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The Hoenn Triangle

Are you Entering the NU Tourney

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They really ought to have made it free due to the issues they gave us, especially since it doesn't make sense to charge for something we've been doing for free since 4th Gen.

I need an opinion on this crazy idea of mine. It's a Gengar and Mienshao technique of parisitism. Mienshao uses rest to heal its injuries, then Gengar uses Dream Eater on Mienshao to heal itself while inflicting damage to Mienshao. Mienshao then uses Sleep Talk, giving it the potential to use U-Turn, which causes it to swap out with another pokemon on my team, activating the ability Regenerator which heals it by 1/3 its max health

I know right? I mean I know it's only 5$ for the US and everyone else is basically the same, but do they really need money to support the system, I mean PGL was free after all and that's a freaking website after all, which would be hard to keep running since it's not just a lonely storage system...

Also that team idea you have sounds awesome!!! But a bit risky if your Mienshao doesn't hit that sweet U-Turn. But it's not a bad idea at all and could really piss off the opponent and they rage quit XD


I stay noided
Yeah... And seeing as Mienshao is fighting type and Dream Eater is a 100 (120?) bp psychic type move...

I think time is better spent attacking your opponents instead of yourself.

What's better on a smeargle in general, SR or sticky web? Like if you were to train one but don't know what the rest of your team is going to be like?


RedAce: bout Pokebank, it makes sense. and ya, I'd be a troll XD
Justin: fair enough, though I was thinking of a defensive Mienshao for the project
Poik: again, fair enough. will at least test the theory though, cuz I could have sworn that Dream Eater doesn't apply supper effective and such. I mean, last I checked, it can also hit dark-types, same with hypnosis.

Also, I have an idea using a Modest Shiny Butterfree I got alongside Regenerator Rage Powder Tangrowth. I know people usually use Amoongus, but Tangrowth is more of a tank. Rage Powder allows for multiple Quiver Dance, Compound Eyes for boosted accuracy of sleep powder, and super powerful hits from bug buzz and psychic. and I got shiny 6 IV Jolly Bagon I ish training. Guy I got from does RNG


I stay noided
Not much. It takes around 200 blocks and so does the transporter.

I'm going camping next week with a bunch of the senior class! So I won't see yall until next sunday!


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Really wish the stupid bank would transfer more than just box one... it took me forever to get white and black to transfer to my games and Flare's games as well. Though doing it on B/W 2 is easier since the multi option is in it, but still, having to wait this freaking long, they could have made a better system and more box space in your in-game PC, maybe 1,000 even, I'm almost full somehow and I don't even have that many doubles or such... man I don't want to pay them since if the stupid thing were to ever crash, there goes all the that time wasted...

Mega Typhlosion

Well-Known Member
I haven't transferred anything so far lool I only need to transfer legends since my dex is complete.

Does anybody here have an extra Meloetta event? It's the only Pokémon I don't have in any game :(

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Mega Absol is awesome. I wanted to make a team around either that or Mega Medicham. Absol gets a nice Speed bonus (ties with Starmie) gets slightly better bulk and nice offensive stats (150/115 is not bad). I feel like making a team around one of those guys. If I made an BW2 RU Team, Absol + Medicham is a great core with hazards. Medicham + Pursuit is good enough. Must make a team around one of those...

Please decide amongst the following for me:
A team around Mega Absol
A team around Mega Medicham
Continue with Sun team
None of the above

Mega Typhlosion

Well-Known Member
Continue with the sun team, just for the sake of seeing you actually finish a team xD And because I love sun teams and tend to fare well with them. All my main teams since 4th gen are sun teams lol

Taking a look at your team, I don't even need to read the post to decide your last members. Chlorophyll sweeper, either Saws or Venusaur. Sun abuser, like Volcarona, Darmanitan, Infernape, Typhlosion. Physical defensive pivot, Landorus-T, bulky Salamence, Gliscor, pick one.
A Rapid Spinner could be useful too because you'll need to switch Megazard in more than once to get the sun to last (since you can't hold Heat Rock).

My Absol is mixed and has no Pursuit. It's built to sweep after getting a Shell Smash from Gorebyss.
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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Nice team Justin. Looks good. Must make a team myself now. I'm not sure about the Sun team, even though Fire Hero suggested it. I'll scrap it (sorry Fire Hero :-/ ) and make a new team. I'm sort of busy at the moment in life; I have extra work, I'm out a lot and I'm playing Xbox more. On that topic, I'm making a character for Skyrim and Oblivion. I think this'll be the last character I make for a while. A good sign I think you'd all agree :p.

Onto my team. I'm really not sure as to what to build the team around; Medicham, Absol, Mawile, Manectric? Funny how all 4 are Hoenn based. Manectric can form VoltTurn, Mawile and Medicham are huge offensive threats and Absol is a nice mixed option. I feel Absol would need more support because of its low Defenses, although most of my options have low Defenses. Medicham or Mawile would be better I guess. I'm leaning towards Mawile and its better typing.


Mawile @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate ~ Huge Power
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Sucker Punch
- Play Rough
- Swords Dance
- Iron Head

Mawile, the ultimate Fairy killer. Plus it is badass. It needs to remove Steel types first though- Genesect and Heatran can be problematic. Rotom- W counters Heatran and can take on Genesect OK. I don't know. Mawile works well with something which hates Fairy types- Dragons basically. Dragon/Flying types and Mawile have perfect synergy, or any Dragon with a Ground resistance. Garchomp does OK, as it can beat Genesect if it's Scarefed (and Gene is Scarfed) and Heatran rather well. Scarf Genesect is a problem though.
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class on my back
Your best best against Scarf Genesect is Heatran itself. Usually resists all of ScarfGene's moves, unless they're running HP Ground which is very, very rare.

Guys, I think we need a clan artist. Like a really badass artist.

not saying ur not good shade but your shop closed :( what do you guys think?

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
I think first we need to get more activity around here. People keep coming and going.

I'm bored. No idea what to do. I'm bored of the Mawile team, I can't decide a Skyrim character, I've got nothing to do. What fun.

Ninja Eevee

Haunters Gonna Haunt
im back (for like the 8th time, despite nevber posting) however, i found my BLUE ERSCUE TEAM GAME!!!! prepare for my in-game updates. im so f**king pumped. furthermore, i reecieved this from Kots:

Next week will be the midseason for The Combatants Cup II. If you wanted to sign up for the tournament, but did not have the opportunity to, or you have decided it will be fun to join in, you will be allowed to sign up for the midseason draft starting at 12:01 PM GMT -5 on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 (Tomorrow). This is your chance to get onto a team and make your skills known!

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Right, lets make a new X and Y team. On a side note, I finished planning my Dunmer Witchhunter, so I can start Skyrim soon. Wonder what to build around...
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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
I'm not. I haven't got a team yet for one, and I'd rather focus on one team rather than make a brief one for a tournament. So yeah.

Has anyone heard of Vampire Hunter D? I've only just looked it up, and it's really cool. Came out in 1985 I believe. Quite inspiring for me, as Witchhunters hunt vampires as well as witches. Love them. The dark side of demon slayers, on the fine line between hero and villain...

I need to make a team. I'm going for Ubers, as it's a balanced tier and I like it. My top 5 Pokémon in Ubers as of now:

1) Yveltal
2) Rayquaza
3) Xerneas
4) Mewtwo
5) Dialga

So yeah. I like all 5, but would only build a team around 2; Dialga, Xerneas and Rayquaza are Pokémon I'd add to a team, but not make one around.

Mewtwo is weak to Dark, Ghost and Bug
Yveltal is weak to Electric, Ice, Rock and Fairy

Mewtwo @ Life Orb / Mewtwonite Y
Ability: Pressure ~ Insomnia (if Mega)
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
~ Psystrike
~ Ice Beam
~ Aura Sphere / Fire Blast
~ Calm Mind / Aura Sphere / Recover / Fire Blast

Yveltal @ Life Orb
Ability: Dark Aura
EVs: 224 HP / 68 Atk / 92 SpA / 124 Spe
Hasty Nature
~ Sucker Punch
~ Oblivion Wing
~ Focus Blast
~ U- Turn

So there we go. Pick one please.
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