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The Kangaskhan Kid! (034)


I assumed this whole episode took place in the Safari Zone, until I learned about the Dratini episode haha. Anywa, I'm surprised that I hated this episode, considering the change in environment. It was actually funny during some parts and cute during others, but I couldn't get into it for some reason. I just didn't appreciate Tommy until the end of the episode. Plus, Kangaskhan is such a boring Pokemon. 2/10.
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Man of Mystery
I hardly remember this episode so I'm not gonna crap on it like everyone else has. But I remember liking the Kangaskhan and the little kid because I really liked George of The Jungle back then XD.


Shiny Flygon
Too bad that kid was too proud and did not want to go along with his mother and father to their house.

And you know what's happening when the child is like that... troubles.


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The 3rd episode I ever saw. I didn't like this episode. It was cool seeing Kangaskhan for the 1st time, other than that didn't like anything else. The whole family joining in with the Kangaskhan in their pouches was just weird...



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The kid was really annoying. He was a little too obsessed with the Kangaskhan. >_>

And his parents were strange, too. Like, why would they want to stay in the jungle? I can't imagine why anyone would choose living in the wilderness over living in their house. O___o

It was really sad seeing the hurt baby Kangaskhan. ;__;
They're just so cute. ^_^


Sic Transit Gloria
i rather liked this episode the boy reminded me of george of the jungle a bit XD but he was cool and all in all i like kangaskan as a pokemon she's pretty nifty :3


Tarzan much? Need I say more? Didn't really enjoyed this episode as much as I did with the others.


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I didn't really like this episode. It sorta freaked me out. The kid was weird,him being in the Kangaskhan's pouch was weird and the kids parents were weird aswell as the kid,Tommy I think his name was.


Tommy's dad looking like Hitler and wondering how Tommy's dad ever got with a "attractive" woman were the only things I ever got out of this episode. Tommy was annoying for most of this episode and I didn't find the dad to be charming or anything. Not to mention that the Pokémon of the Day is one of the most boring Pokémon ever.


aka Lamia
I didn't really like this episode at all. It seemed a little too odd to me. Not only was the little boy a major Kangaskhan freak but he also had some really odd looking parents. I just didn't find this episode very amusing, even when Team Rocket got involved it was still boring.


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I'm glad Misty punched that kid in the head because what it said in the original was just rude & wrong.


Fire and Shadows
one the first episodes i saw but not my favorite. the ending was kinda disturbing and kinda stupid because the parents leave their apparently rich lives to live in a giant pouch . the father was an idiot and one of the worst character designs in the series but most of the humor was okay.
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Well, I can see why this episode is getting frowned upon. It wasn't interesting whatsoever. Although the concept was nice, it was very poorly executed and it became quite monotonous fast.
This episode always got to me. Tommy's dad was hilarious. He was the reason why Tommy got lost in the first place. But, when everyone though Tommy's parents died, I cried along with Tommy. D:


Something that has always bothered me about this episode: At the very beginning Jenny aims a rifle directly at Ash and James shoots tranquilizers into Pokémon with a tranquilizer gun and nothing happened! Yet the next epsiode has the old man aiming a little gun at Ash and causes an uproar, what's the deal with that? But yeah this episode was pretty damn crappy. Also mommy and poppa looked like something out of Dragon Ball

Graham Aker

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I recently just re-watched this episode subbed. Amazing how much the humor has changed, never will you see today a boy ask a girl can he suck on her breast in Pokemon. :p


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Ugh, this episode is a total mess. The Kangaskhan kid a. k.a Timmy/Tommy(whatever his name is) was annoying as heck, and his parents are even worse! I mean C'mon, who in their right mind would drop their own child from a helicopter like that??? Also, they have to be really stupid to mistake Tommy for a freaking Kangaskhan!
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