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The Ice Type (Recommended 15+)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Absol6028, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?


    Before I begin, here are reasons for 15+ rating: Mild cussing (Later on in story) and violence.

    All right, well here is a new FanFic. I got the idea quite a while ago so I decided to put it to good use. I don’t know what else to say other than thanks to Starliteevee for help with the names.

    Also, if wanted, I’ll start a PM service to inform you of when a new chapter is released. Just leave a review and tell me you would like on it.

    PM List:

    So, with all this out of the way, here is Chapter One: The Storm

    The Ice Type
    Chapter 1: The Storm​

    [“…The storm can be seen here, heading south from the northwest, and should miss most of the Olivine and Ecruteak City area. Projected snowfall can is estimated to be anywhere from nineteen to thirty-four inches. The storm is expected to begin late Friday night, and continue throughout all of this weekend. Areas that should see the most significant accumulation are the Mahogany Town and Lake of Rage areas, while the storm could reach as far as Blackthorn, or as far south as Violet City. Even though the last of the snow we received over the holidays is finally starting to melt, it seems that we have quite a bit more in store for us this winter season.”] The weatherman had just finished his report on the coming snowstorm about to hit northern Johto.

    [“Thank you, Tom. People living in the areas of the projected snowfall should be advised to only leave your homes if it is absolutely necessary. If anyone should head out into the storm, be sure to use extreme caution when doing so. Be sure to tune into Rapid78 News as we’ll have up to date road conditions as the storm develops later this week. That’s it for this evening’s Tuesday Night News broadcast. I’m Steve Johnson –”]

    [“And I’m Tom Jay.”]

    [“– wishing Johto well in this active winter season. Good night.”]

    And with that, I clicked the T. V off and proceeded to go upstairs. Halfway up the stairs, I passed Clair, my sisters Gardevoir. I smiled at her as she did to me and I arrived at my room and opened the door, letting myself in. I walked over to the computer and proceeded to press the ‘power’ button on the.. tower I think it was called. While waiting for it to boot up, I went over to my bed and stroked Kalts head. Kalt was a Glaceon I’d had since I was a little boy. And by little, I mean like 4.

    Kalt looked up at me with her usual tired and lazy expression and smiled at me. I smiled back and looked back to my computer and noticed it was finally finished booting up. I stood up and walked back over to my computer and sat in the chair. I clicked on the little blue Internet Explorer icon and typed in the news stations URL.

    It took it a minute to load and after it finished, I clicked the weather tab and as the radar loaded, I scrolled down to the local weather warnings. Not to my surprise, there was a blizzard warning for Mahogany, Ecruteak, and many other towns. I could tell this wasn’t going to be a good winter for us. After studying the warnings, watches, advisories, etc, I scrolled back up to the top to get a better look at the supposed storm that was coming our way. From the very top of the storm to the very bottom of it reached all the way from where I lived, Mahogany Town, to central Olivine Town. Looks like the News Station was wrong all ready about it missing Olivine Town.

    “This isn’t going to be good.” I muttered to myself. I heard my door click open and saw Clair and my sister, Debrah, walk in.

    “What’s not going to be good?”

    “Haven’t you heard of the new trend going on? It’s a concept called ‘knocking’. I guess what they say about ‘trends not being for everybody’ is true.” I teased gaining a chuckle from Clair and Kalt.

    “Oh shut up. Now what’s not going to be good?” She asked again.

    “Come here and see for yourself.” She nodded and walked over to the moniter and gazed at it. It took her a minute to figure out what was so bad but when she did, she said,

    “Yeah. We need to call dad and get some supplies before it hits. When is it supposed to come?”

    “Well they said Friday night but with how fast it’s moving and all that, I’d say maybe Wednesday. Why?”

    “Well like I said just a second ago nimrod, we need to get some supplies. Dur.” She teased at me. I rolled my eyes and closed the internet and shut down the computer.

    “Well when did you want to go to the mart?” I asked.

    “Well I was hoping sometime soon. I could go now if needed. Actually, yeah I’m going to go now. It would be better to beat that big last minute rush for supplies.” She replied. I nodded and stood up.

    “I’m going also.”

    “No you’re not. I need you to do something for me.” I groaned and waited for her to tell me what I ‘needed to do for her’. “Go with Clair. Since I’m going to college soon, she won’t get to go outside that much besides weekend and since we’re going to be having some terrible weather, it’d be better to do now. Just go for a walk or something. And besides, you’re getting a little chubby yourself.”

    “Am not!”

    (“Actually you are Zach.”) Clair agreed. I shot her a dirty look and she gave one of those ‘Hey, atleast I’m being honest’ looks with a shrug. I groaned again and sat back down on the bed by Kalt. She sat up and walked over to me and sat back down in my lap. I began to stroke her fur gaining a purr from her as my sister began to leave my room.

    “So, can you do that for me? I’ll be sure to get you something special if you do.” I nodded and Debrah left the room leaving me, Kalt, and Clair in the room. It got a little awkward with how quiet it was so Clair broke the silence by asking,

    (“When are we going to go?”)

    “Whenever you want to. You don’t mind if I bring Kalt too do you? She could use a little excersize.”

    (“’Course not! Always glad to have another with us.”) She smiled. I nodded and stood up as Kalt got off my lap. I walked over to my closet and fished out my jacket. Since the storm hasn’t hit yet, I didn’t need a big jacket. Just something to keep me a little warm.

    “So where do you want to take a walk to?” I asked Clair. She looked lost in thought, as usual, before answering,

    (“We haven’t been to the Lake Of Rage in a while so could we go there?”)

    “Of course. Just go down stairs and wait for me there. I’ll be down in a second.” She nodded and left only me and Kalt in the room. I grabbed my sneakers out from under my bed and slipped into them then went into the bathroom and quickly brushed my hair and teeth.

    Just like I asked, I saw Clair downstairs waiting for me and Kalt by the door. She grinned for some unknown reason then opened the door and let herself out. I followed her and shut the door behind me then locked it. We walked for maybe twenty minutes before she loosened up and became her usual mischeivious self.

    As we walked by the local diner, out of nowhere I stumbled and tripped. I turned around to see what it was that tripped me but I couldn’t see anything. I decided to brush it off and began walking again but then after another couple steps, I tripped yet again, this time gaining the looks of concerned onlookers. I stood up and still couldn’t find what I had tripped on until I looked over at Clair, a big grin aon her face.

    “You suck.” Was all I said as I continued down the path to the lake. She started full on laughing the rest of the way. This was just what I needed, a lazy Glaceon who could barely keep up with us and some Gardevoir who loves to trip people when they’re trying to do something nice for them. Makes sense doesn’t it?

    Well that's chapter one! Let me know what you think of it please!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2011
  2. ConvulsiveMadness

    ConvulsiveMadness Mad trainer

    Pretty good so far. Good start!

    I don't have much to say for now, I'll employ bigger criticism when you've put up more chapters! Please do inform me when chapter two is up.

    The Doritos-Bag~
  3. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded At this point, who knows?

    pretty good just keep making more for us
  4. hawkeye721

    hawkeye721 なんと素敵な歌!!!!!!!!

    wow supsenceful i cant wait for the next part its rly good ps hi absol
  5. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Thanks :) I'll be sure to put you onto the PM list :)

    P. S, still loling at Doritos-Bag XD (A joke between me and him from when we met if anyone is wondering :))

    Thanks. I'll be sure to do that. Heh.. I've gotten more reviews from this story in a day then I did in my 2 other stories in a week and a half.. I guess this ones my best..?

    Hmmm. No offence but from talking to you for a while, I've noticed some things. 1, You're not the best speller XD Again no offence. :p 2, You're also quite random..

    Anyways, Thanks for the reviews everyone! Means a lot!

    P. S, Hello to you too Jon XD
  6. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Well like I just said in my last post, thanks to everyone who reviewed my first chapter. It means a lot to me. Really, it does. Anyways, onto a few things in this chapter.

    First, this is where the ‘violence’ comes into play along with the mild cussing. We will also be meeting a new character that may play an important role in the story. Umm.. yeah that’s about it!

    Well, I hope you enjoy Chapter 2! It was a whopping 6 pages which is way more then I usually do. Anyways, please leave some more reviews, comments, or a request for the PM list! Well, enough of my jibber-jabber! Hope you enjoy!

    The Ice Type
    Chapter 2: Things get bad

    After about another twenty minutes of walking, we finally arrived to the Lake Of Rage. We’ve seen it plenty of times before sure, but it always amazed us as to how beautiful it was. From the bare trees to the lightly colored lake, it was awe-inspiring. The thing that made it stand out most was not only that a ‘special’ Gyarados lived here, but also every couple of minutes, you’d either see a Magikarp or an occasional Tentacool jump out of the water.

    What seemed like hours of just standing there and admiring the scenery was only minutes. Clair was the first one to break all of our gazes as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the shore. As we started to run downhill, I looked back to Kalt who was already gasping for breath. I chuckled and asked Clair to hold on while I get Kalt. She nodded and I ran all the way back up the hill and picked her up then all the way back down, yet again, to Clair. Kalt cooed thankfully and I smiled at her.

    “What was that rush about Clair?” I asked.

    (“No reason actually. Debrah said we both needed exercise so there we go, we got it.”) She answered. I had to admit, that was a bit smart on her half. (“Come on. Lets go walk around the lake.”)

    “All right.” We began walking around the lake, engaging in small conversations that didn’t last all that long. A couple of times, we saw a Magikarp, bigger then most, jump out of the water and do a flip. Whether it was trying to impress us or that it was just that stupid, I wasn’t sure. Heh, even once Kalt tried to use her Ice Beam and—


    I was cut from my thought as we all heard a gigantic splash, something so loud that we had to hold our hands over our ears. As it quieted, we looked over to the lake where the splash was heard from and there it was; the mysterious Red Gyarados. It looked down at us with anger in its eyes. “Uhh Clair…”

    (“Y-Yeah?”) She answered.

    “Wh-why is it staring at us like that?” And as if to answer us, it shot a Hyper Beam straight at us. I threw Kalt into a bush to make sure she was safe. “Stay there Kalt!” I ordered. She nodded and now it was just Clair and I against the giant Gyarados.

    (“What do we do Zach?”) I looked around for a moment while thinking of possible ways out of this. Then it hit me.

    “Ok Clair, when I say to, run and get help. Ok?”

    (“But what about—“)

    “Don’t worry about me! Just when I say, Go get help! Can you do that?” She nodded and as the Gyarados began charging up another Hyper Beam, I ran over to the edge of the lake and picked up a pretty big sized rock; about the size of a fist. Just as it shot out the Hyper Beam at Clair, I yelled ‘Now!’ and with that, she teleported out of the way to some unknown location, safe from harm.

    As the Gyarados tried to regain its composure from its attack, I hurled the rock at it, nailing it right on its temple. It screamed in agony to my surprise and just as I was about to make a run for safety with Kalt, I got slammed by the enraged Gyarados’ tail, throwing me quite a distance before I came to an abrupt stop against a tree.

    I screamed in pain as I felt my shoulder pop right out of its socket. How it did? I don’t know since I really didn’t slam into the tree on it or the ground. But right now isn’t the time to worry about that. Right now, I need to worry about this enraged Gyarados. Why was it after us? What did we do to get attacked?

    I looked up and saw the Gyarados charging one last Hyper Beam. ‘This is it.’ I thought to myself. I knew what was going to happen. I knew this was going to be the last time I saw Kalt, Debrah, my father..everyone. There was no way I could avoid my impending doom so I sat there and just awaited it. I waited. And waited. And waited but nothing came. I heard it shoot the final blow but it never hit me. I looked up and saw this weird snake looking Pokemon, I think it’s called Dunsparce, by my side with this barrier type of thing in front of me. I think it was Protect but I’m not sure.

    “Good job Dunsparce! Keep that Protect up!” I heard someone call. I had no idea who it was so I looked up and I couldn’t recognize this person. He had to be 6 foot 4 and around 250 pounds. He flipped his shoulder length hair out of his eyes as he threw another Pokeball, releasing an Ampharos. “Ampharos! Use Thunder!” He ordered. It nodded and sat there momentarily, gathering its energy.

    (“Ammm.. Pharos!”) It yelled as it loosed its electricity. I looked towards the Gyarados and heard it squealing in pain. It was engulfed in the bright yellow electricity and what seemed like an eternity of it getting shocked, it finally stopped its attack and the Gyarados fainted. The man chuckled and returned his Ampharos and got a new Pokeball out of his pocket. He threw it at the monster and as soon as the release button touched its skin, it was sucked into the little sphere.

    It shook once, twice, click! ‘Did he really just catch it like that?’ I thought to myself. He made it look so easy and here I am, on the ground ready to give up my life. How ironic. I looked at the Pokeball still floating in the lake as he released yet another Pokeball. Out came a Lanturn.

    “Go get that Pokeball for me please Lanturn. And kid, if I were you, I’d get out of here.” I nodded and tried to get up. It was a struggle but I finally managed to.

    “Come on Kalt.” I barely said. I could barely breathe and walking was hard. I had to hold my arm still from all the pain I had when I moved it. I assumed that I either dislocated it or I broke it. How though? I still don’t know. All that mattered was me and Kalt were OK. But..what about Clair?


    “Thank you Lanturn.” I told the Lanturn as it returned my Pokeball. The little fish nodded as I returned it to its ball. “Ok Ruby. It’s safe.” I called out.

    (“’Bout time. What was that all about?”) Ruby asked.

    “It’s beyond me. I have no idea who that kid is. But there was something about him.. Something not right. I think we should keep an eye on him. He may prove helpful.” He answered to his Ruby, his Espeon. It nodded as they walked away like nothing had happened.


    We were halfway home when I saw Debrah and Clair running back to the Lake. “Zach!” They both called in unison. They ran over to me and Debrah, being her usual over worried self, began asking questions so fast that I had barely any time to answer. “Are you OK?! What happened?! What’s wrong with your arm?! Oh my god your head is bleeding!”

    “Debrah! I’m fine except my arm. I think I dislocated my shoulder. I can’t breathe that good. I need to get to the Pokemon Center.” She nodded and we continued towards the Pokemon Center. She continued asking her questions, which, in all honesty, really bugged me. What part of ‘I can barely breathe’ did she not understand?


    We entered the little building and were greeted by one of the Nurses. “Are you OK?!” As much as I wanted to reply by saying ‘Well lets see. If you saw a kid who was bloody and holding his arm, would you think he is?’ but I decided against it.

    “I think I dislocated my arm. I can barely breathe too.” Was all I said as she led me down through the hallway and into a room. She laid me down and asked me questions that my sister had previously asked.

    “When you can, please tell me what happened.” She said while taking a look at my arm. I winced in pain as she messed with it but I tried to ignore it.

    “Well, since that storm is coming, my sister, Debrah, the girl over there,” I pointed to her and she gave a shy wave, “she decided to go to the store for some necessary supplies we would need. I wanted to go but she wouldn’t let me because she needed me to look after Clair, her Gardevoir while she was gone. She wanted me to go on a walk with her or something.” The nurse nodded.

    “Well we decided to go down to the Lake Of Rage since we hadn’t been there. Well after looking at the lake and everything, Clair pulled me down the hill and I stumbled. I asked her what that was about and she said that since Debrah said I was getting ‘chubby’, that would be our exercise. I looked back because Kalt – Wait! Where’s Kalt?!” I just remembered. I hadn’t seen Kalt since we caught up with Debrah.

    “I’ll go find her. Don’t worry.” Debrah said. How could I not worry!? She was my first Pokemon I had gotten and was my best friend.

    “Oh god.. I can’t believe I forgot about her..”

    “Don’t worry mister.. uhh..”

    “Oh sorry. Zack. Zack Briggs.”

    “Oh all right Zack. Well while she goes to get.. Kalt is it?” I nodded and she continued, “Please finish explaining what had happened.

    “Oh right. Anyways, after I caught up with Clair, we started to walk around the lake. Out of nowhere, this giant Gyarados attacked us.” I saw the nurse get wide eyed as if she’d heard this before. “Well, to make it short, I told Clair to get help while I distracted it. I remember throwing this rock at it and hitting it right in the head and then it slammed me with its tail. Then this man with a Dunsparce, Lanturn, and Ampharos came and saved me.”

    “His Ampharos used Thunder and it fainted. Then out of nowhere, he threw a Pokeball and captured the Gyarados.”

    “He captured it?!” Both Clair and the nurse asked. I nodded as they both went wide eyed, yet again.

    “Could you possibly explain why we were attacked?” I asked.

    “Sadly I can’t. It just seems bizarre that you would get attacked for no reason.” She said as she lifted my arm and put it in a sling.

    “Well can you tell me why it’s hard to breathe and what happened to my arm?”

    “Yes. Well, when the Gyarados slammed its tail into you, it hit right here,” She paused and showed me on her shoulder where I was hit, “That’s where you should never ever get hit. From what I can tell, your shoulder was fractured but I’m not sure. And as for you having trouble breathing, it may be—“ She was cut off as Debrah entered the room with Kalt in her arms.

    “Oh thank god. Where was she?”

    “She was sitting by the entrance. She couldn’t figure out how to open the doors.” She answered as she set her on my lap. I didn’t want her to jump up and lick my face like she usually would so I just pet her. Somehow, that was enough for her. As long as she was here and knew I was OK, then she would be fine.

    “Please continue.” I said. She nodded and said,

    “The reason you may have trouble breathing is most likely that you have some broken ribs. In fact,” She began as she felt my ribs, “From what I can tell, you have 3 fractured most likely from when you got slammed by the Gyarados. I suggest you refrain from heavy lifting, extensive walking, and generally, anything that requires energy.”

    “Ok. How long should it be until my shoulder is healed?”

    “Well hard to tell. If I were you, I’d give it a good two to for weeks just to be safe.” I nodded as I stood up.

    “Thank for everything but I need to get home. I’m pretty sure my dad is wondering where we are.” I looked at Debrah who nodded. She walked out followed by Clair.

    “Ofcourse. Don’t forget what I said OK? No heavy lifting. Got it?”

    ”Yes ma’am. I won’t.” We said our goodbyes and were on our way home. “How do you think dad is going to react?” I asked Debrah

    “Not too good. You know how he is with injuries and everything.” I nodded and within minutes, we were back home.


    Well, there is chapter 2! Please let me know what you guys think by leaving me a review! Chapter 3 should be up either late today or sometime tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2011
  7. hawkeye721

    hawkeye721 なんと素敵な歌!!!!!!!!

    ong i loved it and i cant wait for the next part. ps i dont mean to sound like a jerk but thats why they call it lake of RAGE
  8. Simia

    Simia Gengeon

    Yes me too I really like it and I think the glaceon is like really cute. Of course I think a Leafeon would be cuter though =3
    And looking forward to the 3rd chapter.
  9. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in such a long time! I guess that is what happens when you have Writers Block :L

    In this chapter, you will be meeting a new, and important, character! I'm not going to say much more because I have got to go. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks Bronzong#1 for the beta!

    Hope you enjoy!


    The Ice Type
    Chapter 3: New Friend

    Much to me and Deborah’s surprise, my father was quite alright with me being attacked and hurt. Sure he was a little freaked but what parent wouldn't be? He just wasn't as much as the average parent would be. He told me to just take it easy and lie in bed while I heal just like the nurse had told me. I nodded and walked up to my room.

    As per usual, I saw Kalt lying in her usual spot on my bed; sound asleep as if nothing had happened. I rolled my eyes at her as I sat down and pulled my shoes off. Just before I lied down, I grabbed my IPod out of my coat pocket and put in my earphones. Satisfied that I had something to do while lying down, I turned it on and shuffled through my music. For someone who had over two hundred songs, I sure had a hard time choosing.

    Finally picking a song, Beast and the Harlot to be exact, I close my eyes and tried to fall asleep. Thank god I had taken pain killers just before I left or else I wouldn't have been able to fall asleep so easily. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was, from what I think, Kalt woke up and crawled next to me and fell asleep there. But, not like I was bothered.


    Tap, tap, tap.

    I awoke but barely. Was I imagining things or did I really just hear something tapping on my window and over my music? I put it on pause and waited to see if it would happen again. I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing happened so I must have just imagined it in my drowsy state.

    Tap, tap, tap.

    Now I know I heard it that time. I sat up and looked around to see what could be making that annoying--

    Tap, tap, tap.

    'Ok, this is getting aggravating.' I thought to myself. I sat up and looked to where I heard this infernal tapping sound. And there it was. I ran over to my window and let her in. How I could it's a female is by the shade of its head feather. For some odd reason, the males have recently been discovered to have a green feather and not the usual pink feather that the species has been known to have.

    She dove in through the now opened window and onto the floor, shivering from the coldness outside. I shut the window and looked at Kalt. Somehow, she was asleep. 'Great, now that I need her more than ever.' I muttered to myself.

    As much as I didn't want to wake up Kalt, I needed to. I walked to the still shivering Pokémon and attempted to pick her up. She may have been cold and, from what I could tell, probably sick, but she wouldn't let me help her. She took to the best defensive stance she could but I didn't care. I reached out to her and let her take in my scent; most likely to tell if I was a threat to her.

    "See? I'm not going to hurt you. Just calm down and let me--Aah," I yelled as I felt something sharp dig into my hand. I looked down and saw her biting my hand. 'And to think I'm trying to help you!' I thought to myself. 'Wait, she's just scared. Don't pull away. Show her you mean no harm. Hopefully she'll get it.' I thought to myself. I saw Kalt awake and fully alarmed to see some mysterious Pokémon attacking her master. I gave her a look that meant 'Don't. It's alright. I'll handle it.'

    I noticed blood dripping onto the floor. I ignored it and reached around with my other hand and gently placed it on the Pokémon’s head, still trying to show I didn't mean harm. "See girl? I still mean no harm. I just want to help you." I said as we locked eyes. After an intense stare down for what seemed like ages, her eyes looked remorseful. Finally realizing what I meant by I wasn't going to hurt her; she gently licked at my fresh wound to show her ways of being sorry. "See? It's alright."

    She finally finished showing her apology by cleaning my wound; I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I lay her on it and told her I'll be right back. She hesitated before agreeing. I walked into my bathroom so I could dress my hand and clean it so I could be sure it wouldn't get infected.


    "Hey, don't beat yourself up. It's alright that you bit him." I heard someone say. I failed to notice that there was another Pokémon next to me. I didn't answer as I still thought to myself. 'He wasn't going to hurt me. He wasn't trying to attack me and I hurt him.’ I thought to myself. I could still taste his blood in my mouth and I looked down to my claws which also had a little of his blood on them.

    "No, it's not. I hurt him and he was trying to help. I can't believe I did that to him.” I put my head in my hands and started to lightly sob. I felt the other Pokémon, the one who was trying to cheer me up, rub her head against me in an attempt to cheer me up. It didn't work though. "Why?! Why did I attack him?! He was just trying to help!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

    "Don't worry about it. If he was upset, he wouldn't have let you keep doing it. He's alright. Please, don't be upset." I may have been upset, but I had to admit that her reassuring words were helping me a little.


    I walked out of the bathroom and sat to the two of them. I greeted eagerly by a hug from our new, well from what I hoping, friend who had an apologetic look on her face.

    "Snea! Sneasel!" She pleaded.

    "Don't worry. It's alright! See? My hands alright." I tried to reassure her. She didn't look away though. I looked over to the clock and it said it was eleven thirty. Boy, I sure was asleep for a long time.

    "Snea?" The little Sneasel asked.

    "Huh? Oh, nothing." I said as if I knew what she was saying. Time went by slowly as she sat there still not letting go of me. Well, not until I heard her little stomach growl. I chuckled before asking, "Are you hungry?" She blushed before nodding. I smiled and sat her next to Kalt. I got up and started to walk to the door but was stopped as she jumped from the bed and onto my shoulder. How she managed to jump that far was beyond me but all I knew at that moment was that that hurt especially with my current injuries. The last thing I needed was a new one from these little critters claws.

    "I take it you want to come along?" I asked as she clung to the back of my head.

    "Snea!" She replied which was, from what I guessing, a yes in Poke Speak. I smiled and walked downstairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed two small sized bowls out of the cabinet; one for Sneasle and one for Kalt since she always eats whenever others do. I asked her to hold them the best she could as I sat her down on the table. She nodded as I got the Poke Food out of pantry. I poured the food into Kalt’s bowl but stopped just as I was about to pour it into the other bowl. 'Does she eat this? This is especially for Ice-Types. I guess it wouldn't hurt since she is part Ice.’ I thought to myself. I sighed and poured enough for her to eat as well.

    Back in my room, I let the little Sneasel off my shoulder and onto my bed. I sat next to Kalt and placed the food in front of her. She gave me one of those 'Thanks but I think you're calling me fat.' looks. I smiled and stood up so I could take of my shirt. Why was I taking my shirt off in this cold of weather was beyond me but all I knew was that I was really hot and needed to. I quickly, which was extremely hard with an arm in a sling, and slipped out of my pants momentarily before putting on my pj pants.

    I watched the two of them finish off the remnants of their food before grabbing the bowls and placing them on my nightstand. I got into bed and covered myself. I didn't bother putting back on another shirt since I was still extremely hot. As I was about to fall asleep, I remembered I forgot to turn off my bedroom lights. How is also beyond me but as I was about to get up, Kalt stopped me by pushing me back down on my good shoulder. I watched her form a small ice ball as she shot it at the light switch, turning the lights off.

    "Thanks Kalt."

    "Glace!" She replied. I smiled as she lay close to me. I rolled over to my side so that my back was against her, helping cool me down just a little. I again started to drift to sleep but was stirred fully awake as I felt something tickling my face and something cold against my chest. My eyes darted open then I realized that it was the Sneasel who crawled up against me for warmth. "Good night, little Sneasel." I said as my eyes slowly shut, allowing my much needed sleep.


    Well, there's chapter 3! Please leave a review, criticisms, or some other 3rd thing! Hope you enjoyed!
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    Well, hope you enjoyed the last chapter! I don't have much else to say other then 'Yay for new characters!' You'll figure out what I mean in this chapter. ^.^

    Without further ado, I present chapter 4!

    The Ice Type
    The Storm​


    "So what time will you be over?"

    "Well since the storm will be here in a couple hours," He paused, "I think I could be there in about 20 minutes. Are you still sure about this?"

    "Totally. Make sure to bring Psy. I'm sure she'd want to talk to Kalt."

    "Alright. I'll make sure to bring her. I'll see you then."

    "'Kay. Bye." I hung up and looked at Kalt and Sneasle. Just this morning, I ended up catching Sneasle since she refused to leave but it's not like I was complaining. I'd even been stuck between a couple names. But I'm going to save those for whenever nobody else is around.

    "Hope you don't mind some company. Matt, Jonney and Kai are all coming over along with their Pokemon." I told them. They nodded happily as I picked up the phone to make sure everything was going ok.

    I talked to both of them and they were both on their way here. Now all that was left to do was wait for them which I guess wasn't too bad. I could be with Debrah and lemme tell you this, it isn't fun when she's bored. All she does is nag and complain about how there is nothing to do. I really can't stand it!

    I heard a knock on my door and told whoever it was they could come in.

    "Hey Zack." Clair said.

    "Wow! Atleast you're kind enough to knock." I joked. She smiled as she sat next to me.

    "So, you caught her?"

    "Yeah, this morning. Please don't worry about her Clair. She's nice." Clair had been avoiding her and me ever since she came here. I can't really say I blame her since she is defensless against the little Sneasle.

    "I don't know.. She's still a Dark Type and it's hard for us Psychic Types to trust them. Even you know that."

    "I guess I do. But look at her," I said as I pointed to her playing with Kalt. Kalt was using her ice powers to make the floor slippery as the Sneasle ran across it. "How can she hurt you? She so defenseless."

    "I just can't Zack. Atleast not yet." I was about to say something but I was cut off with the sound of our door bell.

    "Well, I guess they're here," I said as I stood up. "Clair, please just try and talk to her. For me?"

    "Why would I want to do that?"

    "Have I ever asked you to do anything for me?" She pondered over whether or not but in the end, she decided it was worth a shot. She nodded as I opened my door to walk out, "Thanks Clair."


    I sighed as I stood up to walk over to Kalt and Sneasle. The both stopped what they were doing to see me sit next to them. "Don't mind me. I'm just watching." I said. They nodded as Kalt continued making slick paths for the Sneasle.

    'Can you hear me Clair?' I heard someone say. I looked over to Kalt who nodded.

    'Yes, I can hear you. What is it?'

    'Please try to calm down. She's innocent; she'd do nothing to hurt you.'

    'It's not that easy Kalt! I.. I've never told anyone this but remember when Deborah found me? How I was scared of everybody and everything? Do you know why?'

    'No, why?'

    'My parents were killed by Weavile when I was a baby. I was on of the few lucky ones who survived. If it hadn't been for Deborah,' I stopped as I felt a tear run down my cheek, 'I wouldn't be here! I just can't trust her unless she has earned it!' I exclaimed. She nodded and stood up before saying,

    'Well then if she's going to be with Zack, you need to talk to her on your own. I'll let you talk to her now.'

    'No, I won't. I won't talk to her!' I yelled. I was always a calm one but whenever I became upset, I wasn't pleasant.

    'Please Clair. Just.. think of Zack.' I looked at her in a confused stare before she continued. 'Oh don't play dumb Clair! I know how much you like him! Isn't that why you always want to mess with him and always pick on him?' I felt my cheeks blush as she hit the nail on the head.

    'So? That doesn't mean you shouldn't give her a chance. Just do it Clair. Please.' I sighed as I thought for a minute. I guess it couldn't hurt..

    'Ok.. Five minutes..' She nodded and told Sneasle that she will be right back and to talk to me for a little bit. She smiled and walked over to me as Kalt left. I heard foot steps coming up the stairs and then heard Kalt say something to them. They sounded a little confused from what I could tell until I heard Psy translate for them. Damn that Espeon and her mouth..

    I looked back at the Sneasle as she sat next to me. I couldn't help but feel nervous but I guess all Psychic Types would be. We sat. And sat there. And sat there. What seemed like was hours was actually probably no more then one minute. 'Why can't these five minutes go faster?' I thought to myself.

    "Ok, look. I know you're scared of me," She began, "But please don't be. I have no intention of hurting you, Kalt, Deborah, Zack or anybody. I'm not like most Dark types who are mean and vicious."

    "How can I be so sure?"

    "If I wanted to hurt you or anyone, would I have come here and stayed with Zack? Remember that night that I came here? If I wanted to hurt anyone, I would have done it by now. Please, just ease up a little. I'm not going to do anything to anyone."

    "But you don't know my past!" I blared at her.

    "I don't? I heard the conversation between you and Kalt. You really should work on your telepathy. I'm sure everyone could hear it." She teased. I chuckled and nodded. She walked over to me and extended her hand.. paw.. things causing me to jump. I looked her into the eyes as she said "We cool?" I hesitated before returning the gesture and saying,

    "We're cool." She smiled and crawled into my lap before asking,

    "Can I ask you something?"

    "Sure, what is it?"

    "Can I ask you about Zack? What is he like?"

    "Why do you ask?"

    "Well since I'm going to be living with him an all, I want to know what he's like. Is he cool? Is he nice? Well.. I kind of figured that last one out but you get my point." She chuckled.

    "Yeah I get what you mean and he really is nice. He's a great guy to mess with and fun to be around. He'll always watch out for you and won't let anyone hurt you. You're lucky to have him as a trainer.." I answered. She nodded and as I looked at her, she looked to be
    thinking about something..

    "You like him don't you?" I felt my cheeks get red and I could only guess how bright they were. I thought to myself 'Am I really that obvious?' I sighed and nodded before she continued, "So why don't you tell him?"

    "Many reasons that I'll discuss with you later.. For now, just keep that to yourself and Kalt, can I trust you with that?" She nodded as I stood up. "Thanks." She smiled and I smiled back. You know, for a Dark Type, she's pretty nice.. Maybe I had her all wrong..


    "So Jonney," I teased. He always hated being called Jonney, "did you bring your Ipod?" He nodded and reached into his pocket to show he had it. The Victini he had since he moved here from Unova snatched it out of his hands and proceeded to listen to whatever music he had on his Ipod. I chuckled and looked at Kai.

    He tried to look all badass with his arm behind the chair he was sitting in with his Leafeon in his lap. I rolled my eyes without even saying anything to him. He looked at me with one of those 'You're just jealous you don't look as good as me' looks. In all honesty, he was all talk. He was just jealous because my parents let me grow my hair out long while his didn't. He's always saying that he wants my hair. Funny right?

    "So," Matt spoke up, "Where's Clair and that new Sneasle of yours? You going to name her today?" I looked at him funny because he's usually all pushy and never gives up on anything. If you start to tell him something, he'll bug you until you can't take it anymore so you tell him.. Quite like a baby actually.

    "You don't pay attention do you? Kalt told Ruby that her and the Sneasle are going to talk to get used to eachother. Why? I don't know but if it means she'll be comfortable around her then alright." I answered. He nodded as he reached behind him and pulled out his Poke Ball. He pressed the center button on it and released his Growlithe who immediatly ran over to me. "Heh, seems he likes me more then you, don't you?" The Growlithe barked in reply as Matt started to pout.

    "Oh come on! You know we're joking.." He ignored me and everyone else; well for a minute atleast. Kalt jumped on the counter behind him and quickly, but quietly, ran up behind him. Me, Jon and Kai all new what she was going to do him so we all tried our best not to chuckle.

    Just as she got behind him, she blew a cold wind at him causing him to jump. "What the--" He yelled. He looked at all of us while we chuckled. "You suck Kalt, you know that?!"

    "Glace!" She exclaimed as she blew another cold wind at him. We all were still chuckling at it mostly because he hates it when she messes with him and hates the cold. She continued doing it even when he asked her to stop.

    "She'll stop when you show her the attention she wants. She hasn't seen you in forever. Least you could do is atleast show her a little attention. You're one of her best friends." He sighed as he sat down and Kalt jumped in his lap. He started to pet her as Clair walked out of my room with Sneasle in her arms.

    "Well, look who it is. And look who conquered her fear!" I stood up as Clair chuckled. I took the Sneasle out of her arms and I heard her say,

    'When they leave, we need to talk. I wondered what about but decided that it could wait. I nodded and sat down where I had been.

    "So, when is it supposed to start?" Kai asked. I looked at him with a confused look and he rephrased his question. "When is it supposed to start snowing?"

    "Oooh! Well, they said a couple hours," I paused so I could go over to the couch. Matt and his fat self went straight to the kitchen and started raiding our 'fridge for its contents. I sighed before saying, "Grab me a soda!"

    "Aight!" He replied as I turned on the TV and turned it to the news channel as Kai and Jon sat on the floor for some odd reason. It was a commercial so nothing interesting is happening as of now. Matt walked back empty handed, besides the soda he got for me and sat next to me. Kalt jumped up in his lap which got his Growlithe pretty jealous.

    I picked him up and put him on my lap so he wouldn't, no matter how bad he wanted, kill Kalt. That would be the last thing I needed. "Do you think it'll be as bad as they're calling for?" Jon asked.

    "I do, if you think about it, it would only make sense. I mean," I paused to look for the right words, "The Volcano in Hoenn erupted earlier this year and destroyed half that town.. what town was? Fallarbor?"

    "Yeah, but what would that have to do with it?" Kai asked.

    "Well, remember last year?" I asked. They all looked at eachother and couldn't understand what I meant. "You guys are dumber then I thought." I teased.

    "Well you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer yourself Zack." Psy teased. I shot her a dirty look then continued,

    "Remember Cinnabar?"

    "Oooh!" They all said in unison. 'I'm surrounded by idiots..' I thought to myself. "Yeah, remember the Volcano erupted there too. A lot of weird things have been happening and I bet that it's all tied togethor." They agreed just as the news came on.

    ["Hello and we bring you this urgent message on behalf of Johto. That snowstorm is now heading to Mahogany Town, Violet City and many more cities so it is advised to get inside of your respected homes now. It has intensified significantly and now accumulations are expected to reach up to as much as 45 to 54 inches. This is by far the worst snowstorm in many places history. If you are on the road, we recommend you to get into a building withen twenty minutes as the storm has also sped up quite a lot. It is said to be in Mahogany withen the hour. We will bring you more as we learn it.

    Now, we return you to your regular programming."] I turned the T. V. off and looked over at Kai who was barely even paying attention. Typical kid. "Well, I guess I should call my dad and tell him to come home now." I said as I got up. Just as I picked up the phone, Deborah came down the stairs all wide eyed. Heh, the funny thing was that when she sleeps in, like she has been doing recently, she never really changed out of her nightgown. She looked a lot like a Jynx but with a bad hair day.

    "Did you hear about the--"

    "Yeah, yeah. We just watched it. I'm calling dad to have him come home now. We don't need him out in this." She nodded as I dialed his number. I noticed she looked over to Jon as he was checking her out.

    "Can I help you?"

    He seemed to suddenly snap out of his daze and looked away like he was embarrased; I can't blame him though. I had that happen once to me but lemme tell you this, it ended up worse then what she said to him.

    We talked for a few minutes then said he would be on his way home. He also didn't mind me having my friends over since he liked them out of all my other friends. What? I'm sure we all have terrible friends out there.

    Twenty or so minutes later, my dad arrived home. the snow was blowing like crazy and it was a struggle to shut the door. After what seemed like ages of struggling against the wind to shut the door, it finally closed. I took one step and slipped right onto my bad arm and hit my head on the door with a horrible amount of force.

    I shouted in pain and held my arm. I got really light headed as my dad rushed back to me and knelt down to me. "What the hell did you do now? I'm not even home five minutes and you already hurt yourself!" The lightheadedness got increasingly worse as my dad carried me to the couch. I was struggling to stay consious but I couldn't. I entered yet another unwanted slumber.


    Phew, now that was one of my longest chapters also ^_^ Sorry that it took so long. Writers Block sucks >_> Hope you enjoyed! Leave a review please!
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