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The Island of Illusions! (788)


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It was good episode. It was funny when Ash thought the guy at the beginning was a Snorlax. And it's nice that Zoroark was looking after the Pokemon on the island.
Best part of this episode:

Ash: Nurse Joy? Audino? Nurse Joy? Audino? *Speeds up* Nurse Joy? Audino? Nurse Joy? Audino?

I LOL'd. That was a great and funny scene for sure.

This episode felt like a mixture of "Island of the Giant Pokémon" and "The Lost World of Gothitelle" but didn't live up to either of those episodes IMO.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This was an ok episode. Not the greatest, though.


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I liked that the mysterious person was a Nurse Joy there aren't many action Joys. The Zoroark was sweet, it was a nice filler episode.


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Pretty good debut episode for Zoroark. It struck me as odd that it could talk. The one in M13 couldn't. I guess it wasn't actually talking, it was just creating the sound illusion of it talking? Maybe its skills are developed like crazy. Good episode. 7/10

Marbi Z

I love the fat joke they put out! Where Ash thought the store owner was a Snorlax.
Is it me or did the store owner's voice sound alot like Popo from Dragonball Z. On topic Zoroark is my Favorite G5 Pokemon and I'm happy to see a kind Zoroark that was willing to help other Pokemon and Axew. I guess the Pokemon's not so "Dark" after all LOL :D


I can't Kominicate.
Will we ever get a male Zoroark for once? I can clearly tell this one is a female.

I found it surprising that Zoroark can potentially use human speech during her transformations. Take that, Chatot.


Dragon Trainer
The whose that pokemon part ruined the whole episode for me after that. It basically took the mystery out of it and I wasn't surprised after that. It was a good episode but that really makes me mad that they just spoiled the episode with that. Could have made it Heatmor or something :/


I can't Kominicate.
The whose that pokemon part ruined the whole episode for me after that. It basically took the mystery out of it and I wasn't surprised after that. It was a good episode but that really makes me mad that they just spoiled the episode with that. Could have made it Heatmor or something :/

Random Giant Zoroark Illusion says hi.


Pokemon Enthusiast
So what started out as an episode about Ash & Co being chased by giant Pokémon, turned out to be about an abandoned Pokémon centre which was being run by Zoroark to care for the wild Pokémon on the island. I thought it was a really sweet episode about old friends and I'm glad the Pokémon centre reopened in the end.

Also, a special mention to the return of the Team Rocket submarine, even though it wasn't a magicarp, it was relevant to Generation 5 as it was a basculin.

Good episode, onto the next one!!!


AshXSerena = Canon
Thought this was a pretty great episode, although i can never seem to understand, tpci's hate for the original bgm


Anyways, it's pretty great to see the old team rocket back, and i did get quite a giggle at that outrage pun :p



Just a member
Meh .......like the original, this episode's dub version was boring too. I didn't find anything interesting except for the part where Ash calls Nurse Joy and Audio multiple times, causing the disguised Zoroark to change go and back and forth.

Music Kept (2)
  • BW Title Card theme 2
  • Movie 12 BGM - Team Rocket's Secret Schemes 2009

The dub tracks are so generic, and not memorable at all. TPCI should keep more music from the movies.
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Lover of underrated characters
It was nice to finally see Zoroark appear. I'm glad he got to stay at the Pokemon Center


Your Big Buff Bro
Decent episode, but it really tackled a nice thought to how Pokemon and Humans can commuicate. I really wish this was around during N's travels with Ash and co. It's astounding that Zoroark can communicate with human speech during their time as an illusion. I hope that can expand across Pokemon in order to communicate with people. Gen 3 hinted at that, N's able to hear a Pokemon's thoughts, and now Zoroark can actually talk when as a human!

Seeing an older Nurse Joy was interesting, too, and I seriously wasn't expecting that. I was imagining another Looker rip off (like the one from the Purrloin Mystery episode), but this one I'll take.

This episode also felt very familiar between "The Island of Giant Pokemon" and the Bridge episode (near Castelia City).

The Snorlax comment and the Nurse Joy/Audino bits were hilarious as well.
As soon as I recognized the first giant Pokemon as Zoroark, I thought "Yeah, I'm gonna like this episode!"
And I did. :)


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I'm not sure Zoroark was fully able to speak Japanese/English when it was disguised as Joy. I think it was more along the lines of Zoroark repeating relevant lines that it can remember Joy saying. Still, quite a touching episode, and it's one of those things that show just how intelligent Pokemon can be. Zoroark learned how to make basic medicine from Nurse Joy and kept using that skill to take care of the local wild Pokemon after she left.


Team Awesome
Strange episode, but I have to admit the scenes where zoroark projected the stories of life at the pokemon center and fighting off the poachers, and how she had kept the center running for all the wold pokemon really tugged at the heartstrings. :'(