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The Kalos Dex Thread v2 [READ FIRST POST]

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danger chili pepper
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Does anyone happen to know where Electrike can be found?

It's the only Pokemon I'm now 100% certain I'll be having on my team.

It's #73 in the Coastal Pokedex. I'm guessing 3rd to 4th gym.
I'll try to make a Pokemon locations list once I have the game.

Please use the Kalos Pokedex for searching other Pokemon.


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I'm thinking Electrike might actually be available before the third gym, considering the levels of the wild Eevee and Hawlucha that have been in screenshots.

In any case, I suppose half the fun will be locating it myself.


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Wow, all those Vivilon forms! Ill want one of each as well as one of each in a shiny version! Got a long road ahead of me lol


The link to mega medicham is broken. Could anyone link me to one that works?

Love the tyranitar and aggron megas too. :)


The link to mega medicham is broken. Could anyone link me to one that works?

I'll just post the picture here:

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I'm glad there are a lot of pokemon from past gens but there are not enough Gen 6 pokemon. At least I still have my Magnezone and Lucario.


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Does anyone know if Pichu has been found in the wild? I know Pikachu is, but I want to raise one from the ground up!!
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