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The In-Game Team Rate Archive

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by AlCario, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    So, this is where all the teams or threads go which have helped shape this section. Enjoy. /filler introduction


    Anyone can nominate a thread to enter the IGTR Archive; however, whether or not your thread enters it is the decision of a small approval committee, comprised of experienced raters (currently myself, GrumpySnorlax and Eon Master).

    Format: Well, I can read English well enough, so the requirements here are fairly loose. As long as you post a link to the thread and an explanation, it's fine.

    Troll threads and flame wars etc are perfectly eligible for nomination, and some of them can be quite funny. However, please try not to abuse this privilige.

    General Rules

    All Serebii rules apply.

    Feel free to discuss any of the threads in the archive here; you can still post here even if you don't nominate, but DON'T use this as a PC+1 excuse. Spamming is regarded as it would be anywhere else.

    Consistent rulebreakers and trolls will be added to the ban list. If you are on the ban list you may not post here until the approval committee deems it fit.

    Terry. T.

    The Archive

    Battle Tower Teams

    27/7/09: The original Magnum Opus, by Vaporeon4evr. Highest streak: c. 203

    This team is notable for introducing the TrickScarf strategy to Serebii: resultantly, it kicked off the Battle Tower craze and changed the accepted BT style forever. It initially achieved a streak of 126, later 165, which was almost unheard of back then, and turned V4E into a BT legend.

    16/10/09: Conquering the Frozen Tower, by Eon Master. Highest streak: 199

    After I myself noticed the potential of Mind Reader + Sheer Cold on a Trick Scarf team, it was inevitable that someone would try it out - Eon Master - and the result was a lot more surprising than everyone thought: a phenomenal streak of 198, later followed by one of 199. This team well and truly breaks the mould for TrickScarf teams, and it cemented Eon Master's place in the highest league, as well as Articuno's place in the 'Top' tier of Project New World (if anyone still remembers that). As Eon Master himself sees it, this is the start of his long rivalry with Vaporeon4evr.

    4/11/09: Fist of Steel, by Vaporeon4evr.

    This team by V4E introduced the "pseudo-invincible" strategy to Serebii, a strategy which could produce amazing results in tandem with Trick Scarf.

    23/12/09: Shocking, isn't it? by ungulateman. Highest streak: c. 85.

    Shocking, isn't it? was a non-standard BT team, best noted for its use of Rotom as a TrickScarf lead, and more importantly for being the first team ever to utilise the CM/ID Lucario, which has been utilised many times on subsequent occasions. The most well known of these occasions is when Eon used CM/ID to achieve his 237 win streak.

    17/6/10: "Is he for real?" You say, by GrumpySnorlax (Shuckle).

    This is nothing more than a fun gimmick for the BT at first glance; however, it began GS's long lived affiliation with Shuckle. This partnership ultimately produced some excellent streaks, and this is the team that started it all.

    10/10/10: Team Rock Solid: A Recap, by GrumpySnorlax (Shuckle). Highest Streak: 519.

    This is the pinnacle of GS's achievements with Shuckle, and is most memorable for the fact that it accomplished an exceptional streak while also being far from bog standard: the only commonly used pokemon on it is Latias. Alongside Eon's "Frozen Tower", this team demonstrates how originality is often the key to success.

    4/3/10: Battle Tower team at 105 wins and still going, by Blue Harvest. Highest Streak: 199

    We rarely get to see any teams for double battles, especially ones that are done well. While Blue Harvest was rarely seen in IGRMT, her team was solid and well-received by the raters. The team had great success, and is among the most successful BT teams IGRMT4 has seen.

    13/12/11: I Blame Joe [As Requested By Shuckle], by Eon Master. Highest streak: 500

    Eon's final BT team was only the 2nd team in SppF history to break the 500 battle benchmark. Consisting of a defensive core of Uxie and Heatran, this team was creative and had an interesting strategy. The team still has not lost however, so Eon may someday reclaim his title as BT Champion.

    In Game Teams

    17/10/09: Bye + Last Team, by Chaotic Tyrant.

    The colossal significance of this thread is that it is one of the two which marked the beginning of IGRMT's downfall; extensive noob activity had prompted V4E's departure (although he later returned), and with the section's other resident rater leaving, IGRMT was at a loss. But things only got worse: Ungulateman posted his 'last team' shortly after, and it wasn't long before the act of leaving IGRMT to rot in the dust became the cool new thing. Chaotic Tyrant's brmt was the first, and can be easily attributed to starting this trend.

    19/10/09: Wild Ungulateman fled! by... you guessed it... ungulateman.

    The de facto sister of "Bye + Last Team", this thread was the other to induce this section's demise, and can also be remembered as one of the most intense flame wars in its history.

    21/10/09: Peze out n00bs (and good raters), by Ampy.

    Another team from the "let's all leave IGRMT!" period. Ampy returned less than a week later.

    1/11/09: Sample Team (To learn the game mechanics), by Ampy.

    By the time this team was made, Dan the poke man was causing immense frustration to the remaining raters, and other noobs and trolls were also beginning to emerge in the wake of IGRMT's destruction. In an attempt to remedy this, Ampy created the first "sample team", a team with deliberate mistakes to try and educate those less experienced, as well as giving them a sanctuary where they would be not flamed without hesitation. This idea was enormously well received, and was considered to be the first step towards helping IGRMT restore itself to its former glory.

    6/11/09: All n00bs welcome :) (New Sample Team), by Eon Master.

    This was the second and last sample team. One of the most controversial teams ever, it started a long debate about how and when to flame noobs. What was truly amazing about this debate was that veteran raters RayRay and CT returned briefly to participate in it. Ultimately, their opinions were enough to upturn the existing philosophy, which went along the lines of "flame anyone who is wrong". This team effectively marked the end of IGRMT's period of instability, and it was not long before the section got back on its feet.

    8/6/10: One For The Raters, by TheBlueRabbit.

    "I think this is one of the best teams I've seen in this section. The biggest reason being, it's giving recognition to those who deserve it." - Ampy.

    CRMT and Semi-CRMT

    5/11/09: And now for something completely different..., by AlCario.

    One of the earliest semi-CRMT's, "And now for something completely different" was one of the best of that time and helped to build their popularity. It was also the first team to utilise a baiting strategy and still be viable in-game. While not my best overall, it remained my most successful OU team that I ever posted as an RMT.

    1/12/09: New Semi-CRMT. It doesn't completely suck... by Eon Master.

    This team is probably most memorable for being the first competitive-music team. At the time when it was made, Semi-CRMTs were not widely recognised, although they were beginning to build popularity. This team's quality, combined with the fact that it stayed alive for about a week, did much to promote the concept.

    12/12/09: (NU)ked, by Ampy.

    This is certainly one of the best threads from early in the semi-CRMT era, and may even be Ampy's most successful team to date.

    21/1/10: Caught in Your Failures, by Eon Master.

    This was one of Eon Master's most important UU teams, and was easily his best at the time. It was modelled around the fledgling TrapPass strategy, which essentially involved trapping a foe and then setting up. The discussion that followed the team was just as impressive as the team itself; it featured one of the classic Al-Eon debates, as well as three trolls. Without a doubt this one of the most memorable Semi-CRMT threads ever.

    16/4/10: Tricky Stuff, by AlCario.

    This team was created during a brief gimmick craze. I was frustrated that the commonly accepted idea of gimmick teams was that they were poor, impractical, and doomed to fail in every case: you can imagine what it was like when people were designing teams with deliberate flaws that they would not remove. In order to show the junior raters what a gimmick really was, I created "Tricky Stuff". I made it as gimmicky as I could without crossing the line, and at that I was successful.

    18/4/10: My new Semi-Competitive RMT, by Bossk.

    This was Bossk's best team, without a doubt. It featured an comprehensive team build, with the inital template being his "Ultimate Party" from his noob days. The final product was competitively viable, and included several non-standard sets.

    4/5/10: The SoUUnd of Music, by Eon Master.

    This was Eon's best team of all. It was very controversial, especially in regard to a MixSaur set which he used. The team brought Eon Master very close to the UU leaderboard, and he considers it to be one of his personal favourites for its use of non-standard sets.

    16/8/10: A Collaboration, by GrumpySnorlax and TheBlueRabbit.

    This team was made at a time when Semi-CRMT was beginning to fall out fashion, as many of the active raters were either retired from competitive or had never entered the metagame. As result, this team perhaps did not receive the quality of rates it deserved. However, it remains a staple from that period, and GS considers it to be his best competitive effort to date.

    26/10/10: The IGRMT legends, by AlCario.

    Like the counterpart of TBR's "One For The Raters", this team gave recognition to those who didn't deserve it.

    Troll threads and SERIOUS TEAMS

    13/8/09: Epic Team Full of Win, by Vaporeon4evr.

    The title says it all, really. This is, without a doubt, one of the most SERIOUS TEAMs of our time. It even features the insight of everyone's favourite IGRMT personality - Lucario0708. Enjoy!

    28/10/09: Mommy, i'm scared (Halloween team), by Lucario0708.

    Lucario0708, affectionally known by his nickname Lucario[insert numbers here], is best known for this team, which featured the notorious Shedinja@Life Orb set. It was either a terrible failure of a joke team or one of the most successful troll threads ever made, as many people ended up rating it seriously.

    11/12/09: BF tricks and tips, by Terry. T.

    This was, without a doubt, the masterpiece of IGRMT legend Terry. T. With V4E's BT guide already up and running, Terry carefully covered the information which he had forgotten in a guide of his own, but this guide was never stickied for some reason. As ungulateman himself puts it:


    23/2/10: Team Lolwut? by TheBlueRabbit.

    While not really a troll thread, this team was hilarious, and it can easily be seen as one of TBR's best. From a time when teams were slow and unoriginal, Team Lolwut would not have needed much to stand out from the crowd, but it went beyond that, and even by today's standards it is considered to be brilliantly refreshing. This is PC+1 in its purest form - read it for yourself.

    10/4/10: Team name epiK Win, by Bossk.

    No one can ever tire of Bossk's brand of humour, if only because no-one else can pull it off. This team was an instant classic, and is one of the best we have ever had.

    21/9/10: Were r all teh nubz? by AlCario.

    Possibly the best example from an extensive SERIOUS TEAM building spree I went on. This thread stayed open for less than a day, but was still able to generate 13 replies, and its sequel actually caused ShinyTrainer to create a completely new rule for the IGRMT section - the first and only time this has ever happened.

    29/9/10: Find that thread! by AlCario.

    Initially conceived as a troll thread by me, the idea of reviving Lucario0708's old team to be re-rated actually became popular with the mods, and began a string of threads following the same concept. The threads can be noted for attracting the attention of the veteran raters back to the In-Game Team Rate: the original didn't just revive an old team - it revived IGRMT in a period of inactivity.

    5/10/10: Magnets' BT team by Magnets

    While being a bog standard team for the time, this thread managed to turn into a pretty epic argument about proof-of-streak. This is one of the main reasons that Magnets was, in my opinion, what the section would have needed to continue as it was. The old Raters had been long gone, and current ones were beginning to lose faith in the section. Magnets brought us all together by stirring the IGRMT pot. - GS

    Get nominating!

    And if you have any questions, objections, or comments, don't hesitate to put them forward.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2010
  2. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!

    I'd nominate one of Eon Master's music-themed teams (his first, if you can find it), because everybody and their mother (i.e. me) started copying him.
  3. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    ^Actually, my first music themed team was inspired by Chaotic Tyrant, so that one is technically not the first. However, my second Semi-CRMT is the one you're probably thinking of, since it not only started the music team craze, but it also started the Semi-CRMT craze as well, thus solidifying it for a place in the archive.

    Oh yeah, Al, you might want to mention that V4E's team and mine were both in a race to 200 wins, and that created more excitement in the section as well.

    Anyway, I'm nominating not one, but two teams by unglateman.

    Wild Ungulateman fled! (a final RMT) This was the other thread that prompted the downfall of IGRMT, it was one of the biggest flame wars the section had ever seen, and it shows new members exactly how bad things were back then. Although, it is really skewed because Dan the Poke Man deleted all of his posts, however they're still visible if you view the quotes by other raters.

    Shocking, isn't it?[Tower Team] This team is important only because it introduced the Psuedo-Invinciblity strategy to Serebii, and pioneered an era of new TrickScarf teams that would see streaks into the 200's and 300's.

    And another by TheBlueRabbit. Team Lolwut? The most epic troll team in history, hands down. While TBR is generally regarded as one of the best raters in this section, he can troll like the best as well. While offically a "gimmick team", Team Lolwut pushes the boundaries of what is considered sane in IGRMT, and is also the funniest team I've ever had the pleasure of rating. If anything can be said about it, it's that it needs moar Hidden Power xD
  4. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    I'm going to second the Lolwut nomination, since that thread, while so gimmicky, broke down to pretty basic type coverage and didn't have the simple movesets utilizing effective combinations that we normally see. It was definitely thinking outside the box, and should at least be posted for it's sheer originality.

    All of the monumental threads that I've been lucky enough to view are either stickied or way too far in the lists for me to actually bother looking. I suppose one of GS' BT teams could be up there, since I know that I personally drew some inspiration from him and his many Shuckle teams that used a Pokemon you don't always see hitting the top of the charts. DragonSteel gets boring after awhile, you know?

    /stupid pointless and most likely somewhat incorrect rant
  5. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I second the nomination for one of GS's Shuckle teams, and I'd third the Lolwut team, but I hadn't really participated in the 'fun'. Looking at it now, it seems like a good choice though.
  6. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    I don't think this started the music team craze, but it was quite important as a semi-CRMT, certainly. I'll put it in.

    Eh, sure.

    Yes, absolutely. I read the thread again and lol'd.

    Yes and yes. @ungulateman: If you could give me the best streak for that BT team it would be great.

    Agreed, have a look around and see if you can post the link for the first one.

    I have three nominations.

    1. The last sample team, by whoever. Those of you who remember the thread will remember it as -basically- the end of the Post-CT-Flame-War era.

    2. Terry. T.'s BT guide. 'nuff said.

    3. The original FAT, by me. Sure, I just broke the rules by nominating my own thread, but this gives us something from recent times. Additionally, it certainly started a trend, which seems to now be a sort of criterion.

    Additionally, I was thinking of adding a quote archive to this. Thoughts?

    Keep 'em coming, guys.

    Eon Master is now part of the approval committee.

    Ok, time to update the OP.
  7. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    Alright, I found the very first Shuckle team GS made.

    "Is he for real?" You say

    The funny thing is, he wasn't for real in this thread. And yet, it started the crazy Shuckle fandom that he's known for. This team also has to be one of the most gimmicky of his that I've seen, so.

    I'm loving this thread. It's like the history channel, except not about random stuff half of the viewers don't care about.
  8. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    OP Updated.

    Right, I'll edit it in now. Thanks.

    Thanks ^^.

    Also, here are the links to the threads I nominated earlier.

    BF tricks and tips - Terry. T.

    FAT - me

    The last sample team (might do the first as well). - Eon master. This took forever to find.

    I will be away for a week starting tomorrow, so here's a heads up as I won't be able to edit the OP until I get back.

    EDIT: @Eon: V4E actually brought the Pseudo-Invincible strategy to IGRMT with Registeel in team Fist of Steel, which predates Ungulate's by about six weeks. However, the Lucario is cool, so I might just add Ungulate's in.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
  9. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    ^ Um, yea, Terry's thread is a must. He's a legend.

    Also throwing a vote in for the FAT/last sample team.

    I wanna nominate Ampy's Peze out n00bs (and good raters) UU BRMT
    bcoz funny large pics, and who doesn't love a BRMT?
  10. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    Lol, what the...? The pictures grew, they weren't that big when I posted it. That team itself really isn't that great tbh though xD

    I nominate TBR's One For The Raters, I think this is one of the best teams I've seen in this section. The biggest reason being, it's giving recognition to those who deserve it.
  11. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    This. I second.
  12. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    I lol'd as well. It's a decent-ish team; I put it up just to emphasise how bad things were back then.

    I had indeed forgotten about that; it is a must.
  13. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    Sorry about the double post, mods, but I have some more nominations:

    (NU)ked, by Ampy. An excellent team from early in the semi-CRMT era.

    Fist of Steel by V4E, see the link in one of my earlier posts.

    Lucario0708's halloween team
    . His most famous and most amusing effort yet.

    I'm going to add these in anyway.

    I will be away for a week starting tomorrow, so for that time Eon and GS will be in charge of this thread. I will also be unable to update the OP, so keep on nominating and I will reorganise everything when I get back.

    This has been great so far!
  14. xMetagrossx

    xMetagrossx Blaziking

    I apologize if this has already been nominated but i nominate AC's all Unknown team and all Smeargle team as they are the reason there is a rule #13
  15. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!

    I'll second the epic trolling that AlCario pulled off recently.

    xMetagrossx said something useful what
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
  16. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Let's not forget the epic Ditto team...

    Also, nominating this.
  17. xMetagrossx

    xMetagrossx Blaziking

    ^are all of Terry T.s sets like that i mean really he was serious with that team?!
    I second the Ditto team that was just epic
  18. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    ^Terry is, and forever shall be, the most annoying person to try their hand at rating in IGRMT. His sets don't even qualify as trolling, they're just so horrible they defy discription.

    Oh, and I don't think that team is worth mentioning. Sure, he "creates his own Battle Frontier sets", but other than that... :/

    I'll give it further consideration, but for now, I'm rejecting this.
  19. Kerech

    Kerech Shinigami...CHOP!

    I believe Terry's guide is in here only because Al loves him lol.

    But on a serious yet equally as spammy note: I must say, all you raters of yore get a +1 from me. After reading a few of these archived threads, I realize that IGRMT has become far less hectic than it used to. Sure, we don't get amazing teams constantly, but the worse I get to complain about is a lack of teams to create. You guys, on the other hand, seemed to dwell in a constant flame war. And, it's also easier to see why the majority of elite raters left, and why some of you guys refer to here as a hellhole. Anyway, props to you guys for making your way out of the flames, and I sure as hell am glad that the IGRMT I've experienced has, in its worst moments, only been bad enough to be considered 'dull.'

    /spam rant.
  20. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    Is back.

    I don't think I ever made an all Unknown team but all Smeargle sounds cool.

    I'll take it as a compliment.

    I'm not sure about this one. Tbh, anyone can create a Ditto team really, and the Smeargle one was a better example of a troll thread IMO. Although if it gets support from other people I will be happy to include it.

    You can't deny that Terry is a pivotal figure in IGRMT, though, and the point of an archive is to cover as wide a range of ideas as possible. However, I also reject this team, since it didn't really spark much of a flame war and there are a lot of better examples of Terry's handiwork out there. "Operation Extreme Challenge", for example. (I'll find a link).

    "Love" isn't a strong enough word tbh.

    On the contrary; I personally preferred it back then. We had a goal, which was to make IGRMT a better place. Having done that now, rating is much less fulfilling for me these days.

    Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

    Important announcement: I find searching through old threads fairly inefficient, so I have devised a new way of going about this. If you could post what you personally think to be your best two teams that would help a lot. A brief explanation of why you chose them is optional, but it would be very useful. Thank you.

    I'll start this off. Of my efforts, these two teams are my personal favourites. Criticise them all you like.

    And now for something completely different. My first decent semi-competitive team, and not really my best (I never posted an RMT for what I deem my greatest, but I will say that it included Spiritomb). Anyway, this was the first team to display my signature battling style, which is a kind of bait-and-switch semi-stall. It was also one of the very first CRMTs (which might explain why only Eon Master rated it).

    Tricky Stuff. My extensive usage of gimmick sets is what made me stand out both competitively and in the BT, and this is the best example I could find of that.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2010
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