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The Kangaskhan Kid! (034)


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This was terrible episode in my opinion.


It was horrible but at least it showed a decent amount of Kangaskhan instead of him having pointless filler roles


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Hands down, one of my least favorite episodes ever.

Tomo/Tommy was annoying, his parents were complete idiots... and it was just overall bad T_T Only redeeming fact was the fact that they came together as a family again... and the giant Kanghaskhan mecha 8D


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I see this is not a well liked episode. I don't like it either though.


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This episode was..interesting. It's like caveman kid gone weird or something :p It was pretty enjoyable though. Kanghaskan is cool. The parents seemed like complete nincompoops to me. After losing their kid like that.
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Blue Snover

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I hated this episode, the parents were complete morons and that kid was really annoying.

The only good part was that we finally got to see Kangaskhan.


I find this as a funny episode! I keep cracking up just looking at the antics Ash and friends get themselves into such as the three main characters freaking out when Officer Jenny says she overheated the engine and when Tommy mistakes Misty for a Pokemon instead of a person!


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The parents were really annoying. How could they lose their kid like that? It didn't seem to hard to find him. I liked the Kangaskhan though. Otherwise, bit one of my favorite one.


The episode was very boring. Tommy reminded me of a differnt version of Tomba/Tombi from an old video game.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I wish that Ash could have caught a Kangaskhan, it would have been a good member of his team.

Shame it was a in wildlife preserve though.


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Hate this episode.Kanghaskan should have used it's scrappy in the animé, to hit a ghost with focus punch, or dizzy punch...


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Lol, the kid's dad's face is really funny! I like kanghaskan but I just didn't like this episode...


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Not my favorite episode. Nice to see Kangaskhan but the boy and his parents are annoying as heck.


Bit's of it were ok but overall, craptacular.


Great episode.
I loved the story of the little kid, how he lost in the forest.
And the Kangaskhan were so strong, i loved them.