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The Hunger Games Club~

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Keldminrachi91, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki


    “And may the odds be Ever in your favor.”

    Welcome, one and all, to the Hunger Games Club. As far as I know, this is the first club of the subject, so nothing to quote, I guess. :p Anyways, this is the club for all things hunger-gamey, from Haymitch to Prezzy Snow to *sob* Rue… *more sobbing in corner of room*. Anyways, ALL three books as well as both movies will be up for discussion here, so say if you haven’t read Mockingjay, then MAJOR SPOILERS AHOY! But seriously, there will be spoilers, so either join and deal with them, or wait until you see/read/whatever before you join. (As a side note, I haven’t seen Catching Fire, but I’m still making the club, so I’m ready for any/all spoilers heading my way. And, as with all clubs, there has to be a set of rules, otherwise it would be a third rebellion over something the new president of Panem did. (ooh, fanfic idea…I call it!)


    1) Follow all of the Club Rules, the Main Forum rules, obviously these rules, and all of that jazz.

    2) The only qualifications for applying as a member are that you at least read the first book OR saw the first movie. Now, because there will be different levels of THG knowledge among members, you’ll have to be prepared for someone to say something about a book/movie/whatever that you may have not known before, so no complaining because “so & so spoiled such & such”.

    3) I understand everyone has a busy life, but please try to post at least once a week, because after two weeks of inactivity, unless you provide a valid reason, you will be removed from the club and will have to re-apply.

    4) Stay on topic. YES, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CREATE A NEW TOPIC FOR OTHER MEMBERS TO DISCUSS, but if possible, try to keep it so that everyone can answer it. This means I don’t want there to be 2,548 topics that only people who read Mockingjay, or who own one of a hundred copies of a special collectors guide, or whatever. I don’t care if some of the topics are this, just not a lot. And I will be sorting the topics based on book/movie/whatever in spoiler tags, so that it will be easy to see how many for x we have.

    5) I’m saying it now: THIS WILL NOT, NOT EVER, TURN INTO A PEETA VS GALE WAR, OR A PRIM VS RUE WAR, OR A FINNICK VS EVERY OTHER GUY IN PANEM WAR, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF WAR, OKAY? You can calmly state that you like ________ over ______, but don’t stomp other people for having different opinions.

    6) Follow the rules, but really just have a good time!

    ~Additional Tips/Procedures~

    As far as this club is concerned, there are 2 ranks; Head Gamemaker (myself), and tributes (everyone else who joins). There is also a form for joining.

    [B]Knowledge of THG (book, movie, which ones, etc.) :[/B]
    [B]Favorite THG character:[/B]
    [B]Why you want to join:[/B]
    [B]I, ___________, submit my application to join the Hunger Games Club, and understand that by doing so, I m subject to any and all spoilers of Hunger Games material that I have not experienced as of yet, and will not arise a conflict due to the spoiling of material by others.  And pickles.[/B] 

    ~Member List~

    Keldminrachi91 (Head Gamemaker)


    General THG

    [SPOIL]Who is your favorite character from the Hunger Games?[/SPOIL]

    Hunger Games (book)

    Hunger Games (movie)

    [SPOIL]What did you think of the casting at first? Did you grow more attached to it? Hate it more and more? Or have neutral feelings all-around towards it?[/SPOIL]

    Catching Fire (book)

    Catching Fire (movie)

    Mockingjay (book)

    Mockingjay (movie SPECULATION)

    Other questions


    ~Pins and Birds (Buttons and Userbars)~

    [SPOIL]Coming Soon![/SPOIL]

    ~Current Competitions~

    [SPOIL]Art: Coming Soon!

    Writing: Coming Soon![/SPOIL]

    ~Character Claims~

    [SPOIL]You may claim any character from THG here. If you would like to change your claim, PM me. If the character you choose is already claimed, you may discuss with the owner, although they have every right to keep their claim.


    1) Keldminrachi91 claims Rue![/SPOIL]

    Well, I guess that just about does it. Remember to follow the rules, stay active, and have fun! *High fives computer screen in attempt to high five interwebians*

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