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The Individual Episode Ideas Thread

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Note: This is NOT the "If You Were In Charge of the Anime" thread, or the scene thread. This is to post your individual episode ideas. They can be either filler or non-filler.

Idea #1: An episode where Bianca and Virgil go out for ice cream, and Bianca's cone turns out to be a Vanillaite (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), which she tries to catch, and at the end...Georgia catches it. (Of course, this would conflict canon, but regardless, I would like it, assuming it didn't.)

For one that doesn't contradict canon, instead of Georgia catching it, they go after it, only to find out that its being used as a slave to make more and more ice, and try to get it to safety (rough draft)


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Idea #1 - Iris meets, befriends and catches a Lapras. It would tie her in with her B2W2 counterpart and serve as a character building episode for her, helping her to get over her fear of ice types a little. I know Ash owned a Lapras, but this sort of thing did not stop Solidad from owning one, along with a Butterfree and Pidgeot. Nor did it stop Drew from owning a Butterfree, May from gettign Bulbasaur and Squirtle, Dawn from getting Quilava or Barry and Conway from both getting Heracross. So it could still work easily.

Idea #2 - Gary and Paul come to Unova and challenge Trip and Cameron to a double battle and show them how a real rival of Ash's is supposed to battle!

Idea #3 - Stephan catches a Golduck (am I alone in thinking that this would be an awesome pokemon for him?)

Idea #4 - More of a mini-arc idea, I suppose. The world tournament happens and Ash challenges it. Features appearances by all past gym leaders (including Misty)

Idea #5 - Bianca begins working as Juniper's assistant. They meet Fennel who's Munna gets attatched to Bianca so Fennel gives it to her.

Idea #6 - Cilan, Chili and Cress get together and evolve their monkeys, just because.


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Idea 1- An epsode where ash trades away some of his tauros and Ash learning to copew with some new pokemon

idea 2- another lab focused episode dealing with what goes on when ash isn't there

idea 3- an episode where ash becomes a tempory gym leader/forntier brain. After all given that he has the qualification of a frontier brain already it could work.


An episode where the AG trio gets lost in a forest at night, their only company being a group of Cacturne, which stalk them in a ragtag manner.

The pack leader is Harley.
Idea#1: An episode where Charizard and Pignite show their bromanship, and in the process Pignite evolves.

Idea #2: An episode where Snivy's backstory is revealed. It's trainer will befriend Ash, and Ash will know why Snivy ditched its previous trainer

Idea #3:Oshawott in the process of saving Emolga evolves into a Dewott.

Yeah....these are more like dreams than Ideas....but w.e

Idea #4: A Pallet Reunion. After a long journey throughout Unova, Ash will invite all of his friends including Max before setting to Kalos.


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Unfortunately, there used to be a thread like this, but it was closed and asked that it not be reopened again. The thread is too close to fanfiction and no one's really giving any reasons.

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