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The Hidden ones Redux Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Tokyo Oranges, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Well, one of the things I was thinking off is if they are knocked out, they're obviously not going to be able to fight. However, that could make them sitting ducks, 'specially with Dr. Grey around, and if only one of them faints. But it's up to you really.

    Oh, and on the note of Feathers providing a distraction, if that does happen Nova will probably dart after and surprise attack whoever it is with a nice, powerful V-Create or something similar.
  2. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    Well, if they don't have brilliant braking abilities, you could get them dunked in the water near the entrance to the Hall of Memories.

    Also, the Hall of Memories could be the place where they can find a lead to their plates/gems. The place would also be an anti-beast place.

    And as for finding the plates and gems, I think they should be in places or past guardians that can only be defeated by the Hidden One of the plate/gem's type. (eg. Feathers is in the sky, where you need abnormal flying abilities to survive in, Mensa's is past a psychically-responsive wall and Silver's requires a password in the language of rock).
  3. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Hm well this was my plan.

    In the midst of the battle venus would come in and try to stop them, this would distract Velen and essentially in the future bring him back to our side.

    Then he loses control as Lucio attacks him once again. Then later on, the an attack by Velen would almost hit Nova but Lucio's brotherly love will kick in and he take control for a second and go in the way of the attack leaving Lucio fainted. Then Feathers or Nova can try to stop Velen before he goes on to attack Lilycove.

    Is that a good idea?
  4. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    Well Silver, Bo, and Adam have to get past Regigigas and then perform certain tasks in the chambers beyond. And maybe those challenges you mention could be like the doors to the chambers themselves, in which case I have a brilliant idea for Bo. Adam's will work a bit differently as what I mention in the spoiler on the previous page will occur.
  5. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    Yeah, but there's one problem: beating a Hidden One isn't easy. Beating a beast forme is gonna be near impossible, without a lot of help.

    Awesome. I say we go and get the plates and stuff after the rescues are completed. I'd also assume the Hidden Ones would have to lie low for a while after these savings, as they've caused a lot of damage to structure and people.
  6. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Well I have a solution for that too.

    Considering Lucio is already badly hurt by another beast form's attack, he will faint after a continuation of the fight and a critical hit by Velen.

    On the other hand, with Velen, it will take some force to take him down even though he has been a little hurt by Lucio's attacks.

    I know it is not full proof but with the help of my fellow hidden ones, it can succeed.
  7. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I really do like your idea Yanmega. And while it would be difficult to defeat Velen, there are a few things which could give us the advantage. One, as both Nova and Feathers have wings, they should have a speed advantage over Velen, allowing them to dodge his attacks while attacking from afar. And Dr. Grey is there too, with his Pokemon. That would mean it would be... what, nine onto one? With two of them being gods? I honestly think that would just tip it in our favor.

    And of course, Lucio has dealt some damage against Velen, so yeah. And if all else fails, Feathers and/or Nova could switch into Beast Form. In other words, I think it's very much possible.

    Well, the Splash Plate was originally going to be in Manaphy's underwater city, where only powerful water types could reach, but due to a bit of a fight Manaphy and the People of Water once got into ages ago, it's ended up in that forest. The Flame Plate will probably be in one of the Volcano's, not quite sure yet.

    Oh, and on a completely random note: Pokemon Abilities. What would your Hidden Ones ability be? Well, for Nova, her ability would have to be something exclusive to her when she doesn't have wings. Probably a fire type version of Volt Absorb - Flame Absorb. When she has wings, her ability would be levitate. Kane's would be Multiscale, just to give him a bit more of a reason to explain why he survived his battle with Kyorge, Manaphy and a whole bunch of Phiones.
  8. Shuckle

    Shuckle EverydayI'mShucklin'

    In the event that no-one has noticed, Violet joined the fray, under my direction. I presume that KS is on holiday, but unfortunately I will be, too, until 8 Aug. That doesn't sound like a lot, but six days to the 30th and then eight more days adds up to two weeks. Ouch.

    On that note, don't trust Dr. Gray around unconscious Hidden Ones. He's...eh...spurious, shall we say. He has Venomoth and a Budew with him currently, but in a minute Beldum will have woken everyone up and they'll attack.

    Since Dr. Gray is fighting for justice, does that mean he'll be any stronger? No. Since he is fighting with the Hidden Ones as well as his own pokes, will he have an astronomical chance of winning? Absolutely! As long as nobody is too uncooperative, that is.
  9. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    It all makes sense now. About 8-9 on 1 shouldn't be too difficult.

    Silver would be Sturdy. And potentially a special mix between Wonder Guard, Sturdy and Battle Armour when he's a beast.

    Mensa... I don't know, maybe Forewarn or Wonder Skin. Something like that. As a beast, he'd have those two, probably with Regenerator, Aftermath and Cursed Skin.

    As a side note, theoretically they'd all have the beast-changing powers as part of their ability, I'd say. And they'd have a lot as beasts. Crazy uber-powerful maniacal god-Pokemon go!
  10. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    Bo's ability would be either Technician or a variant of Levitate which blocks fire-type moves I call Permafrost. In beast form he gets Permafrost, Rough Skin ("icicles" is all I'm going to say to that), No Guard, and a freeze variation on Poison Point/Touch. Mech Adam has Levitate in normal form and Superlaser (Iron fist for energy attacks like hyper beam, flash cannon, etc.) in beast as well as Sturdy. Boy Adam's evo will get Heavy Metal.

    And I'm cool with an epic throwdown in Lilycove. Just nobody get captured, so we can embark on the epic quest for the plates.
  11. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    I'd assume that we'll be lying low and finding plates and gems. Hall of Memories first though. All legendaries (and you're kidding yourself if you assume god Pokemon don't count as legendaries or better) have to go there, and it can show them where their plates and gems are, roughly.
  12. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Aura, so did that V-create actually hit Velen?

    Once that is answered I'll initiate my own post as well.
  13. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    Brilliant. More combat. I'll get a post done later. But I'm confused about what's happened/ is happening in Lilycove.

    So Dr. Gray's gone off with the beasts, Bo's about to freeze the base like a crazy Ice person, and we need to flee to survive. Apart from that, if there's anything else, please enlighten me.
  14. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Apart from Lucio and Velen about to end their battle and Velen about to go against the other Hidden Ones. I am not sure if there is anything else.
  15. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    And, seeing its pertinence to Mensa, the Adams are busting out of the prison Mensa's at. Just have him run to the source of the crash, a very sturdy and secure prison cell, blast that open, and find a Flash Cannon gun pointed at his face, only to be removed due to Mensa being an ally. That's really it right now.
  16. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    That's up to you. I started RPing on a site where your opponent decided whether they got hit or not, so it gave them a chance to defend themselves. I still try to stick by those rules, so you can decide whether it hit him or not. I haven't mentioned what happened to Venus either, so you can do whatever you had planned for her and Velen too.
  17. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    A few things:

    -If you haven't already guessed, Alknop is a completely made-up name until someone can think of a better name. Only Pokemon understand it.
    -If any of you decide to be in the Lilycove base, flee.
    -If someone could come and break the Lilycove base after Bo and the other Ice Pokemon have left, it would be appreciated. Velen or Lucio could come along and fly into it, if you wish, Yanmegamaster.

    And the last words in my post sum everything up.
  18. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    @Lucario God 1

    There is still that hole in Dr. Grey's lab that Velen made in beast form you could use. Either way, Velen and Lucio are off all the way on the other side of Lilycove city.

    Velen could however crash into the Lilycove base once the battle is over and he is rampaging through the city.

    By the way, when Lucio gets knocked out, don't leave him there. No offence to Starstruck but I'd rather not Lucio get captured just yet. haha.
  19. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Nova could carry him away with Psychic, provided he's not too big for her to take control of... And destroying Lilycove sounds like fun!

    So, Loki, I think that means Dr. Grey has Violet's Masterball... I think...
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2011
  20. Lucario God 1

    Lucario God 1 Master of Lucario

    Okay, now I'm more confused than normal. So Violet's not at Lilycove?

    And Yanmega, if everyone fails to stop Velen, remember there's a nice, freezing and all-too-brittle base for Velen to just miraculously fly into. =P

    Loki, I'd assume that Bo was using some sort of Telepathy to talk to Silver, as he was evacuating as well. Even if he's made of rock, he's still not too good with the cold.

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