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The Junior Cup, Site of Partings and Encounters! (754)


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The Junior Cup, Site of Partings and Encounters!

It's time for the final battle of the Junior Cup. The winner, Trip, is now facing against the Unova Champion Alder. The battle is tense and Trip is giving it all he has, but will he manage to defeat Alder? In addition to that, Dawn makes the revelation that she is leaving the Johto to participate in the Wallace Cup, but before she goes, Ash suggests that they have a battle. With Pikachu versus Quilava, the battle is fierce. Who will win both of the major battles?

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Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Goodbye Dawn and Piplup! You better appear again!

Episode begins with the recap of Ash Vs Trip and Trip Vs Alder


Wicked Witch
Here we go ...

Begins with a recap of the last episode.
Serperior begins like he normally does.
Solarbeam hits directly, but it barely does anything.
Addler is taking this fairly seriously. He isn't asleep yet.
Now for Dragon Tail which hits. Again it doesn't do much.
Leer, and then in for another Dragon Tail.
This is the one we saw from the Preview. Buffalo-thing lands on its feet.
Geeze! A One Hit KO in retaliation.
Even Trip doesn't believe the stuff that was just pulled on him.
That Buffalo is awfully affectionate. The first time I remember a Champion's Pokemon being so.
Addler and Trip have a talk. About the treatment of his Pokemon?
They completely rushed the trophy ceremony. I mean, really.
Georgia says her goodbyes to Iris.
Then our resident Scrappy says goodbye to Cilian.
Trip doesn't even stop for Ash at first, but he stops for Pikachu.
Now the group is about to head off, but gets stopped.
It's Kotesu! That guy we thought was unimportant.
Kotesu takes a minute to scan Pikachu, with some difficulty.
Then Riolu is scanned for Iris' benefit.
Iris tries to touch Riolu, but Kotesu doesn't have that.
Kotesu reminds me of Barry. His voice and his personality.
Goodness. Riolu is freaken adorable. Apparently Kotesu's babysitter.
Team Rocket spy camera in the bushes before the break.
Dare-da? Riolu.
Back with Team Rocket keeping track of Meloetta.
Seems they reached their destination finally.
They open the door to a ruin and the scene ends.
Back with the kids. It's sunset and Meloetta is singing again.
Team Rocket is recording the song like before.
After she finishes Dawn mentions that she's about to leave.
There's another Wallace Cup and she's going to go compete.
Ash proposes a battler before they leave.
Ash chooses Pikachu.
Piplup wants to fight, but Dawn chooses Quilava.
Quick attack to Swift. Both miss.
Flame wheel, which is a miss.
Quilava's pretty big.
They're moving a bit too fast.
Cynthia stops the battle at a tie. Why? Because she can.
Now we move to the next day where Dawn's going to board her plane.
Dawn is saying her goodbyes, and Meloetta's appearance makes Piplup act out.
Then Oshawott comes out and stares him down ...
... ending in a bro-hug.
Dawn sets off, and Kotesu shows up!
Kotesu is looking for a Gym because he needs one more Badge for League.
Ash, as a fellow Trainer with seemingly infinite time and resources, decides to help Kotesu out.
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The episode begins with a recap of Trip vs Ash.


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Bouffalant takes Solar Beam and has Sap Sipper.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Trip loses as expected, Down in ONE!


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Bouffalant easily takes Serperior down