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The Irish SPPF member club v.3!

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by buizel kid, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. buizel kid

    buizel kid Well-Known Member

    Failte. My dear friend Asarath365 has asked me to take over the The Irish SPPF member club!


    * Irish people only or people who have close relations that are Irish

    * Posts have to make sense, and are not about your personal lives, Gigasceptile

    * One post at a time.

    * No "YEA RIGHT YOUR IRISH, YOUR AMERICAN", I said Irish people, which means people who moved away or into Ireland too.

    * You have to be a member to talk, if you want to join, post up here asking to do so. If I am not online just PM me.

    Lads and ladies, it's a forum, so be nice, all sorts of ages are here, so keep the language at a nice: "Why does <pokemon> have <move>? It can't learn it."
    NOT: "WTF?! F***ING <move> ON THAT F***ING <pokemon>!?!? YOU ARE RETARDED!!" You will get banned for that

    * And, of course, please try speak as gaeilge! Also, if your irish isn't as good as you want it to be try this website. It's ok if you don't want to speak Irish.

    * All SPPf rules apply here.

    * If you break rules 3 times you get permanently banned

    * Always follow topics okay?


    Buizel Kid

    Buizel Kid


    giga sceptile

    heres a link to v.2

    Slán agus ádh mór ort!
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  2. Pikachu4ever

    Pikachu4ever Wii U :O

    Dia duit! finally irish people and to prove im irish , the irish goverment is the worst and most selfish goverment of all time so can i join?
  3. buizel kid

    buizel kid Well-Known Member

    You May join! And since your the first one to join your now a mod on this club

    And tell your Irish friends about this club plz
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2009
  4. Asarath365

    Asarath365 Well-Known Member

  5. buizel kid

    buizel kid Well-Known Member

    good to see you back asarath
  6. buizel kid

    buizel kid Well-Known Member

    lets get the talk rolling. Whos the better Gaelic team Mayo or Galway because im from mayo and i live in galway so who should i support
  7. frozenthrone101

    frozenthrone101 BugBite Leader

    oh finally a group for this .. can i join ,
  8. buizel kid

    buizel kid Well-Known Member

    in ok hi how are you
  9. Asarath365

    Asarath365 Well-Known Member

    you know crosta means cross right?
    and remember in irish the structure is verb+person+place
  10. Paddypower

    Paddypower That clueless guy

    Dia duit! My Irish isn't the best, but I am Irish ya know. I'll throw in cúpla focail here and there. As GAA goes, I don't particularly take an interest. I'm more of a rugby fan, I go to a lot of Leinster matches. Conaím i mBaile Atha Cliath by the way. So yeah, I'd defo like to join, go raibh maith agat.
  11. treeko777

    treeko777 New Member

    irish club

    dia duit would like to join this club because im irish lol
  12. treeko777

    treeko777 New Member

    irish club

    dia duit would like to join this club because im irish lol
  13. Adz

    Adz Poke Knight

    Hey guys! I'm Irish....and have been playing Pokemon for nearly 12 years....since day one! :p I'd love to join this group if it's possible!?
  14. Pikachu4ever

    Pikachu4ever Wii U :O

    new members are always welcome;)
  15. buizel kid

    buizel kid Well-Known Member

    yeh!!! St. Marys college all-ireland senior soccer champs!!!!
  16. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Sorry dude, but this Club is from...last year. Don't bump threads that are inactive/this old. Well the last post isn't from then, it's from February, but still. :<

    Feel free to restart it if you wish.

    Last edited: May 20, 2010
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