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The Hoenn of Hoenness- PG13

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Nice chapter MM would scan for errors but CBA. I take it this will be like Emerald and have both teams?

Also will Max be getting any Pokémon and will Jack get a gulpin/swalot?
loving Max's denial that he's in a fabric. Just get 3.3 to talk and sow him (standing back so he doesn't get sick at Motor B drinking pop up blood!)

Both teams will certainly be involved in one way or another, though I have yet to make a final decision as far as Team Aqua's involvement.

Max MIGHT get a Pokémon. It's something I'm considering.

As for Jack, Gulpin is a definite possibility. I won't say any more than that at this point.

And don't worry, Jack's not finished trying to convince Max that he's in a fanfic.

Haven't had time to work on the next chapter, and my weekend might be pretty busy. It's hard to say at this point when the next chapter will be out, but rest assured, it'll get done.


Experienced Trainer
I'm going to be honest, I never thought I'd see the day that Missingo. Master would decide to continue the most epic of quests. Sign me up for that PM list M.M. You know I wouldn't miss this for anything!


It's back! The first fan fiction series I ever read is being continued. Thank you, Missingno., for this fantastic story. I'm looking forward to new chapters, looks great so far. Please add me to the PM list!

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
I'm going to be honest, I never thought I'd see the day that Missingo. Master would decide to continue the most epic of quests. Sign me up for that PM list M.M. You know I wouldn't miss this for anything!

It's back! The first fan fiction series I ever read is being continued. Thank you, Missingno., for this fantastic story. I'm looking forward to new chapters, looks great so far. Please add me to the PM list!

You've both been added to the PM list. :) Glad to see Adventure of Adventureness fans returning!

Not so glad, however, to report that I haven't had much in the way of time to work on the next chapter. I should have a lot of free time tomorrow/later today (depending on your time zone- it's 9:12 PM Monday night where I am, for your reference), however, so if I'm fortunate enough to have inspiration to go along with that, we just might be looking at a new chapter by Wednesday.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Just an update- as it turns out, today and yesterday were far busier for me than I could have anticipated. I had almost no time for myself, and the little time I did have, I lacked the inspiration to write. :( I'm hoping tomorrow (or later today, for those of you whose timezones already put you in Thursday) will give me as much free time as I'm hoping it will, and just as much motivation and inspiration for writing.

I did have some spare time earlier, and while I was inspired, it was not to write. Instead, I got this done;

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Chapter 6: Wally Catches A Pokémon
The trio continued their march through the Petalburg Woods, large trees lining the twisting, turning path.

"Ugh, how much more of this damn forest do we gotta go through?" Jack complained. "It feels like we've been in here for weeks! Like a certain author's been too busy with a certain video game to sit down and friggin' write something!"

Max gave Jack a look. "OK, it was funny at first, but there's such a thing as taking a joke too far," he said.

Jack glared right back at Max. "I'll tell you again for what I hope to be the final time," he growled. "I am not joking!"

"Yeah, right," scoffed Max. "You still expect me to believe that we're all just characters in some work of fiction-"

"Hey," interrupted the Pokénav. "Everybody shut up a second."

Jack turned and focused his glare on the device in Max's hands. "I will shut up when I'm good and ready," he hissed. "Not when some piece of-"

"Will you just listen?" the Pokénav snapped. "There's a Pokémon nearby, it's in the grass off to your left."

Jack, Misty, and Max simultaneously looked to their left. Sure enough, something was moving around in the tall grass, though they couldn't tell what.

"It appears to be a Shroomish," reported the Pokénav, displaying an image of a beige and green mushroom on the screen. "It also appears to know the move Drain Punch."

"Drain Punch?" Jack repeated skeptically, looking at the image of the decidedly arm-less Shroomish on the screen. "With what? I mean, Diglett and Scratch is one thing, but..."

At that moment, however, any discussion on the Shroomish was rendered moot, for it fled into a nearby cluster of trees and shrubs, driven away by a screaming sound that was coming up behind the trio and getting closer by the second. Jack turned just in time to see a kid who looked only somewhat older than Max run and hide behind the trio.

"Ohhh," the boy sighed, still shaking. "This is gonna be a long trip, I knew I should've asked Norman about catching a Pokémon..."

"Uh, hey," Jack interrupted. "Who are you?"

The boy jumped slightly, but turned to face Jack. "I... I'm Wally," he replied in a timid voice. "I... I live in Petalburg City, but-" At that point, Wally stopped to cough. "I- my parents, they want me to go and stay with my aunt and- and uncle in Verdanturf Town." Wally paused yet again to cough. "B-but the thing is, I didn't... I didn't think the journey would b-be this scary... I should've asked Norman for help catching a Pokémon... Um... wh-who are you?"

"Name's Jack," replied Jack. "This lovely beauty is my girlfriend Misty, and this here's Max."

"Nice to meet you, Wally," Misty said kindly.

"Hey, you know what?" Max said. "How about we help you catch a Pokémon, Wally?"

Wally seemed to brighten up a bit at this idea. "Y-you mean it?" he asked. "Yeah, that- that'd be great!"

"Alright, I'll take it from here," said Jack. "Let the experienced Trainer handle this, Max. Here's what we're gonna do," he said to Wally. "I'll let you borrow my Seedot, and I'll give you a Poké Ball, and you can go at anything you find."

"Cool," Wally said, giving a small smile before coughing again.

Max, meanwhile, shot a glare at Jack. "Y'know, just because I'm too young to have a Pokémon doesn't mean I don't know how to catch one," he complained.

"I've caught dozens of Pokémon over the years, so I know what I'm doing," Jack retorted as he took Seedot's ball off his belt and an empty one out of his backpack. "Of the two of us, I got the most experience."

Max turned to Misty. "Does he always like to show off like this?"

"Well, in all fairness, he really does know his stuff," replied Misty.

"Alright, let's have a look," Jack said, glancing around the area. He could see a couple of Wurmple, several Shroomish, even a couple of ultra-lazy brown Pokémon lying in the grass. He pointed his Pokédex at those.

"Slakoth, the Slacker Pokémon," droned the device. "Slakoth is extremely lazy, and loafs around for at least 20 hours per day. Even in battle, it will only attack half as often as other Pokémon would."

"I dunno..." Wally murmured. "I... I don't think Slakoth is right for me."

"Don't friggin' blame you," nodded Jack.

"Don't underestimate Slakoth," Max said at once. "They're no pushovers."

Jack glanced at one of the Slakoth, who had spent the past two minutes repositioning its arm so it could more easily scratch its rear end. "Oh, yeah. I'm shaking," he replied sarcastically.

Max opened his mouth to retort, but his Pokénav spoke up first. "Hey," said the device. "I'm picking up something else."

"What, the Slakoth over there?" asked Jack's Pokédex. "Or maybe those Wurmple we passed? I can sense all those too, you know, so don't go thinking that you're the superior piece of machinery around here-"

"No, it's none of those," interrupted the Pokénav. "And you can cool it with the attitude too, by the way. No, this is unusual, it's something you wouldn't ordinarily see in this forest." As it spoke, a silhouette formed on the screen, looking like something small wearing a large helmet of some sort.

As if on cue, Jack turned towards a patch of tall grass off to his right, and it was rustling. Wally glanced around nervously, but then, he took the Poké Balls out of Jack's hand, and slowly tiptoed his way toward the grass.

"I wonder what it is," Max murmured almost silently.

At that moment, however, whatever it was emerged from the tall grass, peeking around timidly. It was a small, white figure, with what appeared to be an oversized green helmet on its head with red horns sticking out of the front and back. Jack took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the new Pokémon.

"Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon," droned the device. "Ralts uses its horns to sense other people's emotions. It rarely appears before people, but will draw closer to someone with a positive disposition."

Wally, meanwhile, was looking down at the Ralts, and was smiling. "Hey, I... I think I want this one," he said. "I think I'll try to catch it!"

"Go for it, then!" smiled Misty.

Wally responded by pressing the button on one of the Poké Balls he had taken from Jack, enlarging it to full size. "OK, Seedot!" he said before pausing to cough. "Let's do this!" Wally then threw the ball, and Jack's Seedot materialized in a flash of light, where it faced the wild Ralts.

"Seedot," Jack called out. "You're doing whatever Wally tells you to do for this, do I make myself clear?"

"Seedot dot," nodded Seedot.

"OK!" smiled Wally. "Seedot, use... uh... Jack, wh-what moves does Seedot have?" he whispered sheepishly. Jack facepalmed.

"Ugh... OK, OK, Seedot can use Bide, Harden, Razor Wind, and Explosion," replied Jack.

"Right," nodded Wally. "Seedot, Harden!"

"Seeeeedot!" replied Seedot as it stood perfectly still, its body seeming to gleam in the light. In response, Ralts tilted its head back, revealing a pair of eyes beneath the helmet. The eyes then glowed blue, as they released beams of light at Seedot, who tumbled backward, Harden having afforded it zero protection against the Confusion attack.

"Now use Razor Wind!" Wally commanded.

"Seeedot dot dot!" Seedot trilled as it spun around on its point underside, releasing blades of wind. These blades all honed in on Ralts, knocking it back. Already it was struggling to get back up.

"This is your chance," Jack prompted Wally.

"Wha- oh! Right!" Wally nodded. He pressed the button on the empty ball, bringing it to full size. He paused briefly to cough, and though he was looking more nervous than ever, he nevertheless heaved the sphere directly at the Ralts. "Go, Poké Ball!" Wally exclaimed as he did this.

Silence. Total silence as the ball whizzed through the air. It struck the struggling Ralts right in the helmet, split open, and pulled the Psychic/Fairy-type inside. As it snapped shut and fell to the ground, nobody said a word, the only sound being that of the Poké Ball rocking back and forth, and also Jack passing gas. And then, finally, the ball fell still with a single low-pitched ping.

Slowly, a big smile grew on Wally's face. "I... I did it. I did it! I... I caught a Pokémon!" he exclaimed. He raced over and picked up the Poké Ball, regarding it as though it was made of solid gold.

"All right, Wally!" grinned Max.

"Way to go!" added Misty.

"Not too shabby," Jack conceded.

"Thanks, you guys," Wally grinned as he handed Jack Seedot's Poké Ball. "This is so great, I won't forget this!" He then raced ahead of the trio, toward what Jack hoped to be the exit to the forest (for they were headed the same way themselves).

"You sure you'll be fine?" asked Max.

"Now that I got my own- *cough* Pokémon, yeah!" replied Wally as he got further and further away.

"Nice work, Seedot," Jack said, addressing the Grass-type still out of its ball. He crouched down to pat Seedot on the head-


Max and Misty tried to stifle their laughter (with Max being much less successful at doing so than Misty), for as Jack got close, Seedot exploded, suddenly and without any warning. "Jack, are- are you OK?" Misty asked, still stifling her laughter.

Jack silently stood up in response, having been knocked on his back by the blast. "I'm fine," he hissed in a voice which suggested he was ready to throw something. He glared down at Seedot, who was rolling around in a fit of hysterical laughter. "This is the sort of thing that should be happening to Yucky," he grumbled as he held out the Poké Ball and withdrew Seedot.

"Well, you did your best to get him to narrate this one," Misty reminded him. "He's just too busy helping Professor Juniper with her research."

"Yeah. Research," Jack smirked. "There's a word for it."

Max groaned. "So you're both in on this joke?"

"I'm gonna ignore that, for the sake of my sanity," said Jack. "Now c'mon, do we want out of this forest or what?"

"I'm with you there," conceded Max.

"Yeah, same here," added Misty. "So, Jack, do you think Rustboro Gym will let us both battle the Gym Leader simultaneously in a double battle?"

"I don't see why not," grinned Jack. "I'm hoping that's how they'll do things, anyway."

Just then, they could see light up ahead- they were getting closer to the exit! Encouraged by this, the trio broke into a run until they finally emerged from the forest, whereupon they spent the next ten minutes shielding their eyes from the unforgivingly bright sunlight.

"Gah, friggin' sun," grumbled Jack. "Well, we won't let a little thing like that stop us. Let's go, Rustboro City should be just ahead- AAAAUGH!"

For at that moment, the nearly-blinded Jack, in a horribly misguided effort to appear to know what he was doing, fell straight into a large pond. Misty ran onto the bridge not two feet to Jack's right and helped him out. "Jack, you OK?" she asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm good," grumbled Jack. "Which is more than I can say for a certain author if he keeps this crap up!" he added. At that point, however, a Wingull flying overhead took that opportunity to use Jack as a toilet. "GAAAAAAH!" he screamed in all caps.

"Maybe cool it with threatening the author?" suggested Misty. "The timing alone, I'm guessing that was a warning shot."

"I guess," conceded Jack. Then, he chuckled. "Heh, actually, if you think about it, that was more like a warning sh-"

"Language!" interrupted the Pokédex.

"*BLEEP* the language in the *BLEEP* with a *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEEEEP*ing rusty spatula!" Jack bellowed. The events of the past few minutes having done absolutely nothing to improve his mood, Jack stormed across the bridge, leading the way to the sprawling city just ahead, hoping that as far as his and Misty's upcoming Gym battle was concerned, that all this was not a sign of things to come.
End of Chapter 6.​

*Jack meets Wally.
*Jack loans his Seedot to Wally and gives him a Poké Ball.
*Wally catches a Ralts.


Experienced Trainer
So great chapter M.M., but I was wondering something. Is Jack going to get a megaring?

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
So great chapter M.M., but I was wondering something. Is Jack going to get a megaring?

You'll see. :) I have plans, let's leave it at that for now.

Next chapter won't be up too soon, unfortunately- finals are upon me, so until that's over with, I sincerely doubt I'll have the time to write. It'll be over with by Wednesday, though, so once we hit Wednesday, I'll almost certainly have the kind of time I need to work on the next chapter. We may see the next chapter in time for Christmas, but no promises.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
...Well, I did say no promises. Even so, by no means did I intend to leave it this long, so I must apologize for that. I still can't make any promises, but I will definitely try to keep the gaps between chapters a lot shorter from now on.

For you 404 Error 2 readers, worry not- I still haven't forgotten that one either. I have every intention to finish writing both stories. And now, without further ado...

Chapter 7: Something Something Stone Badge
"Oh, come on!" Jack snapped. "I could've done a better chapter title than that!"

"Hey, take it easy," said his Pokédex. "What's gotten you so worked up?"

"Well, gee, I don't know," said Jack sarcastically. "Let's think. Maybe it's the fact that we've been wandering through this Arceusdamn forest for what feels like six straight months!"

"Yeah, Petalburg Woods is pretty big," nodded Max.

"Yeah, and our author is pretty lazy," replied Misty.

Max sighed. "Again with this?" Neither Jack nor Misty bothered to respond to this, partially because they knew by now that it would take a lot more to convince him, and partially because they had just spotted what looked to be-

"-the exit! That's the exit, isn't it?" Misty asked excitedly, pointing ahead of them.

"Hot damn, I think it might be!" grinned Jack.

"That's the exit, all right," confirmed Max. At this, the trio broke out into a run, and a mere minute later, found themselves shielding their eyes from the sun, now that there were no more trees to block it out.

"Sweet!" Jack exclaimed, spotting a bunch of buildings in the distance. "And it looks like Rustboro City's just past that bridge," he added. Indeed, all that seemed to separate the trio from Rustboro City now was a small pond with a wooden bridge stretched across it. Oh, and the Trainers. Several Pokémon Trainers had noticed the trio, and a Lady closest to them already had a Poké Ball in her hand.

"Looks like you guys are gonna get challenged to some battles," Max observed.

"Yeah, not today," replied Jack. He whipped out his Pokédex and pressed a few buttons on it. Another Poké Ball appeared on his belt, which he quickly took in his hand and brought to full size. Finally, Jack threw the ball into the air. "Let's ride!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, a tremendous red insect materialized. It stood on four legs, and had two pairs of long, poisonous horns- one pair on its head, and the other on its back end. "Scolipeeeeeeede!" it bellowed.

"Whoa, a Scolipede!" breathed Max as he admired the Megapede Pokémon. "So cool!"

"Damn straight," smirked Jack. "Now climb on, we're riding the rest of the way to Rustboro."

"Great idea, Jack!" said Misty as they all climbed onto Scolipede's back. Once they were all on, Jack gave a nod, and Scolipede took off, rocketing across the land, zooming past the Trainers, and racing across the wooden bridge in no time flat. Less than a minute later, they were surrounded by large buildings, and Scolipede had come to a stop just in front of a building with a red roof- the Rustboro City Pokémon Center.

"Awesome," grinned Jack, as the trio got off of the Bug/Poison-type. "Now that's the only way to travel. Well, on land, anyway," he amended, recalling his habit to ride his Shiny Rayquaza through the sky.

Misty and Max registered their emphatic agreement with this statement as the trio entered the Pokémon Center (Jack withdrawing Scolipede in the process). There, they booked a room for the night, as the sun was beginning to set once Nurse Joy had finished treating their Pokémon. Excited though Jack and Misty were for their upcoming Gym Battle, they still fell asleep pretty quickly. Max, not so much- he spent a couple of hours that night learning for himself the value of earplugs, courtesy of Jack's snoring.

"This is it," Max confirmed the next morning, after consulting his Pokénav map. "Rustboro City Gym!" The three of them were standing before a large structure that looked more like a massive rock formation than a building.

"Excellent," grinned Jack. He and Misty exchanged identical grins, before they each pushed open one of the double doors and entered together.

The interior of Rustboro Gym was rather simple- a large, rectangular, rocky battlefield was set in the middle, surrounded on all sides by a highly polished floor. On the opposite side of the massive room, at the other end of the battlefield, there stood a young woman with brown hair in a stone-grey dress.

"Welcome to Rustboro Gym," said the woman. "My name is Roxanne- I'm the Rustboro Gym Leader, and- Max, is that you?"

"Hi, Miss Roxanne!" called Max, waving to the Gym Leader. "Good to see you again!"

Jack blinked in surprise. "You know her?" he asked Max.

Max nodded. "Mm-hmm. Don't you remember I was traveling around Hoenn before with my big sister and her friends? Well, one of her friends was collecting badges for the Hoenn League, so I've met all of Hoenn's Gym Leaders!"

"Huh. Well, OK, then," shrugged Jack. "OK," he added, turning back to Roxanne. "I am Jack Spearow of... Pallet Town, and this is Misty, my girlfriend, from Cerulean City, and the two of us are here for a Gym Battle."

Roxanne gave a small smile. "Very well," she said. "Would a Double Battle be OK? I'll use two Pokémon at once, four Pokémon in total, and each of you can use one Pokémon at a time, but you each can only use two in total. How's that sound?"

Misty shrugged. "Fine," she replied.

"Works for me," added Jack.

"Then let's begin," stated Roxanne. She produced a small remote control and pressed a button. Immediately, epic music filled the entire Gym. Then, she produced a pair of Poké Balls and tossed them into the air. "Geodude! Nosepass! I choose you!" she called out.

The Poké Balls burst open simultaneously. From one emerged a grey boulder floating in midair, with two arms and a face. The other one produced some kind of stone statue with a ridiculous orange nose. Jack pointed his Pokédex at them.

"Geodude, the Rock Pokémon," said Jack's Pokédex. "Geodude is often mistaken for an ordinary rock while at rest, and people will trip over it often. Nosepass, the Compass Pokémon. If two Nosepass meet, their magnetic noses will repel each other."

"Heh, I knew she'd use the beginner level stuff," Jack smirked, as he threw a Poké Ball. "Mudkip!"

"Misty calls Surskit!" added Misty, throwing a Poké Ball of her own.

In twin flashes of light, Jack's Mudkip and Misty's Surskit materialized, and stood before their Trainers, facing off against their Rock-type adversaries. The battle was getting ready to begin.

Roxanne made the first move. "Geodude, Rollout attack! on Surskit! Nosepass, use your Thunder Wave on Mudkip!"

"Yeah, that's not happening," smirked Jack. "Mudkip, Mud-Slap!"

"Surskit, Bubble attack!" ordered Misty.

"Sur Surskiiiiiiiit!" trilled Surskit as it fired off a powerful stream of foam from its mouth. Geodude, however, curled up into a ball and rolled right through the foam, cutting through it like a knife through extremely soapy butter, and rammed into Surskit.

"What?!" exclaimed Misty, as a spray of mud from Mudkip negated Nosepass's Thunder Wave. "How did that do nothing?"

"Ge... Geo..." panted Geodude. It was then that Jack and Misty realized that the latter had been incorrect- the Bubble did have an effect.

"Oh, it worked, alright, but my Geodude is far too good to be taken out by a single attack," smirked Roxanne. "Far too Sturdy, you might even say."

"That'd do it," groaned Jack. "Sturdy lets a Pokémon endure a move that ought to have taken it out in one hit. Mudkip, use your Water Gun!" he added.

"Mud... KIIIIIIIIP!" bellowed Mudkip, firing off a jet of water from its mouth. Nosepass groaned uncomfortably as it took the attack in the face, but was still standing when the attack ended.

Roxanne gave a small smirk. "So, you think this is just amateur hour, do you? You think you'll win on type advantage alone? Well, we'll just see. Now, Geodude, Rock Polish! And Nosepass! Discharge!"

"No, no, no no nose... Nosepass!" exclaimed Nosepass, as its body crackled with electricity. Then, blasts of electricity flew off it in all directions, causing Surskit and Mudkip to scream in pain. Geodude was also within range of the Electric move, but being a Ground-type, wasn't even feeling it as its body started to look highly polished.

"Surskit, are you OK?!" Misty exclaimed.

"Mudkip, you still good?" asked Jack.

Slowly, shakily, and slightly smoking, but surely, Surskit and Mudkip got back to their feet. Though Discharge had clearly done a number on them, they were still in the game.

"Geodude! Tackle!" ordered Roxanne.

"Mudkip, Water Gun!" Jack commanded.

But before Mudkip even opened its mouth, Geodude zoomed across the battlefield, and rammed into Mudkip at high speeds, stopping the Water Gun before it even started.

"What in the hell?!" Jack exclaimed. "What the- how is it so-"

"Rock Polish," interrupted Jack's Pokédex. "Geodude's a lot faster after using that move."

"Damn it!" grunted Jack.

Misty, however, wasn't fazed. "Surskit, Quick Attack!" she ordered.

"Skiiiiiiiiiiiit!" replied Surskit, as it raced across the battlefield at blinding speeds. Before Geodude could react, the Quick Attack struck it, and pathetically weak though such a move ought to be on a Geodude, it was nevertheless sufficient to take out what little bit of health Geodude still had remaining after Sturdy kicked in, and Geodude slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Mudkip, now! Water Gun!" exclaimed Jack.

"Wha- Nosepass, look out!" Roxanne began, but it was too late- the second aquatic onslaught proved to be too much, and Nosepass fell backwards with an earth-shaking thud, unconscious.

"Well, that's two down," grinned Misty.

"Just two to go," added Jack.

"I'd be careful, guys," Max advised them as Roxanne withdrew Geodude and Nosepass. "Gym Leaders tend to save their best for last, and last I saw Roxanne, Nosepass was her strongest. If she's got something even stronger than Nosepass up her sleeve, this battle could get tough."

"Oh, we can handle this," Jack assured him. Then, he turned back to face Roxanne, only to see that she had just sent out two more Pokémon. One of them was a large, green beast that stood tall and looked capable of destroying cities. The other was a four-legged creature made of dark blue rock, which shook the ground whenever it stomped.

"Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pupitar," said Jack's Pokédex. "When Tyranitar goes on one of its rampages, maps must be redrawn afterwards. Gigalith, the Compressed Pokémon, and the evolved form of Boldore. Gigalith can convert sunlight into a powerful beam strong enough to destroy mountains."

"...Oh, hell, no," Jack said at length. "You pull out a friggin' Tyranitar and Gigalith on-"

"What, you think I mistook you two for rookie Trainers?" chuckled Roxanne. "Give me some credit here- I'm a Gym Leader, not some Oldale Town Pokémart clerk. What, the Kanto region's hero and the former Gym Leader of Cerulean City walk into my Gym and don't think I'm gonna recognize them and go all-out against them?"

Jack and Misty exchanged looks. "She's got a point," admitted Misty.

"Yeah," sighed Jack. "I'm thinking we should switch out."

Misty nodded, then held out Surskit's Poké Ball. "Surskit, return!" she said.

"Come back, Mudkip!" Jack said, holding out Mudkip's Poké Ball. Once the two Water-types were safely back in their spherical confines, each Trainer produced another Poké Ball and threw it. "Scolipede!" Jack exclaimed.

"Misty calls Jellicent!" added Misty.

In twin flashes of light, the new Pokémon appeared. Jack's Scolipede stood tall as usual as it stared down its rocky adversaries, and from Misty's Poké Ball emerged a bright green jellyfish with frilly tentacles and a very large, very impressive mustache. As Jellicent appeared, blue stars swirled around it, as one would expect to see with a Shiny.

Just then, Tyranitar's eyes flashed briefly, and winds began to whip up in the Gym, sending sand flying all around the battlefield.

"Tyranitar's Sand Stream!" Max exclaimed. "I've never seen it in action before!"

"Oh, yeah, real impressive!" Jack snarled sarcastically. "Scolipede! Hit Tyranitar with Megahorn!"

"Jellicent!" Misty called. "Attack Gigalith with Hydro Pump!"

"Scolipeeeeeede!" bellowed Scolipede as it charged forward, its large antennae glowing a bright green. Meanwhile, Jellicent gave an echoing bellow as it fired off a high-pressure stream of water from somewhere behind its magnificent mustache.

Roxanne merely smirked. "Tyranitar, Gigalith, double Rock Slide!" she commanded.

The pair of Rock-types roared loudly, their eyes glowing red. And then, numerous red circles materialized in midair above Scolipede and Jellicent (the ones above Scolipede constantly staying in motion to keep up with it). And then, a number of large rocks fell through each hole, burying both Pokémon. Scolipede was forced to stop, while Jellicent's Hydro Pump was cut short- only a few drops of water splashed on Gigalith, who gave a deep, rumbling chuckle in response.

Jack and Misty scowled as their Pokémon attempted to extricate themselves from the piles of large rocks. They managed to do so, but were looking decidedly weaker. In fact, Jack could almost swear they were looking weaker by the second.

"Jack, Misty, the Sandstorm!" Max exclaimed. "It harms any Pokémon that isn't a Rock-type, a Steel-type, or a Ground-type, or doesn't have the Abilities Sand Veil, Sand Force, or Sand Rush!"

"That figures," grumbled Jack. "Scolipede, we better get this wrapped up, and fast! Use Megahorn now!"

"Jellicent, Energy Ball!" Misty added.

The pair of Pokémon went to attack again. And this time, Scolipede successfully rammed into Tyranitar, knocking it on its back with the powerful super effective move. Gigalith, however, looked surprisingly resilient in the face of the Energy Ball that struck it.

"Wha?" Misty exclaimed. "But Gigalith should have taken major damage from that move!"

"Gigalith's a Rock-type, so it is weak to Grass," confirmed Max. "But, a Sandstorm also boosts the Special Defense of Rock-types, so special attacks won't hit it as hard as usual."

"Correct, Max," smirked Roxanne. "That's what you two get for thinking you can pull a fast one on me, trying to make me think you're rookie Trainers, underestimating a Gym Leader."

"Yeah, well, don't you underestimate us," Jack snapped. "You're still facing a former Gym Leader and the hero of Kanto, don't forget. Scolipede, Earthquake attack!"

"Jellicent, Protect!" Misty cried out.

Almost immediately, a shimmering green sphere materialized all around the Shiny Jellicent as Scolipede stomped hard on the battlefield. Before Roxanne could give an order, the entire Gym shook. Tyranitar and Gigalith lost their footing and collapsed to the ground. Jellicent was completely unaffected- although its floating in midair suggested that it ought not be affected in any case, Jack had once witnessed a Cubone's Bone Club pass through a Gyarados with no effect, purely because Flying-types are immune to Ground moves, so he knew better than to think real world logic applied in every instance.

However, Tyranitar and Gigalith were already getting back to their feet. "You both OK?" Roxanne asked. As the pair of Rock-types nodded, she grinned again. "OK, let's get serious. Tyranitar, Dark Pulse! Gigalith, Stone Edge!"

"Jellicent, Hydro Pump!" Misty ordered.

"Scolipede, use Megahorn!" said Jack.

However, as Jellicent let its Hydro Pump fly, Tyranitar stepped in front of Gigalith and unleashed a barrage of sinister black rings which cut through the Hydro Pump like a knife through extremely wet butter. Jellicent gave an echoing groan as the super effective Dark move struck it, and it gently fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, a barrage of sharpened stones were flying from Gigalith right at the Scolipede charging towards Tyranitar. Though it lowered its head and attempted to fight its way through the onslaught, the rocks proved relentless, forcing the Megapede Pokémon to collapse.

"No!" exclaimed Jack and Misty simultaneously- Scolipede and Jellicent had both fainted. As this happened, however, the sandstorm finally started to ease up, until not a single grain of sand was flying around anymore.

"Well, at least the Sandstorm stopped," Jack grumbled as he withdrew Scolipede.

"But we didn't really do much to those two," added Misty as she withdrew Jellicent. "And considering what we have to work with..."

"I'd say you have approximately a 95% chance of being utterly screwed," Max chimed in.

"Well, we gotta try it," sighed Misty as she threw a Poké Ball. "Misty calls Surskit!"

"Mudkip!" Jack exclaimed, also throwing a Poké Ball. Mudkip and Surskit re-emerged, though neither one of them looked especially pleased to see what they were up against.

"Surskit, we've got to try," Misty encouraged the Pond Skater Pokémon. "Quick Attack!"

"Mudkip, Mud-Slap!" Jack exclaimed.

"Gigalith, let Surskit taste your Rock Blast," Roxanne smirked. "Tyranitar, give Mudkip a Hyper Beam."

Jack and Misty's eyes widened- attacks like those from enemies with such an obvious strength advantage would surely rip through their relatively new Pokémon like tissue paper. Mudkip and Surskit, however, looked more determined than anything else, and sprang into action.

Mudkip acted first, using its tail to kick up a clump of mud as Tyranitar was charging up a sinister purple-black sphere in its mouth. The mud was fired with remarkable accuracy, striking the Rock/Dark-type in the eyes. Tyranitar roared its displeasure and started to stumble around, still charging up the Hyper Beam. Jack looked wary- that Hyper Beam could go in any direction.

Meanwhile, Surskit was jumping from rock to rock just as quickly as Gigalith was firing them off, moving with impressive speed. It landed on the ground just before Gigalith and slid directly underneath it, to the Rock-type's confusion. And then, Tyranitar hastily blinked away a little bit of mud, and could see a speck of blue poking through the mud. Believing this to be Mudkip, it fired off the Hyper Beam, failing to realize how much it had turned around- the bit of blue it saw was in fact a part of Gigalith's body! Gigalith roared its displeasure in what would've been all-caps had it been included in the narration as the resisted yet still powerful move struck it.

"Way to go!" Misty cheered. "Now, Surskit! Bubble!"

"Suuur... SKI-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IT!!!" Surskit squealed loudly as it unleashed a powerful spray of foam at both of its enemies. Gigalith and Tyranitar both groaned as the Water attack struck them both. They were too tired to retaliate at that moment, though Jack knew that the battle was far from over.

"Mudkip, now's our chance!" Jack exclaimed. "Water Gun, let's go!"

"Muuuuud... KIIIIiiiIIIIiiiIIIIiiiIIIIP!" Mudkip responded as it fired a stream of water from its mouth. Tyranitar roared its displeasure, but was still standing, and now glaring down at Mudkip along with Gigalith.

"Finish Mudkip now!" Roxanne ordered. "Gigalith! Rock Blast! Tyranitar! Dark Pulse!"

"Muckip!!!" Jack exclaimed, but Gigalith was already shooting rocks at a rapid rate, and Tyranitar was unleashing another Dark Pulse.

But as the attacks converged on Mudkip, it refused to back down. It hadn't been doing very well for Jack at all thus far, but now Jack needed it to pull through, and it had every intention of doing so. Mudkip closed its eyes and focused intensely as a faint red aura formed around its body... and then the attacks struck it. Hard. But to Jack's utter surprise, Mudkip wasn't even flinching. It was groaning as the attacks made contact, but it wasn't even budging.

"Wait- is it using-" Jack began.

"Bide," confirmed Jack's Pokédex. "Mudkip's learned how to use Bide!"

Roxanne's eyes widened. "Keep attacking, you two!" she ordered Tyranitar and Gigalith. "Knock it out!" Tyranitar and Gigalith roared in response, and turned up the power, but once they stopped, Mudkip was still standing.

"Well done, Mudkip!" Jack grinned. "Double the damage!!!"

"KIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!" Mudkip exclaimed in all caps, firing a horribly powerful beam of light from its body, engulfing Tyranitar almost completely. As the attack faded, Tyranitar was lying on its back, slightly smoking, and unmoving.

"Tyranitar, return," frowned Roxanne, holding out a Poké Ball and withdrawing the Rock/Dark-type. "Gigalith, it's up to you now!" Gigalith gave a confident roar as it glared down at Mudkip, and at Surskit, who had skated its way back next to Mudkip.

In response to Gigalith's glaring, Mudkip glared right back up at the Rock-type... and then started to glow.

"Whoa!" Jack exclaimed.

"Mudkip's evolving!" Misty added.

Sure enough, Mudkip's body grew taller as it stood up on its hind legs. Its front legs grew longer and larger, now more closely resembling arms, as its tail fin split into two, and its head fin changed shape. And then, the glowing faded away. "Maaaaarshtomp!" exclaimed the ex-Mudkip.

"Marshtomp, the Mud Fish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Mudkip," said Jack's Pokédex. "Marshtomp is able to stand on just its hind legs. It can move through mud much more quickly than it can swim through water. And Jack, have a look- it learned another move!"

"Wha- ohhhhh," Jack grinned, glancing at the Pokédex screen. "That'll come in handy!"

"Surskit, let's do this!" Misty exclaimed. "Bubble!"

"Marshtomp, let's try your new move!" Jack exclaimed. "Mud Shot attack!"

"Suuur... SKI-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IT!!!" Surskit responded, firing off a powerful stream of foam.

"Maaaaaarsh!" added Marshtomp as it spewed a sphere of mud from its mouth.

"Gigalith, Stone Edg-" began Roxanne, but it was too late- as the two super effective attacks struck the Rock-type. And this time, it proved too much for the Compressed Pokémon- Gigalith collapsed to the ground with an earth-shaking crash, and moved no more.

The music stopped.

"All right!" Jack exclaimed as he and Misty embraced. Max rolled his eyes and looked away as they then proceeded to kiss.

Finally, once they broke apart, they approached their Pokémon. "Way to go, Surskit," smiled Misty.

"Marshtomp, you too," added Jack. "That was some seriously awesome sh-"

"Language!" warned Jack's Pokédex.

"I don't give a Raticate's a-"


"Since when is that word considered bad language?!" argued Jack. "The synonym for crap, OK, that I could see, but-"

"Excuse me," interrupted Roxanne. Jack turned to see that Roxanne was right in front of him and Misty, holding out two identical metal objects, as well as a pair of brown disc-shaped objects. "You were right- I shouldn't have underestimated you two. You've more than earned these- official Pokémon League Stone Badges! And the Technical Machines will teach Rock Tomb."

"Rock Tomb?" repeated Jack. "Your Gigalith was pulling off stuff like Rock Slide and Stone Edge."

Roxanne shrugged. "It's the same TM for everybody," she replied apologetically. "Now, if you two are looking for another Gym to challenge, I suppose the nearest one would be Petalburg Gym... except I hear the leader has a habit of only accepting challenges if the challenger has at least four badges- how many does this make?"

"This is our first Hoenn Gym Badge," replied Misty.

"I figured as much," nodded Roxanne. "Well, I'd recommend Mauville Gym, but they're still having issues with digging out Rusturf Tunnel, so that's not an option right now... well, if you're willing to cross the sea, there's a Gym in Dewford Town."

"Crossing the sea won't be a problem," grinned Jack with a glance at Misty, whose eyes lit up at the very idea of crossing the sea. "We got no shortage of Water-types here. C'mon, let's hit the Pokémon Center before we leave town," he added, leading the way out the doors.

As Jack walked through the doors, however, he barely had time for his eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight, before a familiar voice cried out somewhere off to his right; "H-he-heeeeeeelp!!!"
End of Chapter 7.​

*Jack withdraws Scolipede from the PC Storage System.
*Jack and Misty battle Roxanne, the Rustboro Gym Leader, and win, earning themselves the Stone Badge and TMs for Rock Tomb.
*Jack's Scolipede is revealed to know Megahorn and Earthquake.
*Misty's Jellicent is revealed to know Protect.
*Jack's Mudkip learns Bide.
*Jack's Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp.
*Jack's Marshtomp learns Mud Shot.
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Ooo, nice another chappie! :D. Wait, I think u don't know me. I'm Zbger, and I've been following this story since AoA. I must say, your humor is quit amazing, I especially like the Mr. Confusion guy- wait i have an email.
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I mean Mr. Psychic guy. I kinda want for a callback for that purpose *cough cough* Rock Smash dude in Mauville City *cough cough*
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Ooo, nice another chappie! :D. Wait, I think u don't know me. I'm Zbger, and I've been following this story since AoA. I must say, your humor is quit amazing, I especially like the Mr. Confusion guy- wait i have an email.
Mr. Psychic:IT'S MR. PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean Mr. Psychic guy. I kinda want for a callback for that purpose *cough cough* Rock Smash dude in Mauville City *cough cough*
And lemme guess, that familliar voice was the incompetent Devon Corp. guy right? RIGHT?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy way, I bid you adieu (and Geshundheit)- Wait, another email?
Gethsis/Ghetsis/I don't know whoever the *BLEEP* cares:HE WAS SPEAKING FRENCH!!!!!!!
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EDIT:Can you put me in the PM wist? i would apwici- apweecee- wike it
And I heard you liek CTG's Mudkipz ;258;
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