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The Hunger Games; May the odds be ever in your favor! [PG-14]


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Dont judge me P+M! D:

Hahahaha, so yeah, lawnmaster, I just checked with Martin_ and he still has those spots.

Soooooo... you can choose a new district please and thank you :D


Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Doon

Gender: male

Age: 16

District: 11

Appearance: Ezekiel is of African-American heritage, like most of district 11's population. He is average height for his age, and skinny but muscular enough to have an edge in most fights where he's able to make the first strike. His eyes are a bright green, with a slightly yellowish tint. His hair is jet black, with a small red-dyed streak in the front, from a bottle of dye given to him on his last birthday. His hair is somewhat long and surprisingly straight for someone of his heritage, hanging just below his eyebrows in the front and down to the base of his neck in the back. His face is fairly attractive, with a chiseled nose and chin, set off by his youthful-looking eyes.

Ezekiel isn't one to obsess over what he wears, but he likes to look good. He prefers bright-colored plain shirts and black jeans. Ezekiel doesn't get cold often, and usually doesn't wear jackets or coats.

Personality: Ezekiel is a very easygoing type. That isn't to say he doesn't try, but he always has a certain slouch to his stature, and appears calm and unconcerned in the face of tense situations. He enjoys having fun, and tries to see a bright side to unpleasant situations. To most people, he seems a little bored with life.

In reality, Ezekiel is much more sensitive than he lets on. His easygoing appearance is a cover, due to a paranoia of letting his emotions show, bred early on my his abusive father's treatment of him. Another reason for this is Ezekiel's own anger issues. Ezekiel used to be a brawler in school, and didn't stop causing trouble until one painful memory of a night involving his drunk, angry father and a long, splintered piece of plywood. Ezekiel doesn't really avoid people, but avoids opening up to them until he has already established a friendship with them. One of the first times a friendship lasted long enough for this was with Saira Feramine(the female district 11 tribute), a long-time friend. Ezekiel is a quick thinker, good at improvising.

History: Ezekiel was born to a loving mother, Sasha, and a hating father, Micheal, who felt forced into marriage after getting Sasha pregnant. At first things were okay; Sasha wouldn't let Micheal near baby Zeke when Micheal was drunk. Then Micheal began coming into work drunk, and had to be fired, so Sasha had to begin taking extra shifts to make up for it. This would leave Zeke home alone with his father often, and his father's ways began to rub off on him. Until age 7, Zeke caused trouble wherever he went, picking fights and calling names, throwing bricks at windows. This ended, strangely enough, because of his father. One night, when Ezekiel's father was in a rare state of soberness, he told Ezekiel not to learn from his old man, that he should try and be better than him. For the first and only time, Ezekiel saw sadness in his father's eyes.

After this point, Ezekiel began changing how he acted. He controlled himself better, and began to make more friends. He became happy, but still resentful of his father. The two didn't fight anymore, and Zeke would simply ignore Micheal if he was drunk. Ezekiel's teenage years became his best, spending his free time with friends, and occasional girlfriends once puberty completely set in. He kept his friends close enough to keep, but was somewhat wary of them, as a possible effect of wariness of his father. At age 14, Ezekiel began signing up for tessary, so his mother could take a few more hours off a week without too much worry for food. Although his mother voiced objections, it was, surprisingly, his father who was more actively against it. In the end, though, Ezekiel was let to take the tessar, for the small amounts of relief it gave.

Weapon: No, but he is very adept at using his hands for disarmament.

District Token: A silver and bronze bracelet of Zeke's mothers, with engravings in the shape of apples along the sides.

Strategy: No clear idea yet, but as stated above, Ezekiel is good at improvising.



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Aproved! Just a side question... Is approved spelled with 2 P's or 1 p? @_@... Anyways, good job, May the odds be ever in your favor!

P.S. Purrloin mentioned that you and her where friends and she was shocked when you where reaped. She said you didnt mind, so it's all right? Okay, ill let you two work that out. haha.


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Two "p"s of course.

Well, he mentioned it in his SU actually...
One of the first times a friendship lasted long enough for this was with Saira Feramine(the female district 11 tribute), a long-time friend. Ezekiel is a quick thinker, good at improvising.


Yeah, Purrloin messaged me about it after her SU got approved, and I was fine with it, so Ezekiel and Saira already know each other pretty well.


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How tragic! T_T lol.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

*just so this post is complete spam:

The Current map is VOID. A new map has been created, so ignore this map. The new map will be a "O:" surpise!


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Blargh, I'm out of practice.

Name: Fleece Saire

Gender: Male

Age: 13

District: 10

Appearance: Perhaps the most noticeable part of Fleece is his hair – while at a glance his name may seem silly and uncreative, it’s his hair that labelled him as such (but it’s still a silly and uncreative name). Soft, slightly curly and almost white (but actually blonde in the correct light), it’s nearly identical to sheep’s wool (except not filthy). Beneath this, on a rounded, tanned face are two large, watery brown-red eyes. A small nose dusted with freckles and thin lips complete his whole facial ensemble. Coming from one of the wealthier families of District 10, he’s not nearly as thin and malnourished as he could be – but naturally, he’s not plump either. He’s reached a pretty good equilibrium of muscle and fat, but he’s naturally rather thin and weedy, and stands only at 5’3”. He normally dresses as if he were out on the ranch, even when going to school. At a basic level, he wears a surprisingly clean white polo shirt and short jeans, rolled up to his knees. Over his shirt is a slightly worn leather vest with brass buttons. It’s not particularly fancy or anything but it’s his favourite garment and almost refuses to take it off. On his feet are thick woollen socks and hardy leather boots. He usually has thick leather gloves on his hands.

Personality: Fleece is quiet, unassuming and alarmingly prone to bursting into tears. He doesn’t like talking to others and prefers to company of his sheep. He’s sensitive and hates conflict, and rather obedient and submissive towards others because he’s not very confident in himself. However, one fact people don’t expect about him is he’s quite open to killing, and has already done so himself – to livestock, of course. He can be quite cold in regards to mercy. He is also quite capable of fighting. He’s bright but doesn’t like admitting so, and is rather observant when he needs to be. He has a sort of attitude which seems to calm animals – well, it’s not like a raging mutt will start simpering but he is able to approach some placid animals and they won’t startle and run away. He’s not a very good talker and tends to stutter and murmur in public situations. He’s also a very modest person. Incidentally, he is terrified of cows.

History: Fleece grew up the third and final child to the wealthiest shepherd in the district. His elder brother, Cashmere, and elder sister, Angora, tried to break free of their caste and go beyond sheep, but Fleece was happy with his lot in life. Ever since he was little he loved to just sit out with the flocks and daydream. His father, disappointed with his two older children, took a disproportionate amount of interest in his youngest. He taught the boy everything he knew – traps to catch foxes and wolves, how to wrangle sheep and shear them, and even how to wrestle, even if his son was short and weak. Fleece developed a good relationship with his father and sheep, but was shy and quiet around others. He was resented by some, and taken advantage of by others due to his submissive nature. He’d take sheepskins and lamb and give them to others, thinking he was being a bit of a hero and making friends. Unfortunately, his father thought others were stealing them and had the Capitol look into it. Fleece said nothing, and instead just retreated to his flocks and hide away, refusing to talk to others for a long, long time.

Fleece never really paid attention to the Games, especially since he never needed to put his name in extra times. He tended not to watch, simply by hiding away in his flocks. He never knew anyone who was reaped. Even when it was broadcast in the air, he was having too much fun chasing the sheep with his father’s dogs.

Weapon: Staves or any long stick. He’s also pretty handy with an axe, but it’s unlikely he’ll find any.

District Token: An old whistle on a string around his neck.

Strategy: The element of surprise. Try not to panic.
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What is that?
ok locomo could i wait until end of the day to see if martin post if no district 12


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~Neon~: You are approved!

Lawnmaster: Okay, we will wait until his reserve expires, and when it does you can get District 2 male. If he posts his SU, you will be district 12 male.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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I haven't roleplayed much since last summer, hopefully this isn't too far off from what you were looking for~

Name: Cosette Larimore

Gender: Female

Age: 17 years old

District: 12; coal mining

Cosette’s frame is slender with slight muscle tone and of about average height, 5’ 7”. Her black hair shines blue under light, straight and kept short to prevent knots. It ends just at her shoulders, where bones protrude unhealthily from cream colored skin. Cosette has a heart-shaped face with a small, straight nose and lips that are full and pink. Her eyes, once bright blue, are now a faded grey blue closely resembling the grey eyes of most of District 12. She does not require glasses or anything of the sort.​

Her clothing is mostly hand-me-downs, worn out and patched up by her mother. These consist of oversized sweatshirts and loose fitting jeans. Her sneakers are falling apart at the seams, faded to the point that it’s impossible to tell what color they once were. The one wearable item she has that is in good condition is a small locket given to her by her mother on her sixteenth birthday. It contains a tiny piece of coal from the District 12 mines.​

She is very withdrawn and introverted. Cosette is quiet and very, very seldom speaks. Her personal preference is to avoid human interaction if at all possible. The only emotion she shows is in her eyes, otherwise her expression remains constantly bored. Inside, however, she feels pain all of the time. Cosette misses her father terribly and does not want people to know how much it bothers her. Many people die in the mines in District 12, so she feels like she shouldn’t let it constantly bother her the way it does.​

Cosette was born to Leonel and Myrtie Larimore. Leonel was a coal miner. Myrtie helped her elderly neighbors with errands to get a bit of money here and there to help support the family, but shortly after she discovered she was pregnant, Myrtie began to stay home most of the time. For most of Cosette’s childhood she was relatively happy with her life, they had little money for food and clothing, but she always had optimism. Her bond with her father was always far stronger than the bond with her mother. He would sit and talk with her for hours after he got back from the mines. Even after starting school she made friends and was outgoing and kind to everyone. Not long after she turned fourteen, things changed.​

Leonel was involved in a coal mining accident and struggled to live for a few months before dying. Cosette was devastated and from that moment she kept to herself and barely spoke to anyone. Her emotions slowly began to disappear and the only way to tell how she was feeling was through her eyes. She kept one friend in her life, Erica Luick, and ignored the rest. Months passed, and slowly she drifted even from Erica. Myrtie tried to keep her home as much as possible besides during times when they were forced to leave their home. Myrtie worked again to get money to support their family, but it wasn’t enough, so Cosette had to begin to enter for tesserae. Cosette liked to climb up a tree or go for a run to keep herself distracted from thinking about her father, so she eventually gained a bit of muscle. Her mother was afraid that she would become lonely from never being around anyone, so she got her to help bake dinner and paint with her occasionally. This gave her skills with using a knife, climbing, and painting.​

Weapon: Slightly skilled with a knife

District Token: Her locket with a small piece of coal contained inside. It represents her father who died in the mines and it represents the coal mining in District 12.

Strategy: She plans to hide and avoid conflict until the very end.


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I would like a little more in personality, but your History was fine. So I guess it balances each other out? *shrugs*

You are Approved!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Oh, and your signature, it's from the last book. When

Peeta is asking Katniss what's real and not. :') awwwwe....

IMPORTANT: If you are reserved, it most likely will end tommorrow. (With the exception of one, who will end on Friday.) Please get your SU's in so we can quickly begin the games.

It looks like we will have 8 NPC's. Which is fine. :)
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D'aww I remember that line, even if I totally hate Peeta/Katniss.

I feel like we should leave it open a little longer though as it seems we have some late people...


What is that?
YES im district 2


Name: Sam Brisk

Gender: Male

Age: 14

District: District 3

Appearance: Sam is actually a bit short for his age, 14. His height is around 5"4. He's not that skinny, but not fat either. Actually, he's like a bodybuilder, with bulging muscles (I find that discusting). He wears no form of sight helper things as he has 20/20 vision. Sam's hair is dark brown and straight, just a bit short. His teeth are just a tiny bit crooked on the front, but as white as pearls. Sam's skin is tanned from being outside alot, playing sports. Sam puts on the first thing in his closet.

Sam is one of the beautiful people. Other cannot help but fall for him. He is a hunk all the way. But, he doesn't care. How do I put this, Sam is gay *Crowd gasps and a baby crying is heard* Sam has scratches all over his skin as a result from sports. They come and go whenever he plays sports. But he has gotten used to it, so they never hurt anymore. In fact, he wants more scars so he can show off how brave he is.

Personality: Sam is the most amazing guy out there. He's confident, brave, and hot. He is the apple of everyones eyes. That is what the females think. He is so conceited that it isn't funny. His only thoughts are to save himself. He has to butt into conversations, and not let others have their moments. His motto is that if it involves anything but himself, it sucks. While his family is thin, he is well fed. That is because he always steals the food for himself. He is selfish, and unkind. He also contributes nothing for the district. Why, he's incredibley stupid. He is the stupidest kid of District 3, of Panem, you can run into.

Also, Sam is gay. Something in his past turned him gay. Of course, I will cover that later. Sam is in love with men, not women. He thinks that women are horrid beasts and men are the true beings of nature. The amazing one. He doesn't get straight people. Only one other person knew about him being gay. His sister. The 19 year old one. But she died in the Hunger Games. Sam doesn't know why girls love him so much. They should love other girls, the cycle of life, right? At least, that's how Sam sees it.

History: Sam has 3 older sisters. One is 17, one is supposed to be 19, and the last is 20. His mom should get a life xD. Sam could caren't less for his family. He hates their guts. At the first chance, he would slit their throats. His mom died in the factory she worked in. It...um...exploded. Jess' dad never got over it. He described her as "Aphrodite on Earth". Sam's family often struggled with food and money, but that was because of Sam. He hogged all of the food and his family never had anything for themselves. But sometimes, Sam's obnoxious 17 year old sister, Jess, would turn up with money to buy food. But then she would wonder where to disappeared to. All Sam's doing. Sam goes outside a lot to play sports. He is really athletic...and dumb.

Sam lives in the outdoors. It's pretty much his second home. Many times, he would find a stick and kill anything that passes buy. His dad tried to get him to come with him to the factory. Sam actually went, but the workers kicked him out when he caused an explosion. It wasn't that big. It only took out half the building. And no one was there. Sam was actually trying to kill his dad, who always favored his sisters. Sam's older sister has been in the 55th Hunger Games. She should be 19 years old. Yea...it's that sister. Sam's sister was the first one killed. It happened in the bloodbath in the Cornucopia. At the reaping, Sam thought it odd that Jess, his sister, volunteered. Then he realized that this was the perfect chance to kill her. So he volunteered next.

Weapon: Any heavy weapon

District Token: Skin from his football

Strategy: Team up with Careers/Brute Force (I changed it, loco)


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omg we have more homosexuals gaiz

What's with my terrible grammar? I shall never know.

tsk tsk I see the beginnings of a Gary Stu, but I think this could be an opportunity to befriend, so I'm keeping my mouth shut.


My character? He's a Gary Stu?


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Lawnmaster: Yeah, he switched to district 5 I think. So you have Distirct 2. Your district partner might end up a NPC since theres no SU's/Reserves.

P+M: mhmmm gary stu

Ditto123: mhmmmm. Your character is a Gary Stu. (with his perfect looks and atheltism and whatever). But I'm allowing it, so your Approved. However, this character is more vulnerable to a death by Game Makers. (You have your other tribute though, so don't worry about it.)

Interesting that they are both siblings who volenteered. -shrugs- I'm not complaining.

May the odds be ever in your favor! :)


I also said he was stupid and conceited