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The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]


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Ok so Centro Leaks posted what the stats of the two horses are supposed to be. And dear lord Glastrier is slow as hell.
I wonder if it could be used in a Trick Room like set up...


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All the new Pokémon/forms stats:

HP: 95 Atk: 65 Def:80 SpA: 110 SpD: 110 Speed: 30
HP: 80 Atk: 100 Def: 50 SpA:100 SpD: 50 Speed:200
HP: 200 Atk:100 Def:50 SpA:100 SpD: 50 Speed: 80
HP: 90 Atk: 85 Def: 85 SpA: 125 SpD:100 Speed:95
HP:90 Atk: 125 Def: 90 SpA: 85 SpD: 90 Speed: 100
HP:90 Atk: 85 Def: 90 SpA: 100 SpD: 125 Speed: 90
HP:100 Atk:145 Def:130 SpA:65 SpD: 110 Speed:30
HP:100 Atk:65 Def:60 SpA:145 SpD:80 Speed:130
HP:100 Atk:80 Def:80 SpA:80 SpD:80 Speed:80
HP:100 Atk:165 Def:150 SpA:85 SpD:130 Speed:65
HP:100 Atk:85 Def:80 SpA:165 SpD:100 Speed:150
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All the new Pokémon/forms stats:

HP: 95 Atk: 65 Def:80 SpA: 110 SpD: 110 Speed: 30
HP: 80 Atk: 100 Def: 50 SpA:100 SpD: 50 Speed:200
HP: 200 Atk:100 Def:50 SpA:100 SpD: 50 Speed: 80
HP: 90 Atk: 85 Def: 85 SpA: 125 SpD:100 Speed:95
HP:90 Atk: 125 Def: 90 SpA: 85 SpD: 90 Speed: 100
HP:90 Atk: 85 Def: 90 SpA: 100 SpD: 125 Speed: 90
HP:100 Atk:145 Def:130 SpA:65 SpD: 110 Speed:30
HP:100 Atk:65 Def:60 SpA:145 SpD:80 Speed:130
HP:100 Atk:80 Def:80 SpA:80 SpD:80 Speed:80
HP:100 Atk:165 Def:150 SpA:85 SpD:130 Speed:65
HP:100 Atk:85 Def:80 SpA:165 SpD:100 Speed:150
Spectrier: "fast"
Calyrex: *gets on*
Spectrier: "f a s t e r."


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This is a follow up to my previous post: https://forums.serebii.net/posts/19080670/
I wanted to post this before, but I have been too busy with college these past weeks with all the recent frequent assignments and one of the subjects I'm taking having a test every two weeks.
Anyway, I recommend you guys read this in Happy Style, as the recent forum upgrade has a glitch on Default Style where links look identical to plain text. Test link.

So the horses leaked. They match the recent trademarks:
-双璧のファイター → "Matchless Fighters" or "Twin Jewel Fighters".
-白銀のランス → "Silver Lance", with the word for silver here being "white metal". Hi-yo Silver!
-漆黒のガイスト → "Jet-Black Poltergeist".
The first is probably going to be the official name for the duo, while the latter two are titles for each of them. There were also trademarks referencing Urshifu's forms in July.
Eduardo from Nintendokusou suggested the trademarks implied the horses are Fighting/Steel and Fighting/Ghost, but we now have confirmed they are Ice and Ghost. By the way, did Centro Leaks confirm they are monotype? I don't remember them saying anything specifically about that. In fact, I think he only referenced the types when he called them "Ice Horse" and "Ghost Horse", before revealing their names.
And hilariously, while one of Calyrex's forms is Ice Rider, the other is Shadow Rider despite the type being named Ghost. Damn you copyright.

Designwise, these horses are a bit too simple. They aren't very much like recent Legendary designs. I would have preferred they went with something based on Dalahäst.
Their typings seem to fit Crown Tundra's themes: It is a lost kingdom in the snow.

Calyrex's forms seem to be based on jinba ittai, which seem to confirm Eduardo's theory of the horses being based on Shinto traditions. Their designs of Calyrex just riding them helps differentiate them from Kyurem and Necrozma's fusions. And while this design is one of the possibilities I brought up before, I wish they were different, like centaurs. And it's also weird that the logo has a jewel on Calyrex's head, but nothing on the actual Calyrex. Though you could interpret the horses as being the jewels if we go by the trademarks.

I guess I might make my own redesigns of those someday. But I guess now that Legendaries can have regional forms, someday we might get regional Calyrex and horses that actually fuse into centaurs. But I have a feeling Kubfu and Urshifu might get regional forms first whenever we see the distant region in their lore, which who knows might even be Sinnoh.

With Ice Rider form having a lance, I can already see all the Fate/Grand Order crossover such as Lancer Artoria cosplaying as Calyrex or some other shenanigans involving the horses.

Some people are saying these are fake because Centro Leaks uploaded a GIF of Spectrier's model being rotated and deleted it soon after, despite other earlier tweets that he said would be deleted "soon" were up for hours and hours. This is despite the fact Centro's leaks come from HOME data which would not have that model.
I've seen people doubting the tweet was real but it is. I saw it and even took some screenshots. I had a lot of tabs open yesterday and when I realized the tweet was deleted, I took screenshots of it before closing the tab. And I also saved links of replies to the tweet. Three of those replies are the best proof I can provided the tweet: This, this, and this.
Here are all the links I saved:
Original tweet: Unlike the other tweets, this wasn't archived, as far as I know. Feel free to search on archival sites if you want.

So yeah, the tweet exists. Centro seemingly had access to the model, despite HOME not keeping models, and deleted that tweet before anything else. Is that suspicious? A little. Is that disqualifying? Absolutely not. From what we know, Centro has insiders, so it's perfectly possible someone shared other files with him.
But if you wanna go tinfoil hat here, let me do that for you. Centro has shared models for every Pokémon we know is coming except Galarian Slowking, which he claims has a glitch with the sprite. Given that Slowking has some animation error that can be seen in the trailer, that could be believable. However, it's a bit too convenient that the one Pokémon that was revealed recently doesn't have a model leaked. Given that anyone can make a fake leak, one could have spent all these months working on fake models for the DLC, copying HOME's render style, and then end up not being able to fake the last revealed design in 3 weeks.

And there's precedent for previous accurate leakers wanting to ride the coattails of their credibility for attention even after not having inside info anymore. Prior to BW's release, Hirobyte, together with Melkor, revealed every Pokémon sprite. Then on Gen 6, Hirobyte claimed to have insider info, despite having none. The only specific thing I remember was that he at some point said Sylveon was Flying type (which he later backtracked to say he had misheard). Anyway, Water Pokémon Master from PokéBeach was able to confirm with Melkor that Hirobyte didn't have insider info anymore, though I can't find that article now. I remember the story because people PokéJungle kept posting Hiro's info afterwards and I had to repeatedly tell people in the comments that he was a farce.

That said, the horses' designs match the trademark, which was found just one day before the trailer, and I find it hard to believe anyone would be able to make fake models for the horses but not Slowking with info that came basically at the same time as its reveal.
And I also don't think Centro would throw away his crebility for the lulz. It would be more likely that someone duped him, but wouldn't any of the other insiders he has be able to debunk a fake shown to him?

Seriously, the chances of this being fake are extremely low. Like 1% or less. Which is sad because it means no Galarian Swords of Justice, no Galarian Jynx, and no new Gigantamaxes. And this leaves me with a ton of questions.
-What was the Jynx cry in HOME? i'm pretty sure it would have been removed already if it was something scrapped. Is it a Mega Jynx for GO?
-Why specifically the Swords of Justice have side quests? Are the horses somehow connected to them?
-What are the 4 unidentified items that sort between the Rotom Catalog and DNA Splicers? This sorting implies they're form-changing items, but what Pokémon would use them? Nothing returning makes sense for this and there's no new forms we don't know about.

And also, no new Gigantamaxes mean Klara and Savory (Avery) don't have any G-Max for the Star Tournament. Sure, Garbodor exists, but it's already used by Olive (Oleana).

Before moving on to other topics, I want to bring up one last detail. In Centro's model rotation GIF, I noticed Spectrier's right eye has no eyelash, which probably means its mane covers that side completely.

Okay, now finally to something else.
We still have no clue what the Dream Matches are, and Centro said he doesn't know anything about it. While some believe they have been cut, it's possible they aren't called Dream Matches in the final game. The Wild Area is often referred to in the code as "wr", which I initially believed to just be some stylized abbreviation, as in "Eria" sounds like "R", so WR instead of WA. But looking into some .tbl files, I found out it's actually short for WIDEROAD, which might have been an early name for the Wild Area. The same could be happening here. Dream Match could be a working name.

Alternatively, they could not be coming for the Crown Tundra, but for some update in 2021. And I don't mean another DLC. I do believe more DLC could come in the future, but this is not what I'm talking about here. Remember the January update? They introduced Galarian Slowpoke and added an event in Wedgehurst Station. That's it. No new Wild Area or anything, just a new Pokémon and an event.

The same thing could be happening. Many people the Dream Matches are battles against past Champions. I said in my previous post that this idea makes more sense for an anniversary and it would be weird to implement that before 2021. Well, maybe it IS meant for 2021 as a Pokémon Day update. Thinking about it, Febraury 27 2021 is a Saturday, so dropping a tournament with returning characters on that date would allow people to spend the entire day playing through it.

On another topic, the Galarian Star Tournament.
If I'm interpreting correctly this file, there are 39 Trainers you can partner with. Adding the dialogues I analyzed in my previous post and the data Mattyoukhana_ found, we know 36. Here's a refresher.
-The Rivals: 5.
-The Gym Leaders: 10.
-The royal siblings: 2.
-Dande (Leon): 1.
-Mustard: 1.
-Peony: 1.
-Mitsuba (Honey): 1. Her dialogue was scrubbed, but another file reveals it's her.
-Postgame Gym Challengers: 15. There is no dialogue for them in the files, but Matt found battle flags.
This gives us a total of 36. So there's only 3 left according to what we know. And conveniently we know 3 more Trainers: Shakuya (Peony's daughter), Rose, and Olive.
Yeah, you can tag even with the guy everyone thinks is in jail. I'm going to assume there's some sort of epilogue with him.

By the way, I didn't mention before, but the file name rigel_other_gst_wr, from which I translated part of the text dump, makes me think you're supposed to recruit your battle partners in the Wild Area (and probably the Isle and Tundra, as they're wr02 and wr03 in part of the code).

I mentioned my theory about KUROOBI being a character. I said KUROOBI couldn't be a Black Belt Trainer because they're called Karate Kings in Japan. But since then, I realized the flag name could refer to the Black Belt item, which has the correct Japanese name. So it might not be the village chief or an NPC. But I don't know what kind of side quest could be related to a Black Belt.

I also think the horses show up on chapter 3 and that the last two title cards could be out of order, but I don't have time to elaborate. Dream match 27 is between 25 and 27 in the files.


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How is Calyrex the high king ruler of CT? Its stats are TERRIBLE with a crappy typing to boot. Celebi is far superior. Sure it’s gets better when it mounts a horse, but still, why would the horses let a weak ugly piece of crap mount them to begin with? They could both OHKO it and rule themselves.