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The Kami Trio

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by RedBlastoise, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. RedBlastoise

    RedBlastoise Cerulean Blues

    The Kami Trio were Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorous. Thundurus and Tornadus were roaming Pokemon in Black & White while Landorus was found at the Abundant Shrine by bringing both of the other Kami Pokemon. They could also change into Therian forme in Black 2 & White 2 with the Reveal Glass.

    What did you think of these Pokemon? I remember them receiving lots of hate back when they were revealed.
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  2. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I'm one of those people who criticized them when B/W first came out since they had the exact same pose in their in-game sprites, which felt lazy to me. I liked their Therian forms in B2/W2 a lot more, although I admit that I don't have a favorite Kami Pokemon among the trio.
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  3. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    I actually liked them from the start. I loved how unique they were and I was excited that Tornadus was pure Flying because it had been paired with every single type that had existed back then at least once and the Type definitely needed something new to keep it from feeling rather stale.
  4. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Other than Tornelos (Tornadus) being the first pure Flying-type (with the exception of Arceus with the Sky Plate I believe), how were the trio of djinns unique in B/W? They had the same design basis just with a few aesthetic features changed around.
  5. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    They weren’t seen having wings for the most part and could actually learn Fly which a majority of the Pokémon that learn Fly have some sort of wing. And having some Legendaries that look similar with aesthetic differences isn’t that unusual. The Lake Trio were all small elf like creatures that had strong Psychic powers and all dealt with the human emotional spirit spectrum. And the Regis all had the same body shape and structure with a few changes to make them look like their typings.
  6. TwilightBlade

    TwilightBlade Well-Known Member

    I don't have a solid opinion about the natural force trio. I think they looked better in their Therian formes but their normal forms were okay too I guess? I never used any of them in my games so I don't know how strong they are but I was salty that they couldn't be found in the wild in the BW remakes and had to be traded over or transferred from the Dream Radar.
  7. Ignition

    Ignition Champion SZN

    I like them. Thundurus is my favorite one. Shame people write them off as lazy even though their inspiration warrants that and their competitive usage annoys people (mainly Landorus)
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  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I thought that making the Kami trio exclusive to trades and the Dream Radar in B2/W2 was rather odd considering that the trio could be found during normal gameplay in the prequels. I just thought that Game Freak making three Gen V Legendaries hard to acquire was an irksome thing to do.
  9. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    The Kami trio are easily some of my most disliked legendaries. In their Incarnate Formes, they are just ugly and too similiar to each other. Their Therian Formes are better, but still overall bad. The best thing about them is that we finally got a pure Flying type (not counting Arceus).
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  10. RedBlastoise

    RedBlastoise Cerulean Blues

    That part sucked but I think that it was done that way on purpose to force most players to buy the Dream Radar to get the special Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorous.
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  11. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I'm actually pretty confident that the lack of the Kami trio in B2/W2 was done on purpose to increase sales of the Dream Radar. It's a pretty clever marketing tactic if that's the case.
  12. Weavy

    Weavy Came out her shell for a bit.

    So let's get this out of the way. I like the concept behind them; having Pokemon based on Fuujin (Tornadus), Raijin (Thundurus) and Inari (Landorus) is rather neat and Tornadus being the only pure Flying type for quite some time made him unique.

    But aside from that, I'm not a fan and I'm kind of tired of them to be honest. The Incarnate forms are a bit too similar to me and their designs don't appeal to me very much and the Therian forms (I like this name because I know what it means; it's another word for beast), while doing a better job making them different, still look really weird for my liking, Landorus especially.

    When it came to the competitive scene, I'm aware that these were some of the best Pokemon in the game, but I don't like Pokemon based on how good they are competitively. But I like to watch people battle from time to time and now I'm sick to death of seeing Landorus Therian for the umpteenth time that now every time I see him, I'm like "ugh, this thing again" even when it's not a battle. Yes, they're very good Pokemon, but seeing them over and over is tiresome.
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