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The Journalist from Another Region! (795)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Alexa Appears! Helioptile & Gogoat!!

    As they reach the next island, Ash & Co. meet up with Alexa, a journalist from the Kalos region, and her Pokémon Gogoat and Helioptile which don't register on Ash's Pokédex. Alexa explains that she's in the Decolora Islands to research an article on the tradition of the island, the Harvest Festival. As they enter the festival, they learn of a special Pokémon Sumo tournament where the winner shall win the Focus Band, and some rare berries. Ash, Cilan and Iris each decide to enter this tournament, but things turn out to be tougher than they thought. Who will win the tournament?

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  2. playerking

    playerking Sick of dealing with idiots.

    The episode starts with Ash and co. departing from one of a Cruise Ship.

    They walk down a path and they come across a scared Helioptile. Ash uses his Pokedex but it has a question mark in the screen.

    Ash gets Pikachu to Thunderbolt it, but it zaps Pikachu and Ash, after Alexa and Gogoat try to stop Ash.

    Alexa introduces herself and Ash tried to use his Pokedex on Gogoat as well, but the same thing happens.

    Ash and co. introduce themselves.

    Alexa get out a Camera/Headphone device and records them and she seems interested in Pikachu.

    Alexa shows them a booklet of photos she has taken. There was one of the Turtwig evolution family near a lake/river.

    She has a flashback to seeing a group of Swanna at a lake.

    Alexa tells them a story about a boy helping out a feuding Ursaring and Beartic.

    They all come to a town where a festival is going on.

    There a tournament that will begin soon and a Focus band and some fruit are the prizes for winning.

    Oshawott comes out. A Golurk walking around makes him nervous and Pikachu is embarrassed. Ash brings out Pignite and Oshawott is happy for him to do it, Pikachu is embarrassed for Oshawott again.

    Iris brings out Dragonite and Cilan brings out his Pansage.

    Team Rocket are watching Ash and co. from close by.

    Dare Da? Hariyama.

    Ash starts a rivalry with some guy with purple hair.

    Alexa realises the battery on her device is going low, so she gets Helioptile to charge it for her.

    The Sumo Tournament starts.

    Meowth is an animatronic Golem disguise and is about to face off against the Purple haired guy's Golurk.

    Meowth is instantly knocked out and him and Team Rocket blast off.

    Dragonite battles a Beartic and Dragonite throws Beartic to the ground, assumably winning the match. Although, Dragonite's tail hits the outside of the ring and therefore, Iris lost.

    I think Hariyama defeated Pansage.

    Pignite defeated a Vigoroth, a Rhypherior and something else (Hax) and is now facing a Golurk.

    Pignite uses deus ex machina and defeats Golurk.

    And Ash unfairly(/s] wins the tournament.

    Ash gives a fruit to the guy who came second and the guy splits the apple in half for the both of them.

    Ash and co. share the fruit around for everyone to eat, even Alexa.

    Ash and co. decide to travel together for a bit.

    The end.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2013
  3. Nightstar1994

    Nightstar1994 Well-Known Member

    Just a question, but does Keyhole voice lags every second to everyone else too? It's annoying =\

    Anways, let's see what this episode will bring us. First Gen VI Pokemon in the anime!

    -Ash tries to scan Helioptile with no result. Reminds me of Armored Mewtwo XD
    -And he sent out his Pikachu to attack it. Alexa runs in.
    -Cilan said they are "Kalos" Pokemon. I can't hear crap because of the voice issue @_@.
    -Alexa takes photo of Ash&co.
    -And suddenly, a magazine book with old Pokemon no the boxart and Turtwig line photos inside.

    HOLY CRAP MEW!! Totally unexpected. On the magazine cover, but still!
    Picture proof (It's at the very top): http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/8889/0rk3.png

    And here my adventure ends. Keyhole crashes, can't type detailed description. I leave it to you, playerking.

    +=+Ash battles Golurk in the finals of..some competition.Another DA Tournament win for his collection, yay! +=+
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2013
  4. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Ash referenced the sumo competition he won in Johto. Continuity!
  5. knux-the-killer

    knux-the-killer Well-Known Member

    Such original artwork in the magazine golly
    Tinyoddish likes this.
  6. Nightstar1994

    Nightstar1994 Well-Known Member

    Wait you mean the one with Snorlax? I just rewatched the episode 2 days ago, wow. It seems like i have some uncontrollable fortune telling powers. After rewatching M01, Mewtwo got announced for M16, the same thing with M06 and Jirachi in DA and now this.
  7. nuzamaki90

    nuzamaki90 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was a pretty cool detail for anyone who watched those episodes. I didn't expect them to reference it at all.

    Oshawott totally freakin out when Golurk came made me laugh, and although I didn't understand the apple thing, I think Alexa said there was only one golden apple left so all the Pokemon fought over it and that's how the sumo tournament came to be.
  8. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if Ash's dex would already know about the Kalos mon or not. And it not knowing does make more sense overall.
  9. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

  10. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Bit sad that Iris lost because Dragonite's tail hit the ground outside of the ring.

    Ash seems to always have the perfect Pokémon for sumo matches. Pignite now has a Focus Band!
  11. gpt11

    gpt11 Well-Known Member

    no evolution? looks like only Unfezant, Krookodile and Leavanny will reach their final stages then.... though this would have been the perfect time for Ash to get an Emboar
  12. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Really fun episode, I missed Alexa introduction :(.

    Pignite is a boss, I really wanted it to evolve though, winning with that throw was pretty awesome and I hope he keeps the focus band, looks freaking cute with it.

    I guess I was wrong about Dragonite being DQed but the poor guy still lost because he was too long and the tail touched the outisde haha.

    Pansage got one shotted obviously, poor little monkey had no power for haryiama.

    I was kinda expecting the kid to have HAryiama instead of Golurk but I guess I'm fine, Golurk being bigger maybe presents more of a challenged even though sumo wise Haryiama makes more sense.

    Pignite is a powerhouse :D.

    Third mini tournament Satoshi wins lol.


    Playerking, Oshawott won a tournament, behave stop hating on Pignite.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2013
  13. MastersOfMonsters

    MastersOfMonsters ~Yaoi FanBoy~

    Really wish I knew where and how people Watch this when it airs. Oh well. Seems like people enjoyed the episode. Sure I will to. Probably shouldn't read so many spoilers, but eh, I'll stop that when the XY anime starts. ^^
    Tinyoddish likes this.
  14. Matsuyamakun

    Matsuyamakun Well-Known Member

    Nice to see Ash winning another competition.It seems writers learn their mistakes even it is too late.Mijumaru was really funny.New XY pokemons look nice.Alexa is a great character.Overall, it was a great episode.
  15. nuzamaki90

    nuzamaki90 Well-Known Member

    Pignite smashed Golurk with that throw, Iv never been this happy from an outcome of one of Pignite's battles. He derserves tha stylish headband.

    I didn't hear since my stream kept zoning out, but did Alexa say anything about Kalos? I missed her entire introduction and came in when she was telling the story. I didn't hear Kalos come up at all so maybe she's just holding onto it for a future episode.
  16. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    Technically, Oshawott was disqualified for having it's Scalchop break so no, Ash didn't win that with Oshawott at the end.

    This was kinda boring. I mean it had it's nice moments here and there but wow. Z z z...
  17. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    He won the tournament, he lost due to some BS gag in the end but he beat Dewott.
  18. knux-the-killer

    knux-the-killer Well-Known Member

    Gogoat and helioptile alone make the episode worth of it, everyone else go home
  19. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, she mentioned her Pokemon being from there.
  20. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    For what?

    BW saga only has around 10 more episodes left. What would be the use of any of Ash's pokemon evolving now (when they didn't evolve for so many episodes).

    Its not like May whose Combusken evolving to Blaziken at the end of AG showcased that she has matured and is ready to continue her journey without Ash or Brock.

    Officially he only won 2 mini tournaments which is kind of a sad record actually considering that BW saga had quite a few high scale tournaments.

    Actually the right term would be, ''he won the battle but lost the match''.

    It wasn't some BS gag, it was their rule which stated that if the Scallop of a Oshawott or Dewott breaks they get disqualified, which is kind of understandable considering that a Scallop is pretty important to a Oshawott or Dewott and they even had a round to judged and compare those Scallops.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2013
    Tinyoddish likes this.

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