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~The Hybrid/Scientist War~ let the battle of trust begin!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Musical Mayhem, May 17, 2006.

  1. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: We're starting! Just remember that your character can't remember anything of their past, so their trust needs to be won over before they can join the rebellion. I control NPCs such as the internet boy (he'll have a name later) and the scientists. Thanks and enjoy!


    I opened my eyes; blearily aware of an alarm ringing wildy beneath me. I rolled over to find myself staring down at a small oaken table topped with a golden buzzing alarm clock. It read 6:57 a.m. I felt my ears rise up in shock; I had been out like a light for the last half an hour without hearing it! I shoved my colorful quilt from my legs and slid down the ladder to the alarm clock. My roomate Annabel was already gone; she had to leave early for swimming practice. She was a Psyduck hybrid after all. I slapped the button on the alarm, it's ringing had begun to annoy me.

    I walked across the faded blue carpet to a mirror so I could see myself. It was the same me as always; my short lavender hair tassled up from the night's sleep, my blue eyes bleary from just waking up, and my big Espeon ears taking up too much space as always. Same me; same routine, same morning. I grabbed my shorts and t-shirt from the laundry shoot where the laundry came in every morning from the laundry boy. He was a Ralts hybrid; he had long shoulder length green hair and big inquisitive red eyes.

    I looked at my schedual for serving; I had second shift. Luckily it didn't start until 8:00, so I could go out and do a rock climb or a run. The scientists treated us like little kids, well they were our parents after all. In a way anyways. They were just our foster parents; taking care of us as they went. I began to walk down the hall from my dorm room on floor five; all the psychic hybrids lived up there. On the floor above us were the fire hybrids, below us were the water hybrids. Same old, same old.

    I passed by Torkie the janitor; he was cleaning trash as usual. I'd heard many rumors about his strength; he was too strong to be in the army. He sort of scared me like that, but I reached out with my mind and touched his; it was more concerned with garbage then me or the army. Thank Mew. I got to the golden elevator doors; ignoring the ugly flowered wall paper, and presed the down button. The doors slid open slowly, revealing a general eleveator: it had green flowery walls and corny elevator music playing in it. Same as usual. I hit the basement button; that's where the gym, pool, and rock climbing areas are located. The elevator remained open for a while longer; just to make sure that there wasn't anyone else coming on.
  2. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    Mechil (or Mokey as he liked to be called) was running along on all four legs. His tail flying behind him. Although he was a Primape hybrid he was given a tail to be more monkey like. He was running along and saw a girl inside an elevator. "Wait! Don't let the door close." Mokey shouted at the girl in the lift. His tail was still swinging back and forth.

    Meanwhile one of the scientists was also waking up. Her name was Kassie and was an Alakazam hybrid. She was a complete computer geek and also known as the human calculator. She began to pull on her usual clothes of a pink T-shirt and jeans. Over that was a white lab coat as she prefered to stay inside helping with the calculations.
    Last edited: May 17, 2006
  3. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: The whole reason i put the elevator in there is because I wanted some interaction: people love elvators. ^_^

    I felt my ears perk up in response to a loud noise: the Primape boy was running along towards my elevator. I reacted by quickly grabbing the golden doors, preventing them from closing despite the pressure they were putting on my hand.

    "What floor are you going to?" I asked him, wondering what he was doing in the psychic floor; the fighting floor was up another two floors above the fire one, "I"m Lilly, just so you know, even though you probably know that already. I'm going to the basement floor to go rock climbing: I always do in the mornings," I explained as he ran into the elevator and I allowed the doors to close.
    Last edited: May 17, 2006
  4. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    Mokey finnally got into the elevator. "Thanks. Incase you didn't know i'm Mechil or Mokey. I havn't been rock climbing before. What is it? I'm usually outside talking to the Aipom and Mankey. I sometimes spar against the other fighting hybrids but i have to train the newbies. It's major boring."

    *Mokey is a complete idiot by the way and his only friends are the monkey pokemon. He has no human/hybrid friends*
    Last edited: May 17, 2006
  5. Neko Godot

    Neko Godot Hey! Listen!

    I woke up in my large king sized bed and looked outside my enormous window that overlooked the jagged rocks and the raging sea. It inspired me to work harder than usual today.

    I got dressed and sat at my computer, ready to begin working, when a e-mail notification popped up. Interested, he read it.

    mEEt me in tHe bATHROOm if yOu wANt to lIVe

    I looked at the list of other people who were e-mailed. All the hybrids recieved an invitation. I couldn't let some radical thinker named X have the hybrids rebel. No way! I was going to go undercover to learn of this plot. I sent the Head Scientist an e-mail listing my plan, and then went on my way.
  6. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    *haha, there's one in every family*

    I suddenly wondered, Where do the newbies come from? They're too old to have been born yesterday. I thought strangely. I wondered if Monkey knew.

    "Hey Monkey?" I asked curiously, "Where do the newbies come from?" I realized then: I couldn't remember where I came from. All I knew was that I'd lived here for a year, gone through training like everyone else, and become a waitress. That's strange... I thought. Maybe that boy who sent me the e-mail was right; Meet him if I wanted to live. I knew where I had to go at 3 p.m. sharp: the bathroom.
  7. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    "Erm...i have no idea where they come from. The first place i know is this large room people call the breeding room. I'm not alowd in though. Not really fair is it. I train them and i don't even know where they come from." He was looking down at his hands that had small area's of strange muscle. All along his arm was muscle. Life of a fighting type Mokey had always fought. "Can i tell you something? You see i don't really have much contact with others. Usually people just let the door close on me to the elevators. You're the first to actually not do that and for that i say thank you." He bowed to show his respect. He'd always been like that. A few of the book he was given were the martial arts books. His favourite contained the shaolin monks. His clothes were designed after after them too. Simply a purple robe and white pants like the ones they wear for judo.
  8. (OOC: Ignore this post. I realize that I really can't keep up with this. I'm out.)
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2006
  9. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    Justin opened his eyes due to the very irratating sound from someone running up and down the hall. He sat up and at once had to sit back down. The big antlers on his head sometimes made him dizzy. Justin stood up slowly,waiting for the dizzyness to happen. It didnt so he walked out of his room and down the hall to talk to the other waiters and waitresses."Hey monkey" Justin said to the kid running around crazily. Justin walked into the room he went to everyday to get ready to wait on people to get there orders.
  10. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    Slowly opening her eyes Saki awoke from her sleep. Sitting up she blinked a bit so her vision cleared. When she looked at the computer in her room she saw a blinking message.Saki climbed out of her bed and walked over to the computer desk. The screen read, 'You have 1 New Email!'. Saki cocked her head to the side wondering who had sent her an email. She then quickly typed a few things on the keyboard and the email came up.

    mEEt me in tHe bATHROOm if yOu wANt to lIVe

    "Huh? What is this? It's been sent to every other Hybrid so that means...that this is some weird joke or that it's the truth. But why?" Saki saved the email and walked off to get ready for the day. Brushing her shoulder length light green hair out she looked in the mirrior. The same pale face with dark red eyes stared back at her. Her face never changed and she barely ever wore a smile anymore. With a sigh Saki put down the hair brush and opened the top drawer of her small dresser. But when she reached inside she pulled out a pair of grayish white gloves that spiked out when they reached her wrist.

    "Where'd these come from?" Saki asked as she looked down at the gloves. A small note was attached to them. 'To my amazing artist, a gift to thank you for your astounding work on last week's project. Wear them always. H.S.'
    "Last weeks project...? Oh, the encasement chamber...Well I guess they are pretty nice." Saki slowly slid the gloves on and they felt very soft. From what she could tell they were made of satin.

    She smiled and glanced over at the clock it was already 7:20 she was going to be late if she didn't hurry up. Why she still wasn't used to recieving gifts for her work she didn't know. Saki quickly finished getting ready and ran out the door.Other Pyschic Hybrids were also heading out to do they're assigned jobs and or training. She had been here for over 12 months now so she had already finished her training. Saki rarely went down to the basement to train with everybody else, but she thought that maybe it was time she made a change in her usual routine. Saki walked towards the elevator and saw the doors shut with the two Hybrids already inside. "*sigh* I'm always just a little too late..." Saki leaned against the wall and pushed the button while she waited for the next elevator.
    Last edited: May 18, 2006
  11. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    Justin looked around and realized there was no work today for him.
    "Darn, I forgot I had sparing today!" he said angerly as he stormed out of the cafe and went to stand next to a girl at the elevator.
    "Hi, Im justin, Have I seen you around?"he asked.
  12. ~*Nobody*~

    ~*Nobody*~ samonsterX

    Samantha opened her eyes and look at the dingy, grey room. Where she sleeped. Her mind was troubled, and she sighed at the thought of being tested all over again.

    "Ugh...." Samantha muttered rubbing her acking head. A cold marble table was not a good bed. Her life was a blur, only small fragments of what had happened over the past week were still in her mind. She thought about her life, but she couldn't remember anything but a head acke the size of Hoenn. The a blank something was missing.
    A bell rang, it was time for her to go to work.

    "Oh keep your wings on I'm coming!" Samantha yelle at the loud ringing. As she passed one of the new class chambers, Samantha looked at her plain self. Same orange wings and tail, same brownish orange hair. Same every thing. Or was that her same self? She couldn't remember, it seemed to be tucked away some where in her mind.

    "I'm ready sir." she said walking into the white room.
  13. Neko Godot

    Neko Godot Hey! Listen!

    I knew that the hybrids would soon gather and discuss the e-mail. Of course, I couldn't let this happened. So I checked all the security cameras untill I found a gathering of hybrids. They were in the elavator.

    Immediately, I hacked into the lab's energy mainframe and turned off all power in the elavator shaft. Those hybrids were now going to be stuck there for a while. Hopefully they would miss the meeting.

    I smiled at my handiwork, and then went off to play a few tunes on my organ.
  14. Torkie10

    Torkie10 Busy at the moment

    "Power Shortage on Elevator. Power Shortage on Elevator. Janitor to report to the office." Torkie groaned and harumphed. He knew for a fact that the janitor was busy. He turned back to his work, sorting the garbage, when he heard, "Power Shortage on Elevator. Power Shortage on Elevator. Torkie to the office." He flamed and went off to the office. A scientist with a limp hand greeted him. "Ah, Torkie! How are you?" Torkie didn't answer, instead asking, "You called for me. What can I do?" The scientist smiled and said, "Really, Torkie, you underestimate yourself. I have seen you tinkering with the thrown away machines, trying to fix them. I understand you know some basic stuff. Because the janitor seems to be missing, or upgraded, you are the only one able to see what is wrong and know if anything is out of place. We think that there are some rebels are about, and they have cut off the power in order to prevent us from moving." Torkie took a while to take this in. "Does this mean you want me to fix it?" he asked, confused. The scientist smiled but shook his head. "Oh, no, Torkie, you can't do that. I need you to look at it and tell me if anything seems out of place. We can call in a mechanic to do the rest." Torkie nodded and turned to go, but the scientist called him back. "Torkie, I have heard some troubling rumors that e-mails have been sent that are asking for rebels to arrive in a secret place. Have you seen one?" Torkie shook his head. "I don't know how to use a computer, and I can't read. I think that someone thought it would be funny, or that they were dared to by a friend. You guys are great parents, I don't think that anyone would really do that. You raised us too well." the sceintist seemed slightly disappointed but cheerfully replied, "Okay, just make sure that if you hear about the rebels, to come tell me. By the way, sinse we don't have a janitor at the moment, we will need you to clean up a bathroom. Someone graffitied 'i luv n00bletz lolz/'all over the walls." Torkie headed to the room where the power to for the elevators was.
  15. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    "Huh? Oh, hello. I'm not sure...I don't spend much time with the others." Saki said to the Stantler boy. "I work in the labs and offices. I don't train much either. So I don't get to see many of the other Hybrids." she said as she stood up straight. There was a sudden alarm as the elevator that was going down stopped. "Uh oh, the people inside are trapped!" Saki tried the emergency open button, but the doors wouldn't budge. "I'll have to do it the hard way then." Saki put the tips of her fingers to her forehead and began to concentrate on the doors. Soon the doors to the elevator flew open. Saki knew the boy behind her was staring in amazment since not many of the other Hybrids could open titainium doors with they're minds. With a small smile Saki fell to the floor for she had used a lot of energy to open the doors.
  16. ~*Nobody*~

    ~*Nobody*~ samonsterX

    Samantha looked at the scientists face, he wasn't the same one she had seen that past week. The glass tube he was holding had a syrum in it. But it didn't look like a syrum exsactly more like, like DNA!

    "Your not going to inject that into me are you!?" Samantha screamed, suddenly remembering the sharp pain of the needle, injecting the Charizard DNA. The sudden pain of the wings and tail sprouting over night. The rest was another blur....

    "No, its for a Rattata." He said, Samantha sighed.

    "No needle, good." Samantha muttered under her breath so he couldn't hear her.
  17. Torkie10

    Torkie10 Busy at the moment

    Torkie arrived in the main power room, and looked around. The power to the elevators seemd to be off, but the system was so complicated it made his head hurt. He then saw a light as one of the shaft lights lit up, showing that the doors were open! He called down to the office by pressing the large green button that he knew was for announcements, and said, "Power to the elevators has been cut off. Door open; computer hacked. Mechanic to office please." He then slumped down, panted, and began to leap down the stairs to see if somebody was doing anything stupid, like prying open the shaft and leaning over.
  18. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    Lying on the floor Saki tried to regain some energy. After a minute She felt that she was able to move again.Slowly she stood up and leaned against the wall. "I"ve got to help them..." Saki said panting heavily. "I will help them." Saki said as she focused her energy on the elevator down the shaft. she could sence it climbing very slowly about maybe an inch. With a small sigh she tried harder and it move a little faster. But then just as she thought she could do it, her energy disappeared and she fell back to the floor barely conscious.
  19. Crystamon

    Crystamon Guest

    Winds rushing, streaming through wings of pure blue... No sadness, no pain. No Scientists...Scientists! No, no don't think about them. Keep flying. Gliding through the air. Find any Magma's. Then you can think about Scientists...

    A small blue figure sped over the see, leaping and soaring, flying with a practiced beauty. The wind blew it around, and the figure shifted to avoid it. There would be brief periods where the figure would dive uder the sea. A pause, and then...WOOSH! A blast of water, and the figure reappeared.

    It approached land, streaking from the sea to the forest, overshooting the woods. What's that...there! Magma...

    Like a thunderbolt, the figure struck, plummeting from above. The was a high scream as the wind rushed about him. A blast of power, and all that remained was a pile of gently steaming ashes.

    The figure soared over the land, always on the lookout for others.
  20. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    "Ok if this lift isn't moving i am." Mokey jumped to the top and opened a hatch in the roof. "Anyone else coming?"

    Meanwhile Kassie was sat at her latop desk. "A hacker? Lets see who can hack better." She began to press several button really fast and soon got the mainframe back the way it was.

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