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~The Hybrid/Scientist War~ let the battle of trust begin!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Musical Mayhem, May 17, 2006.

  1. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    I was a little stunned by Raiou's actions. "I-I understand...I'm sorry I jumped to that conclusion too quickly...." I sighed as I caught his teary eyed gaze.

    Why did I do that? I'm so out of right now...

    "Please don't cry..." I said as I gentlely reached up and wiped the his tears before they fell.

    "We've all lost something and want revenge. Just next time...can you tell us if we're going to use the scientists resources to escape? Just so this doesn't happen again. You're our leader and we'll follow you to our freedom." I said calmly as I glanced down at Zero with a smile.

    "Oh, and promise me you'll take care of Lilly. I know how much you care for her." I whispered to Raiou. I could tell that he was blushing at my coment.

    I knelt down next to Zero again and to keep my balance I placed my hand on the ground. Though I missed and ended up placing my hand on his. I blushed darkly but kept my form. "Zero? Zero, are you coming on the plane?" I asked trying to get him to look up at me.
  2. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    It seemed everyone was asking him the same question... are going on the plane... A question he couldn't answer for he was unsure about it himself. There was something that made feel so uncomfortable. He wasn't sure what...

    "I....." he paused then he looked at the plane with its metal frame the glittered in the light. It wings so long and rounded stretching from both side. Three black wheel the giant metal bird rested on. Then was it with propeller like theirs metal petals from a flower. Nicely lined window nearly all of them had heads somewhere in of them. "... I..."


    Little pale hands gripped a silver bar then slowly looked up a large glass window where a runway can be seen. Scanning the it up and down over and over suddenly someone says something.

    "Look here comes the plane!" A quick turn and then the is seen plane coming in. Happiness... a feeling of happiness is what is being felt as the plane slowly descends toward the ground. Then suddenly the plane begins to spin out of control and plunges to the earth. Explosion the filled the area with a flash of red-orange and at the same time a loud boom strike into the ears of everyone. Focusing on the area were the metal bird crashed worry and fright replaces the once joy...

    "Mommy, Daddy!!!" A young voice screams the view of the crash become slight blurry and that same hands wipe the eyes... a smear tear is one the hands.....

    )End of Flashback(

    Suddenly Zero begin to hold himself as he begins to controllably shiver. A frightful look planted on his face as he stared at the plane. His breathing becomes deeper, more frequent and his heart thumped hard, accelerating faster to supply more air to his quicken breathing. Slowly he began to back up moving away from the plane.

    "P-plane.... ex-explosion....." The words came out between his breaths. He continues to back away still shaking like mad. Worry the Machop hybrid touched him gently waking him from his trance and completely freaking him out. He began to run into the forest and he kept on going not looking back...

    "I'm- I'm sorry" Lola apologized feeling that she had did something to cause him to run, "I... I just wanted know if he was okay..." She sadly looked down feeling horrible.

    OOC: Memories... some times they are better forgotten...

    ..... I hope it his chest or side because my mind is thinking of something very nasty... Bad mind no more nasty thoughts...
  3. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    OOC: I ment that his hand was on the ground...ah now you got those nasty thoughts in my head too...

    I ignored the Machop hybrid as I turned into the direction Zero had just run off in. "Zero!" I shouted running into the forest after him. He was scared of something. Probably something from his past.

    I hope he's alright. Plane explosion? Did he mean plane crash? Because planes don't usually spontainiusly combust in mid-flight. Something terrible must of happened in his past...I've got to find him!

    Without another thought I pushed my way through the thick forest. Tree branches hitting me as I ran past. I put one arm out in front of my so the branches wouldn't hit me in the face.

    My heart beat was hard and fast. I kept running even though my energy was becoming low again and I would colapse again if I didn't stop soon. "Hello there..." a voice from ahead of me purred.

    I ran towards it and ended up in a clearing. There was a small bleeding cut on my pale face from a very large rose bush. "Who's there?" I called looking around still wanting to continue my search for Zero. "Just me..." the voice said as a leaf from the tree above me fell onto my head.

    I look up and the figure in the tree quickly darted towards the tree infront of me. When I look forward again sitting infront of me was a beautiful Delcatty hybrid. Her tail swiftly moving from side to side.

    When I looked down around her neck there was a light pink pendant on a silver chain. I reached for my neck and felt that the my pendant that was exactly the same as hers was still around my neck.

    "It can't be you..." I whispered.


    "Mayu!" I called. I was at this time a hybrid. My green swayed with my movements as I looked for my friend. "Coming Saki onee-chan!" a little pink Skitty hybrid said as she ran up to me.

    "Where were you?" I asked. "Um I was about to head to my room to clean it up. My roommate made a big mess!" Mayu said a smile on her cute face.
    "I see. Well I want to give you something." I said reaching into my pocket. When I brought my hand back out I was holding two pendants with a pink stone on them and a silver chain.

    "One's for you and one's for me." I said handing her one of the pendants. "Oh, onee-chan!!!" Mayu said putting on the pendant. "It's so beautiful! What's it for?" she asked.

    "Turn it over and hold it up to mine." I said fliping mine over. She did as I told her and there ingraved on the back of the stones were


    Mine had the word forever and hers had friends. She jumped on me and gave me a big hug. "You're my best friend Onee-chan!" she shouted squeezing me tightly. "As are you Mayu." I said hugging her back

    ~End Flashback~

    "It is me Onee-chan..." the Delcatty hissed. "But how? That day you were found with a piece of forbidden property and they took you away..." I said tears filling my eyes.

    "I made a deal with them. I'll help them catch any of the escaping hybrids by either killing them or bringing the back to the scientists. They agreed." she said sharpening her claws.

    "But...you were a Skitty hybrid not a Delcatty! You can't evolve when you're half human! Can you...?" I said a little confused. "No of course not. One night the scientists felt that I wasn't strong enough to take down the bigger hybrids since I was barely three feet tall. So I was taken to the lab and the next morning I awoke like this."

    "But...Mayu...you used to be so sweet and innocent...Now off killing other hybrids who only want freedom? This isn't like you." I stated. "Well I've changed. And I actually enjoy killing my prey it's very rare that I bring a hybrid back to the scientists anymore..." She said now standign up fully preparing to attack.

    "Mayu please don't-" I shouted. But was cut off by her using her Fire Blast attack against me. I let out an ear-splitting scream as I took the attack head on.

    OOC: Onee-chan for those of you who don't know means sister and since Delcatty is a normal type she can learn fire blast. I think...Oh and Mayu's about age 12.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2006
  4. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    Emera was still chatting with Alex when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her head and she heard a scream! Emera screamed back and compressed her head with both hands. It was over. Emera started to breath heavily.
    "Hey, Em, what's wrong with you? You are so pale! Do you feel all right?" - anxiously asked Alex.
    "Something... is... wrong!" - gasped Emera still trying to catch her breath - "Somebody... is... hurt!"
    This scream... it was so familiar...
    "Saki!!!" - shouted Emera!
    "Hey! Where are you going!?!?" - shouted Alex when Emera jumped from her sit and rushed to the exit.
    "Don't worry! Expect me back soon!" - Emera shouted back.
    Emera ran outside, spread her wings and flew towards the forest.
    "Hey, what are you doing?" - shouted Raiou
    "I'll be back!" - shouted Emera without turning her head.
    Emera flew faster and faster, slashing branches on her way with Dragon Claw. Her dragon sences directed her to the right place!
    "Oh.. my...God!" - gasped Emera. She saw a horrible picture: a burned Saki was lying on the ground while a Delcatty hybrid was charging a Hyper Beam in her face...
    "Raaaaiiiigon!" - with that shout Emera charged towards Delcatty. Emera's tail started to glow and she smacked Delcatty with Iron Tail. The hit was so hard that Delcatty was thrown in a tree! Emera landed a ran to Saki...
    "Saki! Saki! Please, wake up!" - Emera started shaking her, but Saki was still unconcious...
  5. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: I think you all get it by now... I'm not posting about Lilly at the moment...


    Laurie headed out of the plane, swinging her two pig-tails back and forth slowly, she needed to use the bathroom, but the line for it was so long she couldn't bare to wait. I'll just go in a bush or something, she thought heading towards Raiou to tell him that she was leaving.

    He seems a little sad... she thought, watching as Raiou wiped his tears on the edge of his green shirt, I hope nothing happened to Lilly! the thought hit her like a thundershock hitting a Magikarp. She knew how much he cared for her sister...

    "Raiou," she said quietly, approaching him slowly, like a caged animal, "Are you okay?"
    "I'm fine," he said, turning away from her, "What do you need?"
    "I- the line for the bathroom was really long, so I figured I'd just go in a bush. I wanted to tell you so that if anything," she hesitated, "Happens to me, you'll know I'm not okay and send someone to save me," she looked up at him unsurely.
    "I will, go ahead," he said quietly, looking over his shoulder at her. His ears were droopy and his whiskers weren't straight out anymore. He must have had a really bad flashback, Laurie thought sadly, watching him as she walked towards the brush. She hopped up and down a little bit, her bladder felt like it was exploding... that's when her sharp hearing picked up the sound... a very high-pitched scream... she cringed, every muscle in her body cringing inwards.

    "What the hell?" she asked herself, getting down on all fours and jogging towards the forest. She sniffed with her little black nose, she could smell smoke. She gazed up at the trees, smoke was curling slowly above some of them. She stood up, reducing her sprint to a jog, then stopping all together so she could pee.

    A bit later...

    Laurie re-zipped her pants, feeling much better now. The smell of smoke got stronger as she slid through the forest, looking for the source of the fire. The smoke stung her eyes, causing them to tear up as she got there... she saw Saki crumpled up in a ring of fire, it was closing in on her. She looked like Lilly did after she had gotten hit by that Charizard girl's Blast Burn...

    "Saki!" Laurie yelled, climbing over a few branches, "Hang in there! I'm coming!" she clambered through the brush into the forest, hoping that Saki was still concious. Who did this?! she thought, a few sparks sparkling from her red cheeks. She climbed up a tree, then leapt down into the circle of fire, landing unsurely on her feet next to Saki.

    "It's okay, I'm here for you..." she was hit by a Water Pulse in the back, causing her to leap up in surprise. Under the impression that she was under attack by a water Pokemon, she flung a Thundershock in the direction the attack had come from. "Is she going to be okay?" Laurie asked Emera, looking up at the Flygon hybrid with a worried expression.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2006
  6. Diljabar

    Diljabar Life sucks, man.

    OOC: I get the point, sweetie… I'll post within the hour.
  7. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: Yea! *happy* Might as well post something since I"m here...


    Raiou watched Emera glide across the sky into the forest, wondering what the heck she was doing. Laurie then asked him if he was alright and if she could go to the bathroom. Why did she need to ask me that? he thought, watching as she jogged off into the forest.

    His ears perked up as he heard a scream... big ears come in handy sometimes. He might as well make sure Laurie was okay... he had told her that he would watch her back...

    He jogged into the forest, ocassionaly biting or scratching a branch or two out of his way. He then reached a terrible looking scene...

    Saki was lying unconcious on the ground, Emera and Laurie next to her, trying to wake her up. Raiou's eyes darted to the culprit of the attack, Myu.

    "What the hell are you doing here Myuu?!" he yelled to her. She was the hybrid the scientists sent in when things were REALLY bad and they didn't want the escaped hybrid back. They only sent HER when they wanted said hybrid DEAD, "Get Saki out of here, she'll kill you all!" he screamed to Laurie and Emera, not sure of what to do, "I guess I'll fight her,"
  8. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    Emera was still trying to wake Saki up when Laurie jumped into the action.
    "On, god! Who did this?" - hissed she/ Her cheeks started to sparkle with electricity. It was always like this when Laurie was furious.
    "That weird Delcatty hybrid. But I knocked her right into the tree before she killed Saki with Hyper Beam. I guess you fried her" - said Emera
    "Is she going to be okay?" - anxiously asked Laurie
    "Don't know" - repliede Emera. She leapt into the air and started to wave her wings to whip a little breeze to cool Saki down.
    Suddenly this horrible Delcatty hybrid leapt from the bushes to attack us. I took the advantage and blew her back with gust.
    Then Raiou joined the scene.
    "What the hell are you doing here Myuu?!" he yelled to her - "Get Saki out of here, she'll kill you all!" he screamed to us - "I guess I'll fight her"
    "But we can help..." - Emera tried to say.
    "Okay! Laurie, take Saki and climb on my back! I can handle you both! And hold tight!" - Emera landed on the ground.
    Laurie nodded, grabbed Saki and carefully climbed on Emera's back. Emera flapped her wings and rose in the air with both hybrids and flew towards the plane...
  9. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    OOC: Umm another thing about onee-chan sometimes close girls that best friends call eachother sister. Just a little correction here...the Delcatty is named Mayu not Myuu. Unless I've made a mistake...Okay very confused now...@_@

    My whole body hurt. I could barely see, but opened my eyes to see blury figures around me.I was being lifted onto somebodies back when I could actually see clearly. "What's going on?" I asked weakly. "Put me down!" I cried noticing that we were in mid-air.

    With that I sturggled away from Emera and Laurie. I jumped off Emera's back and used my pyschic attack to lower myself to the ground. I ran back towards where Mayu was. "Mayu!" I called as I kept running. Not noticing that I had just run through another rose bush that cut several of my burns. "Ah! Damn bush." I muttered as I kept going. I clutched my right arm which was so badly burned that I wasn't able to move it.

    Finally I made it to the clearing and saw Raiou in a fighting stance in front of Mayu. Niether of them had noticed me yet. I saw straight through Mayu's eyes and saw the next attack. It mega punch. Raiou's weakness. Just as she was about to attack I used Confusion. I saw Mayu's body fall to the ground holding it's head.

    "Mayu! Mayu, listen to me! You used to be the cutest and sweetest little girl I ever knew! You would help others for no reason what-so-ever. You even took the blame for that forbidden item of your roommates that got you taken away for!" I shouted letting my right arm hang as I outstretched my left arm to keep the hold on her mind.

    "I know you too well...you couldn't have turned into such a monster so quickly...There's got to be some part of my little onee-chan still left inside of you! And if there is I'll let you go...." I said looking at the ground.

    I saw her look up at me with those innocent eyes that I remembered so well.My eyes widened and I released my hold on her. "Haha! Too late! Your friend here dies!" she shouted pinning Raiou to the and slicing down his arm. "NO!" I screamed using pyschic and throwing her hard back again a boulder. when she impacted the boulder her pendant chain book and the necklace fell to the ground along with her body.

    I turned to Raiou helped him up.His arm wasn't too bad. I turned to walk over to Mayu's limp body. I knelt down beside her only to see a little blood trickling out of the corner of her mouth. I checked her heart beat and couldn't find one. I check for a pulse, there was none.

    I must had thrown her head first into the rock...I just killed her...

    "My little onee-chan...I'm so sorry that all of this happened to you...and now I was the one to end it all..." I said as tears began to pour down my face.I picked up her pendant and hled it close to my heart as I began to sob.

    I just killed my best friend...But I couldn't let her kill Raiou! I-I was so gulible that I let her free...It's all my fault!
  10. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    After awhile Zero finally calmed down as he breath deeply he collect he thoughts. That memory of the plane crash was something he didn't want to remember. He had long compress that memory soon after its happening, not wanted to believe what he saw. He hugged himself tight, he wish he could forget... how he is completely alone in this world... but he guess deep down he already knew that...

    As a scream echoed through the forest and Zero became alert breaking out of his pity party. He knew that voice the thought shot through his mind, "Saki!" He began to bolt to where he thought it was coming from. Another sound lead him in the same direction. He finally made it to the clearing peeking from behind a tree; In time to see Saki throw a Delcatty right into a rock. She began to apologized as tears ran down her face. Zero couldn't help but feel bad... but what could he do... he... he didn't even know what to say.

    "I'm... the worst friend ever" He started to beat himself up, "When Saki needed me most... I couldn't help her and even now I don't know what to do... Maybe this is why, I am always alone..." He turned leaning again the back of the tree out of sight. He just stared down at the grass growing at his feet, listen to the sad sorrow of the Gardevoir hybrid... then he heard a familiar voice he looked over once more.

    "Let this one find her way to a better place" It was the Machop hybrid she set a yellow dandelion on top of the cat hybrid. She turned to Saki sitting on her knees. "You set your friend free... When two good friends fight, they both are sad, so she must have been the saddest one... being force to hurt her friend. But now that she free you both can be happy... that now their is no more fight between you twp." Lola sound much more mature as she gave it her all the make the Gardevoir feel better. She just couldn't stand to see anyone sad.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2006
  11. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    I nodded my head and stood up once again. She was right. But it still hurt so much. I held Mayu's pendant tightly against my chest. Only was it then that I remembered what I was doing in this forest.

    Zero...I can't believe I forgot! He must already be on the other side of the forest by now...

    I sighed trying to wipe my tear stained face. Then as if on cue I senced a presence. I pushed through a coule bushes and past a few trees only to find Zero leaning against a tree. When I saw him tears began to pour down my face as I wrapped my arms around him.

    "I was so worried...about you." I said looking up at him. But then Mayu appeared and...I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me?" I asked not leting go. Fro some reason I was drawn to him. And I was so sorry that I didn't keep trying to find him like I should have.

    Why did Mayu have to appear like that? If she hadn't I would have found Zero and then none of this would have happened...
  12. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Zero remain motionless as he stared at the ground. He felt Saki arms wrap around his side and her tears dampen his shoulder. All he could do was sadly glare down and shake his head from side to side.

    "Don't apologize..." he said jerking a bit away from Saki, "It's... my fault... that this happen... if I didn't freak out and left, none of this won't have happened..... Maybe I'm cursed... bad thing always seem to happen when I'm around..." His body tensed up as he pulled away from her... He liked her but maybe it would be better if he didn't...

    "Maybe it's best that don't get on the plane... Maybe things would be better if I'm left... alone... And maybe the world would be better... without me..." Zero whispered the last part. He gripped his arm and tightly squeeze it to the point of pain. With that he stared... he just felt like he wasn't important in the world, that it wouldn't matter if he existed... It also seem that way too. He was overfilled with despair; he closed his eyes to prevent tears from forming.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2006
  13. Tyrant99

    Tyrant99 A Random Person

    Dante and James had been watching events unfold from the tree line, they were too far away to hear what was going on word for word, but could tell there had been an argument between Saki and Raiou over a clipboard, just before everyone started darting off into the woods after Zero and then not long ago Dante could hear several screams.

    Dante after seeing Raiou leave had made his way out into the field and had found the clipboard amongst the grass; he picked it up and began reading it.

    James saw Dante’s face change from a look of interest to one of surprise and finally one of deep thought. “What’s wrong?”

    Dante didn’t answer instead he handed James the clipboard. James read the title and gasped.

    “I knew he was hiding his real reason for going to Orre, but I didn’t realise he intended to go this far” Dante said sighing.

    “Well this does explain how he got the plane, I wonder if Saki saw this and this is why they were arguing” James asked.

    “Could be…but if Saki saw this how come nothing more happened. I would expect someone to react badly if they read this and have Raiou a few feet away” Dante answered.

    “Yeah I’d expect some fireworks too, I wonder what he said in order to calm her down and convince her not to attack him?” James wondered.

    “I don’t know, but I think the other hybrids should know about this” Dante said motioning to the clipboard, “but lets wait for them to return, I want to see if the others that went off know about this”

    James nodded and the two stood and waited, James still holding the clipboard just a few feet away from the entrance to the plane.
  14. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    "Wh-what?" I said confused looking up at him. "Don't say things like that! It's my fault that this had happened I shouldn't have asked you to come on the plane...especially since I had dragged you through so much already. And I'm the one who's cursed not you. Whenever I make friends they always end up getting hurt or killed! And then..." I paused looking at the tears still streaming don my face.

    "And then at times when I'm fighting I begin to think...'should I get up and keep fighting? Or just let them finish me off so no one else dies because of me...'. And w-when that Vaporeon tried to drown me that's what I was thinking...until I couldn't and realized that my curse would be broken. But then you came along and saved me." I looked into Zero's eyes. I saw how he hated himself. And how he thought he didn't belong.

    "I had always thought that I was a burden to my friends. And that when no one came to save me I realized it must be true. When you saved me I saw a small light that was never there before. That I wasn't a burden. That I was here for a reason. Not as a curse to my friends and anyone close to me. But I was here to help and protect all that I could. And when Mayu tried to kill my friends and ended up dieing for it I realized that she was no longer my friend. She had changed a long time ago and there was nothing I could do about it. You see...neither of us are cursed. It's fate that desides what happens and everything happens for a reason. In conclusion..." I stepped closer to him. Putting my hand on his arm. I had never told anyone that I felt lost and unwanted. I just kept it bottled up as if it didn't exisit and wouldn't burden anyone.

    "I'm glad I met you, Zero. If I hadn't...well alot of these hybrids might not be here. You gave me a reason live. And now I'm giving you one. I want you to help and protect everybody here along side me. I can't do it without you. I-I...." I was blushing deeply now. Why was it so hard to say?

    Why can't I say it? I love him. I love you. I can think it but why can't I say it?! Wait a minute I can think it!

    I smiled slightly still a dark red and used pyschic to create a bond between our minds. I looked up into his eyes I knew he could hear me so this was it.

    Zero, I-I love you....
  15. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    Emera was carefully flying high in the sky. On her back sat Laurie, holding still unconcious Saki. Emera concentrated on her flight, trying not to go into quick dives as she usually did.
    "I wonder what's happening here... Our flight to Orre... That bloody Delcatty hybrid... Maybe Raiou knows something..."
    Emera was deep in thoughts... But only Laurie's voice returned her to the reality!
    "Emera! Emera! Saki escaped!" - shouted Plusle hybrid.
    I turned my head and gasped! Saki managed to regain concious and now she was lifting herself down with Psychic. She landed and dissapeared in the forest.
    "Oh, no! I think she's going to take that Delcatty hybrid down! But her condition! She may not survive!!!" - shouted Laurie.
    "Oh, my gosh!!! All right, hold tight! We're going down!!!" - shouted Emera.
    "WHAT!!! NO!!!"
    "Raiiigon!!!" - With that shout Emera leapt high in the air and went into a straight dive! The earth was coming closer...
    Just at that moment that they were about to crash, Emera quickly slowed down and safely landed. Pale Laurie climbed from her back.
    "Don't... ever...do... that... again!!!" - slowly said Laurie.
    "All right, sorry"
    Emera and Laurie ran into the forest to that place where they have found Saki.
    "Saki! Zero! Lola! Oh, I'm so glad that you're o.k.! But where's that bloody Delcatty?" - Emera said, while her claws started to glow. It seemed that she was going to tear her apart if she ever saw her. But then she turned ad saw it.
    "Oh, god! Saki, you killed her..."
  16. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Laurie looked from Saki to Emera to Raiou. Emera seemed angry, claws glowing, ready to rip Mayu apart. Saki was glancing down at Zero, they seemed to be sharing some kind of moment. A love moment. Laurie read the signs easily. Saki obviously liked Zero, Laurie could pick up on that easily.

    "Raiou?" she asked, glancing over at Raiou's bloody arm, "Let me take care of that," She pulled out what was left of her bandana, wrapping it around Raiou's cut arm, "Keep putting pressure on it," she pushed gently on the wound to demonstrait, the white cloth soaking up his blood, "See?" Raiou took the bandana unsurely, pressing down on the wound.

    "This is my fault," He muttered quietly, "I brought her back from the field that day, I let her live," he looked up at Saki and Laurie, pain in his red eyes, "I let her become a monster," he turned away from them, guilt surging in his stomach.

    "No," Laurie said quietly, taking Raiou's hand, "You didn't let her become a monster. You gave her a second chance," she looked into his eyes, their eyes connecting for a split second before Raiou looked away.

    "They told me to train her. I made her into the monster she was. she took everything I said seriously, without emotion. Like... she was trying to hide from something," he turned away, guilt plastered over his pale face.

    "That was her fault, not yours," Laurie said quietly, "And I hope that you can forgive yourself for that,"
  17. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    OOC: School has started and just so you know I will not be able to post as much... I wish summer was a little longer...

    Wow you hit the head on the nail! That exactly how I made Zero to be like.


    He tried his best to hold back his tears but there was no way to stop them... He once heard someone tell him that they loved him once... a long time in the distanced in the past. He wasn't sure what kind of love it was but it made him feel like it was worth living just to have someone feel that way about him. He looked back into the Saki's eyes and tried to communicate back through thought.

    "Saki... I... love you too... for the longest time... but... I always did it from afar..." the words come to his mind much better than his words... maybe it was because no one could hear it. "I thought if I was faraway and didn't make contact that... things would be better that way..." He looked at her making a small smile though he didn't mention that he was way too nervous to speak to her.

    "I'm not sure if I'll be any help with protecting... but if your there I know everything will be fine."
  18. Sakura16

    Sakura16 <--Bubbles!

    OOC: Sorry took so long...Sister's wedding to go to.Well let's see...

    Tears slid down my face. Not tears of sadness or pain but of happiness. I wrapped my arms tightly around Zero. Not caring that we were being watched by the other hybrids.

    Zero...it doesn't matter how strong you are...as long as we're together nothing can stop us. I love you, Zero.And that's all that matters. I know you're shy and I am too. If you like I could keep this connection.

    I looked up at him smiling sincerely. When I glanced over to Raiou I saw Laurie and Emera. Raiou looked sad again. It was probably something to do with Mayu.

    I shook my head and looked back at Zero, still not able to stop smiling.
  19. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    OOC: Diljabar honey could you post already!? I'm getting impatient!

    Laurie smiled an awkward looking half smile as she watched Saki embrace Zero happily, tears sliding down her cheeks. It reminded her of her sister and her former boyfriend Dave.... she sighed. Dave wasn't the nicest guy on the block, but Lilly had loved him dearly. He hadn't loved her though. Unrequited love or something like that...

    Raiou watched the two lovers sadly, missing Lilly more by the moment. I shouldn't be in love with her... all that would come of it would be pain and backstabbing from me to her... he thought wistfully, wishing he hadn't gotten himself into the mess he had. What mess? Why would he tell you people?

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    I couldn't believe it; Lilly had come back for me! She was putting herself in danger, and I couldn't allow this.

    "Lilly, you've got to get out of here! It's not safe! Kassie's older and much more powerful than you are, but she won't hurt me– I'll explain why later! Go!"

    I let go of Lilly and stepped towards my old office, not looking back to see what she had decided to do. I opened the door and peered inside. There was my computer, as it always was. There was a cage, containing Valerie, in the back of the room, and Kassie standing by it. She smirked and mentally closed the door behind me.

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