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The Journalist from Another Region! (795)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Why are people complaining about pignite getting a bone tossed to him when the only thing that ever happens in a snivy ep is glorifying that arrogant Pokemon and mijumaru somehow makes himself the star in episodes that he had no reason to b in.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2013
  2. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Hello again."

    I'd preferred if that bone was evolution instead of DEM at play.

    I mean, it's just sad the likes of bubbly Bianca can reach the last stage in less that twenty episodes while Ash struggles several dozens of episodes without success. I WANT EMBOAR BEAR HUGGING ASH.
  3. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't see how Pignite beating Golurk was DEM, considering:

    1. It wasn't a battle.
    2. Pignite is part fighting therefore would reasonably have super strength more so than a non fighting type Pokemon of Pignite's size.
    3. It doesn't matter in the end.
  4. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    So a Judo throw is now "dem"? he used Golurk momentum against him, I want him to evolve but it was pretty damn cool how he did win.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2013
  5. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    It's a pretty significant bone compared to the rest of the Unova team, sans Pikachu and maybe Krookodile.
  6. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Hello again."

    I guess so.

    But, you know, Fighting-type & normal physical attacks don't work on Ghosts so... Oh, anime logic. Never mind. I did like the cheap win anyway.
  7. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    He didn't use any move, I didn't mean he used a move, I said he used judo basicly.
  8. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    At least he evolved once. No excuse for his mijumaru and snivy who he has owned and until recently used more to still not evolve. Honestly if the games didnt exist I'd say people would think Pokemon would be better off unevolved based off the show.

    Its not that significant considering his "wins" were like 2 minutes of action.
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Pignite has already proved himself in the past imo, which is why I didn't think he deserved this particular victory. I mean to be completely honest the battle was really disappointing because Pignite won in like five seconds flat. It was too one-sided. And like I said before, a behemoth like Golurk should have been able to withstand Pignite's toss easily. I just felt underwhelmed by the whole thing.
  10. NPT

    NPT Just a member

    Pignite was terribly defeated by a Serperior in the Junior Cup, so I think it deserved a tournament win.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2013
  11. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Your opinion is just as biased as any other user.

    DEM? Pignite was shown to have massive physical strength consistently since it evolved. It took on Dawn's Mamoswine head on in the episdes before the Junior Cup arc. Besides he didn't completely throw Golurk's weight. He simply used Golurk's momentum and tossed it away. It was quick thinking on Ash's part. Not a DEM.
  12. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Very good point. Not to mention a certain dragon pokemon that took two strong ice types down, a garden hose that took everything else down and not to mention a certain Pikachu who has had the most underserved wins in the entire series.
  13. thekorean

    thekorean Well-Known Member

    Ursaring and Beartic fighting made this episode for me. Reference to real life ftw
  14. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Hello again."

    Dragonite against a Beartic that isn't Georgia's?

    Seriously, this is such an odd occurrence. You'd think it was the perfect time to have her appear out of nowhere and fuel the shippers with ideas.
  15. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    How on earth did pignite beat a rypherior...

    Anyways i pretty much loved the episode, it seems best wishes keeps on improving
  16. thekorean

    thekorean Well-Known Member

    Pignite is a fighting type..
  17. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    Yea, buy rhyperior is rock/ground, having both a strength defensively and offensively. It is very slow, bit you would think it could withstand a few punches.
  18. RVD_fan

    RVD_fan Well-Known Member

    Probably my favorite episode of DA, they managed to balance Alexa and the Sumo tournament without either feeling too rushed (maybe could've gone a little longer on the final round).
  19. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    It was a good episode 8/10
  20. Bulba the Great!

    Bulba the Great! We Do Not Sow

    I find it bewildering and disheartening that the powers-that-be running the tournament are utterly unfazed and unaffected by TR being blasted off. There is no penalty to Golurk nor is there any concern or search for the contestants just sent flying across the horizon.

    ^my only thoughts about the episode.

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