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The Hunt for Hydreigon

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All of his life, Ethan has wanted to catch a Hydreigon. Now when a wild Hydreigon in hypnotized by team Plasma, Ethan must catch and de-hypnotize this dangerous Pokémon. With the help of his friends, Myles and Bel, can he do it? Find out when I type up this story tomorrow!

Sorry for not typing it up, I'm really tired and I don't want to forget the plot. But I will try to type it up tomorrow!


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That's what programs like word/openoffice/google docs/even notepad are for - for you to save your ideas or plotting or whatnot before you write out the full story.

You're only allowed to make new threads in this main section though when you have the story/prologue and/or first chapter to post with it as per the Fan Fiction rules, so closed.
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