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The Kalos Region Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. EliJolesy

    EliJolesy Well-Known Member

    You know... The website says that Kalos is shaped like a star... And then those other star references...

    Is there some kind of connection? or a reference to Sylveon in Kalos' history? Or whatever type Sylveon is? It makes a better argument to there being a new type. But I wonder the connection to it with Kalos?
    Last edited: May 17, 2013
  2. Rikku Takanashi

    Rikku Takanashi Adventuring Vulpix

    I bet there are Helioptile everywhere as with all that plains area and mountain area theres plenty of places to sun yourself but I think Helioptile will be rare everywhere else and common in the desert area

    But I could be that it was just that it was a trainers Pokemon doesn't when a pokemon belongs to a trainer isn't there a little pokeball icon on its card thing? ill have to look

    And the gates never really bothered me and I liked being able to hear about swarms in Unova

    Im really liking this new region I agree with anybody who wants it bigger then Unova I loved Unova but it did feel aweful small at times and honestly was too straight forwards route wise

    And lol I usually only play once maybe twice so I do try and talk to every NPC I find because I feel what they say even if its pretty meaningless does contribute to the over all story and makes the Region feel rich and alive
  3. EliJolesy

    EliJolesy Well-Known Member

    Do you mean when the pokeball that appears next a Pokemon's name when you've already captured a Pokemon like that?
  4. metalbryce

    metalbryce Observer

    I've wondered this myself. I personally would prefer a Cosmic type to Fairy, but I think Fairy is where everything's going. There are a lot of star references, but they could be coincidental or just a symbol that could mesh with the Fairy imagery.

    I'm sure that's the case seeing as how all footage of battles has been in the same grassy arena. I wonder why? Besides it looking good. You'd think they'd want to show off a variety.

    I do not like them, but I understand the need for the gates. What I never want again is the separation of Nimbasa City to the Nimbasa Gym area. That was pretty tacky and, seeing as how it was the only time they did it in the game, very awkward. Gates are fine as long as you can traverse them quickly though, I suppose. It would be cool if you had the option to automatically skip through the inside of unimportant gates. (Unimportant as in gates where a plot event or something like a swarm notification is happening.)
  5. EliJolesy

    EliJolesy Well-Known Member

    With all the star reference cosmo seems more fitting.... But on the website it says "The mysterious Kalos region is shaped intriguingly like a star." Its the only picture on the slideshow with a subtitle. That seems more like a reference to something else than coincidental.
  6. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    I'm going to call it coincidence.
  7. Tyranitar trainer

    Tyranitar trainer Back for a bit

    I hope that in this region the habitat and the Pokemon found within them fit a little better, it always felt weird encountering zebra in a very "European"/"North American" forest environment in Black and White.
  8. john90

    john90 Well-Known Member

    Looking at the map I would suggest these gyms:
    Electric - The reference to light is in Lumiose City (Paris, the lights, Lumiere brothers etc.)
    Ghost - Around the stones/graves
    Ice - (I know, again, probably the 7th, again) East Kalos
    Steel - Around the powerplant which look like a forge.
    Following the leak the others are:
    Bug - The spider net from the trailer is quite obvious
    Fairy - Yeah actually the gym the "explodes" into the space reminds Sylveon in the short movie.
    Fighting - Nothing to say here.
    My doubts are about Psychic, Dark and Rock. We need of course more of the first two (actually one for Dark). We can live without Rock for some generation..
  9. GamingBoulevard

    GamingBoulevard Triforce Guard

    There's "dune de pyla" look it up on google images, can't link on this device.
    That's as close as you'll get to a desert area in the northern part of France.
  10. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    This defiantly! Some quest that when completed would give you Pokemon that are found much later in the game, shiny Pokemon, or Pokemon with special eggs moves would be amazing!
  11. Ditto24

    Ditto24 Well-Known Member

    The swinging rope feature..are we assuming thats a gym??
  12. Rikku Takanashi

    Rikku Takanashi Adventuring Vulpix

    Ok heres my take on the whole type thing

    I frankly don't think they are adding a new type and frankly I don't want a new type

    Most types are based on the elements and the ones that arn't which are dragon, psychic, normal, and ghost fits in for different reasons
    Dragon: I think this is a japanese view which I think makes alot of sense what better way to beat a dragon then with a dragon you can see this ideal in Dragoons from FF
    Psychic: Its a form of mind magic hence why it often covers alot of the magical aspects of things in pokemon (and its a more scientific way if explaining magical events) its always been the opposite of Dark also
    Normal: Normal fills in the gaps and covers general attacks that arn't exactly a martial art and not a elemental or dragon etc attack
    Ghost: because in japan theres alot of lore on spirits and many of there spirits have a form of magic or energy all their own

    now that being said heres my take on the suggested new types iv seen
    Sound: Sound is a form of energy but Normal covers that quite nicely and it seems like it would just be spliting hairs to me and iv no idea what its strengths and weaknesses would be
    Fairy: im not even sure how you could pin this down into attacks and strengths and weaknesses theres no turely defined fairy magic as theres so many different types of fae in lore
    Light: This I could see fitting in I always wondered why they never added it and it would fill out the element table but at the same time it would essentually make psychic useless
    Cosmic: could also work to a degree but cosmic lumps in Sun and Moon(which I always considered seprate elements) and would add star, earth and other planets into it so I have no idea how they'd figure out the typing weaknesses and strengths for this
    Magic: makes no sense at all theres a infinate number of types of magic how would you define magic as a type unless your talking stage magic which is illusion magic
    (two part post DSi has a char limit)
  13. Rikku Takanashi

    Rikku Takanashi Adventuring Vulpix

    (part two)
    So I frankly think they are just goingbto stick with the types they have now
    (you'll see how all this fits into this topic lol)

    With the star shaped region it actually looks almost identical to real france so thats just a coinidence I think and with the gym I think its a Psychic gym they've done strange stuff with gyms before and with the Sylveon thing I think its just a movie exclusive location which won't effect the game at all something that happens in alot of the pokemon movies
  14. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    Can we have both(also sound)?

    Anyway I hope that we could have some gyms in places other than cities like maybe a bug gym in a forest, an electric gym in the desert power plant, and a rock gym in the mountains.
  15. EliJolesy

    EliJolesy Well-Known Member

    Lets look at a gym in a realistic view. Its the center of a town. Gym leaders often act like mayors. It brings in revenue. What would be the point of putting one in the middle of a forest or mountain? What's the point of it being there?

    And then Gamefreak's perspective: What would we do in the towns? Sidestories that require more work?

    Its just a change I don't see coming. The only gym that did not have a town was in Generation II when the fire gym in Kanto got destroyed (I think)
  16. wildheart90

    wildheart90 Awesome

    I wouldnt mind seeing a Dragon type gym as the 5th gym. It would promote the player to have a couple of good pokemon trained up, and to not rely on the starter.

    The trainers can choose from dratini, dragonair, bagon, shelgon, gible, gabite, axew, druddigon, deino, gen6 dragons for a nice variety of battles.
  17. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    No. Gyms need to be in the cities and towns. However, if the town was build right next to, as in the town is an outcropping of or the town resides within the area, a natural landmark (volcano, desert, mountian, forest) then yes.
    Driftveil's gyms in both Bw1&2 were good because they were both underground. BW2 just showed the natural darkness the underground offers.
    Gyms that have type rlating to nature, are actually better represented in man made gyms. If Flannery,s gym was in Mt. chimney, the puzzles would be restriced to the area. Because Flannery's actual gym was man-made, it had better puzzles and lots more entertainment.
  18. deequake

    deequake Active Member

    I don't know if someone already pointed this out or confirmed it. I noticed that there were some taxis in Lumiose City so I speculate and hope that the character can ride those but only accessible to certain areas in the region.
  19. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    Well, it had been pointed out several times before, but we don't know if whether we can actually ride those, or just put therefor aesthetic purposes. I'm leaning more on the latter.
  20. fitzy909

    fitzy909 Just another guy

    it would be cool. however, i expect it they are there for aesthetic reasons. i think they may be putting them in to make the game seem more realistic and show off graphics. but who know...maybe you can ride the taxi, but it would probably make the riding gogoat and fly sort of redundant.
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