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The Hunger Games; May the odds be ever in your favor! [PG-14]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by locomo, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    The Hunger Games

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

    Welcome to the 57th Hunger Games!

    If you are unfamiliar with the Hunger Games, I strongly recomend visiting this site and read up on it a little bit. :)

    I suggest going to the link and read up more on the Hunger Games if you do not know what it is. If you do you can just skip this little part and go to “Plot".

    A Little background on The Hunger Games if you are brand new:
    • There are 12 districts; and 2 tributes from each district go to the Hunger Games
    • The Hunger Games isn't a game but more of a fight to the death in a private enclosed arena. Last one alive, wins.
    • Each district will have mentors. Mentors are winners from previous Hunger Games. They are your life line in the Arena. They direct your flow of sponsor's gifts to you.
    • Sponsors are people who pay money to help support you in the games. If they feel you have a chance to win, or they want to help you, they will donate a certain amount of money the certain district. From there the mentor will purchase the needed item and send it to the tribute in need.
    • The Hunger Games is more than just a killing game. It will broadcasted live to all of Panem for everybody to watch. It is entertainment for the people in the capitol and they treat it as something great.
    • The following happens before the actual games begin. (I will go deeper on this further down.): The Repaing, Opening cermonies, training, training scores, interviews, and then you get placed in the arena.
    • For the reaping: A district escort will draw the names randomly in the giant crystal ball. Once a name is called they will ask for any volenteers. *Note that districts 1, 2, and 4 are "careers" and will most likely volenteer for the games.
    • Careers are well-fed and trained all their life to compete in the games. They are most likely to volenteer to go into the arena. They usually band together in the begining of the Games and work as a team to weed out the weak ones before actually compete against each other.
    • Mutattions are genetically altered animals to make them more dangerous. They will appear throughout the games and often used. The short hand reference for muttations is “mutts”.
    • Training scores range from 1-12. 1 being awful and 12 being great.

    The feeling of dread looms in the air in some households. In other households the feeling of pride and excitement dwells. Today is like no other day in the year. Today is reaping day. You go on with your daily activities before getting ready for the reaping. You slowly make your way over to the roped off area with a number on it. The number of the age group you’re in. You slide your way through the crowd of kids. Making eye contact with each sad and sullen eyes. You dully listen to the Mayor speak about the dark days before the district escort comes up to the podium. Her hand dips into the giant crystal ball with your name carefully written on it, along with the hundred other kids in the roped off area. Her hand clings onto a tiny slip of paper before being pulled out. She taps on the microphone to check if it’s working before carefully reading off the name. As the name escapes her lips your heart stops. It’s [your name or a friend/family’s name. Or if you’re a career then it’s some random person’s name and you volunteer anyway.]. This is the beginning of your story from entering the arena to leaving it, dead or alive.

    You slowly make your way up to the stage before standinf before your district proudly. The escort reaches her hand in the crystal ball for other gender. This person would be your district partner. She pulls out a clean white slip of paper and begins to read off the name. You look into the crowd and could tell who the person is immediately. By the shocking gasps and the people moving out of the way. The person makes their way to the stage and stands next to you, equally nervous. You both exchange a quick glance before the Anthem Plays and you're rushed out of the scene. Now is the time to say your good-byes to your loved ones. It's like getting your heart ripped out as they are torn away from you. They helplessly watch at home while you are thrown in an arena to kill, or be killed. You haven't given up on hope yet. If you’re going to die, you’re going to die fighting. You haven't accepted death and you will try your best to win it all. To return home to the fortune, the fame, and most importantly, your family.

    This RPG:
    Will mirror the books as closely as possible. Once the RPG starts it will start like this. We will be going by sections rather than chapters. How this will happen:

    First we will begin (after the RPG offically starts) with your character getting ready for reaping. Then somehow your character ends up being a tribute. Say your good-byes and etc.

    Once thats done, move on to the pre-Hunger Games opening ceremony. You will be transported to the Capitol where you reside in the training center until the Hunger Games begin. You then meet your prep crew and prepare for opening ceremonies where all 12 districts parade around the Capitol in chariots and costumes representing their district. After that you spend the next 3 days in the training center, getting ready for the actual games. On the 3rd day you each meet with the Game makers and privately perform your talents to them. From there they give you a training score that will be broadcasted. This is for the opponents and any sponsors to get a feel on how good you are. For this portion you will post whatever you present to the Game makers, and me and other co-GM's will give you a score. DONTover power yourself. I don't want everybody to be receiving an 11 or a high score. Be reasonable, this score doesn’t affect how you play in the games at all.

    Right after that will be your interview. This post will be smaller with a quick back and forth banter with Caeser Flickerman. After that, the games will begin.

    From there I don’t want a blood bath at Corncorpia. (If we have any NPC's then most will perish at the blood bath. If we have 24 tributes who are RPGers then there will be no blood bath.) The games start and then you run in and grab a colored backpack. You determine the color and run off. After evrybody has posted me and the other co-GM's will disclose what was inside that specific backpack, which was pre-determined.

    Thats all you need to know for now, just to get a feel of the RPG.

    We will all decide on how the killings will work. So its fair and there will be no complaints.

    Where are you in this RPG?
    You play the role of the unlucky soul who is entered into the Hunger Games. You will play as your own character or 2 characters. Certain districts might have certain talents from living in their district. A few examples would be: District 4, fishing. Naturally they would be better swimmers and fishers. District 11, agriculture. They would know more about plants or edible foods. The Hunger games takes place FAR into the future. But do not expect to find any guns or high tech weapons in the arena. Everything will be as basic as a sling shot to a sword. Sponsors might buy you some high tech things that you need like certain lab made medicines but no weapons thats more high tech than what you naturally find in the arena.

    The Tributes:You [can] play as 2 tributes, one boy, and one girl from one district. The tributes from districts 1, 2, and 4 typically are better fed and prepared for the games. You can have your character volunteer to go to the games. Districts 1, 2, and 4 also tend to team up during the games until the opponents thin out. They are the most likely to win, due to them being prepared. For those districts please mention if you’re a career or not as well. The districts are as follows:

    District 1; Luxury Goods
    District 2; Stone mining and nuclear bombs
    District 3; Electronics and technology
    District 4; Fishing
    District 5; Furnishing and Housing
    District 6; Medicine
    District 7; Timber and paper
    District 8; Cloth and clothing
    District 9; Metal Work
    District 10; Livestock
    District 11; Agriculture
    District 12; Coal Mining

    Sign Ups:

    *You can play as two characters of the same district if you want. Or be one character of the district and have another RPer to take the place of your district partner, if it comes to that. Any untaken characters from a district become a NPC who I will kill off more easily than players. If you have a second character their SU doesn’t have to be as long as your first one.
    *Two Characters from 1 District means two sign ups. You don’t have to have 2 characters.

    Name: First and last.


    Age: 12 – 18 only.

    District: (What district do you hail from?)

    Appearance: (What does your character look like? Go into detail. Clothing, hair, eyes, etc. I want 1 paragraph since I understand how hard appearance can be as there isn’t much. 2 Paragraphs is recommended. Once in arena your clothes will be determined for you.)

    Personality: (What if your character like? Two paragraphs, but I’ll be lenient if I feel you explained enough or so.)

    History: (Now here is where I expect a lot. Dwell into your history. How was life in your district? Family? Friends? Any special skills you developed as you grew older? I want to know everything with your character. 2 full, beefy paragraphs.

    *If you are a career tribute (districts 1, 2, and 4) then tell us how you trained [if you’re a career. You can still be in districts 1, 2, and 4 without being a career.] and stuff like that.)

    Weapon: Are you capable with using a weapon? If not, leave blank.

    District Token: (This is your token you are allowed to bring into the arena with you. It must not be able to be used as a weapon and is your last piece of home while your in the games. It can range from a button to a necklace. Something small. Think hard about it, as it will represent yourself and your district.)

    Strategy: How do you plan to win the games? You dont have to answer if you don't know yet.

    1) All forum rules.
    2) This is rated PG-14. Minor cursing is allowed.
    3) If there is romance then keep it to a minimum. (By minimum I mean you only have a minor crush. Nothing else. Make note of this rule.)
    4) Don’t over power yourself. If I see this, I will give you a warning and talk to you about it. If I see it again then a GM will somehow kill you out of the games.
    Over Powering consist of:
    -Magically finding a needed weapon
    -You didn't die when that should've killed you.
    -Etc. If I see overpowering I will VM you as a warning. I will be the judge of it.
    5) Respect anybody in this RPG. No fights unless its IC and relevant to the story.
    6) As GM, I have final word and say in anything. No arguing. Other GM’s also have a say in things.
    7) As of right now, Martin_ and I are co-GMs. Any questions PM or VM us. Hopefully I’ll open a discussion thread.

    In-Character Rules:
    1) Once you died, you either become a sponsor, or mentor of your district. You can only become a sponsor if both of your tributes are dead so no favoring.
    2) No killing within the first 2 posts. Once the gong rings out you don’t kill anybody. No blood bath.
    3) Once the games begin you are expected to go to the Cornucopia and retrieve a colored backpack. You decide on the color (but once the color is taken it’s off the list and another character can’t take it.) Us GM’s already decided what’s in every colored bag, and you test your luck with taking one. Once everybody retrieved their bag we will reveal the contents for every color. Once again, it is pre-decided. Some may be luckier with what they get; others not so much.
    4) At the top of your post please tittle this:
    Format: District #, Gender, Name, Area of Arena you’re in.
    Example: District 4, Male, Bobby Joe, Area C
    If you have 2 characters then do the same when you switch to the other characters. Keep both characters within the same post, even if they aren’t near each other at the time.
    5) If you encounter another district you have options.
    a. Run: You attempt to escape.
    b. Fight: You stay and fight. It’s turn based. 2 paragraphs per post when you’re in a fight. Explain how the fight is going, how you react, what you do. You can maim them but don’t direct kill them yet. Us players will have a vote on how the killings take place.
    c. Team-up: You ask the other district if you want to team up. If yes, then there you go. If no: see options a. and b.
    6) Explain how you’re surviving with your limited supplies. They will eventually run out if it’s food or water. You can get natural water from streams or ponds. Food you’d have to hunt or find berries or roots or plants.

    Areas: *There will be traps placed in most areas. There are only 3 safe havens on the map.

    *STAR*: Corncorpia

    Areas A, B, E, K, I, L, and J: Forest area.

    Area C: Sea. The tan dot is a tiny island.

    Area F: Volcano

    Area D: Snowy area + Mountains

    Area G: Marshy area

    Area H: Sandy area with sandstorms

    Color Key:
    Blue: Fresh Water (Except Area C, thats salt water.)
    Green:: Forest
    Tan: Sand
    Redish: Marsh

    Districts: *A few people who dont SU and the RPG starts will make their District tribute become a NPC who will be killed off faster and before most of the RPGers.

    District 1: Luxuary Goods [Career District]
    Male Tribute: Resereved - Purrloin. Expires 4/22/11
    Female Tribute: Rosalie "Rosa" Reed - played by *Jean Grey*

    District 2: Stone Mining and Nuclear Bombs [Career District]
    Male Tribute: Vosok Vesselius - Played by Lawn Master
    Female Tribute: Open

    District 3: Technology and Electronics
    Male Tribute: Sam Brisk - played by Ditto.
    Female Tribute: Jess "Techno" Brisk - played by Ditto123

    District 4: Fishing [Career District]
    Male Tribute: Kissmygrass96 reserve
    Female Tribute: Sarah
    - played by crazysteeve1001

    District 5: Furnishing and housing
    Male Tribute:
    Female Tribute: Both reserved my Martin_. Expires 4/20/11

    District 6: Medicine
    Male Tribute:Open
    Female Tribute: Viktoirja Pacunaitė (pronounced "Victoria") - played by Plusle+Minun

    District 7: Lumber/Timber and paper
    Male Tribute: Dekk Torey
    Female Tribute: Isabel “Izzy” Payne.
    - Both played by locomo

    District 8: Cloth and clothing
    Male Tribute: - NPC. If you want 8 then reserve it, for now, both tributes are NPC.
    Female Tribute: ^^Same^^

    District 9: Metal work
    Male Tribute: Alex Morgan - played by gmoyes.
    Female Tribute: Reserve: LokiTheGengar

    District 10: Livestock
    Male Tribute: Fleece Saire - Played by ~Neon~
    Female Tribute: Open

    District 11: Agriculture
    Male Tribute: Eziekel "Zeke" Doon - Played by IatosHaunted
    Female Tribute: Saira Feramine. - played by Purrloin

    District 12: Coal Mining
    Male Tribute: Sam Eldahart - played by Buraddo_Aipom.
    Female Tribute: Cosette Larimore played by MitsuKasumi.

    Reserves expire 3 days after asking for one.

    *We will decide how characters die. It will be a vote on how the character died. Like GM's decide, or something. Work for a final resolution or so. Something we can all agree on that’s completely fair.

    *I do not own The Hunger Games or the idea of it. All rights go to Suzanne Collins.

    My Sign-Up:

    Name: Dekk Torey

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    District: District 7

    Appearance: Dekk isn’t tall, but isn’t short. His height is around 5"7. He is thin but not skinny, and slightly built. He wears contacts on his green eyes. His hair is light brown and styled to be spikey in the front, and rest of his short hair is plain, strait, and untouched in the back. His teeth are strait now, as he got his braces taken off 3 years ago. His skin is tan from working outside, making it a golden brown. He has a small scar on the back of his ear from an accident when he was younger.
    Dekk wears a thin light blue t-shirt and baggy dark black jeans. Dekk has a necklace with a symbol of a light blue humming bird on it. On his wrist is an alarm watch that matches his shirt. He has white shoes that’s dirty from being outside too often.

    Personality: Dekk is really friendly. He tends to over think things a little bit, and that can be good sometimes. He’s VERY protective of his friends, and family. Dekk's curiosity usually gets the best of him. He isn’t afraid to ask questions, and can be nosey at times. He is a helpless gossip, and will talk about anything. Dekk is shy around new people, but fairly confident with meeting others when he is in a group of friends. He tries to be optimistic, but sometimes he can’t. He dwells on mistakes and past experiences that haunt him. He has no trouble sleeping, and is usually tired. He dreams about whatever he feels at the moment before bed or recalling past events, sometimes dreaming for the future. He is quirky and ignorant. He does not wish to know the truth of something’s because he thinks ignorance is happiness.

    Dekk really enjoys company, and hates being alone. He is scared of things and let things get to his mind. He wants protection and comfort, and even the protection of people around him. When it’s quiet his mind never stops thinking, he can never sit still. He tends to be anxious and worrisome. He enjoys going outside to the fresh air, as he thinks it freshens his mind, and it’s a nice feeling to have.

    History: Dekk is an only child and he’s glad for that. He would hate to see any of them being sent to the Hunger Games. His dad died when he was 12 leaving him and his mom alone. Dekk’s mother quickly re-married a year later to a lumber worker. Dekk hated his new dad as he was rude and a terrible human being all together. Dekk often would just leave the house because he had enough of him. Dekk’s family never really struggled with money or food after she married the new dad. Dekk’s mother worked in the paper factory so she brought in income. His step-dad was a lumber worker and often forced Dekk to come along with him to work to help out. Even though Dekk was still too young to actually work with the lumber his step-dad brought him anyways. Dekk despised going and thought it was a waste of time. He’d often break off from the other workers to play in the forest. He had experience with throwing knives before. After his dad died his mom and he struggled for a while with food and money. Dekk would slip into the forest and kill rabbits or squirrels throwing knives at them.

    Even after his family became stable again with food and money he still went into the woods and practiced. Often times he’d catch a mysterious animal leaping from the trees. Of course it was too fast for him to bring down with throwing knives. Dekk is still at a young age being brought into the lumber forest. It quickly shows how useless he is considering he is very incompetent with an axe. Which is ironic because he is from District 7. He hides his talent with throwing knives from the others as its illegal. Dekk’s friend’s sister was entered in the 50th hunger games. That was when he was aware of how somebody so close from home could be ripped away from their family’s and thrown in an arena to die. He watched intently with every second of it until she finally perished by inhaling a flower’s poison. Dekk grew up with a secret hatred of the games. Of course, it could never being publicly spoken.

    Weapon: Throwing knives.

    District Token: His necklace

    Strategy: Stay alive.
    Name: Isabel “Izzy” Payne

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    District: 7

    Appearance: Isabel is small and scrawny. She is 4’10 in height. Her strait blonde hair falls a little past her shoulders. She normally doesn’t let that happen though as she puts them up in a ponytail or pig tails. She has big round blue eyes that always wander and spark with her curiosity. Most of the time you will catch her wearing her light blue school uniform. The light blue uniform consisted of a white t-shirt and a thin blue jacket over. She had a light blue skirt underneath. The skirt is seperated from the white t-shirt at the middle by a big ribbon exploding into a bow behind her. She wears running shoes everywhere. Her skin is a pale olive color since she doesn’t spend too much time in the sun. Her teeth are straight and white. She looks like pure innocence and usually walks with a little skip.

    Personality: Isabel looks all sweet and innocent but she personifies the saying "looks can be deceiving." She is very mischievous and sly. She is always on the hunt for an adventure and gets in trouble often. As a trouble maker she is always on the run and just itches to do something bad. She has an attitude and is manipulative. Depending on whom she is talking to or what the situation is she could be a nice angel or a living devil. She finds a way to get what she wants but is never satisfied. Some believe the reason for her behavior is because she is orphaned. She is kind to younger children and nasty to her elders. Normally shy when meeting new people she is quiet. She isn't one to talk often.

    Isabel prefers to be called "Izzy" and hates being called Isabel. She has been described as a loner with little to no friends. The only person she truely cares about is her older brother who protects her. She is a tough individual and rarely will be seen crying. She grown up with nobody but her brother and this hardened her at her young age. She is careless and reckless. She has a distinct talent for screaming which the orphan care takers often hear. They say her lungs are powerful, which they are.

    History: Isabel's parents died when she was 2. They were in an old library in District 7 when it caught on fire, burning it down along with them. She was too young to understand and her brother hid her from the truth even though he was young as well. They ended up being put in an orphanage for most of their lives. Isabel was a wild child and often couldn't handle it. She'd often run away from the orphanage to the forest where the workers of District 7 worked. She'd always come back to the orphanage no matter how many times she attempted to escape and run away. As she got older she continued to journey deeper into the forests of District 7. She was allowed in because she always managed to slip past the worker's gate. Due to her small frame and nature she'd always scramble up the trees and sit up there. Occasionally she'd try her luck of swinging from tree to tree. She got better and better at tree jumping eventually making a game out of it. She was small and it was perfect as she soared from tree to tree. Whenever the first sight of anything potentially dangerous happened she immediately headed back to the orphanage.

    She grew up watching the hunger games with hatred. She hated watching the the teenagers dying for enjoyment. When she was 10 her only friend in the orphanage was 14 and had been unfortunately entered in the 55th Hunger Games. She had to sit back defencless watching him die. She was at school when the news was announced over the speaker that the boy tribute from District 7 died placing 8th out of 24. She was mortified and hated the Capitol for murdering her friend. Since she was at an orphanage she never had any issues with money or food. She was fed but not well-fed. She'd often steal some pastries from the bakery anyways. After the incident with her friend dying in the Hunger Games she decided not to get close to anybody in fear they would just be thrown into that arena. She doesn't look back at her life as sad, just shocking. She ignores anything bad that happens in her life. Her brother and she don't have much money but they still try to get nice things for each other. When she turned 9 he made her a light blue bracelet that went with her dress. When she got called to be a Tribute in the 57th hunger games she began to think of a strategy. She remembered in the 50th hunger games a tribute used blow darts dipped in poison. She decided this was the way to go since she had the lungs to blow the darts for longer distances.

    Weapon: Blow Darts

    District Token: The light blue bracelet

    Strategy: Find trees and hide out. Make a blow dart or find one to use. Find some lethal poisons to help out.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2011
  2. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Can I reserve district four? And it's muttation, not mutation.
  3. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Can I reserve district three? Any gender is fine. I'll probably have it up tomorrow
  4. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Kissmygrass96: You are reserved as the male tribute from District 4. Expires 4/19/11.

    Ditto123: You are reserved as the female tribute from District 3. Expires 4/19/11.

  5. Plusle+Minun

    Plusle+Minun fanfiction is life

    I wanna reserve a female district six character. @-@ I'm tired.
  6. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Rosalie "Rosa" Reed

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    District: District 1

    Appearance: Rosalie is statuesque and slim, though not skinny or anorexic, standing at about 5'9". Sh has long, strawberry blond waves reaching down to her waist, smooth, alabaster skin and bright emerald-green eyes framed with long lashes. Both her ears have two piercings each and her navel also bears a piercing. Her long-legged figure is slim and a bit curvy, with a generous bust and a flat stomach.

    Rosalie likes wearing revealing, black clothes, and dislikes pink, frills and flowers with a passion. Her usual outfit is a fitted, short-sleeved black leather cropped bolero jacket over a tight, cropped, low-cut, black lace zip-up corset, a black leather miniskirt, fingerless black gloves, and black, heeled, lace-up boots. She wears four diamond studs in her ears, one in each pierced hole and a choker with a single diamond hanging from it. She usually wears dark eye shadow and kohl around her eyes and has a tattoo of a violet butterfly on her hip.

    Personality: Rosalie is a proud and arrogant individual with an evident superiority complex. She does not hesitate to make snide remarks about others if it helps in boosting her ever-growing pride. Extremely vain, she cares about her looks and what she wears, often to a fault. After the death of her boyfriend, Pierce, she became a well-known player who enjoys having her way with teenage boys and even adult men. She knows how to use her looks and natural allure to her advantage, whether in fighting or in just plain flirting. She is blunt and straightforward, even rude at times to most people she does not know, never hesitating to give her opinion on anything and everything, even if it may hurt some and get her into trouble with others.

    Rosalie finds it very hard to trust most people, especially girls, she considers "not on her level", usually looking down on them. She keeps herself cold and aloof towards said people, making it hard for her to warm up towards them, but if she does warm up, though it's extremely rare, is compassionate and friendly. She is one who treasures the bonds she has with her friends and those she considers close. She prefers to be called "Rosa" among those who know her well.

    History: Rosalie Reed was born to a wealthy family in District 1. Her father owned one of the luxury factories in he District, making Rosalie's life very comfortable compared to most people from other districts. For the first eight years of her life, Rosalie had it good. Everything was served to her on a silver platter, she did not have to do anything by herself, her parents loved her, and the Hunger Games was the least of her concern. This all changed however, on her eighth birthday. Taken against her will to train as a "Career Tribute", Rosalie was forced, against her will and her parents' will, to become a fighter destined to volunteer for the Hunger Games before she turned nineteen. Upon entering District 1's training grounds, Rosalie was forced to choose a weapon from several laid out in front of her for her to specialize in. In defiance to the guns or crossbows she was suggested to take, Rosalie pointed to the scythe, one of the biggest weapons laid out, mentioning that shooting from afar was for wimps.

    Though she did not have to stay full-time in the training grounds and was allowed to go home after every 8-hour training session, Rosalie disliked her environment, claiming it to be inferior to her mansion. She however, made friends with some of those training, one of them who would eventually become her boyfriend: a boy one year older than her named Pierce. Every time she was at the arena, their trainers would always show footage of the past Hunger Games, making examples of all winners from District 1. This did not change Rosalie's attitude towards the games. All she wanted was a good life, taking over ownership of her father's factory later on and living her life the way she wanted, and to her, the Hunger Games was just about to ruin her plans. She, however, went on with her training, still retaining some hope that none of the trainers would approach her anytime or that if ever she was chosen, she had the chance to win, and soon became adept with her scythe, having grown to a height considered tall for a young woman. When she was sixteen, the then-seventeen-year-old Pierce was instructed by the head trainer to volunteer himself as the male Tribute for the upcoming Hunger Games. This was the first time the normally brave Rosalie refused to watch the Hunger Games, fearing for her boyfriend of eighteen months. He died close to the end, being the third-to-the-last one killed. Though initially grief-stricken, Rosalie only trained harder after the incident. Shortly after she turned eighteen, the same head trainer approached, telling her to volunteer as the female tribute for the upcoming 57th Hunger Games. She reluctantly accepted after weighing between Pierce's death and what could possibly happen to her should she decline. At the Reaping, doing as she was forced to do, she volunteered herself as the Female Tribute before the female's name was even chosen.

    Weapon: Scythe

    District Token: A diamond navel stud in the shape of a skull that Pierce gave her after a year into their relationship. She wears this on her navel and never takes it off in memory of Pierce.

    Strategy: Undecided
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2011
  7. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    P+M: You are reserved! :D

    *Jean Grey*:wonderful sign up. It exceeds my standards, which is good! You are definately accepted!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2011
  8. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Thank you very much. :)
  9. Plusle+Minun

    Plusle+Minun fanfiction is life

    Name: Viktorija Pacunaitė (pronounced "Victoria")

    Gender: Female.

    Age: 16

    District: Six.

    Appearance: Although her district's industry might dictate a soft and empathetic personality, Viktorija is none of that, and her appearance shows it. Her hair was once-upon-a-time a light chesnutty red, waterfalling down her back, until she chopped it short and dyed it a frosty orange. Then, having nothing else around the house, the whole district really, she spiked her locks using some medicinal ingredients; her hair was really the only thing she could change after all. Viktorija's face is broad, high cheekbones, low forehead, almost with a heart-shaped dip on her hairline, with a peachy complexion. Her nose is small but snub: she wishes it were pointier, as then it might have more of an effect with her mine-cut forest-green eyes that dully shine instead of sparkle, and her lips, which are short and mildly bee-stung, painted over with a darker tone to conceal the reddish-peach colour they were originally. Black eyeliner (made from some sort of forest herb, she would always note distastefully) and a soft gray are brushed over her lids every morning, and black mascara (it "makes more of a statement") touch up her short lashes.

    Every morning, Viktorija's routine doesn't consist of much: get out of her (sack) bed, throw on something, then run downstairs. As part of this plan, she doesn't usually pay attention to what she's wearing. Most of her wardrobe consists of things one might consider grunge-steampunk: pinstripe belly-exposed-length vests, ripped miniskirts, belts, gear jewelry, loose white blouses, ragged corsets, even a pair of goggles she wears everywhere she can. Usually she'll end up donning a mix of white and bronze, like wearing a shirt with off-the-shoulder puff sleeves underneath a short vest, baring her midriff, a ripped knee-length skirt with random bronze gears hanging from the belt. Her arms are decorated with belts, and her ears with, in fact, eyepiece earrings. It's a unique look. Viktorija doesn't think anyone else in Panem has it. Luckily, her stature, which is slightly shorter than the average girl at her age (and not too well filled-out) can pull it off.

    Personality: Seeming to have a mix of hot and cold running through her veins, Viktorija can lapse into frosty silences or heated arguments at the flick of a wrist. As a result, she doesn't garner too many friends, but that's okay, as she doesn't really know how to treat them well anyway. She understands fairness and equality, but she's never socially sure of herself and prefers to keep her pains hidden and not share herself - she's never trusted anyone before, really. Keeping up an indifferent air around her no matter what happens, Viktorija seems rarely fazed, and if she is, never lets it show through her facade.

    Being reserved and totally independant can be helpful, however. Viktorija never liked being held down in an agreement. She doesn't have to share what she knows, or who she's allied with, and can easily double, triple, or quadruple-cross someone with seemingly little regard for any parties involved, including her. She's smart: a natural at strategizing, and, unbeknownst to probably anyone, actually paid attention when working at home. She knows lots about medicines and can probably find some in the arena.

    Ignoring all these terrible qualities, Viktorija is witty, snarky (oh that's still bad isn't it), and surprisingly hospitable when asked nicely. She'll cooperate with you if she decides your worth her time, although you'll never know, and although somewhat brash, she actually thinks through most of her decisions, going over many different scenarios. The truth is, although she doesn't seem to care, it's all tearing at her insides. She might have some sort of breakdown in the arena at all the hurt going around her. Why the turmoil? Look down...

    History: Explaining the uncommon-sounding name, before North America collapsed into rubble, Tori's family line descends from Lithuanians (they also have different surnames depending on whether you're married, a man or woman). Her family lines has a history of individuals like Viktorija, and how they ever married is beyond me. Luckily though, they seem to warm up when married, so everything's good and golden. What isn't so rainbow-happy is really, their childhoods. A long while ago, Viktorija was in fact a docile girl, who was eternally happy and probably eternally naive. She was mild-mannered and compassionate, and generally trusting of everyone. She lived with her two siblings, Daina and Paulius, and her only childhood friend, Kristjana, the one person allowed to call her "Tori". Their friendship was almost sisterly, the comfortable sort where the other person doesn't mind sleeping in the same bed as you or being in the same room while changing. When Viktorija was twelve, she realized that, however, instead of crushing on boys like Kristy was always going on about, thoughts about her same sex were invading her thoughts all the time, and, more often than not, it would be her own best friend there.

    After she came to terms with her sexual orientation (it took several years), Viktorija had already known for a long time homosexuality wasn't accepted in Panem: she had seen what had happened to a gay couple in District Five, in fact, it was broadcasted on live television when she was ten. Knowing there wasn't a single way to be accepted that was within her reach, Viktorija became reserved and the way she is now, changing herself to accept whatever fate had to throw at her. Instead of taking walks around town, she would throw herself into whatever she was learning, and became rather knowledgable of random things. Viktorija also fine-tuned many of her fine motor skills, and prided herself on being probably better at small metalwork than even those in District Nine, as well as stitching (more destroying) her own clothing. Her family, also, was slowly going bankrupt, as her brother went to work in the Capitol and Viktorija wasn't exactly helping in the business.

    When she had just turned sixteen, however, she saw a way out of her chaotic life. The Games. Viktorija could escape everything she had known and dwelled in, and be lifted out of the fog. If she won, she wouldn't have to deal with poverty or her previous life, and if she died, well, she still didn't have to deal with anything. And although she still retained that nervousness of killing and death, she figured it was a small price to pay for a way out. Nobody in her family knew about this, and she volunteered to go.

    Weapon: Not really, but she doesn't usually need one: she's well-versed in medicine and killing others with

    District Token: Her goggles, but as the original ornament was too big, she fashioned it into a choker.

    Strategy: She doesn't plan to win. Like, might as well if I can, and she's still a little apprehensive about dying, but she won't delay it too much... smarts, if anything.


    I usually make such glamourous characters... XP I almost wanted to do someone polite and quiet but... nah, someone else'll get to that.
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  10. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Plusle+Minun: You are Accpeted. :) Nice character. Very unique and different. I like it :)

    Im surprised she volenteered. I guess it was like suicide for her. Anywhom, good job! May the odds be ever in your favor! :)
  11. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    I'll reserve both for district two.
  12. Purrloin

    Purrloin THIS! IS! MY RIFLE!

    I loved the Hunger Games series.
    I cried when Rue died, though. ;.;
    Name: Saira Feramine
    Gender: Female

    Age: 14
    District: 11

    Appearance: Saira has long, curly dark brown hair and green eyes. She also has short bangs. She dresses simply, a white tank-top and jean shorts are a favorite, as she is usually working in the fields. She uses a pink scarf as a "belt" whenever her shorts have belt loops. She usually has a pink rose pin in her hair, but removes it for the actual Games.

    Personality: She is usually shy and quiet, only speaking if spoken to or if she has something intelligent to say. She hates any type of violence, and instead likes to solve things by talking them over. However, if you tick her off, she is a very ferocious fighter, using skill and evasiveness to tire the opponent out, then striking. Though she has a couple aquaintances, there is no one she can actually call her "friend", as no one can get past her outer shell. She instead prefers the company of the animals and other wildlife that are around her garden, and the songs of the mockingjays. She herself has a very melodic voice.

    History: Saira was born in District 11 on April 17, and has had a love for plants since she was a newborn, always toddling around and smelling the flowers in her mother's garden. Since then, she has grown up always surrounded by many different plants and knows the uses of each one, and whether or not they are edible.

    Saira began her schooling at 5, and has been at the top, or near the top, of her class since. Her vast knowledge will also come in handy during the Games, to calculate the exact angle of which something needs to be thrown, and the angle of what is being thrown at her, so she can dodge. She is shunned because of it, so she's always been on the outside, sitting alone at lunch. The only person who ever really talked to her was (insert male character's name here). When they both were chosen, she was shocked. She hated violence, and she especially didn't want to hurt the only person who tried to be her friend.

    Weapon: Pocketknife ("trained" by using it to trim bushes), and a bow and arrow (she learned from her father, who taught her how to as a sport to do in her spare time). Also, her sheer knowledge and skill.

    District Token: A braided choker necklace woven from various stems and grasses.

    Strategy: Evasiveness, avoiding the fight until necessary, building up strength.
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  13. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Comments are in bold. I need it to be a bit longer. Take the first 3 SU's for example, they all had an excellent length. Your character is a little too similar to Rue for my liking. It's fine, as I can safely assume most of the District 11 people would be like that. Over-all I like it, but would like it a little bit longer :)

    You are pending.

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  14. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    reserve me as a guy in district 9
  15. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Wait, shouldn't district 12 be NPCs? There weren't any winners from 12 between Haymitch at 50 and Peeta and Katniss at 74, and it wouldn't be fair to open district 12 when they'll have to die. Just saiyan.
  16. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Name: Jess "Techno" Brisk (I love Brisk Iced Tea!)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17 (*Wolf Whistle* XD)

    District: District 3

    Appearance: Jess is pretty good height for her age, a bit tall. Her height is around 5"9. She is actually pretty skinny, like one of those skinny supermodels (she looks like one too). She wears light blue contacts to see better and because the colors are pretty. Jess' hair is dark brown and curled. It naturally comes like that for her, curled without help. His teeth are just a tiny bit crooked on the front, but as white as pearls. Jess' skin is pale from being holed up, working on experiments (Will be explained later). Jess wears a high cutoff ***-shirt (pink), baggy white jeans, and yellow sneakers.

    Jess is very attractive to people. What I mean is that they are attracted to her. She is very beautiful. But, she doesn't care. How do I put this, Jess is more attracted to machinary...yea... The only scratch/scar/mark, or however you say it, is a scar on the palm of her hand. It appeared when she was making something and it literally blew up. The scar doesn't hurt her anymore though, and it gives better grip when mountain climing :D

    Personality: Jess is pretty friendly. A bit shy, but friendly. She tends to be a bit overprotected, and that can have mixed results. She was also once thought to be crazy, but people rejected it. Jess isn't that curious of a person, letting mysteries pass by her head, unless of course, there's a machine involved. Jess believes in everyone giving their two cents in a conversations, and she never spreads rumors or gossips about people. Jess is shy around everybody, no matter how long she knew them. She tries to be realistic, but sometimes it sounds like pessimism (Is that a word?). She dwells on mistakes and past experiences because in reality, Jess was lucky to get out of them alive. You don't know how a rogue machine acts. She has trouble sleeping at times, and is never tired. At the rare times she does sleep, she dreams about whatever machinary ideas she has, and sometimes a new one pops in her head. Jess is pretty intelligent too.

    But, as we all know, there are two sides to every story. Jess other side is a bit scary. A bit intimidating. Kinda like when Justin Bieber tries to act sexy *Snicker*. Jess' other side, is dark. Of course, she still loves the light colors such as pink and hasn't turned goth, but her personality transforms. She actually turns into the crazy person that has been rumored she was. It is true. She turns into this outgoing person...but that's not always good. Jess is smart no matter what, but in solitude, she's sly, sneaky. Which is why she was able to hide the fact about this flip side from her parents. Another thing about this side is her technological geniusness...if that's a word. A scrap of metal is a supercomputer after she gets through it. A broken remote is a phone (Verizon and LG FTW). But the scariest thing about this side is...her bloodlust.

    History: Jess has two older sisters, one 19 and the other 18, and a younger brother who is 14 years old. Her mom should get a life xD. She would do anything for them, because she needs to hold up her nice image. But in reality, she hates their guts. Her mom died in the factory she worked in. It...um...exploded. Jess' dad never got over it. He described her as "Aphrodite on Earth". Jess' family often struggled with food and money, but Jess would just ship away a new invention and get paid, so it's no big deal. But sometimes, her invention is hated and they have to go a while without food. Practice for the Hunger Game, kinda. Jess would often stay in the basement so she can be herself. She had build a pistol and taser out of scrap metal and she practiced using them. The work wonderfully and Jess loved them. Even if you weren't a natural like Jess, who wouldn't like sending 10,000 volts of electricity to a rabbit?

    Jess pretty much lived in her basement, and when she wasn't there, the nearby forest was her second home. Of course, there was an electric fence, But if you do not know how to shut one down, you are not from Distric 3. Many times, she would shoot a bullet or throw the taser into the darkness and see what she hit. She would mostly hit nothing. How can you hit something that's not there? Very few animals roam in the forest. Her dad tries to get her to come with him to the factory. She always refused. Jess didn't want to die the same way her mom did. Even with her bloodlust, she shudders at the thought of dieing. Jess hides her gun and taser from people, because she knew quite a bunch of sexist people. Jess' older sister has been in the 55th Hunger Games. She should be 19 years old. Yea...it's that sister. Jess' sister was the first one killed. It happened in the bloodbath in the Cornucopia. At the reaping, Jess was quick to volunteer. This surprised everyone, as this was not a Career district. But Jess did not volunteer to avenge her sister. She did it for the bloodlust.

    Weapon: Long Rang-Gun
    Short Range-Taser...oh yea. Hater gonna hate

    District Token: A ball of scrap metal

    Strategy: Use the Capital's traps for herself
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  17. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Oh, I thought you'd prefer the male character in District 3, technology.

    You are reserved for 9, but you can swith to 3 if you wish.

    We are pretending that 74th Hunger games never happened (since it didnt... yet.)

    Sooooo basically it'll remain open. They could still win (1/24 chance...) lol.

    Ditto123: You are Approved for District 3 female tribute.

    I don't think you'd find a gun in the hunger games.... (or you can make one) but the tazer seems to be easily made. (use your imagination lol) so yeaaah.
  18. IatosHaunted

    IatosHaunted THE GREAT RETURN

    Was going to write up a full sign-up now but don't have time. I'd like to reserve the male character for district 11.
  19. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    Name: vosok
    Age: 17
    District: district 2
    Appearance: A tall fit man who has long brown silky hair with brown eyes. He has a good tan and has scars on his arms from a abusive dad. He has a small build and wears a necklece with a red rock that is a good luck sign.he also has nimble fingers and small feet.
    Personality: He is very protective of friends and very fierce of foes he likes to sneak and spy and is a good climber of trees. He is usaly the quiet one but not dumb very smart
    He also has a flaw though he goes into states of craziness where he just wants to kill and attack and bring misery and pain to everyone because of hatred he has suffered from his family
    History: As a young child vosok was abused and hated by his family so he took off wanting only to bring pain and misery to others he trained to be in the hunger games and to be well equipped with knives and bows but more so the knife. He decided to spend a year in the woods to test himself he came out a viscous murdering man.
    Wanting to be in the hunger games as soon as possible he was going to volunteer only he was called at 12 only to have a volunteer watching the hunger games that year he realized he wasnt good enough so he trained more and learned about the animals and plants there and them from being a vicious murderer he became a strong fast smart killing machine

    Weapon: knife and bow

    District Token: a necklace he found while in the woods a second time he thought of it as a luck charm being he found it and after word he became so much smarter and readier for the hunger games

    Strategy: allies that is the only way to win
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  20. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    I'm good, just thought I would change myself up if you know what I mean.

    Name: Alex Morgan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    District: 9

    Appearance: He's short for his age at 5'4" and due to his skill at the metalworks, he isn't as thin as some of the other workers. He has developed strong upper body strength from carrying peices of metal all over the workshops. He has his brown hair cut short and a tanned face from dealing with many torches and forges. He has many scars from sharp metal and sparks all over his body.

    When working he always wears heavy gloves and goggles which it more protection than more other people in the workshop. When not in the workshop, which is very little, he wears a heavy jacket and jeans, which though old, again better than most other people have. He also wears an old steel watch which is a family hierloom and still works.

    Personality: In a word, he's a loner. He hardly ever talks to others and when he does, it mostly because he has to talk to finish the job. He doesn't have any friends and the only person he's close to is his father, Ian. Work at the metalworks is hard and someone is seriously injured every other day but he endures it. He knows he's privlaged compared to the others but he just keeps working, interacting with the others only when needed. His father earns enough money to support both of them while Alex saves up his money. He interested in the world before the districts and the uprising and he just wishes the peacekeepers would stop breathing down thier necks. He's also somewhat of a peacekeeper, the orginal type of peacekeeper. He won't stop to break up a fight between workers amd won't hesitate to use his fists.

    History: His mom died from sickness when Alex was young and his father is the only family he has. His father is the foreman of the shop he works at and other than his father getting paid slightly more than the other workers, they still have to do the same dirty work and get 'respected' the same way by the peacekeepers. He was in a school when he was younger. While in school he has heard the history of the districts and the capitol and some of the origens of them, but he's always wondered about the time before. He told the teacher that he wanted to know more and when he did, he was whipped. He has kept his mouth shut ever since. When he was old enough for the reaping, his father took him out of it and put him to work. He never complained seeing as while was only entered once each year, people were reaped with worse odds. Also, being smart in a district where most people rely on brute strength wasn't the best way to do things.

    He has never went outside the fence and has no intrest to. He follows the peacekeepers' rules so not to attact attention and so they wouldn't harm him and his father. He and his father agreed that if he was reaped, that his father wouldn't spent all of his saved up money on him. If he would win- and that's a huge if- he would wish to use the rewards to learn the history of the world before the games and the uprisings.

    Weapon: Any heavy blunt object he can get his hands on. If not, just use fists.

    District Token: His old plain steel watch.

    Strategy: Stay away from everyone. Survive as long as he can until the end.

    this is all i've got so far...
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