Caterpie so that it can evolve into Butterfree >:3
  8. ArchangelUnmei

    ArchangelUnmei Shiny Cottonball!

    Playing Soul Silver, starter Totodile. Still in Cherrygrove, because I'm busy farming Pokemon and items from my PokeWalker. XD
  9. PikaYou

    PikaYou Well-Known Member

    I can't even passed the first town I need cut! I can't read the darn Japanese.
  10. Ash^_^

    Ash^_^ I got a feeling...

    currently starting my journey and i cant understand japanese!
  11. LizzyLiz

    LizzyLiz Member

    Playing Soul Silver right now, Heart Gold isn't here yet (My own game... rom dumped on the computer... I guess that is what you would call it, because my original DS is only has a working right, up, a, and R and a touch screen that doesn't registers.)

    Anywho, chose Cynty (SunCe) and went through the game some (Mr. Forceyouaroundtowntoshowyoustuffandtellyouhowslowyouaresohegivesyoutherunningshoes was awhile, but equipping your running shoes to the touch screen instead of holding a button is a nice touch.) Caught a Seneret (HMSlv) and been leveling him up some... so he can evolve into a Furret. Went through Sprout Tower with ease, and Falkner got his butt kicked, and I have saved in a Pokemon Center, and I plan on atleast getting an Unown if the Ruins of Alph is where it should be. ^_^; )
  12. Crobat_Curse

    Crobat_Curse Well-Known Member

    Okay, I've just started SoulSilver today, hence why I'm only at Violet City. I'm in Sprout tower at the moment, training Ekans (that thing is a pain in the arse to level up.) Oh, does anyone have any idea where the move relearner is? I'd quite like the elemental fangs for Arbok when she evolves. Anyway, I chose Totodile as my starter. Well actually, I picked Chikorita initially, but changed my mind since I wanted Vileplume later on in the game. Caught a Pidgey, since I usually opt for Hoothoot or Murkrow (speaking of which, does anyone know if it's available in Johto?) as my primary flying-type. Not much else to say really; about to face Falkner, and then possibly train some more.


    Totodile;; Level 14
    Brave, Torrent
    ~ Scratch
    ~ Bite
    ~ Leer
    ~ Water Gun

    Pidgey;; Level 13
    Jolly, Tangeled Feet
    ~ Gust
    ~ Tackle
    ~ Sand Attack
    ~ Quick Attack

    Ekans;; Level 13
    Adamant, Intimidate
    ~ Poison Sting
    ~ Glare
    ~ Bite
    ~ Wrap

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2009
  13. Dragard

    Dragard I wasn't even there.

    I've obtained 3 badges and headed towards the fourth. I noticed Bill was in the Pokemon center like before, so I decided to go get myself a Eevee. Yay! Now I need a female timid one, so it's breeding time, good thing my Quilava can breed with it =]

    I also caught a female level 13 Scyther in the Bug Catching contest, but I didn't even win 3rd place. I kept it though.

    Now I'm in Goldenrod breeding for an Eevee and later gonna breed for an Adamant Scyther =] (Scyther following you is awesome).
  14. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to capture a scyther for my bug-catching contests. I don't remember if this was in the old bug-catching contest but apparently we can now use our pokemon to atttack the opposing pokemon and not knowing I chose togetic, and its hp wasn't full from the start so. Thankfully, from what I can read, the only attacking move sycther has atm is false swipe lol
  15. Dragard

    Dragard I wasn't even there.

    Ah, it also has Pursuit! It used it before on my Quilava =[
  16. buddhaspirit

    buddhaspirit Member

    Started a game on SoulSilver a few hours ago when my copy of the game finally came in. :D I chose cyndaquil as my starter as usual and breezed through the first few parts of the game. I just made it to Ecruteak city and saw Bill in the pokemon center. I really wanted a scyther so I am currently in the bug catching contest, hoping to find one.

    My team so far:
    Quilava (Exia)
    Lv. 28

    Sentret (HMNUB)
    Lv. 5 HM slave. woo

    Since I only have one DS available, I'm currently unable to send over the my Arceus and pikachu that I received from a friend that recently came back from Japan, which sucks because I want to check out the event with Arceus.
  17. Jessie_James

    Jessie_James I have returned!

    gonna be starting up Heart Gold now..wondering what starter I should take
  18. FilipeKC

    FilipeKC perfect storm

    So, I've officilly started SS this morning after some problems with my "stuff" LOL Anywho, now I've beaten Falkner and I'm on Ruins Of Alph training and just walking around waiting for my Togepi egg to hatch :) My Chikorita just evolved into Bayleef and my Mareep evolved into Flaaffy right after my battle with Falkner ended :D I caught a Geodude to put Rock Smash in, but I think I'm gonna train him a bit while I wait for my egg to hatch. That's it fornow, I hope it's enough :)
  19. blueguy

    blueguy used Metronome!

    I'm in Olivine City, about to leave for Cianwood. Recently, I added Vulpix to my team, and she was a ***** to train. Seriously. So, I gave up and left her at the daycare. Anyways... I love the redesign of the lighthouse; it's very cool how you can exit it, and see the stars and clouds. I lovelovelove Jasmine's Gym as well. Here is my super sexy team:

    ;159; Tutu [F, 26]
    ;162; Ring [F, 27]
    ;180; Fluff [F, 27]
    ;176; Kiss [F, 26]
    ;037; Pixy [F, 26]
  20. Erik Destler

    Erik Destler cool cool cool

    Remaking an official version.
    Sorry kiddo.
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