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The Inferno Faction Tournaments

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Just lost the semis to BPM. First a tie, and then in game 2, he killed one poke. I WOULDVE killed his Jolteon hhad it not been sashed. W/e, gg! I expect my Tauros tomorrow ;)


hello, im back sorta
Updating bracket. I VMed gallade and I think we'll battle today. I hope I see u in the finals, bpm :)

guy gallade

hey charizard when are you on show down to get the move
along I want to but I'm busy. My parents are close to opening
a new store so yeah.........


hello, im back sorta
Free-for-All! Registration is now open!

Username and password:
PokemonShowdown Username:

Whatever is normally banned in PokemonShowdown.

Registration End-
Probably around March 1st or so.
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