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The Junior Cup, Site of Partings and Encounters! (754)


I call you honey
Really Ash doesn't need devolvment in this series because he taking a back seat in this series and letting other charaters devolvop then him.
What? Ash was the main character in BW so no, he wasn't letting others develop in his place.


Frankly, since Adeku winning against Shooti ended up being so predictable, I wonder why we even got that match-up. It was a short skirmish, yet it seemed vastly unnecessary.
Cameron is funny even if he's super dumb too. I found it hard to believe that Trip's Serperior couldn't dodge one Head Charge from Bouffalant though after all that dodging in the last episode, but Alder's speech about how mutual trust is more important than winning or losing was nice, even though Trip changed his attitude a bit too quickly.


Humans are tools
Well i like this episode, but one thing always bugged me dawn's depature was handled poorly, she was rushed out just to make way for cameron's stupidity moment. Should have been a farewell with a high five with ash.