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The Hoevee Region League

Dragon Dude

Well-Known Member
my prize is an egg from my dragonite


i will take the electric position but ill need to train my jolteon ill take no.5 prize will be thunderStone
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Poke gal

I would like to be a phycic gym leader.
my prize will be a evee egg.
How often do you have to be on?
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pika: it's his fault
well. i like to use legendary's and most of them are lvl 100
but a team i would like to enter for being a gym leader or something are
mesprit, uxie, azelf, dialga and palkia.
they're all lvl 50, except for my palkia.he's lvl 51.


Well-Known Member
wen is this thing gonna start? 2morrow?

Dragon Dude

Well-Known Member
no it ain't starting till we have enough members that have their teams ready
can i be water ill pm u my team...... how does this work like if the gym has lvl 15 to 20s... then doesnt the challenger have to have those.....
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