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~The Hybrid/Scientist War~ let the battle of trust begin!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Musical Mayhem, May 17, 2006.

  1. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: If you're reffering to Laurie, she's a Plusle hybrid. ^_^
    Laurie leapt into action, leaving poor Alex to hold her beloved sister by himself, "Can't you see she's hurt? Leave her out of this!" Laurie yelled, caught up in a fury of rage again. "So she almost killed you. Do you see her running out trying to kill that Charzard hybrid who tried to kill her?!" she screamed, her voice reaching fever pitch, "I have had it up to," she paused, raising her hand over top of her two paddle like ears, "Here with you. I was wrong. Everybody deserves a chance. Everybody but you!" she screamed, red cheeks becoming yellower by the second, "I don't care how much you care about us. I don't care how much you hate us. I don't care who the hell you want to side with, but it's not with me!" Laurie screamed, releasing a Thunder attack at Kairou, once again missing and hitting a patch of weeds. The weeds caught on fire for a split second, then extinguished, leaving them as a pile of ashes. Laurie sat down, stunned by what she'd done.

    I yawned, my body feeling much better. Laurie looked at me stunned, "You're- okay?" she asked nervously, I wondered what was wrong with her.

    "I used rest," I said nonchantedly, as though I did it every day, "After I figured I was going to pass out I-" I was cut off as someone grabbed me from behind, pulling their lips up to mine. I store at Raiou's face for a split-second, then returned the kiss lovingly.

    "You did it," he said quietly, pulling away from me, "I knew you could," he said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

    "Yeah," I said quietly, looking up into his eyes, "I did," My demenor was calm, but my insides were soaring. He kissed me! RAIOU KISSED ME!!!! my thoughts screamed, spiraling happily to the ground. "Kairou," I said quietly, "I didn't almost kill you. You almost killed yourself. There's consequences for everything someone does. Your consequence for trying to kill that poor little Cleffa was almost being killed by Emera and I. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is," I said sternly, "If you want to fight me, fight me. I'm ready,"

    Raiou grabbed my arms and turned me back to him, "There's no time for that," he said, looking straight at me, "It's time,"

    "But, Raiou, we- we missed the plane," I said guiltily, turning away from him.

    He pushed my chin up gently, causing us to make eye-contact, "It's not too late," he said pointing up at the sky. The whole meadow had been cleared, a few Illumise and Volbeat hybrids stood along the sidelines of a charred area, a plane landed along the make shift runway. I gasped, "You got the plane here?"

    "I'm a very persuasive guy," he said quietly, kissing me again. "Let's go!" he yelled, "Everyone pitch in to get the injured," He turned to Kairou, "Even you," he snarled, "onto the plane!" Everyone leapt into action, Raiou kissed me on the cheek and jogged in to talk to the pilot.

    "My God," Laurie said quietly, standing next to me, "He kissed you!"

    "yeah," I said quietly, feeling my cheek, "He did,"
  2. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Barak got up and look that the dark pokemon he too laughed at him. "You think I'm afraid of you? All you are is a violent monster who think he so powerful yet you always go for those who are young and inexperience, weaken and unable to protect themselves. They might not even do anything to you but you attack them anyway. I will never be scared of a creature like you." His tail banged strongly against the ground. His eyes focused on the pokemon ready to dodge any attack and fight back.

    "Don't think this is a good idea..." Lola quietly spoke still clenching close to Barak for safety, "He might hurt you like Mr. Bull... I met him once and he wasn't a bad guy... he just had a temper is all... I don't want that to happen to you..."

    "Don't worry I'll be fine... Just back away..." He turned about to the dark pokemon hybrid he wasn't least bit worry about him being hurt only those who are unfortunate enough to cross this rabid creature path.

    OOC: Um would you stop assuming that Barak would just easily be pushed over and just let you dig your nails into him. He trained with fighting pokemon so he stronger that you average Raichu/Flaaffy.
  3. Mawile XD

    Mawile XD ello thar

    OCC: Don't forget though, Kairou thinks he's way stronger than he really is, and that everybody else is weak.



    I ignored Barak, and listened. "I absolutely refuse to go to Orre. It's a horrible desert, completely dry. And who said I was helping you? I'm merely waiting around. If you want to ggo to Orre, go ahead? But think about this, there's no way people won't see you. I like this spot, I'm staying right here."

    Smiling, I lay down under a tree, and pretended to doze off.

    I wached several hybrids help the sick, but I didn't care. Those hybrids wee stupid to go to Orre, maybe Henn, but Orre? They wouldn't survive.
  4. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    I helped Laurie carry Marcus, the small Wooper hybrid from earlier, onto the plane, "I really like planes," he said happily, "I saw me in the Flashbacks, and my daddy flew a plane like this one, he was really good!" he squealed, but then his eyes saddened, "They killed him so that they could take me away," I cocked an eyebrow at him, "They wouldn't let them take me or them, so they killed them. It was them they wanted, not me," he said quietly, looking down at the ground, "Mommy got away, but he didn't,"

    I felt tears stinging my eyes, I was always a sap for sad stories. I cried during Finding Nemo. "We'll find your Mommy," Marcus looked up at me, eyes filled with hope. It made my heart flutter. "I promise,"

    "Me too," Laurie said. Her eyes were filled with determination, not a single sign of tears. She'd always been the stronger of the two of us, fighting through the problems, I was always the one crying. Maybe it was because she hadn't hit puberty yet.

    Marcus hugged me, "Thank you," He said quietly. To make a little boy, with so little left to live for, hope again, that was the ultimate prize for what we- Raiou and I- had done. I plopped him down in the seat, buckling his seat belt, "Ready for take off co-piolet?" I asked him. His eyes lit up even more, if that was even possible.

    "NO!" Raiou yelled, jogging through aisles of hybrids towards me, "No," he said sternly, looking at me with a death glance.

    "Why not?" I said stubbornly, standing up to my full height, "Marcus really wants to see the inside,"

    "Orre is a long way and it's late," Raiou said, changing his tone of voice completely, "The piolet might get tired, and I don't think that having a little boy in there," he paused, raising an eyebrow in that cute way he did, "Would you?"

    I had to give in, "No, I woudn't, but I don't want to crush Marcus's hopes. Maybe he could just," I paused, searching for a good word, "Peek before we take off?"

    "Fine," Raiou growled through clenched teeth, looking at Marcus. Marcus whimpered.

    I held Marcus's hand as we approached the cockpit, "That man, there's something wrong with him," Marcus whispered to me. I looked down at him in surprise, heart racing like a rabbit. My own Espeon instincts had told me that ages ago, I'd tried to push the doubt down millions of times. "He wants to date you so he can hurt us," he said quietly.

    "How do you know?" I asked him in a whisper, my pride severely wounded.

    "He tried to hurt me," he said quietly, "He's the man that killed my Daddy,"

    I paused, my heart racing, "You have to be- it has to be a mistake. Raiou may be a little impatient, but he's not a killer," I gulped. Or is he?

    "Maybe it was his twin. He has one ya know. He got off the hook. Raiou got punished," Marcus whispered darkly, raising his hand and knocking on the piolet door.

    "Raiou?" a deep male voice called out from the cockpit.

    "No, it's Lilly, his girlfriend," I said confidently. I'd made my choice. I was choosing to ignore an innocent little boy AND my OWN instincts which had NEVER been wrong before. Except for now. They were definately wrong now.

    "Oh," the voice snickered, "Come in," I opened the door, revealing a man. His hybridation must have been on the inside, he carried no physical signs of being a hybrid. "I- I'm like you used to be," he said quietly, looking at me, "Or are. I was a hybrid. Going to Orre cured me. At a price," he said darkly, "When you're in there, trust your instincts. You're going to need all the help you can to escape," he turned to Marcus, cranking up his happiness, "So you came to see the plane huh little fella?"

    "Yeah!" Marcus cheered, looking up at him, almost like he was a long-lost friend. I closed the door quietly, leaving them to their moment. Trust my instincts... yeah right. Raiou, he's my friend, not a killer. They have him confused with someone else... Of course. I took a seat next to Laurie, a troubled expression on my face.

    "Is there a problem with you?" she asked me suspiciously, looking at me.

    I averted my eyes, "No," I glanced at her, "I"m fine,"
  5. Tyrant99

    Tyrant99 A Random Person

    As Dante walked he thought about the battle, about how helpless he was during it, about how he didn’t even land a hit, about how after probably a few more psychic attacks he would have been left helpless and open to be killed. It had been a while since Dante had been beaten, even longer since he had been beaten so badly, and even though he knew his type left him weak to psychic attacks, and the fact that he knew few ranged attacks and he was unable to get in close in order to deal significant damage with the fighting type attacks he knew. He was angry at himself for how badly he did.

    Dante after he had gotten a distance for the others had a quick glance around to see if anyone was nearby. After seeing no one, Dante decided it was safe and stopped holding back and gave into the anger he had been feeling.

    He started by raising his foot, then slamming it down onto the ground causing an earthquake that shook the area breaking apart the ground, and caused the trees to shake violently. He then started attacking the things around him, assaulting the trees and the rocks with his fists breaking them apart and smashing them. After a few minutes of this, Dante stopped his crazed attack on the surrounding environment and raised his hands above his head and brought them down hitting the ground for a final type causing a final tremor.

    After this Dante stood still taking deep breaths, recovering from his outburst and calming down. He then heard a twig break behind him, so he span around with his arms raised in preparation for battle. What he saw was a large green/brown armoured dinosaur hybrid with stony brown wings standing next to fallen tree.

    “Something must have really annoyed you to cause you to go crazy like that” the hybrid spoke looking around at the area.

    “Gaia, what are you doing here?” Dante asked while keeping his guard up,”You weren’t part of the rebellion”

    “So neither were you, you didn’t receive the mark” Gaia responded calmly motioning to Dante’s arm.

    Dante didn’t answer; instead he looked around for other hybrids.

    “To answer your first question I was sent to locate the escaped hybrids” Gaia then chuckled, “calm down Dante, I came alone and also if I was going to attack you would be sprawled out on the ground gasping for breath, trying to figure out what I did to you”

    Dante lowered his hands “your right, your not known as one of the most powerful hybrids for nothing, but still if you’re here on the scientists orders, why are standing here talking to me instead of carrying them out?”

    “Always full of questions aren’t you Dante, just like when we first met and when you challenged me”

    Dante then remembered, after his change in job after the accident he got caught up in his training and grew overconfident and headstrong and challenged everyone to battles believing he was the best and could defeat anyone. Even thought Dante was defeated many times, that didn’t stop him from bragging about the victories he did achieve as well as how strong Dante said he was. That came to an end after he foolishly challenged Gaia and was beaten half to death in the course of the battle. After that Gaia taught Dante an important lesson humility, as well as some other important lessons about have to survive as a hybrid.

    “The reason is simple, I remembered” Gaia said walking over to Dante.

    “Ah, so you remember you previous life too?” Dante asked.

    “yes I remember my life before the scientists, when I was a lavitar that lived on a mountain side with my parents, before I was taken away, forced to evolve and then experimented upon using salamance DNA which caused me grow these” Gaia answered looking at his wings.

    “So what do you plan to do now?” Dante asked curiously

    “more like what can I do now, I can’t return to my old life now that I have changed, also I have no intention of returning to the scientists” Gaia answered talking with a seriousness in his voice, “for now all I want to do is to go home, and then I will decide what to do with my life away from the scientists”

    Dante then thought about his situation, at the moment he remembered being both Bruce the machoke and Dante the trainer, but didn’t know which he was. He had no idea were to go from here.

    “I plan to leave as soon as I gather some food for the trip, I’m glad I met up with you again Dante” Gaia said as he turned to leave, “also Dante, don’t give up on Marcus he might be more stubborn than you were, but he should come round eventually, goodbye and good luck with the rest of your life”

    Gaia then took off. “Goodbye Gaia thanks for your help and good luck with your life” Dante shouted. Gaia waved goodbye and flew over the tree tops out of sight.

    Dante then began heading back throught the trees towards the other hybrids, contemplating what to do next.
  6. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Marcus ran back to me happily, throwing himself into my arms. "How was that?" I asked, happy to be away from Laurie's piercing stare. She'd been looking at me like that for five minuites at least.

    "Good!" He squealed happily, swinging himself around in my arms. I sat him down in a chair next to me as he giggled about how much that man reminded him of his daddy and how he'd showed him everything he needed to know to be a piolet, but I felt my thoughts wandering. He was an amazing little boy... I didn't know if I should believe him and my instincts about this boyfriend "problem". Before I had a chance to contemplate any further...

    "Attention all hybrids! We're ready for take off to freadom! This will be a long flight, so if you've gotta pee, do it now! We'll be taking off in five minuites, as soon as we take attendance!" the piolet's voice boomed happily over the loudspeaker. I looked around the plane, memories invading my mind. Justin the Stantler who I'd waitressed with was over in the corner of the plane, jabbering happily to a girl I didn't know. Saki was talking happily to Emera in the front row, the two of them were good friends. I looked out the window, spotting Kairou pretending to be asleep in the grass. He wasn't very good at it. All the hybrids I knew and had hurt, had hurt and now knew, or simply knew them were here, finally all together... except one... where was Zalman and Valerie? I could have sworn I'd seen them.

    "Oh My God!" I yelled, right as Raiou was passing me, "Zalman's missing!"

    Raiou looked down at me blankly, "Zalman?" he asked, looking confused, "Is here your new boyfriend?" he growled angrily.

    "No, he's a nice Dragonite hybrid, I can't find him anywhere!" I said nervously, "Or his friend Valerie!"

    "Oh, I'll take care of that," he said nonchantedly, walking away, checking my name off on a long list.

    "That's it," I growled through clenched teeth. I hadn't seen Zalman since the basement, he'd probably missed teleportation because he'd gone to look for Valerie. But where would he be? Probably the destroying room, she was probably first on their list do to her off the wall crazy personality. "Laurie, I'll see you later," I said standing up.

    "Where are you going?!" she asked, offended that I was leaving now.

    "To save Zalman's a*s," I said quietly, my temper was at its peak, "Be back later, RAiou won't notice I"m gone, that bast*rd," I closed my eyes, invisioning the basement. I found myself standing in the basement, face-to-face with Zalman.

    "What the hell are you-" I started, but he covered my mouth, pointing to Kassie guarding his office. Duh. I groaned to myself, Valerie's gotta be in there.

    OOC: Why can I say hell, but not b*stard?
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2006
  7. Tyrant99

    Tyrant99 A Random Person

    Dante realised quite a bit had happened since he left to cool off, a quick talk with James and he as up to speed.

    He glared at Kairou after hearing he had killed the tauros hybrid, but Dante knew attacking him would be pointless since it would just be a repeat of last time. Dante decided he would figure what to do about Kairou later, for now he needed to sort the problem at hand.

    Dante walked over to the plane with James besides him. “Are you getting on?” he asked James.

    “Well, that depends…” James answered.

    “Depends?” Dante asked turning to James, “Depends on what?”

    “It depends on whether or not you get on the plane; you chose not to leave me behind at the park so I’m not leaving you behind here” James replied, “so are you getting on the plane?”

    “I will answer your question once I have one of my own answered” Dante answered.

    “Hey, Raiou! Get out here!” Dante then shouted.

    OOC: I wonder why no one else has posted?
  8. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: I have NO clue but it was really bugging me for a while.

    Raiou walked past Lilly and Laurie, checking off each of their names. He then noticed Marcus and looked down a list of names. It wasn't on there. He sighed and penciled it in on the bottom of the list. "I hope you rot where we're going," he murmered as he walked towards the back of the plane, checking other names. "This plan will work so well," he snorted, "That nothing will stop me now," he laughed. Lilly's face popped into his head so fast that he dropped the clipboard on the floor with a clatter. "Besides her," he groaned, glancing down at the list. The headline was: HYBRIDS TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE ORRE CENTER.

    Lilly appeared in front of him. "Zalman won't come on the plane," she said worridly, looking up at him with those big sad eyes of hers.

    Raiou glanced at the list, finding Zalman's name on it, "Why not?" he said, trying not to sound too demanding. He HAD to deliver ALL of them safely to Orre. He had ten extra... Maybe he could afford to let this Zalman character slide.

    "They have his girlfriend back at HQ," she said quietly, glancing down at the floor.

    "Well, go get them. You know how to get back to the plane?" he asked her, rolling his eyes. He couldn't stall much longer.

    "Fine," she said sourly, dissappearing in a purple aroma. Girls, Raiou thought, rolling his eyes again.

    OOC: Hehe, writer's block. Might edit later.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2006
  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    OOC: I wasn't sure what to post I mean first we are talking about Kairou the a plane sudden is here...


    Barak blood was still boiling at the fact that he was being ignore by that over-confident bone wearing, part mutt dark/flame hybrid. More spark flew off his cheeks along with his anger and he would had march right over to that evil monster but he was intercepted but Jazzelle and Lola convince him not too now he was here on the plane ready to go somewhere in Orre.

    Jazzelle sat next to him, as she stared out of the window somewhat sadly. Something was on her mind but she won't say what... she just glare outwards as if she was waiting for something to happen.


    Outside of the plane a close distance away was Zero, he stood there just looking almost maybe afraid. He never seem such of machine before and he felt unworthy to even approach it. Maybe... it wasn't too late for him to go back... to back to the life of a scientist's hybrids... He didn't feel so out of place there... so alone even when he was surrounded by people...

    "Hello" a voice screech in front of him he looked down a little Machop hybrid who eyes sparkle with joy, "What are doing out here all by yourself? You should come into the plane there are lots of people that will want to be you friend." Before Zero had a chance to said anything the small fighting pokemon began to drag him forward. He wasn't even moving his feet...

    Suddenly the fight pokemon look back at him with a smile on her face. Though she didn't notice the Machoke hybrid right in front of her. Bumping into him, her grip on the Zigzagoon was broken and she tumble onto the ground.

    "Sorry about that. Oh you look so strong and cool! How about you be this guys friend he looks so lonely standing by himself. I'll let you guys talk while I go find a rock that I can practice breaking!" Before anyone said anything she sprinted off a short way find a rock twice her side she began to try to shatter it.

    "Hi..." Zero looked at the Machoke hybrid not saying anything. He had another fighting type by his side. After a while he just began to look down at the ground as if he found something more exciting to look at. All he could do it feel like a fish out of water... so different, so unlike everyone who was here...

    OOC: You're on Tyrant... I just want to see how he will react and Zero does need a friend that he's not crushing on.
  10. Tyrant99

    Tyrant99 A Random Person

    Dante was waiting to see if Raiou had heard him, after getting no response Dante began to wonder if maybe the plane was soundproof or maybe he was just ignored again. Anyway Dante decided he wasn’t getting on the plane till he had least had Raiou answer his question.

    It was then Dante felt something run into him he turned to see a machop hybrid and a zigzagoon hybrid.

    "Sorry about that. Oh you look so strong and cool! How about you be this guys friend he looks so lonely standing by himself. I'll let you guys talk while I go find a rock that I can practice breaking!" the machop hybrid said before running off to a rock and hitting it.

    Dante then turned back to find the zigzagoon hybrid said “Hi” and then began looking at the ground.

    “Hello, I’m Dante and this is James” Dante said trying to be friendly pointing to the medicham hybrid besides him.

    “Hey what’s wrong, you seem quite unhappy?” James asked.

    Dante then realised he had seen this hybrid before; “you saved Saki from that vapoureon hybrid, didn’t you? Anyway I don’t know about you be I haven’t decided whether or not to get on this plane, have you?”
  11. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~


    Raiou glared as he heard his name being called. He wondered who it could be. He scanned the list, finding two names not checked back to back. Dante and James. Great. He would have to go find them.

    He walked outside of the plane in a huff, upset that his plan was being interupted, "Yes?" he asked as polietly as he could, glaring at Dante and James. He blocked his mind off from them, not caring that it would also block Lilly from getting into his mind. He felt a bit guilty, but made sure that James couldn't get in. That would be bad. Very bad. "Are you going to get on the plane?" he asked impatiently, staring at the three hybrids.

    OOC: Can't do much else until I talk to diljabar and cdra...
  12. Tyrant99

    Tyrant99 A Random Person

    Dante turned towards Raiou, “that depends on your answer to a question” he said noticing the tone in Raiou voice. ‘Was he just anxious about getting away before the scientists came? Or maybe something else?’ Dante wondered.

    “I heard you say many times about how we must go to Orre in order to be safe, even thought I believe travelling to another region isn’t necessary in order for us to be safe, if anything its makes us easier to locate. But back to my question tell me why do you personally want to go Orre so badly?” Dante asked keeping an eye on Raiou so he could judge his reaction.
  13. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    Emera was sitting in a plane's confy armchair. She stretched her arms and yawned. "Man, guess, I'm really tired from all of that fighting stuff..." - she thought. Saki has gone to talk with other hybrids, so Emera sat there alone. Emera looked from the plane's window and stated to watch clouds passing by
    "Hey!" - she heard a voice. Emera turned and saw that it was the same Salamence hybrid that helped her with Lily.
    'Well, hello!" - smiled Emera - "You must be Alex! Thank's for the help!"
    "Not at all. And you're Emera, right? That's a nice name! Don't you mind if I sit with you?"
    "Of course you can! Thanks for the compliment!" - Emera smiled again. That guy was really nice. But it seemed to Emera that she saw him somewhere but she couldn't remember...
    "I see something troubles you. Can I learn about it?"
    "Yeah, of course!" *Hey, it's like he read my mind* - thought Emera - "You see, I don't like Raiou idea to go to Orre. It's a dry deserted place. I know, it's good to me, because I'm the Flygon hybrid, but what about the others?"
    "Hmm, you're right. And I don't like it." - said Alex - "something wrong is going on here..."
    "I think we just need to wait and see..."
  14. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~


    Raiou raised an eyebrow at Dante, "Why do I want to go to Orre so badly?" He laughed, crossing his arms, "I'm not a big fan of water," he said simply, "And the longer we stay here, the longer we have a chance that the scientists will find us," he turned around, "There are some people who decided that they were going to stay at 'home' with our 'parents', but I am not one of them. I'm giving you a chance to run away," he paused, narrowing his red eyes, "Take it or leave it,"


    I couldn't believe my eyes when I got back to the scientist's lab. Kassie had gone off somewhere, Zalman was still hiding around the edge.

    "Hey," I said, kneeling.
    "What did Raiou say?" he asked me, looking up at me.
    "To bring you and Val back, safe and sound. He sounded pretty tense, so I didn't push for any help," I said quietly, looking down at him, wondering how he'd react.

    OOC; Again, not much to say until Diljabar posts... I have to talk to him when he gets on.
  15. Tyrant99

    Tyrant99 A Random Person

    Dante took note of the fact that he turned around and was unwilling to answer him while looking directly at him; this made Dante believe Raiou was hiding something.

    “You make it appear as though there are only two choices, go with you or go back to the scientists. But there is third choices available to everyone, for them to chose freedom from the scientists and go their own way.” Dante said in a serious tone, “and this why I chose to leave it rather than take it, when it comes to your ultimatum”

    Dante turned to James, “my decision is made, and what is yours?”

    James grinned and chuckled, “like I said before I chose to go with you”

    Dante then turned back to Raiou, “I can only hope that for their sakes, that what I think about is wrong” he said pointing to the hybrids on the plane, because if it isn’t then they throw away any freedom that might have and possibly their lifes by following you”

    Dante then turned and walked away with James next to him.

    “James, could you feel any emotions coming from Raiou” Dante asked.

    “None, I couldn’t feel a thing coming from him” James answered

    “That’s am unusual trick for a normal rattata hybrid wouldn’t you agree?” Dante questioned.

    “Well yeah, unless he was trained specifically to do that” James answered trying to figure out the point Dante was trying to make.

    “Although I’m not getting on that plane, I say we stick around for a bit longer to see what will happen” Dante then said, “but let us watch from the tree line”

    Dante and James walked off to the edge of the wood.
  16. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    OOC: I'm back....man I missed a lot...Oh, and love the new name Charmed Band-o!

    I opened my eyes and yawned slightly. I was sitting on the ground near an air plane. "*Yawn* How long was I out for???" I asked my self as I stood up.I then glanced over and saw Zero being dragged by a Machop hybrid. After brushing off my skirt I walked over to them.

    It had probably beeen a long while since I was last conscious. And We were already boarding a plane to Orre.

    "Hello! What'd I miss?" I asked with a smile as stood infront Zero, who was now looking a little uncomfortable, and the Machop hybrid.

    I glanced around them slightly and noticed Dante, James, and Raiou standing by the door of the plane. Raiou wasn't looking perticularly pleased at the moment.
  17. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Zero didn't say anything to the Machoke hybrids question... he wasn't sure... if he should, if it was the path he wanted to take... He was afraid of what might happen if he walks onto that plane. He was forgotten as a different conversation began... it seem he was always forgotten. A familiar voice called him and before he knew it the bearer of the voice was standing right in front of him. It was Saki and she looked better than when she was fighting Captain Kairou.

    "Saki..... a-are you... feeling... any better?" he asked though it was kind of a silly thing to said seeing that she was walking around better looking better than ever. His eyes slowly drifted away from the Gardevoir hybrid's eyes. Once again Zero shyer side started taking over and he began to glare at the ground once more.
  18. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~


    Raiou clenched his teeth, his top teeth stinging into his upper lip, causing it to bleed. He licked the red liquid off with his tounge. A few drops had fallen onto his list. He tried his hardest to rub them off, but to no avail. It just smudged them more.

    He sighed, taking out a pen and in one slow stroke crossed off Dante's name. Then James's. He was sure that they weren't coming now, since they'd run off into the treeline. That meant that he'd either have to recruit some hybrids who'd followed the scientists, or he'd have to wait for Lilly, Zalman, and Valerie to get back.

    He sighed, I guess I'll have to wait for Lilly, Zalmer and V- V- whatever her name is, to get back. He looked down at the list, Valerie. He groaned. This was all he needed and he'd already gotten so close... he allowed the thought to trail off as he noticed Saki talking to some Zigzagoon hybrid he didn't recognize.

    "Hey there," he said calmly to the Zigzagoon hybrid, checking and double checking his list. He wasn't on there. Perfect... Raiou thought happily, his heart leaping up, "Do you want to come with us on the plane to Orre? There's always room for more," he said kindly, squatting down to the Zigzagoon's height, "hey that rhymed!" he added innocently, "What do you say?"
  19. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    OOC: oops I just noticed that you put me on the plane....Okay let's say I got off a for minute.

    I looked down a Zero. " I'm feeling much better. Thank you." I said as I knelt down beside Zero. Then I also noticed Raiou. He was holding a clipboard.

    A clipboard???? And what does he have clipped to it?? Something isn't right...I've never seen Raiou act this way....

    I tried to get a glimpse of what was attached to the clipboard, but failed.
    "Hmm what's this?" I asked as I used my pyschic attack to lift the clipboard out of Raiou's hands and over to me.

    My eyes quickly scanned down the page. It was a list of hybrids that were on the flight. Alot had been checked off including my name. At the top of the page there were some blood smears and a headline.


    I blinked a bit and put a hand on Zero's shoulder.My grip tightening as I looked over the headline again.

    This can't be right! Raiou's tried to help us...but it would explain why he's been acting so strange lately....And he did say he used to round up escaped hybrids for the scientsits....Damn it! How could we be so foolish as to believe that wwe were going to escape so easily?!

    I handed the clipboard to Zero and glared at Raiou. "You trader...." I hissed.
  20. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~


    Raiou glared at Saki, surprised by her sudden action. The clipboard slid out of his hands, the wood scraping and leaving splinters embedded in them as he tried to grab it out.

    "You trader," Saki hissed at him, examining the paper in her hands.

    "Saki, just hear me out," Raiou started innocently, moving in front of her before she could go any farther away from him, "I don't want to give you guys to them. I needed an excuse to get this flight, damnit!" he yelled, grabbing her arms and shaking her a bit, "Do you think I could get this flight by saying I'm helping a bunch of hybrids to escape?!" Saki opened her mouth to answer, "Don't answer that, it was a retorical question!" He shuffled his feet, not sure of how to explain this to her, "Listen to me!" he demanded as she tried to sneak away, "They would have thought that we were monsters, that I was helping monsters. I had to do something! So I told the scientists I'd take you to Orre so I could get the flight. We're really flying three cities away from where they think we're landing. I swear," he looked directly at her, seemingly into her eyes, only he could tell that he wasn't actually making eye-contact.

    "We came so far. Nothing is going to stop us this close," he said quietly, sighing heavily, "Freedom is what we came for. What I came for, what you came for, what Lilly came for, what everyone came for. This isn't about who I used to be. It's about who I was BEFORE that. Even before the "institute". I can't just let that slip away," he murmered, looking down at his feet, "Saki, they killed my parents," he clenched his fists together, releasing her arms and allowing her to simply stand in front of him, "There is nothing I want more then revenge. Do you understand what I'm saying?" He looked up at her teary eyed, not sure what else to say.

    OOC: Still can't do much about Lilly, have to wait until Diljabar posts SOMETHING. Anything would work at this point.

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